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|name=José Antonio Kast
|name=José Antonio Kast
|party=[[Republican Party (Chile)|Republican Party]] (2019-)
|party=[[Republican Party (Chile)|Republican Party]] (2019-)

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José Antonio Kast
Party Republican Party (2019-)

Independent (2016-2019)
Independent Democrat Union (1996-2016)

Religion Catholic

José Antonio Kast Rist (born January 18, 1966) is a right-wing Chilean politician who served as deputy between 2002 and 2018. He ran for President in 2017 obtaining 7,93 % of the votes (4th place) also he plans to run in 2021. In 2018 he founded the Republican Action Movement, in 2019 the Chilean Republican Party and the think tank Republican Ideas.

In 2017 he ran for president as a right-wing alternative to the establishment candidate Sebastián Piñera. In the second round, he supported Piñera to avoid another government of the Left.

José Antonio Kast has been falsely labeled as "far-right" by the media and the Left.[1]


He is pro-life and defends a smaller state with fewer taxes.[2] He is also against the Gender ideology, he is pro-family, pronation, and he is strongly Christian. Today he is the most important conservative politician of Chile, mostly because he has been shown as an alternative to the establishment, center-right coalition "Chile Vamos", however a lot of the members of his new party come from that coalition, and he has a lot of friends there, also he was member of the Independent Democratic Union for 20 years, one of the main parties of the coalition. JAK has criticized the immigration policies of the Michelle Bachelet government (2014-2018) which is considered to be a chaos since,[3] not only a lot of them where illegals but also the immigrant population of Chile went from being 1% to 6.6% (1 million new immigrants in 4 years).

He supports what he considers the good part of the Augusto Pinochet regime.[4][5]

He has criticized the Piñera Government[6] for "not following the program of Government" but he also supports what he considers the "good policies of the government".

International alliances

José Antonio is a supporter of Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro, endorsing his successful presidential candidacy in 2018.[7]

Kast also met with Santiago Abascal from the conservative Spanish party Vox.[8]

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