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Liberal denial is the tendency of liberals to conceal, deny or censor the truth for ideological reasons:

  1. that liberals and Conservatives both sometimes attempt to intimidate and ostracize others who disagree with them. Liberals aparently particularly do this in school environments and some occupations.[1]
  2. that liberal leaders engage in shocking wrongdoing, hypocrisy, and abuse of power[2]
  3. that liberals support taxpayer-funded abortion and insist on censorship of classroom prayer
  4. that ideas do matter, and can cause great harm, including liberal falsehoods
  5. that girls and women in sports have debilitating ACL knee injuries at 3-4 times the rate of men,[3] and are vulnerable to other injuries[4]
  6. that young mass murderers fit the profile of public school-trained atheism
  7. that the numerous premature deaths of Hollywood stars are the result of Hollywood values[5]
  8. that homeschoolers often do better than those who attend public school
  9. that culture affects politics, and people's views and lifestyles
  10. that successful democracy, both historically and logically, is the result of Protestant Christianity[6]
  11. that Lawrence Summers was fired as President of Harvard for making a politically incorrect suggestion about women and math aptitude
  12. that Ronald Reagan's public exhortation, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," helped cause the nearly 30-year-old Berlin Wall later be torn down
  13. that gun control may increase crime
  14. that group prayer is censored from public school
  15. that reducing taxes stimulates the economy
  16. that choosing abortion over childbirth increases the risk of breast cancer
  17. that the mainstream media is biased
  18. that privately-run transport is more efficient than government-run transport
  19. that public health care is inferior medical care
  20. that unions interfere with employment opportunities
  21. that Islamic extremism is a threat to the Western civilization[7]
  22. that banning same-sex marriage is analogous to banning polygamy
  23. that aggressive interrogation is often the only way to obtain answers from terrorists
  24. how the liberal ideology is pushed on unsuspecting others, particularly youngsters

Often liberals refuse to admit that they are liberals, in the hope of appearing more reasonable. Hillary Clinton refused to admit in a presidential debate in 2007 that she is a liberal. Similarly, Michael Dukakis refused for a while to admit that he was a liberal during the 1988 presidential campaign. Only out of desperation did Dukakis admit that he was a liberal, and even then he admitted only that was a liberal like President Harry Truman, who served 40 years earlier.


  1. See liberals and friendship.
  2. See, e.g., leading liberal Eliot Spitzer and how fellow liberals downplayed or were silent about his misconduct.
  3. Compare [1] (with an explanation of why there is a big difference) with New York Times (downplaying the difference and pretending that no one knows why). The New York Times denies overwhelming evidence, including the following:
    "Female athletes, particularly basketball players, are far more likely than their male counterparts to suffer ACL [Anterior Cruciate Ligament] injuries." Stephen Hargis, "Girls have more torn ACLs," Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee), D1 (Feb. 4, 2005). According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the risk of women tearing their ACL is 1 in 100. This number drops significantly to only 1 in 500 for men. See Nikki Usher, "Knee injury takes toll on girls playing soccer five times more likely than males to suffer a torn ACL," Philadelphia Inquirer, A01 (Nov. 29, 2004). "Compared with guys, female athletes run an eight-times-greater risk of tearing the ACL, a fibrous band that connects the shinbone (tibia) to the thighbone (femur). Basketball, soccer and other sports that require cutting moves or jump shots can put athletes at risk." Kathleen Fackelmann, "Girls face higher knee injury risk," USA Today, 15B (Aug. 24, 2004). Timothy Hewett, PhD, the lead researcher on a definitive study at the Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center at the University of Cincinnati, says this is "close to a billion-dollar problem in girls and women in the USA. ... Even after girls have recovered from the acute injury, the changes in the joint may set the stage for osteoarthritis of the knee ...." Id. That obvious suspicion was quickly confirmed: a study subsequently published in Arthritis & Rheumatism demonstrated that "more than half of ... 103 soccer players, who were ages 14 to 28 at the time of the ACL injury, suffered osteoarthritis of the knee at the time of the study -- about 12 years later." Kathleen Fackelmann, "Girls' knee injuries have later consequences," USA Today, 9D (Oct. 7, 2004). "Many of the women, who were about 31 by that time, also said they had pain or some other disability that made it hard to conduct daily activities." Id.
  4. "Amber Scull ruptured her spleen after she was tackled during a practice drill at Nature Coast Tech in Brooksville 2 1/2 months ago. Had she [not] arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later, doctors told her mother, she might have died." [2]
  5. Liberal Wikipedia lists numerous actors who died of drug overdoses, but will not acknowledge the role played by Hollywood values, for which Wikipedia does not even have an entry. [3]
  6. Calvinism and the Success of Liberal Democracy, by John Snyder
  7. Leftist Sam Harris admitted and complained about this liberal denial here.