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*[[Atheism and suicide]]
*[[Atheism and suicide]]
*[[Atheism and health]]
*[[Atheism and health]]
*[[Atheism and depression]]
== References ==
== References ==

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The following list is a comprehensive list of atheist shooters and serial killers. Atheists have a long record of being mass shooters and militant atheism in general has a causal association with mass murder.

Due to this fact, peer reviewed research published in academic journals has found that society-at-large is likely to hold atheists responsible for capital criminal acts and that even atheists are likely to assume that serial killers are fellow atheists.[1][2][3]

United States

Jared Loughner's mugshot, released January 10, 2011



Anders Breivik stated that "Religion is a crutch for many weak people", echoing the quote of atheistic communist philosopher Karl Marx[12]

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