KAL 007: Soviet stalk, shoot down, and rescue mission orders transcripts

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The following is the combination of transcripts (color coded) chronicalling the stalking and the shootdown of Korean Airlines Flight 007 as well as the Soviet concealed missions to Moneron Island within one half hour of the shootdown:

**** = Soviet ground commanders and air combat controllers,
**** = Sukhoi-15 and MiG 23 interceptors,
**** = KAL 007 and KAL 015 (accompanying flight on way to Seoul)
**** = Tokyo Radio

****13:01GMT - KAL 007 takes off from Stevens International airport, Anchorage, Alaska

****13:30 GMT - At Cairn mtn.,Alaska, KAL 007 is tracked 5.6 NM deviated to the north by civilian radar at Kenai, Alaska

****13:49 - At Bethel, Alaska, KAL 007 is tracked 12.6 NM deviated by military radar at King Salmon, Alaska

****15:51 - KAL 007 crossing restricted-to-civilian NORAD airspace enters into the Soviet buffer zone off Kamchatka Peninsula.

The straying KAL 007, having entered and exited Soviet airspace over Kamchatka, is now a few minutes into international airspace over the Sea of Okhutsk. A Sukhoi-15 interceptor, piloted by Maj. Gennadie Osipovich, sent up from Sokol airbase on Sakhalin Island has now come in behind the jumbo jet.

**** 17:49 - Capt. Solodkov: "Two pilots have just been sent up, command at the command post, we do not know what is happening just now, it's heading straight for our Island [Sakhalin], to Terpienie [Bay] somehow, this looks very suspicious to me, I don't think the enemy is stupid, can it be one of ours?"

****17:53 - First documented order for shootdown

General Anatoli Kornukov, commander of Sokol Air base on Sakhalin to the command post of General Valeri Kamenski, Commander of Air Defense Forces for the Far East Military District : "...simply destroy [it] even if it is over neutral waters? Are the orders to destroy it over neutral waters? Oh, well."

17:54:26 - The Cockpit Voice Recorder records about the last half hour of an aircraft's flight continually playing over itself as the flight progresses. KAL 007's CVR tape (as well as the tape of the Flight Data Recorder) was stopped one minute and 44 seconds after missile detonation at 18:26:02, though the flight would continue for over 10 minutes more. Here is the beginning of the half hour taping of KAL 007's Flight Deck conversation:

****17:54:26 - Flight Deck: "Have you had a long flight recently?"

****17:54:28 - Flight Deck: "From time to time"

****17:54:30 - Flight Deck: "Sounds good, as far as I know Chief Pilot Park has a long flight occasionally, but Chief Pilot Lee has..."

****18:00 - Ground controllers are given orders on how to direct the jets to intercept the Korean airliner

Kornukov: "Bring him up, bring Osipovich in to the prescribed distance. You do not engage him to the target from the aft hemisphere, you do not engage him right on the tail, keep the angle of approach."

Kozlov [Fighter Control, Sokol airbase]: "Roger, executing. "

Kornukov: "Don't forget, it [the target] has cannons in the rear there"

Kozlov: "Roger, executing.

Kornukov: But faster, for the fighter, rather, the target is entering the zone above the one-hundred-kilometers waters [identification zone]."

Kozlov: "Wilco"

****18:04-05 - KAL 007, off course, and KAL 015, on course, compare wind velocity and direction. KAL 015 is encountering tailwinds while KAL 007 is encountering headwinds

KAL 015: "Um Um We are now having an unexpected strong tailwind How much do you get there? How much and which direction?"

KAL 007: "206. Ask him how many knots?..."

KAL 007: "Ah! You got so much! We still got headwind. Headwind 215 degrees, 15 knots."

KAL 015: "Is it so? But according to flight plan wind direction 360, 15 knots approximately."

KAL 007: "Well, it may be like this."

Thus the crew of KAL 007 missed the opportunity of evading their fate. Apparently, they took no heed of the fact that their aircraft was experiencing headwinds while their sister flight KAL 015, just minutes behind and, supposedly on the same path, was experiencing tailwinds - something which ought not have been.

****18:05:53 - Maj. Osipovich, callsign "805", in his Su-15 intercepted KAL 007:

"On heading 240"

****18:05:56 - Osipovich: "Am observing."

****18:08 - Kozlov (Combat Controller Sokol Airbase): "He has the target in sight"

Kornukov: "He can see it? How many jet trails are coming from it?"

Kozlov: "Say again"

Kornukov: How many jet trails are there, if there are four jet trails, then it's a Boeing RC-135"

****18:11:30-39 - KAL 007 Flight Crew: "I have heard that there is currency exchange at your airport." "In the airport currency exchange? What kind of money?" "Dollar to Korean money." "That's in the domestic building too, domestic building too."

****18:11 - Air Controller Titovnin: "Can you see the target, 805?"

****18:11 - Osipovich: "I see both visually and on the screen".

****18:11 - Lt. Col. Titovnin: "Roger, report missile lock-on".

****18:12 - Kornukov: "Gerasimenko!"

Lt. Col. Gerasimenko (41st fighter Regiment Command Post): "Yes"

Kornukov: "Well, what, don't you understand? I said bring [him] up to a range of 4 kilometers, 4-5 kilometers, identify the target. You understand that weapons are going to have to be used now and you are holding [him] at a range of 10. Give the pilot [his] orders."

****18:13:05 - Osipovich: "I see it. I am locked onto the target."

****18:13:06 - General Kornukov: "Chaika" (Call sign for Far East Military District Air Defence Forces).

Titovnin: "Yes, sir. He sees [it] on the radar screen, He sees [it] on the screen, He has locked on, he is locked on, he is locked on."

****18:13:26 - Osipovich: "The target isn't responding to the call."

****18:13 - Titovnin: 805, Is the target's heading 240?

****18:13:35 - Osipovich: "Affirmative. The target's heading is 240 degrees."

****18:13 - Titovnin: Roger, arm your weapons

****18:13 - Osipovich: Turned on

****18:14 - Gen Kornukov to Gen. Kamenski:

"Comrade General, Kamenski, Good morning. I am reporting the situation. Target 60-65 is over Terpenie Bay [East Coast of Sakhalin] tracking 240, 30 kilometers from the State Border. The fighter from Sokol is 6 kilometers away. Locked on, orders were given to arm weapons. The target is not responding to identify. He cannot identify it visually because it is still dark, but he is still locked on."

Gen. Kamenski: "We must find out, maybe it is some civilian craft or God knows who."

Kornukov: "What civilian? [It] has flown over Kamchatka! It [came] from the ocean without identification. I am giving the order to attack if it crosses the State border."

18:14:59 - KAL 007 contacted Tokyo air traffic control requesting permission to climb to Flight level 350 [35,000 ft.]

****18:14:59 - KAL 007: "Tokyo Radio Korean Air zero zero seven"

****18:15 - Titovnin: "Maistrenko Comrade Colonel, that is, Titovnin."

Col. Maistrenko (Operations Duty Officer, Combat Control Center): "Yes".

Titovnin: "The commander has given orders that if the border is violated—destroy [the target]."

Maistrenko: "...May [be] a passenger [aircraft]. All necessary steps must be taken to identify it."

Titovnin: "Identification measures are being taken, but the pilot cannot see. It's dark. Even now it's still dark."

Maistrenko: "Well, okay. The task is correct. If there are no lights—it cannot be a passenger [aircraft]."

****18:15:03 - Tokyo radio: "Korean Air zero zero seven Tokyo"

****18:15:07 - KAL 007: "Korean Air zero zero seven requesting climb three five zero"

****18:15:13 - Tokyo radio: "Requesting three five zero?"

****18:15:15 - KAL 007: "That is affirmative now maintain at three three zero Korean Air zero zero seven"

****18:15:19 - Tokyo radio: "Roger stand by call you back"

****18:15:21 - KAL 007: "Roger"

****18:15:21 - KAL 007 Flight deck: "Oh my God! This radio is very bad"

18:15:52 - [Audible morse transmission starts]

****18:20:11 - Toyko radio: "Korean Air zero zero seven. Clearance Tokyo ATC clears Korean Air zero zero seven climb and maintain flight level 350"

****18:20:21 - KAL 007: "Ah roger Korean Air 007 climb and maintain at 350 leaving 330 at this time."

****18:20:28 - Tokyo radio: "Tokyo roger."

****18:21:35 - Osipovich: "Yes, I'm approaching the target. I'm going in closer."

****18:21:35 - Osipovich: "The target's strobe light is blinking. I have already approached the target to a distance of about 2 kilometers."

****18:21:40 - Osipovich: "The target is at 10,000| [meters]"

****18:21:55 - Osipovich: "What are instructions?"

18:22:02 - KAL 007 decreased speed as it climbed, causing the pursuing fighter to draw abeam of it.

****Osipovich: "The target is decreasing speed."

****18:22:17 - Osipovich: "I am going around it. I'm already moving in front of the target."

****18:22:17 - Titovnin: "Increase speed, 805" [call sign of Osipovich's Sukhoi].

****18:22:23 - Osipovich: "I have increased speed."

****18:22:23 - Titovnin: "Has the target increased speed, yes?"

****18:22:29 - Osipovich: "No, it is decreasing speed."

****18:22:29 - Titovnin: "805, open fire on target."

****18:22:42 - Osipovich: "It should have been earlier. How can I chase it? I'm already abeam of the target."

Sukhoi-15 TM interceptor

"They [KAL 007] quickly lowered their speed. They were flying at 400 kilometers per hour. My speed was more than 400. I was simply unable to fly slower. In my opinion, the intruder's intentions were plain. If I did not want to go into a stall, I would be forced to overshoot them. That's exactly what happened. We had already flown over the island [Sakhalin]. It is narrow at that point, the target was about to get away." -- Gennadie Osipovich, "Izvestiya" newspaper, 1991

****18:22:42 - Titovnin: "Roger, if possible, take up a position for attack."

****18:22:55 - Osipovich: "Now I have to fall back a bit from the target."

****18:21-22 - Kornukov: "Gerasimenko, cut the horesplay at the command post, what is that noise there? I repeat the combat task: fire missiles, fire on target 60-65."

Gerasimenko: "Wilco"

Kornukov: "Comply and get Tarasov here. Take control of the Mig-23 from Smirnykh, call sign 163, call sign 163, he is behind the target at the moment. Destroy the target!"

Gerasimenko: "Task received. Destroy target 60-65 with missile fire, accept control of fighter from Smirnykh"

Kornukov: "Carry out the task, destroy [it]!"

****18:22:55 - Gen. Kornukov: "Oh, [expletives] how long does it take him to get into attack position, he is already getting out into neutral waters? Engage afterburner immediately. Bring in the MiG 23 as well... While you are wasting time it will fly right out."

Titovnin: "805, try to destroy the target with cannons."

****18:22:56 - KAL 007 reports reaching its newly assigned altitude

KAL 007: "Tokyo Radio Korean Air 007 reaching level three five zero".

****18:23:37 - Osipovich: "I am dropping back. Now I will try a rocket."

"Then the ground [controller] gave the command: "Destroy the target...!" That was easy to say. But how? With shells?! I had already expended 243 rounds. Ram it? I had always thought of that as poor taste. Ramming is the last resort. Just in case, I had already completed my turn and was coming down on top of him. Then, I had an idea. I dropped below him about 2,000 meters... afterburners. Switched on the missiles and brought the nose up sharply. Success! I have a lock on." -- Gennadie Osipovich, "Izvestiya" newspaper, 1991.

****18:23:37 - Titovnin: "Roger."

****18:23:49 - MiG 23 (163): "Twelve kilometers to the target. I see both [the Soviet interceptor piloted by Osipovich and KAL 007]."

****18:23:37 - Titovnin: "805, approach target and destroy target."

****18:24:22 - Osipovich: "Roger, I am in lock-on."

****18:24:22 - Titovnin: "805, are you closing on the target?"

****18:25:11 - Osipovich: "I am closing on the target, am in lock-on. Distance to target is 8 kilometers."

****18:25:11 - Titovnin: "Afterburner. AFTERBURNER, 805!"

****18:25:16 - Osipovich: "I have already switched it on."

****18:25:16 - Titovnin: "Launch!"

****18:25:46 - Osipovich: "Z.G." (Fuel panel light)

****18:26:02 - Cockpit: [Sound of explosion?]

****18:26:06 - KAL 007 Captain Chun: "What's happened?"

****18:26:08 - Co-pilot: "What?"

****18:26:10 - Captain: "Retard throttles."

****18:26:11 - Co-Pilot: "Engines normal."

****18:26:14 - Captain: "Landing gear."

****18:26:15 - Cockpit: [Sound of cabin altitude warning]

****18:26:17 - Captain: "Landing gear."

****18:26:18 - Cockpit: [Sound of altitude deviation warning]

****18:26:20 - Osipovich: "I have executed the launch."

****18:26 - Kornukov: "Well, what do you hear there?"

Gerasimenko: "He has launched"

Kornukov: "I did not understand"

Gerasimenko: "He has launched"

Kornukov: "He has launched, follow the target, follow the target, withdraw yours from the attack and bring the MiG-23 in there."

****18:26:21 - Cockpit: [Sound of autopilot disconnect warning]

****18:26:22 - Captain: "Altitude is going up. Altitude is going up. Speed brake is coming out." [Flight Data Recorder will show that speed brake had not deployed]

****18:26:22 - Major Osipovich mistakenly (as subsequent Russian real-time military telecommunications show) reports the Boeing is destroyed

Osipovich: "The target is destroyed."

****18:26:22 - Titovnin: "Break off attack to the right, heading 360."

****18:26:23 - Co-Pilot: "What? What?"

****18:26:27 - Osipovich: "I am breaking off attack."

****18:26:27 - Cockpit: [Unintelligible]

****18:26:29 - Captain: "Check it out."

****18:26:33 - Captain: "I am not able to drop altitude."

**** 18:26:33 - MiG-23: "What are (my) instructions?"

****18:26:34 - Public Address: "Attention emergency descent"

****18:26:38 - Public Address: "Attention emergency descent"

****18:26:38 - Crew: "Altitude is going up."

****18:26:40 - Crew: "This is not working. This is not working."

****18:26:41 - Crew: "Manually."

****18:26:42 - Crew: "Cannot do manually."

****18:26:42 - Public Address: "Attention emergency descent"

****18:26:43 - Cockpit: [Sound of the autopilot disconnect warning] ICAO graphing of Digital Flight Data Recorder tapes will show that autopilot has now been disengaged and manual control begun. KAL 007 now begins descent phase of arc.

****18:26:45 - Co-Pilot: "Engines are normal sir."

****18:26:46 - Public Address: "Put out your cigarette. This is an emergency descent."

**** 18:26:47 - MiG-23: "My wing tanks have lit up. The fuel remainder differs by 600 litres for now.

****18:26:48 - Cockpit: [Unintelligible]

****18:26:49 - Public Address: "Put out your cigarette. This is an emergency descent."

****18:26:50 - Captain: "Is it power compression?"

****18:26:51 - Flight Engineer: "Is that right?"

****18:26:52 - Public Address: "Put out your cigarette, this is an emergency descent."

****18:26:52 - Flight Engineer: "All of both."

****18:26:53 - Osipovich: "Fuel remainder 1,600"

****18:26:54 - Captain: "Is that right?"

****18:26:55 - Public Address: "Put the mask over your nose and mouth and adjust the headband."

****18:26:57 - Co-Pilot: "Tokyo radio Korean Air 007."

****18:26 - Soviet commanders become aware that target is not destroyed.

Lt. Col Novoseltski: "Well, what is happening, what is the matter, who guided him in, he locked on, why didn't he shoot it down?"

****18:27:01 - Public Address: "Put the mask over your nose and mouth and adjust the headband."

****18:27:01 - Osipovich: "I am executing. What is the distance to the airfield?"

****18:27:02 - Tokyo radio: "Korean Air 007, Tokyo."

****18:27:04 - "Accentuated breathing during the transmission indicated that an oxygen mask was being worn" (ICAO '93, pg. 35)

Co-Pilot: "Roger, Korean Air 007...ah, we are experiencing..."

****18:27:05 - Osipovich: "Roger"

****18:27:08 - Public Address: "Put the mask over your nose and mouth and adjust the headband."

****18:27:08 - MiG-23: "What heading?"

****18:27:09 - Flight Engineer: "All compression."

****18:27:10 - Captain: "Rapid decompression. Descend to one zero thousand."

****18:27:15 - Public Address: "Attention emergency descent."

18:27:20 - ICAO graphing of Digital Flight Data Recorder tapes now show that after a descent phase and a 10 second "nose-up", KAL 007 is now leveled out at pre-missile detonation altitude of 35,000 ft., forward acceleration is now back to pre-missile detonation rate of zero acceleration, and air speed has returned to pre-detonation velocity. Yaw (oscilations), begun at the time of missile detonation, continue decreasingly until the end of the minute 44 second portion of CVR tape

****18:27:20 - Flight Engineer: "Now...we have to set this."

****18:27:21 - Tokyo radio: "Korean Air 007, radio check on one zero zero four eight."

****18:27:23 - Public Address: "Attention emergency descent."

****18:27:23 - Flight Engineer: "Speed."

****18:27:26 - Flight Engineer: "Stand by. Stand by. Stand by. Stand by. Set."

****18:27:27 - Public Address: "Put out your cigarette. This is an emergency descent."

****18:27:29 - MiG-23: "I'm executing left to a heading of 180."

****18:27:30 - Public Address: "Put out your cigarette. This is an emergency descent."

****18:27:33 - Public Address: "Put out your cigarette this is an emergency descent."

****18:27:38 - Public Address: "Put the mask over your nose and mouth and adjust the headband."

****18:27:43 - Public Address: "Put the mask over your nose and mouth and adjust..."

18:27:46 - End of CVR recording

****18:27:53 - MiG-23: "Heading 150, Roger."

****18:27 - Kornukov: "Did Osipovich see the missiles explode? Hello?"

Gerasimenko: "He fired two missiles."

Kornukov: "Ask him, ask him yourself,get on channel three and ask Osipovich did he or did he not see the explosions?"

Gerasimenko: "Right away"

Gerasimenko" "805, did you launch one missile or both?"[1]

****18:28:05 - Osipovich: "I launched both"

****18:28:08 - Tokyo radio - KAL 007: (Selcal 007)

****18:28:20 - MiG-23: "Roger, heading 150, 7,500"

****18:28:26 - Tokyo radio-KAL 007: (Selcal 007)

****18:28:29 - MiG-23: "Executing heading 210"

****18:28:35 - MiG-23: "I executed"

****18:28:40 - Tokyo radio-KAL 007: (Selcal 007)

****18:28:51 - MiG-23: "Roger heading 210"

****18:28 - Lt. Col. Gerasimienko: "The target turned to the north."

Gen. Kornukov: "The target turned to the north?"

Gerasimienko: "Affirmative."

Kornukov: "Bring the [MiG] 23 in to destroy it!"

****18:28:52 - Tokyo radio-KAL 007: Korean Air zero zero seven Tokyo

****18:29:12 - Tokyo radio-KAL 007: Korean Air zero zero seven Tokyo

****18:29 - Gen. Kornukov: Well, I understand, I do not understand the result, why is the target flying? Missiles were fired. Why is the target flying? [obscenities] Well, what is happening? Well, I am asking, give the order to the Controller, what is wrong with you there? Have you lost your tongues?

Gerasimenko: I gave the order to the Chief of Staff, the Chief of Staff to the Controller, and the Controller is giving he order to...

Kornukov (18:30): Well how long does it take for this information to get through, well, what, [you] cannot ask the results of firing the missiles, where, what, did [he] not understand or what?

****18:29:13 - The Soviet pilots unsuccessfully tried to locate the wreckage of KAL 007

MiG-23 pilot says of their target: "No, I don't see it."

****18:29:20 - Tokyo radio-KAL 007: (Selcal 007)

****18:29:21 - MiG-23 "Executing heading 360."

****18:29:50 - MiG-23 "Roger, taking a heading of 360."

****18:30:00 - Tokyo radio-KAL 007: (Selcal 007)

18:30 - KAL 007 was last seen by radar at Wakkanai at a height of 5,000 meters (16,424 ft)

18:30-34/35 - KAL 007 will continue at altitude level 5,000 meters for almost 5 minutes until over Moneron Island

****18:30:42 - Tokyo radio-KAL 007: (Selcal)

********18:31:04-28 - Tokyo radio-KAL 015: Roger. Would you attempt to contact Korean Air zero zero seven Korean Air zero zero seven and, er....relay his position please?

KAL 015: Roger Stand by

KAL 015-KAL 007: Zero zero seven, KAL 015-KAL 007: Zero zero seven, KAL 015-KAL 007: Zero zero seven Korean Air zero zero zero one five

****18:32-33 - Kornukov: Altitude, what is the altitude of our fighter and the altitude of the target?...Quickly, the altitude of the target and the altitude of the fighter!...Why don't you say anything?... Gerasimenko!

Gerasimenko: I am asking...

Kornukov: Hurry up, guys, that's a real target. Hello, Mastak, Mastak, Mastak, Mastak, Mastak, Mastak, Mastak, Mastak, Mastak[Call sign]

****18:33:05 - KAL 015-Tokyo radio: Tokyo this is Korean Air 015

****18:33/34 - KAL 007 was seen by Soviet radar at 5,000 meters at initial stage of spiral descent over Moneron Island.

Lt. Col. Gerasimenko: "Altitude of target is 5,000."

General Kornukov: "5,000 already?"

Gerasimenko: "Affirmative, turning left, right, apparently it is descending."

********18:33:08-18:35:06 Tokyo radio-KAL 015: Korean Air zero one five go ahead

KAL 015-Tokyo radio: Unable to contact Korean Air zero zero seven

Tokyo radio-KAL 015: Ah would you use VHF please or VHF over

KAL 015-Tokyo radio: Ah roger

KAL 015-KAL 007: Korean Air zero zero seven zero one five, Korean Air zero zero seven zero one five

KAL 015-Tokyo radio: Tokyo Korean Air zero one five unable to contact

****18:34 - Kornukov: "Destroy it, use the MiG-23 to destroy it, I said!"

Gerasimenko: "Roger, destroy it."

Kornukov: "Well, where is the fighter, how far from the target?"

Gerasimenko: "Comrade General, they cannot see the target."

Kornukov: "They cannot see the target?"

18:35 - KAL 007 has now been tracked by Soviet radar as descended below 5,000 meters in its spiral over Moneron Island [3 1/2 X 4 1/2 NM island 24 NM west of Sakhalin see Moneron Island].

****18:35:54 - Call sign 121 [a Su-15 interceptor]: "No, I don't see it"

****18:36 - Kornukov: "...you know the range, where the target is. It is over Moneron..."

****18:38:37 - MiG-23: "I don't see anything in this area. I just looked."

****18:38 - Titovnin: "They lost the target, Comrade Colonel, in the area of Moneron."

****18:38 - Novoseletski: "In the area of Moneron?"

****18:38 - Titovnin: "The pilots do not see it, neither the one nor the other. The radio forces have reported...that after the launch, the target entered a right turn over Moneron."

****18:38 - Novoseletski: "Uh-huh."

****18:38 - Titovnin: "Descending. And lost over Moneron"

18:38 - KAL 007 disappeared from radar (approximately 12 minutes after the initial attack). Soviet radar personnel stationed at Komsomolsk-na-Amure on the Siberian maritime reported KAL 007 disappearing from radar screen at 1000 ft altitude due to radar inability to track below that altitude.

****18:38:37 - The first Soviet pilot reiterates: "I don't see anything in this area. I just looked."

****18:39 - Novoseletski: So, the task. They say it has violated the State border again, now?

Moneron Island

Titovnin: Well, it is in the area of Moneron, of course, over our territory.

Novoseletski: Get it, Get it! Go ahead, bring in the MiG 23.

Titovnin: Roger. The MiG 23 is in the area. It is descending to 5,000. The orders have been given: destroy upon detection.

****18:40:11 - MiG-23: "I'm not able to determine the cloud base. The clouds are below me and I'm at 2000 ft"

****18:41 - Kornukov: Well, what [is happening] there. Has the [MiG] 23 reported anything, does he see [it] or not? Bring him down to 4,000. Have him look visually and on the radar sight.

****18:41:17 - Tokyo radio-KAL 007: (Selcal 007)

****18:41:55 - Last attempt of Tokyo radio to make contact

Tokyo radio-KAL 007: Korean Air zero zero seven Korean Air zero zero seven this is Tokyo Radio if you read me re...request radio check Tokyo requests radio check one two seven decimal six one two seven decimal six

****18:45 -

General Ivan Moseivich Tretyak,Used with permission, www.peoples.ru

Unidentified speakers: "Say again", "I cannot hear you clearly now", "He gave the order, hello, hello, hello", "Yes, yes", "Ivan Moiseevich gave the order. Tretyak", "Roger, roger", "Weapons were used at his orders." [General Ivan Moiseevich Tretyak, Commander of the Far East Military District]

****18:47 - On order of Lt. Col. Novoseletski, Acting Commander of 41st Fighter wing at Smirnykh Air Base, KGB Border Guard boats ordered and rescue helicopters dispatched from Khomutovo military/civilian air base in southern Sakhalin.

Soviet Mi-8 Rescue Helicopter

Novoseletski: "Prepare whatever helicopters there are. Rescue helicopters."

Titovnin: "Rescue?"

Novoseletski: "Yes. And there will probably be a task set for the area where the target was lost."

Titovnin: "Roger. Is this to be done through your Search and Rescue|? Assign the task through your CHAIKA ["Far East Military District Air Defense Forces" call sign, Comrade, Colonel, Khomutovo does not come under us and neither does Novoalexasndrovski. We have nothing here."

Novoseletski: "Very well"

Titovnin: "Novoalexandrovski must be brought to readiness and Khomutovo. The border guards and KGB are at Khomutovo."

Last documented visual contact of KAL 007 is by Major Osipovich. Rather than indicating a "high speed impact", KAL 007 is seen in slow spiral descent in the area of Moneron Island.

****18:53 - Kornukov: "What [happened] was it not destroyed?"

****Osipovich: "The target disappeared, but it was somehow descending slowly...either it was put out of action or it was damaged, it disappeared in the area of Moneron, no one can see it at the moment. Well, it looks as if it was put out of action."

****Kornukov: "Roger, good, we'll sort it out."

****Osipovich: "Uh-huh, Roger"

****18:55 - Any civilian ships near Moneron sent to Moneron itself on order of Deputy Commander of Far East Military District (under Gen. Tretyak), Gen. Strogov.

The Georgi Kozmin, a "group 3"

Strogov: "You s......., I'll lock you up in the guard house. Why don't you pick up the phone?"

Titovnin: "Comrade General, everyone was busy here."

Strogov: "You have nothing there to be busy with, busy. What kind of nonsense is that? So where is Kornukov?"

Titovnin: "Kornukov is here."

Strogov: "Put him on the phone."

Titovnin: "One moment. He is reporting to Kamenski [Commander, Far East Military District Air Defense Forces] , Comrade General."

Strogov: "So what you need to do now. Contact these (...expletives), these sailors, these what do you (...expletives)?"

Titovnin: "Border Guards?"

Strogov: "Huh?"

Titovnin: "Border Guards?"

Strogov: "Well, the civilian sailors."

Titovnin: "Understood"

Strogov: "The border guards. What ships do we now have near Moneron Island, if they are civilians, send [them] there immediately."

Titovnin: "Understood, Comrade General."[2]

18:56 - Japanese Search and Rescue ordered begun

"At 18:56 hours, thirty minutes after KE 007's estimated time over NOKKA and after repeated attempts to re-establish communication had failed, Tokyo ACC [Air Control Center] notified several ATS [Air Traffic Service] units and military units via direct-speech links, of its inability to establish radio contact with KE 007, and requested them to conduct a communication search." (ICAO '93, sect. 1.11.1, pg. 16)

'At 18:56, exactly 30 minutes after the attack upon KAL 007, Tokyo ACC requested ATS units to conduct a communication search for KAL 007, after ACCs own attempts to reestablish communication with KAL 007 had failed. But prior to that, at 18:47, just 21 minutes after the attack, the first of two transcript documentated Soviet missions to Moneron Island, involving rescue helicopters, KGB boats, and later, civilian trawlers, had already been ordered. Even prior to these documented missions, according to a Soviet seaman's testimony, even while KAL 007 was still in the air, Soviet ships had been ordered to the "anticipated" site of contact with the surface of the water. These missions to Moneron were concealed from the world right from their inception and for 9 years, until the handover of the transcripts by the Russian Federation. The world, at large, remains oblivious to these transcripts.

Why were these missions concealed? Why did the Soviets lie claiming they know nothing about the location of KAL 007, that they did not recover the Black Box, and then, after 9 years, the Russian Federation return the Black Box tapes, but without the crucial part showing that KAL 007 had regained altitude and after 5 minutes made a slow spiral descent over Moneron Island? Where are the passengers and crew of Flight 007 now? Where is Congressman Larry McDonald, the 22 children under the age of 12 that were aboard the flight, and all the 269 people?

Where are they?

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