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Kirsten A. Powers (born 1969) is a Democratic political analyst on the Fox News Channel and a columnist for the New York Post and the Daily Beast. She regularly appears on Hannity and The O'Reilly Factor. Previously Powers served as Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public Affairs for the Clinton Administration. She went on to become Vice President at the AOL-Time Warner Foundation. Despite being an atheist most of her adult life she has converted to Christianity. Although a liberal, she has criticized the liberal establishment on several occasions, most notably in opposition to late term abortion. She heavily criticized the media for its blackout of the trial of Kermit Gosnell, and also stated that the California Federation of Teachers' propaganda cartoon "Tax the Rich" was a disgusting hitpiece alongside Sean Hannity and Tucker Carson. She briefly dated Anthony Weiner in 2002, but has become a critic of Weiner's actions.