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Julianne Hough is a professional dancer and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In a recent interview with CosmoGirl magazine, Hough spoke of her trouble fitting in with the Hollywood crowd, due to the presence of the drugs, sex and alcohol she refrains from. She wants to remain a virgin until marriage.[1]


"At age 10, Julianne left her family and home to live and train with her dance coaches in London, England. She became the youngest and only American to ever win the British Junior Latin Championship and International Championship in both junior and youth. She is also the Closed British Junior Champion. While she was there, she attended a performing arts school (Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts), where she discovered her real passion for acting and singing. Julianne moved back to Utah at age 15 to live with her family of 14 siblings." [2]

Dancing with the Stars

Julianne and Helio
Julianne Hough song.jpg

"After graduating high school, Julianne moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of acting, singing and dancing. After only a month of living in Hollywood, Julianne landed a role as a dancer on ABC's game show “Show Me The Money” and shortly after joined the “Dancing with the Stars” tour as a company dancer. When “Dancing with The Stars” dancer Kym Johnson injured her arm, Hough stepped in as her replacement with Season 1 “Dancing With The Stars” competitor Joey McIntyre. Julianne joined Season 4 of “Dancing with the Stars” where she was paired with two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner Apolo Anton Ohno. Julianne and Apolo went on to be named winners of Season 4 of “Dancing with the Stars.” Hough was paired with Helio Castroneves on Season 5 of "Dancing With The Stars" where she won the trophy again. Hough recently released her single “Will you Dance With Me” written by David Malloy." [3]

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