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The Los Angeles class submarine, also known as the 688 class after the founding vessel, USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) is a class of fast-attack nuclear-powered submarines, operated by the United States Navy. 62 boats were built, all but one (the Hyman G. Rickover) named after United States cities and towns; 46 are currently active.


The precise speed and operating depth of the class is classified; official United States Navy sources give a figure of 25 knots submerged, and a maximum depth of 650 feet.

The weapons of a 688 include four forward-firing 21 inch torpedo tubes, which can fire Mark-48 torpedoes or Harpoon missiles, and the 31 final boats in the class have twelve vertical-firing tubes which hold Tomahawk missiles.

Some boats are equipped with SEAL Delivery systems.

In popular culture

688 class submarines have appeared in a number of military-themed books, notably those of Tom Clancy.