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The Labour Party is a British social democratic political party. It was founded in 1900, and is currently the party of government in the United Kingdom.

The Labour Party originated from the trade union and socialist movements of the turn of the century, and throughout its history has been a left-wing party. However, from the altering of Clause IV in the party constitution in 1996 (Clause IV deals with the public ownership of the means of production; the current version instead calls for 'a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few'.

Labour Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom:

  • Ramsay MacDonald (1924 and 1929-1935) [1]
  • Clement Attlee (1945-1951) [2]
  • Harold Wilson (1964-1970 and 1976-1976) [3]
  • James Callaghan (1976-1979) [4]
  • Tony Blair (1997-present) [5]

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