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The race for the White House in 2012 has begun, as have key congressional primary races in 2010. Assessing their conservatism may be as simple as counting the frequency of their references to conservative concepts in their speeches and writings.

Potential Republican candidates for president include:

  1. Jeb Bush
  2. Mike Huckabee
  3. Sarah Palin
  4. Mitt Romney

as a baseline, John McCain can also be analyzed linguistically.

Key congressional candidates facing primary challenges include:

  1. Arlen Specter

The 20 key conservative terms are:

  1. Bureaucracy (search on "bureaucra")
  2. Death tax
  3. Deregulation (search on "deregulat")
  4. Dumb down
  5. Elitism (search on "elitis")
  6. Free enterprise
  7. Grassroots
  8. Homeschool (sometimes hyphenated)
  9. Illegal alien
  10. Meritocracy
  11. Phonics
  12. Politically correct (also political correctness)
  13. Privatize (search on "privatiz")
  14. Pro-life
  15. Property right
  16. Quota
  17. Self-defense
  18. Self-indulgence (search on "self-indulgen")
  19. Small business
  20. Victimization