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(The claim that “The failed economic policies of George W. Bush" caused the recession and high unemployment.)
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*They claim that terrorism should be handled by [[law]] enforcement. <ref>[http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/29/AR2008072902041.html Strategy Against Al-Qaeda Faulted] Washington Post, July 30, 2008</ref> <ref>[http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,406901,00.html Bush: War on Terror is Not Law Enforcement Matter] AP, August 20, 2008</ref>
*They claim that terrorism should be handled by [[law]] enforcement. <ref>[http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/29/AR2008072902041.html Strategy Against Al-Qaeda Faulted] Washington Post, July 30, 2008</ref> <ref>[http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,406901,00.html Bush: War on Terror is Not Law Enforcement Matter] AP, August 20, 2008</ref>
*They claim that the USA should negotiate with rogue [[nations]] and terror groups.
*They claim that the USA should negotiate with rogue [[nations]] and terror groups.
*They claim that [[socialism]] is a better than [[capitalism]].
*They claim that [[socialism]] is a better system of government than [[capitalism]].
*They claim that there is a [[gene]] which causes people to be gay, despite the fact that the scientific community rejects this view
*They claim that there is a [[gene]] which causes people to be gay, despite the fact that the scientific community rejects this view
*They claim that [[humans]] and [[ape]]s have a common ancestor
*They claim that [[humans]] and [[ape]]s have a common ancestor

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Liberal myths are heavily promoted falsehoods motivated by a destructive belief system

Liberal beliefs:[1] They include:

  • The claim that “The failed economic policies of George W. Bush" caused the recession and high unemployment. [2]
  • The claim that unemployment benefits stimulate the economy. [3]
  • The claim that Democrats lost the 2010 Midterm elections because Barack Obama was not liberal enough.
  • The claim that human beings are beginning to overpopulate. (This myth is used as an attempt to justify abortion and anthropogenic global warming)
  • The claim that people today are more knowledgeable than in prior centuries.
  • The claim that the Bush tax cuts substantially reduced 2006 revenues and expanded the budget deficit.
  • The claim that the Bush tax cuts have not helped the economy.
  • Anthropogenic Global Warming. [4]
  • The claim that a fetus is not a living person.
  • The claim the embryonic stem cells will provide many cures. Unlike adult stem cells, embryonic cells have provided no known cures.
  • The claim that gun control reduces crime.
  • The claim that abortion and breast cancer are unrelated.
  • The claim that abortion and mental depression are unrelated.
  • The claim that gambling financially benefits state school systems [5]
  • The claim to support the rights of women, never mention the oppressed women in Muslim countries. [6]
  • The claim that the media is not biased toward the liberal agenda.
  • The claim that enabling oil drilling will not reduce long-term energy prices. [7]
  • The claim that enabling oil drilling will not provide energy security.[8]
  • The claim that same-sex couple adoptions can replace the love from a mother and a father. [9]
  • The claim that an individuals sexual preference needs to be a protected civil right. [10]
  • That there is a vast right-wing conspiracy [11]
  • The claim that opposing the homosexual agenda is bigotry. [12]
  • The claim that the US acted unilaterally in Iraq (The USA and Britain led a 30-nation coalition in Iraq)[13]
  • The claim that President Bush stole the 2000 elections. [14]
  • The claim that President Bush lied about WMD in Iraq to grab oil.
  • The claim that Saddam Hussein was not seeking to buy yellowcake Uranium. [15]
  • The claim that the 9/11 terrorists attacks were an inside job by the USA.
  • The claim that Foreign Intelligence & Surveillance Act (FISA) is for spying on Americans. [16]
  • The claim that big government will benefit its' citizens. [17]
  • The claim that military recruits are poor and uneducated. [18] [19] [20]
  • The claim that government run healthcare is better than a capitalist healthcare system. [21]
  • They claim that going on the offense against terrorists creates more terrorists. [22]
  • They claim that terrorism should be handled by law enforcement. [23] [24]
  • They claim that the USA should negotiate with rogue nations and terror groups.
  • They claim that socialism is a better system of government than capitalism.
  • They claim that there is a gene which causes people to be gay, despite the fact that the scientific community rejects this view
  • They claim that humans and apes have a common ancestor
  • They claim that the death penalty does not deter crime, despite the overwhelming evidence showing that the death penalty does deter crime
  • They claim that atheists are just as moral as Christians who regularly go to a church, or, in some cases, claim atheists are morally superior.
  • They claim that all religions teach the same thing.
  • They claim that intelligent design is not a science and has no evidence.
  • They claim that no climatologist or physicist rejects global warming, despite the fact that the founder of The Weather Channel rejects global warming, as do thousands of other scientists.
  • They claim Hitler was a Catholic.
  • They claim opposition to Obama is racism.
  • They claim the general welfare clause in the Constitution gives government the right to force you to buy government-run healthcare.
  • They claim Jesus was the first socialist.
  • They claim affirmative action works.
  • They claim the Old Testament is immoral.
  • They claim that the Jews aren't the Jews of the Bible.
  • They claim that feminism has no bias.
  • They claim homosexuals do not try to convert heterosexuals.
  • They claim that gay marriage will not result in polygamy also being written into law.
  • They claim that the Bible is fictional.
  • They claim that Liberal Christianity is compatible with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • They claim that proper tire inflation can replace the need for additional oil drilling.
  • That we should eat less red meat in order to combat climate change.[25]
  • They claim Jesus was a liberal, or that Jesus was left-wing[26].
  • The claim that the Nation of Islam is unrelated to Islam the religion.
  • The claim that portable school vouchers would destroy public schools, yet send their own children to private schools.
  • The claim that if you are pro-life, you don't care about people after they're born. [27]
  • The claim that more black people died in wars of America than in abortion. 1,786 blacks are killed daily by abortion, one of two pregnant women will be suckered into pro-choice genocide. [1]
  • The claim that renaming War on Terror to Overseas Contingency Operation will reduce the threats facing America.
  • The claim to cutback our country's missile defenses will some how make us more secure than we were.
  • The claim that the nation will go bankrupt if we don't spend more tax dollars.
  • We as a nation must switch to unproven technologies for the environments sake, such as wind or solar power. Yet, proven clean energy generated by nuclear power is not an option.
  • The claim that you are not pro-life if you are pro-gun.
  • The claim that guns are responsible for deaths. (by that same logic, pencils are responsible for misspelled words.)
  • The claim that 47 million Americans don't have health insurance. (Actual number is between 10 and 15 million) [28]
  • The claim that homosexuality cannot be overcome by therapy and prayer.


The liberal belief that an individual can claim to support our military, just not the mission and still be considered a 'Patriot'. In fact, the exact opposite is the truth. A liberals patriotism, party-specific position, cannot support the troops if they are an a impediment to their political left-wing strategy. The main reason for this has to due with passionate, partisan hatred for George Bush as commander n chief, the President of the United States of America. Liberals claim to support the military, claim not to support the mission and refuse to support the Commander. The extremist left discounts the counter effect of troop morale. Understanding the true liberal mindset when it comes to supporting our U.S. troops, observe the often tried protest march. Though frustration boils over, actions lead from protest to outright sabotage or anarchism. [29] Liberal credibility fails and lack of concern for the support of America shows. The left-wing cares so much for our military they condone and actually prop up politicians that abuse troops with reckless accusations [30], negative media coverage and ego trips [31]. Liberal protesters look the other way as war memorials are vandalized. Liberals protest our severely injured soldiers at the Walter Reed Medical Center.[32] Liberal protesters harass, damage or block military recruitment centers from operating business as-usual. [33] This leftwing position, the myth is successful in feeding media driven discontent and mediocrity shame. If the news is bad, a liberal is spoon fed. If the news is good, the spoon fed liberal is oblivious. e.g. "a complete suspension of disbelief".

Patriotism, to your brother, who volunteers and risks the ultimate sacrifice out of love, will never be diminished. True patriots will always be in our gratitude and held in the highest light.

America Perceived

The myth liberals give says we need to restore America's image in the world. Again, this mostly has to do with liberals' negative view of President Bush. Liberals want the two linked even though the myth is false. They blame Bush and Iraq for the bad USA image but the truth is that the credibility of the American left is a worse image than America's image abroad. The main need for liberals to propagate this myth is the fact that socialist governments of Europe oppose the policy of Iraq. This further fuels liberals' political agenda to remove Republicans from power. Liberals love Europeans and cite their false socialist utopia at every chance. European opposition automatically reinforces their belief that America's image is damaged. As of 2008, most of the European leaders that opposed Iraq are no longer in positions of power. The result, European conservatives were elected who publicly aligned themselves with America.

Those liberals that use the myth and regularly bash the USA are often called the "Blame America First" crowd. Though they never seem to mention that America gives more in donations, in total dollars, than any other country on Earth. [34] A sure way to change America's image in the world is to show the world we respect life. The repeal of Roe Vs. Wade would be a start.

Reasons why America was hated prior to 2003 include wealth, women's rights, support for our democratic ally Israel, democratic government, capitalist economy and exporting immorality.

Bad Successful Companies

In the attempt to point fingers and lay blame, the liberals produce the myth that profits made by successful companies are bad for America. Only a select group of companies are targeted for public shame. This is a false myth because successful corporations actually create jobs and tax revenue. Retirement funds and municipal bonds rely heavily on the profits from these companies. Also, the reason these companies flourish is because the capitalist system rewards their hard work. The liberals will try to create sympathy, that they care for the average American, they are the ones going after wrongdoers to make it right.

Liberals have demonized such companies as RJ Reynolds, Walmart, Halliburton and Blackwater. Their latest target is Exxon Mobil for their enormous profits and futures market oil speculators. Most of their accusations are absurd. Liberals in Congress don't blink an eye when it comes time to spend all that tax revenue generated. Liberals in Congress have been called on their hypocrisy for owning stocks in those companies. Which in turn, they divest their portfolios like nothing was ever wrong. For years, for decades, these companies have lobbied members of Congress, they have worked together for their common goals. In return, hefty campaign donations are their reward. Then for opportune reasons, liberals will publicly ridicule and verbally attack these bad, greedy capitalists. Corporate heads are brought before congress for a sideshow grilling to explain their actions. [35] The Windfall Tax is just another example of the sham created by this liberal myth. Those companies make enough money, they should now be forced to give some back. They are threatened with nationalization [36] and further government regulation, a socialist scheme. As the price of gas fell, Congress just pretended like nothing ever happened, Big Oil off the hook.

The Economy From The Previous 8 Years

In an attempt to spread Bush hatred without mentioning his name, it is common for liberals to lie and say "we're in this economic mess because of the policies over the previous eight years." This is a myth, perpetuated by the corrupt in order to link bad economics with Conservatism and Bush policy. These liberals are the very same individuals that would not recognize George W. Bush's economic successes when the economy was creating jobs. Bush, McCain, Alan Greenspan are all on record as trying to fix the corrupt lending policies and government mismanagement for the past eight years. [37] All the while Democrats were lining their pockets with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac donations. Democrats are overwhelmingly responsible if they should point fingers. Democrats Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Charles Schumer and even Barack Obama are as much, if not directly, indirectly responsible for the failed economics of this country over the past eight-years. The same people who got us into this mess are now responsible for getting us out of financial meltdown. Blame can go all around on this one, both Republicans and Democrats. This was the result of many bad decisions over a long period of time. Then out of nowhere, financial calamity that nobody saw coming, except congressmen and women who were privy to bank collapses. They made good money while the rest of America suffered. [38]

The truth of the matter; Bush-era 4.5% unemployment, Obama-era will it go higher than 10%?


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