John Wentworth Jr.

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John Wentworth Jr. (July 17, 1745 – January 10, 1787) was a lawyer who served as a delegate to the Continental Congress in 1778, representing New Hampshire.[1]

Early life

Wentworth was born at Salmon Falls, New Hampshire on July 17, 1745, the son of Judge John Wentworth. As a youth, Wentworth was homeschooled, learning from private tutors prior to studying law at Harvard. He graduated from Harvard in 1768, and was admitted to the bar in 1771.

Continental Congress

Wentworth was elected to the Continental Congress in 1778, and signed the Articles of Confederation on behalf of New Hampshire.


John Wentworth Jr. died in Dover, New Hampshire on January 10, 1787, and was buried in Pine Hill Cemetery.


  • Served as a member of the state senate from 1784-1786.