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Last wordism

Last wordism is a liberal tactic used in an informal debate or discussion, resorting in the belief that victory can be achieved by having the "last word." A statement can be identified as last wordism if it adds no new information or substance to an argument. It is intended to achieve its effect through recency[1] rather than through relevance.

Last wordism often betrays the weaknesses of "less intellectually robust presentations."[2]

At best, last wordism is a childish tactic characteristic of liberal style. At worst, it reflects a lack of personal responsibility or bullying, which is a characteristic of wrongdoing or sinfulness. One such example of the use of last wordism by liberals is when a liberal troll on a conservative comment board posts a trolling comment in response to a conservative poster, then deletes the comment, either immediately before the poster can reply or while the poster is in the middle of writing a reply in order to successfully prevent the poster from replying (in the form of an error popping up when the poster attempts to post his reply, saying that the comment had been deleted), in effect getting the "last word," but in reality demonstrating the childishness and the cowardice of the troll in question.

Another childish form of "last-wordism" used by liberals on comment boards (including those powered by Disqus), particularly when they lose an argument with a conservative, is to declare that they are "blocking" a conservative opponent (i.e. to hide the "blocked" user's comments from the "blocker's" own view so they do not have to see said comments) right after replying to the conservative, which in reality is the liberal lacking the courage of his convictions and taking the coward's way out by resorting to this tactic (which is also the online equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears and singing at the top of his voice to keep from hearing the conservative's words), in effect admitting (implicitly, if not outright) that the liberal lost the argument.

Incessantly spamming large blocs of text with off-beat, off topic, irrelevant information as a form of deflection to attempt to subtly change the topic from an embarrassing position or response is another form of last wordism.

Resorting to a childish Parthian shot (as in the second example noted above) is an example of last wordism.


  1. "Recency" is the state of being "recent", as in "most recent."