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After the acquittal of President Bill Clinton on charges related to his widely known harassment and abuse of women, a culture tolerant of sexual misconduct became acceptable in subsequent decades among liberal elites in mainstream journalism, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party. The following is a chronicle of known incidents.

During a rash of sexual assault and harassment allegations beginning in the fall of 2017, many incidents reaching back years, most private sector employers terminated the accused perpetrators immediately. However Democrat Congressional leaders were slow to pressure Democrat members of congress to resign.[1]

Journalists and media

  • Andy Lack, the NBC News chairman defended and protected his employees when accused of sexual harassment.[6]
  • Jim Acosta, CNN White House reporter, assaulted a female White House staffer during a Presidential press conference.[7] Acosta's press credentials were suspended after the incident.[8] Not surprisingly, CNN defended Acosta's actions, lied about the reason for the revocation of Acosta's press pass, dismissively minimalized Acosta's assault of the staffer and falsely claimed that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders "lied" about what happened, despite video evidence of the incident proving CNN's claims wrong. In an attempt to save face and cover for Acosta, CNN went even further in making itself look foolish when its vice-president for communications Matt Dornic, in a post on Twitter, falsely claimed that the video clearly showing Acosta assaulting the staffer was "doctored".[9]
  • George Stephanopoulos, ABC News anchor and analyst, Clinton White House Communications Director, coordinates attacks on "nuts and sluts" and "bimbos" who accuse prominent Democrats of sexual misconduct,[10] promised a "scorched earth" policy against opponents. Interviewed Lisa Bloom, Harvey Weinstein's lawyer and Gloria Alred's daughter in an ill-fated attempt to whitewash the Democrat mega-donor sex scandal.[11] The interview goes on for six minutes, Stephanopoulos makes 5 references to "sexual harassment," never once refers to rape or sexual assault, and dropped names of victims suggesting some of them changed their stories. Two days after the interview, Bloom dropped Weinstein as a client.
  • Charlie Rose, CBS and PBS anchor and interviewer, accused by staffers and job seekers of misconduct.[13] It was such that even the ordinarily left-wing Late Show with Stephen Colbert ultimately covered the material.
  • Les Moonves was paid $100 million to leave CBS as Chief Executive Officer after numerous accusations of rape and sexual assault over four decades.[14]
  • Mark Halperin, ABC News political director and author of Game Changer, a hit piece on Sarah Palin.
  • John Hockenberry, NPR host, accused of sexual misconduct.[15]
  • Tavis Smiley, PBS host, allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Garrison Keillor, host of NPR's long-running Prairie Home Companion, fired for sexual misconduct.[17]
  • Mario Batali, co-host of ABC's The Chew, allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Robert Klug, CBS News Executive Director, told a producer to sleep with co-workers to advance.[18]
  • Rick Najera, Director of CBS's "Diversity Showcase," Democrat donor. Alleged sexual harassment.
  • Michael Oreskes, NPR Senior Vice President of News faced allegations going back two decades to his time with the New York Times.[19]
  • David Sweeney, NPR Chief News Editor, ousted over allegations of sexual misconduct.[20]
  • Teddy Davis, senior producer on CNN's State of the Union show hosted by Jake Tapper fired for inappropriate behavior.[21]
  • Lockhart Steele, the editorial director for Vox Media.[22]
  • Soledad O'Brien, MSNBC news anchor, apologist and activist in support of Bill Clinton' sexual abuse and defaming critics and accusers.
  • Matt Zimmerman, NBC Today Show.
  • Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone owner
  • Hamilton Fish V, Publisher of the New Republic, liberal media figure. Accused of sexual harassment.
  • Ian Prior, senior editor for the Guardian.
  • Matt Sullivan, Guardian.
  • Glen Thrush, New York Times reporter hired to trash the Trump White House.
  • David Corn, Mother Jones magazine. Corn was one of the first to raise the now thoroughly debunked Steele dossier and Russia collusion farce a week before the 2016 election. David Corn has a long history of sleaze on behalf of Democrats and the Clintons. Corn, a longtime high-profile vocal advocate of progressive causes, has been accused of running a hostile work environment for women.[24]
  • Matt Taibbi
  • James Carville, Clinton spokesperson. Referred to Clinton accusers as trailer park trash.
  • Norah O'Donnell, felt that the private sex lives of public officials shouldn't be investigated when credible allegations of misconduct were made.[25]
  • Leon Wieseltier, Editor at the New Republic, liberal media icon. Accused of rampant sexual harassment.
  • Knight Landesman, Publisher of Artforum, Democrat donor. Accused of groping, sexual harassment.

Hollywood celebrities & donors

  • Bill Cosby, convicted of sexual assault.[27]
  • Russell Simmons, Chairman and CEO of Rush Communications, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings and Democrat donor accused of sexually assaulting 17-year-old girl.[28]
  • Ben Affleck, Academy Award-winning actor, director, screenwriter and producer, took over coordinating Hollywood A-List donations to leftist candidates and causes after Weinstein's allegations became public, accused of groping and harassment.[29]
  • Oliver Stone, Academy Award-winning filmmaker, was accused of sexual harassment by Melissa Gilbert.[30]
  • John Lasseter, founder of Disney's Pixar animation studios.[31]
  • Joy Behar, Emmy Award-winning host called Bill Clinton's accusers "tramps".[32]
  • James Toback, Hollywood screenwriter and director behind films like "The Pick-up Artist," "The Gambler" and "Bugsy" was accused by 38 women of sexual harassment throughout the years.[33]
  • Chris Savino, Nickelodeon fired the creator of The Loud House animated show after a dozen women accused him, in a story from the Hollywood Reporter, of "sexual harassment, unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior."[34]
  • Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, was suspended after a story from The Hollywood Reporter detailing harassment allegations against him made by a producer of the Amazon series "The Man in the High Castle."[35]
  • Louis C.K., Emmy Award-winning comedian, actor, writer, producer, director and Democrat activist. Accused of sexual misconduct.
  • Brett Ratner, Hollywood director, Democrat donor. Accused of rape, sexual assault, harassment.
  • Andrew Kreisburg, Hollywood producer, Arrowverse (i.e., the continuity for the live action DC shows Arrow, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow) and Supergirl showrunner, Democrat donor. Alleged sexual harassment, and undergoing an internal investigation by Warner Bros. after at least fifteen women voiced complaints about his actions.[36]
  • Andy Dick, Comedian, actor, Democrat donor. Alleged groping, sexual harassment.
  • Steve Jurvetson, Co-founder of a venture capital firm, SpaceX board member, Democrat donor. Accused of sexual misconduct.
  • John Besh, Chief executive of Besh Restaurant Group, Democrat donor. Alleged sexual harassment.
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg, head of DreamWorks Animation and former Disney Animation chairman, as well as a massive Democrat donor, was exposed by Molly Ringwald as having stated about her in 1995 that he "wouldn't recognize her if she sat on [his] face." Katzenberg, when confronted with this, both denied any knowledge of having said that, and then apologizing as if he had indeed done it in a very contradictory manner. Ironically, this revelation came in shortly after penning an email condemning Weinstein as a monster.

Office holders

Rep. Keith Ellison was the frontrunner for DNC Chair until Rep. Tom Perez exercised white privilege and usurped the job, relegating Ellison to the back of the bus. Ellison was later accused of several violent sexual assaults on women.
  • Joe Biden, accused of stripping down naked in front of female Secret Service agents whenever his wife wasn't home.[37] Biden has been accused of inappropriate touching ("overly familiar" in politically correct parlance) by scores of women and young girls over many years.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders ran a 2016 Presidential election campaign that was rife with "sexual violence and harassment."[38]
  • Democrat controlled Virginia General Assembly, ignored rape allegations against Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax.[39]
  • Justin Fairfax, second in line for governor of Virginia to replace Gov. Ralph Northam, faces sexual assault allegation.[40]
  • Cory Booker, Democrat U.S. Senator and likely 2020 presidential candidate, admitted to groping a 15-year-old girl.[41][42] More recently, Booker has been accused of a homosexual assault in 2014.[43]
  • Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary chairman, staunch defender of Bill Clinton againet sex abuse charges.
  • Tom Carper, Democrat Senator from Delaware, admitted to beating his wife, donated money to left-wing female Democrats after his admission, and they accepted the money with no objections.[48] Women Against Domestic Violence have demanded his resignation.[49]
  • Rueben Kihuen, Democrat from Nevada. House Ethics Committee found he harassed women.[51]
  • Bill Clinton, acquitted of sex-related perjury and obstruction of justice charges on a party-line vote of 45 Democrat Senators in 1999.[52]
  • Anthony Weiner, Former Democrat Congressman. In federal prison for sexting underage girls.
  • Hillary Clinton, long reputation of using threats, harassment, and intimidation against her husband's accusers.
  • Keith Ellison, Congressmen and Democratic party Vice-Chairman has been accused of being abusive and violent with women.[53]
  • Kamala Harris, refused to take action regarding an employee accused of sexual misconduct.
  • Al Franken, Minnesota Democrat Senator and former Saturday Night Live cast member and writer, multiple charges of groping and sexual assault.[54] Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill condemned Franken and returned $30,000 in donations she receive from Franken. Franken's only motivation to run for Senate was his outrage over Bill Clinton's impeachment on charges related to sexual misconduct.
  • John Conyers, longest-serving member of Congress and Senior Democrat, paid off an accuser with taxpayer money.[55]
  • John Edwards, 2004 Democrat VP candidate used campaign funds as hush money to pay off a female journalist covering him who had an extra-marital affair with him. Encouraged her to have an abortion.
  • Al Gore, 2000 Democrat Presidential nominee and former VP, a "crazed sex poodle" accused of sexual harassment.[56]
  • Eric Massa, Democrat Congressman accused of groping multiple male staffers, according to reports in 2010.
  • Archie Parnell, Alabama candidate for US House, beat his wife with a tire iron.
  • Al Green, Democrat Congressman paid harassment settlement out of slush fund.
  • Raul Grijalva, Democrat Congressman paid out $48,395 to a female staffer with taxpayer money in a settlement for creating a hostile work environment.
  • Ruben Kihuen, Democrat Congressman. Kihuen's campaign finance director quit the campaign because of repeated harassment and sexual advances.[57]
  • Gilbert Cisneros, alleged "philanthropist" and Democratic candidate for California's 39th district, accused of sexually harassing a fellow California Democrat, inviting himself to her hotel room and demanding sex in exchange for campaign funds.[58]
  • Alex Kozinski, Judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.
  • Alcee Hastings, former federal judge and Democrat Congressman.
  • Mel Reynolds, Former Democrat Congressman. Convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl who volunteered for his campaign in 1992. Reynolds was convicted of statutory rape, among other charges, in 1995. He served five years in prison for the crime. While in prison, he was also convicted of 16 unrelated count of bank fraud, for which he served an additional 42 months.
  • David Wu, Former Democrat Congressman accused of an "unwanted sexual encounter" with the teenage daughter of a longtime friend, according to reports in 2011. Wu admitted to senior aides that the encounter did occur. Wu was accused of sexual assault at Stanford University in 1976 and disciplined by the university.
  • Brock Adams, Former Democrat Congressman. Accused by eight women of sexual harassment, abuse, rape.
  • Eliot Spitzer, Former Democrat Governor of New York, resigned in a scandal involving prostitutes.
  • Paul E. Patton, Former Democrat Governor, after his mistress broke off an affair, Kentucky filed numerous violations against her business.


  • Jean-Paul Sartre, existentialist philosopher and writer, and was also notorious for his sleeping around with multiple females, as well as writing scathing letters after the fact. This also led to several girls having broken lives afterwards, fighting amongst each other, some even committing suicide.[60][61]
  • Simone de Beauvoir, girlfriend of existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre and feminist icon, author of "The Second Sex", had made misogynistic statements like encouraging women to slice off their breasts due to them being irrelevant to a woman's "individual economy",[62] claiming girls feel "sick" with their bodies,[63] viewing any maternal instincts at all as being "oppressive",[64] considering the role of homemaker and housewife as "parasitic" as well as strongly implying they should get rid of it altogether,[65][66] and also forced one of her girls to undergo an abortion that nearly killed her.[61] In addition, she also acted as a procuress for Sartre of several girls, and even engaged in lesbianism with several of them, which also included abducting and molesting them. This ultimately got her teaching license revoked.[61][67] She, like Sartre, also considered a woman who lost her virginity to Sartre a "liberated woman."[60]

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