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Liberal tricks

Here are some common liberal tricks that many people fall for:

  1. When a liberal theory of pseudo-science is disproved or discredited, thay simply change the name (or definition) of the theory to render it impossible to test, as in "global warming" -> "climate change", which can mean whatever liberals want it to mean as is convenient to their arguments.[1]
  2. Claim a candidate is a "racist" if his campaign received a small donation (amid thousands of other donations) from someone who might be called a "racist".
  3. Distracting and disrupting reasoned discussion, as in stating irrelevant claims, inconsequential tales of personal experience, or false outrage.
  4. Making pseudo-religious arguments even though the person making the arguments does not adhere to the Bible, such as "judge ye not!"
  5. Making arguments that have superficial appeal to the dimwitted, but are actually nonsensical and probably not believed by the liberal himself.[2]
  6. Try to draw a conservative in to saying or doing something which can then be dishonestly twisted to cast him in a bad light.
  7. So as not to show his true beliefs of supporting evil infanticide and taxpayer-funded abortion, Barack Obama insists he is pro-choice, but not pro-abortion.[3]
  8. Inserting a liberal assumption into a question, as illustrated by the classic "When did you stop beating your wife?!"
  9. Pretending that liberals do not have a political point of view, but are just being reasonable.[4]
  10. Exaggerating praise for fellow liberals.[5]
  11. Pretending that atheism equals intelligence.
  12. In court decisions, holding in favor of the conservative side by using liberal reasons that will be cited for liberal outcomes in future cases[6]
  13. Liberals befriending you so that you become liberal. (Conversely, why don't they become conservative?)
  14. Citing "live and let live!" except when it comes to praying aloud in school, keeping the money you earn, building on your own property, and every other liberal issue.
  15. Citing "it doesn't hurt to try!" (In reference to drugs, alcohol, and other immoral behaviors such as premarital sex, worshiping other gods/many gods/no gods, homosexuality, or abortion).
  16. Claiming that because everyone else supposedly believes in something, therefore it must be right.
  17. Claiming that your parents aren't cool; that Hollywood values are cool; that professor values are brilliant; and that you must blindly follow your government.
  18. There is a shortage of everything we want.
  19. Prayer is for dummies, or is antiquated.
  20. Kids are getting "smarter" than old folks, despite lacking the life experience and knowledge of old folks.
  21. Smearing your adversary with a highly offensive accusation or insinuation.
  22. Calling someone a "racist" if he criticizes a someone who happens to have a different skin color.
  23. Demonizing conservatives and pretending they don't care about regular people.
  24. If you don't like it (something offensive on television), don't watch it (but they don't seem to go for if you don't like whales being killed, don't watch them being killed).
  25. Believing the poor are blameless because they have nothing and the rich are to blame because they have everything.
  26. Accusing conservatives of libel, but forgetting that truth is the perfect defense against libel.
  27. In discounting other point of views, liberals use comparisons of other known "wrong actions" to justify their supposed correct stance.[7]
  28. Inserting false information, usually lewd into a respected work or group of works.
  29. Defending the assuration that is not affiliated with the Democrat Party. (We are told as an independent website, Democrats do not control the views of
  30. Claiming expertise beyond one's area of expertise, as in a "Dr." or professor implying that he is an expert in an area beyond his specialty[8]
  31. Pretending an honorary degree does not give someone the right to be called "Doctor".
  32. Pretending affirmative action is the best way to fill positions, including President of the United States.
  33. Fearing the wrath of voters this election cycle, Democrats have decided not to block offshore drilling bans renewed each October. After the election, Americans get sucker-punched because restoring the ban on new offshore oil drilling leases "will be a top priority for discussion next year." [9]
  34. Saying "If you believe that abortion is murder, don't have one!" as if abortion isn't indisputably the murder of a human being.
  35. Supporting classlessness while pretending to care about the preservation of world culture.
  36. Finding a diverse individual to be appealing or "cool" until they learn that the individual does not conform to their liberal agenda.
  37. Claiming "open-mindedness" as a disguise for immorality. Such is a typical liberal claim regarding drug/alcohol abuse, promiscuity, etc.
  38. Defending the lives of heinous criminals (by opposing capital punishment) while encouraging murder of unborn children (by supporting infanticide, known today as abortion).
  39. Justifying sinful lying by saying "what they don't know can't hurt them."
  40. Claiming that there exists a separation of church and state in the United States (and citing biased Supreme Court decisions to back themselves up) when in reality there exists no such separation of church and state in the Constitution, and that the Founding Fathers were mostly Christian themselves.
  41. Stereotyping Christians as "aggressive nutjobs" unless they conform to liberal policies.
  42. Reveal celebrities supporting a dangerous liberal reform, such as introducing same sex "marriage" which implies that it is "the right thing to do".
  43. Portray feminism and women's rights as the same thing. (History reveals the early suffragists being incredibly different to modern feminism).
  44. Claim that Nazism is an example of "right wing extremism", when in fact the Nazis cared very little about individual freedom, were not fiscally conservative and are on the same end of the political spectrum (the far-Left) as Communism.
  45. Claim that liberal policies should be pushed even further after a disaster e.g. more gun control after the Columbine massacre. This leads people into conforming more to liberalism.
  46. Claim that history began with a "Golden Age of Faith" and the future will become fully secular. Studies actually reveal Christianity growing around the world.
  47. Use comments such as "racist!" to silence criticism from conservatives, regardless of the logic (or lack thereof) of such comments.
  48. Claim that no relationship is loving without casual sex.
  49. If any crime victim is homosexual, then its automatically a "hate crime". For example, the Matthew Shepard murder was portrayed as a "hate crime" by the mainstream media. But the trial of his killers actually revealed them to be drug addicts.
  50. Claim that an act is not sinful if the act is legal under civil law.
  51. Claim that in order for God to exist there has to be someone who created Him. Since people are unable to explain this it leads them into conforming to Humanist belief that the universe is self-existing.
  52. Justify immodest dressing or deviant activities by saying "it's the 21st century!"
  53. Put people off marriage by revealing the high divorce rates, without showing the groups most likely to divorce such as those who were married before or cohabited before marriage.
  54. Claim that it is impossible to believe in God without being 'religious' and vice versa.
  55. Appeal to people's emotions rather than their reason. (Hitler practiced this throughout his political career)
  56. Use mockery and ridicule of conservatives rather than logic or reason as a way to distract people from conservative values.
  57. Label evolution science and creation faith. When in fact evolution is also a faith as its aspects cannot be tested, observed or demonstrated unlike actual science.
  58. Glancing down at "notes" to give the false impression one is not, in fact, reading from a teleprompter.
  59. Claim that Japan's non-existent crime rate is a direct result of strict gun control laws, rather than their culture's strong social deterrents against committing crimes.
  60. Removing all mentions of atheism from the Wikipedia article on Joseph Stalin.
  61. As Margaret Thatcher once said, "When liberals dislike something, they want it banned. When liberals like something, they want it to be mandatory."
  62. If a Democrat politician is caught up in a scandal, the mainstream media will not mention the person's party.
  63. Blame Republicans for Detroit's bankruptcy, when the city hasn't had a Republican mayor since 1962.

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Here is an example of an actual attempt at liberal tricks that was posted on this very page:

This article, and many others on a similar line, are a sad demonstration of incipient mental illness. Andrew Schlafly appears to be an educated man - after all, he edited a legal journal which was later edited by Barack Obama (I assume that Andy's tenure wasn't a result of affirmative action in favour of the narrow minded and the bigoted) - yet his denunciations of 'liberalism' get ever wilder and more paranoid as his definition of that beknighted state become ever more encompassing.

The above example (by a non-American) attempts to smear a conservative by implying that he has a mental illness, reflecting liberal trick #17 above. To someone unfamiliar with liberal tricks, this can be upsetting and intimidating. But once one realizes that this is a basic trick from the liberal playbook, its silliness and ineffectiveness becomes obvious. The liberal's foolish tactic is then revealed for what it really is.


  1. Another example is the redefinition of "evolution" to mean "change over time," which could mean anything.
  2. For example, one might conclude that Michael Moore makes silly statements designed to appeal to the less intelligent.
  3. Obama, McCain’s Abortion Positions Contrast Sharply at Faith Forum Fox News, August 16, 2008.
  4. For example, people who insist on promoting abortion with mandatory taxpayer funding claim they are merely "pro-choice".
  5. For example, liberal praise by law professors for Barack Obama borders on the absurd.
  6. See, e.g., Everson v. Board of Ed.
  7. , AFP Hansen, Earth At A Crisis Point, April 7, 2008
  8. Liberals often cited physicists who had no training or expertise in engineering for their baseless, illogical criticisms of SDI.
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