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MSNBC (stylized msnbc, short for Microsoft National Broadcasting Company) is a liberal propaganda 24-hour cable "news" channel and website aligned with the Democrat party. Jointly owned by Comcast and General Electric, MSNBC is considered by many to be one of the most liberal cable news channels of all the mainstream media. For years, MSNBC trailed Fox News and CNN in the ratings. However, it began beating CNN after the ratings for that network began to freefall.[1] In 2014 CNN beat MSNBC.[2] MSNBC typically garners ratings that are just one-third those of the Fox News Channel. Some consider it to be the liberal counterpart to the conservative Fox News. In 2012, Microsoft fully divested itself from MSNBC resulting in a the creation of NBC news and[3] It is possible Microsoft divested due to MSNBC's liberal hypocrisy since they opined that "we wanted to show different perspectives." The "Lean Forward" campaign MSNBC announced blatantly confirmed what was already assumed in that the network has a strong liberal bias.

The Daily Caller observed that MSNBC "might be trying a little too hard to push" its agenda ("MSNBC duped: Network runs satirical fake news"), and that wasn't the first time.[4] MSNBC is pro-recession and job destruction.[5]

The MSNBC channel was started in 1996 as a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC. On December 23, 2005, ending a partnership that had soured long before, Microsoft and NBC announced that they would dissolve their joint ownership of the cable news channel, with NBC taking control. NBC completed a deal to assume majority control of the channel, with an 82% stake.[6] The joint venture with Microsoft has come to an end.[7]

On January 28, 2011 Comcast, America's largest cable operator, purchased NBC Universal, which includes MSNBC, from former parent company General Electric.[8][9][10] Comcast acquired a 51-percent stake in NBC Universal, creating a $30-billion business that would include broadcast, cable networks, movie studios and theme parks.[11] Some liberals fear that Comcast might turn into a more conservative outlet.[12][13] Some critics and supporters of Keith Olbermann blame Comcast for his firing from MSNBC. In addition, on July 2012, Microsoft also dropped MSNBC from its ownership, although it was still allowed to retain the name.[14]

MSNBC is blatantly Communist. One of their anchors, Melissa Harris-Perry, was featured in an MSNBC promotional video explaining that children "belong to whole communities" instead of their parents.[15] The promo is part of the Marxist "Forward" (MSNBC refers to it as "Lean Forward") campaign that has been going on since the late 19th century.[16]

MSNBC adopted the slogan "lean forward" which appears onscreen, which proves that the network decided to stop hiding their blatant liberal and communist bias from viewers.


Publicly, the channel claims to be a non-biased, journalist driven news network. In reality, they are Democrat-aligned to the point that they were perceived as the press Secretary for the Obama Administration. On several occasions, Obama Administration officials have stated their public support for MSNBC.

Opinion-driven news is common and a successful formula at Fox News. MSNBC opinion news includes attacking Republicans relentlessly (and with no factual basis) and promoting or whitewashing Democrat politicians. Their remarks are so outlandish, choke-full of proven lies and mean spirited that their TV hosts often get suspended from the air.

MSNBC recently canceled some shows including the longtime Ed Show featuring Ed Schultz to favor "hard news" and "journalism" but it is a PR move as the network still features a heavy leftist slant.

Liberal bias

MSNBC has been criticized regarding the channel's liberal slant. The media watchdog group the Media Research Center[17] has cited MSNBC shows by Keith Olbermann, Dan Abrams and Chris Matthews in its criticism of the network's biased reporting. Among the networks daily lineup, liberals include Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Chris Hayes. Joe Scarborough, a liberal-leaning RINO Republican who was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Florida, is purported to be the sole conservative voice with a show on the network. Having several liberals and one RINO is clearly not balanced.

Olbermann has denounced President Bush and the Republican Party, calling the latter a "terrorist organization". He has called on President Bush and Vice President Cheney to resign.[18] Olbermann has conducted post-debate interviews of Republican presidential candidates and led live coverage of presidential primaries. In the February 2008 issue of Men's Journal magazine, a senior executive at MSNBC stated that Olbermann "runs MSNBC" and that "because of his success, he's in charge" of the network.[19] Olbermann has since left the network and returned to sports journalism at ESPN

The left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America[20] has criticized the MSNBC's commitment to promoting a left-wing agenda since the channel has had shows hosted by left-libertarian Tucker Carlson and former moderate Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough. Ironically, on August 16, 2007 Scarborough revealed an incident in which people in the MSNBC newsroom ceaselessly booed President Bush during a State of the Union address.[21]

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In the past, MSNBC shows have featured Mitch Albom, Ann Coulter, Phil Donahue, Bill Moyers, Maury Povich, and Michael Savage, among others. That varied programming was gradually reduced as MSNBC veered more leftist in its point-of-view. Among MSNBC's 2008 lineup, Patrick Buchanan was perhaps the most conservative voice.

In 2003, in an apparent effort to appear more balanced, MSNBC fired talk-show host Phil Donahue. An internal memo read, in part, "Donahue represents a difficult public face for NBC in a time of war. At the same time, our competitors are waving the flag at every opportunity." [22] [23] [24]

On November 5, 2007, the New York Times reported that the cable news channel was in serious discussions with Rosie O'Donnell to have a prime-time show on the network. Under one scenario, O'Donnell would be given the 9 p.m. slot where she would compete with Larry King Live on CNN and Hannity & Colmes on the Fox News Channel. Her show would replace Live with Dan Abrams, a low-rated program that only recently replaced Scarborough Country.[25] The deal later fell through as O'Donnell leaked information about the agreement without MSNBC's permission.

Later in November 2007, the president of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, flat out admitted that the network has a left-wing liberal bias. In a New York Times article, he said that "it happened naturally" and that "there is a Go for it" mentality when it comes to pushing the liberal agenda among the MSNBC staff.[26]

Continuing its offensive against the Bush administration and its reposition as a left-wing "news" outlet, in December 2007, the network ran a series titled Bush League Justice with the explicit purpose of attacking the U.S. Justice Department under the presidency of George W. Bush.

In October 2010, MSNBC has publicly acknowledged its liberalism in October 2010 while launching a marketing campaign with the tagline "Lean Forward," [27][28][29][30] following several years in which many observers noted a leftward shift in the channel's programming.[31][32][33] As a result, NBC Universal and Microsoft is considering changing the name of the less partisan, a separate news company, to prevent confusion with the liberal TV network, MSNBC.[34] Some of the NBC News correspondents and producers, who attempt to be straightforward reporters, say they are embarrassed to be associated with the liberal cable outlet and fear being “tainted” by association with it.[35] The situation became more apparent when NBC News decided to keep Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw away from MSNBC during the November 2, 2010 midterm election coverage.[36]

In July 2013, former MSNBC senior producer Jeff Cohen attacked MSNBC for being what he called the “official network of the Obama White House.” [37]

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace accused President Donald Trump of "talking about about exterminating Latinos" during a Monday episode of Deadline: White House.[38]

The MSNBC – White House connection

During coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill, Democrat party apparatchik Mika Brzezinski, who is also an anchor of the MSNBC show Morning Joe, worked with the White House to distribute propaganda falsely claiming that Obama was doing an effective job managing the problem. Brzezinski, who is the daughter of NSA Zbigniew Brzezinski from the failed Carter administration, admitted on the air that "I have a file that I've been working on with the White House."[39]

The MSNBC – Media Matters connection

Media Matters for America is a very popular source of information within MSNBC's prime time lineup. Some might argue MSNBC is a de facto mouth piece for the organization.[40] In prime time alone, since 2005 Media Matters has either been booked as a guest and/or mentioned on the network nearly 200 times. Media Matters has been particularly popular with MSNBC's producers during the last 2 years. Below are some interesting tid bits about Media Matters and its growing relationship with MSNBC's prime time programming:

  • 197 guest appearances and/or on-air mentions on MSNBC's prime time since January 2005
  • Of the roughly 390 broadcast evenings on MSNBC since July 2010, Media Matters has either been booked as a guest and/or mentioned on air 26% of the possible broadcast evenings (1 out of every 4 days).
  • In 2011, on average, a Media Matters representative appeared on MSNBC at least once per week
  • Eric Boehlert has been the most popular Media Matters representative on MSNBC, accounting for 43% of all Media Matters appearances on the cable network
  • The Ed Show is the most popular show for Media Matters representatives, accounting for 72 Media Matters guest appearances since 2009[41]

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