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LibreOffice is an open source office software platform offered as free software.[1]


After Sun Microsystems was purchased by Oracle, concerns appeared that the development of OpenOffice (or StarOffice) might stop completely. To ensure the office suite's continued development, The Document Foundation (a not-for-profit organization) was founded in September 2010 by community members, and the project was forked as LibreOffice. The project quickly attracted most of the original developers.[2] Unsurprisingly, the expectations of Oracle stopping the development turned out to be true, as, in April 2011, Oracle transferred the development to the Apache Foundation, where development slowed down further.

Currently, both OpenOffice and LibreOffice projects are being actively developed, LibreOffice stands as the more functional one, while Apache is considered more stable. StarOffice (formerly "Oracle Open Office") has been discontinued, as predicted.

Included programs

LibreOffice includes a set of office programs, each with its own function.

Name Purpose Compatibility Similar to
Writer Word processor for document creation and text editing Microsoft Word
Calc Spreadsheet editor and processor Microsoft Excel
Impress Slideshow presentation creation and display
  • Powerpoint (PPT)
  • XML Slideshow (PPTX)
  • Shockwave Flash (SWF) - export only
Microsoft PowerPoint
Draw Vector image editor and diagram designer Microsoft Publisher & Microsoft Visio
Math Mathematical formula creator and editor, accessible from other programs within the suite[3]
Base Database creation and management Microsoft Access