Longest liberal denials

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Liberal denial is a familiar phenomenon. What are the longest liberal denials in history? Here's a growing list:

Denial Beginning of denial Ending of denial Length of denial
Piltdown Man hoax 1912 1953 41 years
Lenin and Trotsky being as genocidal as Stalin 1917 present 92 years and continuing
Alger Hiss as a communist spy 1947 1998 51 years
Joseph Stalin starving millions 1930? 1980? 50? years
Population bomb hoax 1968 1987 19 years
global warming hoax present
Effectiveness of supply-side economics 1975 present 34 years and counting
How Reagan caused the fall of communism 1991 present 18 years and counting
Harm caused by the New Deal during the Depression 1933 present 76 years and counting
The falsehood of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution 1859 present 151 years and counting
That materialism and evolutionary thought played a role in Hitler's rise to power 1933 present 77 years and counting

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