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Keep Life Legal

Keep Life Legal is a Southwest Ohio Pro-life organization that was formed in December 2008 by Reverend Katherine Marple. Per their website, "KeepLifeLegal is a Christ-centered ministry devoted to Post Abortive Women, the Abortion Agenda, Unborn Civil Liberties, Traditional Marriage & the Natural Family." Katherine realizied that no one is helping the post abortive woman, of which she is one. Keep Life Legal set out to help those who have suffered an abortion. Her work exemplifies the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. The group supports Ohio's Heartbeat bill and Katherine has testified at Ohio's Statehouse. Also, she has been taken to task for not supporting Personhood. [1] Their website maintains a large collection of resources and current event news.

Purpose and VisionEdit

It is the goal of KeepLifeLegal to maintain a Godly regard for Life at all stages, born and unborn. We know Life to be ordained by God and holy to Him.

We are called by God to preach and teach Jesus Christ and Him Crucified as the answer to all things pertaining to Salvation, Restoration and Sanctification.

KeepLifeLegal strives to be an organization that exemplifies the love of the Lord Jesus Christ in our relationships with each other and the world while maintaining biblical standards in our personal walk.

KeepLifeLegal will endeavor and continue to provide an environment where all people, regardless of their past, can grow in the Grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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