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List of quotations in templates

For the sake of re-use, Conservapedia provides some quotations as templates:

template transcluded text
Template:Dalrymple-rauf William Dalrymple writes, Rauf “is one of America’s leading thinkers of Sufism, the mystical form of Islam, which in terms of goals and outlook couldn’t be farther from the violent Wahhabism of the jihadists. His videos and sermons preach love ... and reconciliation. [1]
Template:Dictatorship-democracy-Hoover The difference between dictatorship and democracy, [President Herbert] Hoover liked to say, was simple: dictators organize from the top down, democracies from the bottom up.[2]
Template:Famine of 1933

"This famine was deliberately engineered by the regime of Josef Stalin 90 years ago claimed millions of lives, mostly in Ukraine but also in some other parts of the Soviet Union. It is today considered one of the worst atrocities of the Soviet regime and a terrifying act of genocide. Even so, the famine of 1933 is relatively unknown. ... Estimates of how many people died in Stalin's engineered famine of 1933 vary. But they are staggering in their scale -- between seven and 11 million people."[3]

Template:Friedman-roosevelt-depression Milton Friedman said, "Roosevelt's policies were very destructive. Roosevelt's policies made the depression longer and worse than it otherwise would have been. What pulled us out of the depression was the natural resilience of the economy plus WW2."[4]
Template:Gardner-things-names The realization that the world by itself contains no signs - that there is no connection whatever between things and their names except by way of a mind that finds the tags useful - is by no means a trivial philosophic insight. [5]
Template:Lott-concealed Laws that allow people to carry concealed handguns deter criminals and reduce violent crime, with murder rates falling by more than 10 percent. Urban, crime-prone counties have benefited the most, and women have benefited much more than men.[6]
Template:Money and climate ... the overwhelming majority of climate science is funded by government, and the competition for funding dollars is intense. [7]
Template:Orwell-swearing Our intention in swearing is to shock and wound, which we do by mentioning something that should be kept secret — usually something to do with the sexual functions. [8]
Template:Seligman-dissent "Going back at least to Freud, the world of the research psychiatrists has been dominated by a handful of despots who treat dissenters like invading barbarians usurping their domain." [9]
Template:Algorithms and information processing in biology "The algorithms and information processing in biology are more sophisticated than anything made by a human software engineer."[10]
Biomolecular machines [T]here are biomolecular machines in the cell which bear an uncanny resemblance to human-designed machines.[11]
Template:Critics of intelligent design Critics of intelligent design are more comfortable attacking people than they are answering arguments.[12]

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