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Lafayette is a city in southern Louisiana, the seat of government for Lafayette Parish, located on the Vermilion River. It is particularly known for its petroleum industry, Cajun cooking and music, and friendly people.

The fourth largest city in the state, Lafayette had a 2015 census population estimate of 127,657.[1] Lafayette is called a "Hub City" because its extended area of commerce includes Opelousas and Morgan City, with a combined population of 627,146 in 2015.[1]

The city is served by a daily newspaper, The Lafayette Daily Advertiser, which began in 1865 under the publisher William B. Bailey, who was the mayor of Lafayette from 1884 to 1892.[2]

Lafayette has in recent yeas been a stronghold for most Republican political candidates though it voted in 2003 for Kathleen Blanco, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee and a resident of Lafayette.

Notable people


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