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Liberal Thuggery

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Liberal Thuggery refers to the tendency of liberals to resort to intimidation and strong-arm tactics when things aren't going their way.

Examples of liberal thuggeryEdit

  • During the 2008 United States election cycle, union thugs working on behalf of Obama in Pennsylvania worked to keep his opponents away from the polls.[1]
  • On Wikipedia, an ostensibly neutral online encyclopedia, liberals frequently use gang tactics and threats to suppress truths they find uncomfortable and to advance their agenda.
  • Extremist environmental groups such as Greenpeace and PETA frequently resort to intimidation and violence in attempts to get their (rightfully) unpopular messages across.
  • Communist and socialist police states are forced to rely on heavy use of authoritarian measures, such as forced relocation, to remain in power when their policies fail. In the Soviet Union, those who opposed the state were shipped off to frigid Siberia.