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There have been many liberal hoaxes, and here are some prominent examples:

Liberal hoax Duration of hoax
Piltdown Man 40 years
Alger Hiss' alleged innocence 50 years
Population explosion 30 years
Evolution 156 years
Global cooling 15 years
Matthew Shepard killing. Provided political momentum with no relevant
factual basis to homosexual activists to pass national legislation
to give extra punishment to criminals who in the course of a crime
with a victim happen to oppose homosexuals as a class.
14 years, 11 months
Duke lacrosse team rape prosecution—settlement received
by defendants for being subjects of malicious prosecution.
8 years, 2 months
Fidel Castro being alive after ~ 2006 ~ 9 years
Hugo Chavez thriving after surgery in a communist hospital 84 days
Story that an Islamic student was arrested by over-zealous police
for being Muslim and bringing a clock he built to school (hoax
aided by President Obama)
4 days

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