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Lismore is a rural township in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia. As a regional centre, the small city is well known in the history of the area, primarily in retrospect of colonisation. It was originally established as a cedar wood logging community but in recent years has taken on a more basic role due to severe decline in cedar harvesting.

Often referred to in the analogy of a 'basin' or 'toilet bowel', Lismore's valley-like structure has made it prone to constant flooding from an adjacent river, the Wilson. It is this proverbial plumbing structure that has often ensued chaos throughout the city and surrounds, constituting large floods such as the 1974 disaster. In recent years, a wall has been developed and proven a successful flood averter.

Significant problems have been created through this unnatural aversion of the river ecosystem, resulting in waste build-up within the city itself, which was used to being 'flushed' as the proverbial toilet it is. It has been suggested there may be greater ramifications to this disruption of the natural river ecosystem. Many Christian groups from the area have argued that stopping this flood is a direct violation of God's will, and in doing so would parallel defying such events as The Great Flood of biblical times. Environmentally, this is a serious issue, as the waste is left to build up in the basin and pollute en masse. Many citizens of the city have become increasingly concerned about this issue, and the New South Wales state government has inducted an investigation into the alleged 'flushing rights' of the city and it's plumbing systems, as well as the controversial wall.

It is to this end, the native 'Lismorians' have been alienated from general rural society of the Northern Rivers, and often alluded to as lower class citizens of the region. It is because of this that many pity organisations have been established to assist those in need from this area, and to protect from the discriminatory references of 'Toilet Dwellers' or 'Inhabiters of the Hole' or 'hole dwellers'.

Lismore is named after the small island of Lismore in the Firth of Lorne, Scotland, linked by ferry to the port and resort of Oban.