Last modified on December 12, 2020, at 13:13

Liberal values

Liberal values refers to the value system commonly held by liberals, just as Professor values and Hollywood values do for professors and Hollywood respectively. Liberal values tend to stand in stark opposition to conservative values and thus reject those things which conservatives hold to be dear and true. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Failing to educate others, particularly younger people, about the harm caused by a lack of conservative values.
  • Censorship of ideas not deemed politically correct. E.g., Liberal students protest or disrupt conservative guest speakers on college campuses.
  • Denial of politically incorrect truths such as the link between abortion and breast cancer.
  • Opposition to the free market, instead favoring heavy regulation.
  • A desire for equal outcomes as opposed to equal opportunity.
  • Excessive emphasis on awards and titles, especially those awarded by liberal institutions.
  • Excessive opposition to traditional awards and titles, especially those awarded by long-standing conservative institutions such as the US military.
  • To judge something as immoral behavior is tantamount to being a bigot.
  • Bigotry itself, an almost uniquely liberal trait.
  • Confusing separation of church and state with state-sanctioned atheism.
  • A willingness to excuse any aggressive and irreverent behavior in other countries, while harshly criticizing their own.
  • Strict materialism and an overreliance on narrowly defined "reality".
  • Contempt for authorities [on the implication, of course, that the authorities in question are conservatives].
  • Using unnecessarily vulgar language
  • Mistaking conclusions for facts.
  • Stubborn denial of religious truths, insisting on relativism in the name of "tolerance."

In general, liberal values tend to undermine traditional society, and in certain instances can cause irreparable harm to the lives of individuals who are brought under their sway.