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LedgerLite is a double-entry accounting system designed according to the minimalist philosophy. [1] It is used by many small businesses, clubs and trusts in different countries to do bookkeeping and produce balance sheets and income statements. [2]

LedgerLite is listed on Capterra as one of the top eight free accounting programs for nonprofits.[1] LedgerLite has also received a five-star editor's pick award from Software Informer.[3]


Ledger was the freeware precursor to LedgerLite. Ledger was released in February 2005.[4]

LedgerLite is the shareware successor to Ledger. LedgerLite was released in January 2015.[5]

Technical Specs

LedgerLite consists of a single executable file that runs on any version of Windows. The data is stored in a separate database file.[6]

Two files (LedgerLite.EXE and LedgerLite.LLD) are all that's required to run LedgerLite on any Windows computer.[7]

LedgerLite is a standalone Windows program that doesn't require an Internet connection. However it can be configured to run in a multi-user client/server configuration over a TCP/IP network.[8]

The database can be password protected using 128-bit AES encryption.[9]



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