Liberal bigotry

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Bigotry is the expression of hatred or aggression towards those who are different. Examples of bigotry include racism and religious intolerance.

Bigotry is a common, and indeed a defining[Citation Needed], characteristic of atheists, elitists, liberals, and homosexuals, who react violently to any who disagree with their views. Liberals continually deceitfully claim to uphold equality of all viewpoints and free speech, but are in fact routinely prejudiced against opposing viewpoints. They are particularly bigoted against Christians (and indeed Faith in general) and Family Values. It is typical to see liberals refer to their opponents as racists, fascists, Nazis, rednecks, fanatics, or any number of more profane slurs. It is common to see conservatives referring to their opponents as traitors, terrorist-sympathizers, race traitors, cancers, "morans" and any number of more profane slurs.


  • The infamous Hamilton Square Baptist Church Riot, in which gays maliciously attacked a church.
  • Liberal and Pro-Abortion attacks on Pregnancy Centers [1]
  • Students threaten and verbally abuse a student wearing a McCain T-Shirt [2]
  • Gay rights supporters protested outside of Los Angeles' largest Mormon temple because members of the Mormon church gave millions of dollars to the campaigning for Proposition 8, which banned homosexual marriage in California[3]
  • Gay rights protesters at a pro-Proposition 8 rally tore a cross out of an elderly woman's hands and stomped on it. They then proceeded to verbally accost the woman for at least 10 minutes, some of which was on live TV[4]
  • An ad for the campaign against Proposition 8 depicts Mormons as a type of religious gestapo[5]
  • Radical homosexual anarchists shouted profanities and blasphemies in a Michigan church, before unfurling a banner, throwing glitter and pulling the fire alarm[6]
  • Someone hacked the website of the Mormon church and replaced the front page with a video of gay porn [7]
  • Bill Maher's movie Religulous uses lies and distortions to mock most major religions[8]
  • The ACLU attempted to stop a Christian band from playing at a city festival[9]
  • New York Times correspondent Dan Mitchell allegedly sent a harassing Facebook email to a conservative correspondent for World Net Daily[10]
  • Hate speech laws might be able to be used to ban the Bible[11]
  • Colorado law SB200 bans discriminatory references to homosexuals, which might include the Bible [12]
  • Liberal Paul Krugman calls Republican Party a haven for racists [13]
  • Liberal Charles Karel Bouley calls for the death of Joe the Plumber [14]
  • Al Franken mocks Christians[15]
  • Democrat John Murtha called his constituents rednecks.
  • Barack Obama accuses the public of clinging to guns and religion.
  • Abortion clinic bombings.[16]