Liberal vandalism

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Adolf Hitler vandalized the entire world

Liberal vandalism is the destructive, anarchist behavior of targeting anything conservative as a means to further the liberal cause. Liberals like to talk about tolerance but their actions can be intolerant of opposing positions. The offenses of liberal vandals entail everything from malicious intent to slander a conservative or can go as far as breaking the law.

Examples of Liberal Vandalism

  • defacing or destroying property of GOP election offices [1]
  • break-in a GOP campaign office and steal laptop with strategic election information [2]
  • entering private property to destroy GOP campaign signs [3]
  • hacking into personal GOP email account then posting contents to a public Web site [4]
  • releasing sealed court documents regarding a GOP candidate's divorce [5]
  • slashing tires on vehicles used to transport voters [6]
  • spray painting cars which had GOP stickers. [7]
  • Google-bombing [8]
  • steal press run of conservative newspapers [9]
  • attacking conservative websites
  • campaign stickers plastered around a town with no intention of ever removing
  • vandals wrote graffiti on the garage of a GOP Senator running for re-election with the words "You are a criminal resign or else" and "Scum." [10]

Pattern of liberal vandalism on conservative wikis

A typical liberal reads something they don't agree with. The liberal then decides to remove all content from the page or jokingly inserts parody/nonsense. Liberals understand that their edits will be removed to the original state and they will be blocked from further editing. This pattern repeats itself over and over like a compulsive disorder.

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