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Justin Trudeau is the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He represents the Montreal-area riding of Papaineau in the House of Commons and became the Prime Minister in the 2015 Canadian federal election. However, the election result became shrouded in controversy when it was discovered that campaigners from Barack Obama's campaign team got involved in the election to campaign on Trudeau's behalf, guiding Trudeau to victory and resulting in accusations of foreign interference in the Canadian election process.[1]

One of Trudeau's first acts is to spend $1.6 billion to import 25,000 Syrian migrants. Most Canadians live within 200 miles of the Canadian border, which is almost entirely unsecured. On May 19, 2018, numerous conservative groups opposed to illegal immigration protested against Trudeau and his policies.[2] He has taken a weak stance on immigration issues.[3] When confronted by a critic of illegal migration at a public event, Trudeau avoided the actual issue of migration that she brought up and stated that "racism has no place here," falsely implying she was "racist."[4]

Trudeau has pulled Canadian forces from the alliance against ISIS, and withdrawn from defense agreements with the United States, such as the F-35 agreement. He also plans to legalize marijuana and prostitution.

Syrian comedian Treka exposed the insanity Trudeau poses in a video regarding ISIS fighters returning to Canada.[5]

So far American political leaders, including Republicans, have been silent on the threat Trudeau poses to the United States.

Controversial decisions

India trip

Trudeau received strong criticism for his trip to India being a total disaster,[6] and the media pointed out that Donald Trump's son outshined him when he went to India.[7] He also received criticism by Indians due to his outfits, which were described as fake and annoying.[8]

Israel-Palestine clashes

During the Gaza protests between Israel and Palestine, Trudeau was criticized after condemning Israel and failing to condemn Hamas.[9] He went in a heated debate with Andrew Scheer over the Gaza clashes.[10]

Omar Khadr

Trudeau received criticism after paying Omar Khadr.[11]

Controversial statements

Fidel Castro

After Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro's death was reported, Trudeau stated he was mourning his death, and among other positive statements, called Castro a "remarkable leader."[12][13] Outrage erupted, and many mocked him with "#TrudeauEulogies" on Twitter, after writing posts mourning the death of dictators.


In 2013, when asked about which country he admires besides Canada, Trudeau was criticized after stating that he admires of China's "basic dictatorship."[14]


Trudeau was criticized for failing to mention Alberta on Canada Day, which was considered an insult to Alberta.[15] He later apologized, and admitted he was embarrassed for not doing so.[16]


In an interview with CTV, Trudeau called returning ISIS fighters an "extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization."[17] Throughout the Trudeau government, about sixty have returned to Canada.[18] He stated Canadians can be safe despite ISIS fighters returning at the Hamilton town hall.[19] Trudeau compared ISIS fighters to immigrants such as Greeks, Portuguese, and Italians, and also believing that they can be rehabilitated.[20] He also called on Canadians to welcome them and stated that they won't attack if they do.[21] Trudeau faced criticism when one of the fighters, Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, returned to Canada, with conservatives calling for his arrest.[22] However, Trudeau called questions about Abu Hazaifa "divisive."[23] Numerous documents showed that Trudeau stated that ISIS has a "right to return" to Canada and that he stated that the government must facilitate their return.[24][25] His government was also said to be opening the doors for them to join the Canada military.[26]


Trudeau was criticized after he telling a woman to say "peoplekind" instead of "mankind".[27] Australian commentator Rita Panahi stated that Trudeau saying "peoplekind" was an attempt to "appease those desperate to find offence where none exists." He apologized by calling his "peoplekind" statement a "dumb joke".[28]

Climate change

In May 2018, Trudeau compared those he derided as "climate change deniers" to supporters of female genital mutilation."[29]

Immigration and hate crimes

An 11-year-old girl reported that a man twice tried to cut off her hijab with scissors as she walked to school with her younger brother. Her story captured international attention and public condemnation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory. Trudeau said,
"My heart goes out to the young girl who was attacked, seemingly for her religion. I can’t imagine how afraid she must have been, I want her and her family and her friends and community to know that that is not what Canada is, that is not who Canadians are… We are better than this."[30]
Even after the police reported it was a hate crime hoax, Trudeau doubled down on fearmongering:
"We have seen an unfortunate pattern of increased hate crimes in past months directed towards religious minorities, particularly towards women, a warning sign of increased intolerance."
When Trudeau announced his plan to bring 25,000 Syrian immigrants into Canada, Trudeau stated,
"I will be personally responsible for harm that may come to any citizen of Canada. Any harm, from any refugee, brought into Canada by my Government, I stand personally responsible"[31][32]
Months later, after the hijab hate crime hoax, when Syrian "refugeee" Ibrahim Ali murdered 13 year old Marrisa Shen, Trudeau was silent.[33]

Opposition to free speech and religious liberty

See also: Religious freedom and free speech

In January 2018, Trudeau claimed that pro-life speech is not protected speech under Canadian law. When asked on where the Canadian government limits free speech, Trudeau mentioned abortion, stating that "an organization that has the explicit purpose of restricting women’s rights by removing rights to abortion, the right for women to control their own bodies, is not in line with where we are as a government and quite frankly where we are as a society."[34][35] This was despite Trudeau's associating himself with Fidel Castro and a convicted Indian terrorist.[36]

Similarly, while Trudeau funded a left-wing group protesting a pipeline because of "free speech", he refused to fund any organizations opposed to abortion and the homosexual agenda.[37] On May 10, 2018, thousands of Canadians protested against his abortion policies at the March For Life event.[38] In October 2018, Trudeau failed to directly condemn a physical attack on a pro-life woman because of her views.[39] In 2018, the Canadian government under Trudeau gave $88,000 to pro-abortion organizations while giving none to Christian organizations.[40]

Trudeau stated in August 2018 that it is not enough simply to "tolerate" homosexuality, but that "acceptance" of it is necessary.[41]


A non-partisan website called TrudeauMetre tracks Trudeau's campaign promises, and their fulfillment or lack thereof. It records, as of early 2017, 38 achieved promises, 29 broken, 66 in progress, and 90 not yet begun. On February 11, 2017, there were numerous protests against Trudeau for a broken promise he made on electoral reform.[42]


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