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Lubbock is the largest city on the Texas South Plains; in 2015, the census estimated the population at 249,042.[1] Founded in 1876, Lubbock is also called "Hub City" for its regional prominence. The city is named for the former Texas Ranger Thomas Saltus Lubbock (1817-1862), who died of typhoid fever in the American Civil War while fighting for the Confederacy. He was the brother of Governor Francis Richard Lubbock (1815-1905).

Cotton is grown throughout the Lubbock area. The city is home to Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian College, a Church of Christ-affiliated institution. There are also branch campuses of South Plains College and Wayland Baptist University. The Texas Tech Museum contains the Lubbock Lake Landmark, an archeological exhibit, and the National Ranching Heritage Center, which has restored ranch buildings in an outdoor setting. From 1941 to 1996, the former Reese Air Force Base was located in Lubbock. The famous musician, Buddy Holly, killed in a plane crash in 1959, was from Lubbock, as is Scott Pelley, the CBS news anchorman.

On May 11, 1970, Lubbock sustained a deadly tornado in which twenty-six persons were killed, and property damage was estimated at $125 million. The Lubbock Metro Tower is believed to have been the tallest building, at 274 feet, ever to survive a direct hit from an F5 tornado. Then Mayor Jim Granberry and the Lubbock City Council, which included Granberry's successor as mayor, Morris W. Turner, directed the rebuilding of the downtown Lubbock in the aftermath of the storm.

The city has been politically conservative and has been represented in the U.S. House by three consecutive Republican members since 1985. It is the home of a large number of Christian churches of different denominations.


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