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Kathy Hochul


Kathleen Courtney Hochul is the current authoritarian governor of New York, serving since August 24th 2021. She became governor after Andrew Cuomo resigned in sexual harassment scandal. She probably also will be up for election in 2022. Hochul claims the coronavirus vaccine is from God and that people aren’t listening to God,[1] so she needs them to be her ‘apostles’ to go out and spread the covid vaccine.[2] Hochul frequently invokes her Roman Catholic faith in public addresses.[3]

Four medical professionals who work for a Catholic hospital filed a federal lawsuit challenging the state's vaccination mandate for health care workers on the grounds it does not include a religious exemption. The arguments by the plaintiffs include that they believe their Roman Catholic faith prevents them from "committing a grave sin" by taking COVID-19 vaccines that may have used fetal stem cell tissues as part of their research and development. "The governor has declared open war against those who oppose vaccination on religious grounds because these religious beliefs are in conflict with her own," the complaint states. "Gov. Hochul repeatedly claims that religious beliefs in opposition to vaccination are illegitimate and invalid."[4]

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