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Log Cabin Republicans

The Log Cabin Republicans is a political organization in the United States given prominence by the media that exceeds its actual membership. The group consists of homosexuals who claim to support the Republican Party but are actually dedicated to advancing portions of the homosexual agenda and opposing conservatives within the party. The Log Cabin Republicans voted 22–2 against supporting President George W. Bush in 2004,[1] making its opposition to the Republican nominee higher than than many rank-and-file Democratic Party organizations.

Further demonstrating its opposition to real Republicans, the Log Cabin Republicans expelled its own chapter in Palm Beach, Florida for continuing to publicly support the reelection of Republican President George W. Bush in 2004.[2] In opposition of the more moderate Log Cabin Republicans, homosexuals who claim to be farther to the right founded the group GOProud.

An insightful commentary about the Log Cabin Republicans compared it to "termites":[3]

There is virtually no difference between the Log Cabin Republicans' assault on Christian values within the GOP and that of the ACLU or any number of other anti-christian groups in America. From promoting gay marriage to participating in pornographic gay pride parades, the Log Cabin Republicans defy every moral concept articulated in Christian Conservative circles. Why do the Log Cabin Republicans even maintain membership within the Republican Party? Look to the termite and the answer is clear. Like the termite, the Log Cabin Republicans have targeted an already existing structure, built by human hands, from which they can feed their political appetite and agenda. The aftermath, much like the resulting effect on a house after termites have had their way, is a destroyed conservative Republican Party. In effect, the Log Cabin Republicans are the best friends that socialist Democrats like liberal Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Ted Kennedy have ever had. Truly, the Log Cabin Republicans have earned the well-deserved title of being named America's Political Termites.


Despite opposing the reelection of President George W. Bush by more than a 10:1 margin, the leadership of the Log Cabin Republicans insists that its members "are loyal Republicans."[4]

Peter LaBarbera Declares Log Cabin Republican's Purge Mark Foley Picture from Its Website

Peter LaBarbera who is president of Americans for Truth, which is an organization that opposes the homosexual agenda, stated the following:

With the efficiency of a Stalinist historian, the homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) has purged this photograph of former Florida Rep. Mark Foley, disgraced homosexual and seducer of teenaged boys, from its website. Foley was among the politicians and pundits whom LCR proudly recorded as speaking at its 2003 national convention in Washington, D.C. But they’re not so proud anymore.[5]

Concerned Women for America wrote:

[Foley’s] voting record on gay rights has become a controversial issue. He's campaigning across Florida for the U.S. Senate. The people have a right to know,” Norman wrote in a long column May 8. “And dancing around the truth is just getting too weird to abide.”

In the column, Norman quotes Tracy Thorne, a homosexual and activist for homosexuals in the military, saying that Foley brought a “boyfriend” along on a visit to Thorne in the early 1990s.

Foley and his spokesman say they will not answer reporters’ questions about his “personal life.” The homosexual newspaper Washington Blade was told the same when it asked spokesman Kirk Fordham “point blank if Foley is gay.”[6]

The group Family Research Council stated:

Foley, an unmarried 52-year-old representative, had always refused to answer questions about his sexual orientation. Now that his emails and messages to teenage male pages have been revealed, it appears clear that Foley is a homosexual with a particular attraction to underage boys.[7]

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