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Liberal claptrap is pretentious nonsense promoted by liberals. It has the wordy characteristics of liberal style, typically with self-serving conclusions.

Liberal claptrap leaves the audience with nothing of substance, nothing that will help them personally overcome the inevitable problems of life, such as addiction.

Liberal claptrap often pushes the listener toward an illogical viewpoint without saying so in a direct manner. It often seeks to attract attention to a liberal and away from God.

The Bible criticizes liberal claptrap in 1 Corinthians 1:17.


  • In speech to mostly teenagers in Berlin on April 6, 2019, "Obama said 'I' 240 times, 'My/Myself' 16 times, 'Me' 13 times and 'Mine' once."[1]
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders famously said his own words "mischaracterize" his thinking.[2]
  • In a 9/11 remembrance speech 20 years later, George W. Bush tried senselessly to link that attack, which was by foreigners in this country illegally while he was president, to domestic political protests in a veiled swipe at supporters of Donald Trump.

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