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BLM procurator Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner is the Marxist prosecutor elected circuit attorney[1] of St. Louis in 2016. Gardner was criticized ahead of the election for releasing a political ad paid for by the Safety and Justice Super PAC that received funding from liberal billionaire George Soros, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.[2] The total funds donated by the super PAC were at least $190,750. It was not immediately clear what her campaign budget was or who else contributed. Gardner won her 2020 primary re-election bid while under criminal investigation.[3] Gardner is a member of the Democratic party.

Violations of Sunshine Laws

Gardner charged the McCloskey's of St. Louis with weapons charges for defending their home.[4]

The Post-Dispatch sued Gardner’s office in 2019 over her office’s refusal to release copies of contracts with vendors. A judge ruled in the paper’s favor in April 2020, but the paper said Gardner’s office has not yet fully complied.[5]

Gardner was sued again for at least the third time in July 2020 over the state’s Sunshine Law, an open records law that requires the government to respond within three days to requests for public records, the Post-Dispatch reported. The lawsuit claims Gardner’s office failed to fulfill an April 23 open records request for data on case statistics, dismissal data and staffing totals, the paper said. Her office responded in a letter May 12, according to the paper, saying more time was needed to fulfill the request due to the coronavirus.[6]

The Grietens case

Evidence indicates the woman who made false allegations against former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was bribed to willfully lie under oath and engaged in extensive perjury in an effort to oust the rising Republican star from office. Katrina “Kitty” Sneed, testified under oath that she secretly met with Kim Gardner in a hotel room in January and February of 2018.

Following the secret meeting, Gardner charged Greitens with felony invasion of privacy in February 2018 for allegedly taking nude a photograph of Sneed without her consent and threatening to use the photo for blackmail. Greitens denied the allegations and Gardner never produced any evidence.

Sneed claimed during the deposition that the meeting with Gardner prompted her to come forward with a series of allegations against the then-Missouri Governor. When questioned under oath Sneed admitted she was reluctant to testify because she might have been remembering her accusations “through a dream.” When subsequently deposed, Sneed claimed she had never seen the photograph Greitens allegedly had taken of her and that at the time she also saw no phone or camera to take the photograph.

During Greitens’ felony invasion of privacy trial in May 2018, a forensic examiner extracted data from Greitens’ cellphone and email account. The examination revealed no photograph of Sneed was ever taken or deleted by Greitens. Gardner withdrew her indictment of Greitens when the judge ordered that Gardner herself would have to testify in the case. Additionally, evidence is mounting that Sneed conspired with Gardner to conceal prosecutorial misconduct.

In the course of pursuing charges against Greitens, Gardner hired former FBI agent William Tisaby. Tisaby has been charged with seven felonies for perjury and evidence tampering in the Greitens case. Tisaby’s trial was slated to begin June 26, 2020 while Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner remains under active criminal investigation for her allegedly illegal efforts to oust the Republican Governor.

After a 20-month investigation, the Missouri Ethics Commission in Feb. 2020 “found no evidence of any wrongdoing by Eric Greitens” and the governor who was forced to resign amid unsubstantiated allegations was fully exonerated.

After Greitens gained national prominence in law enforcement circles for “defeating Antifa,” Gardner, whose campaign received 70 percent of its funding from progressive billionaire George Soros, began targeting Greitens.

“It’s clear that a Soros prosecutor and establishment insiders were desperate to overturn the 2016 election and this is just one more alleged example of the kind of perjury, evidence tampering and lies that they engaged in. We knew that national liberals and insiders were coming after us. Now it’s good that the whole world is beginning to see the truth. The best thing that I can do and the best thing that conservatives and outsiders can do is to continue to fight, continue to serve, continue to make a difference. Soros, prosecutors like Kim Gardner who he funds, and the establishment – they will be relentless and continue to attack us. No matter the damage that they do – no matter the difficulties that they put in front of us – we have to find ways to continue to fight.”[7]
Retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was murdered by socialist revolutionaries during the Marxist uprising.[8]Gardner refused to prosecute 38 leftist rioters.

2020 Marxist revolution

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Gardner allowed the release of all 36 rioters and looters arrested in the city following riots in which a retired Black St. Louis Police Captain, David Dorn was murdered by Black Lives Matter protesters.[9] The Marxist liberal activist leading the mob stood outside the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey with a bullhorn screaming, "You can't stop the revolution!" Weeks later the same Marxist activist, Cori Bush, won the Democrat primary nomination for the 1st district of Missouri for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from the City of St. Louis, effectively winning the general election.[10] Gardner indicted the married couple for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights on their own property when they were assaulted and threatened by white Black Lives Matter terrorists.[11]

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