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(Conservative Movie Argo defeats liberal-promoted Lincoln to win the Oscar for Best Picture!)
(CPAC wants RINO Backer Mitt Romney as a speaker, but refuses to invite Chris Christie. Christie is more conservative than Romney is)
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<center><big>'''[[Greatest Conservative Movies|Conservative Movie]] ''Argo'' defeats [[liberal]]-promoted ''[[Abraham Lincoln|Lincoln]]'' to win the [[Oscar]] for Best Picture!'''</big></center>
<center>'''[[CPAC]] wants [[RINO Backer]] [[Mitt Romney]] as a speaker, but refuses to invite [[Chris Christie]]'''. [http://www.politico.com/story/2013/02/chris-christie-not-invited-to-cpac-88057.html?hp=f1]</center>
<center>''Christie is more [[conservative]] -- and more popular -- than Romney is''.</center>
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CPAC wants RINO Backer Mitt Romney as a speaker, but refuses to invite Chris Christie. [1]
Christie is more conservative -- and more popular -- than Romney is.

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Featured articles: America's most successful coronavirus doctor

Vladimir Zelenko is a physician who treated 350 coronavirus patients in March of 2020 with 100% success using hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics and zinc.

On March 27, 2020 Zelenko indicated that he treated 699 coronavirus patients with zero deaths or intubations whereas the U.S. national average for coronavirus patient deaths is 1.5%. See: Vladimir Zelenko's coronavirus treatment

“HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.” - President Donald Trump.

In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

An American aircraft carrier is suffering from a coronavirus outbreak. [2] After a port call in Vietnam 2 weeks ago, the USS Teddy Roosevelt has stopped in Guam, and the captain's letter about the situation has been made public.

Liberal, anti-Trump hospitals bully physicians: tell the truth to the media and you'll be fired. [3] Meanwhile hospitals impede the prescription of the potentially life-saving hydroxychloroquine for the Wuhan virus.

Michigan Democrat Gov. Half-wit Whitmer begs Trump for hydroxychloroqine four days after banning its use. [4]

Fake News Alert! CBS News airs footage of Italian hospital while reporting on New York’s coronavirus crisis. [5]

ABC / WaPo Poll: 15% of Sanders supporters will vote for Trump. [6]

McConnell: Impeachment sham diverted government from focusing on Covid-19. [7]

Dem New York Gov. Cuomo stockpiles and withholds hydroxychloroquine such that coronavirus patients are unable to get their prescriptions filled in some parts of the State.

Increased testing propels the United States, the third most populated country, to the top spot with 124,686 coronavirus cases. [8]

Pelosi wants tax cut for millionaires and billionaires. [9]

Second Dem Governor, this time in Michigan, bullies physicians into not prescribing the most successful cure for coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine. "I’m actually ashamed she’s our governor" — Covid-19 survivor blasts Michigan governor for banning drug that saved his life. [10]

Wuhan locals say death toll from CCP virus more likely 42,000 than the 3,299 reported by the CCP and their American fake news colluders. [11]
WHO should be held just as accountable for coronavirus as the CCP for turning a blind eye to Wuhan. [12]

Why does Jill Biden continue to enable her husband Joe? His inability even to campaign for President, much less discharge the powers and duties of that office, are apparent to all having eyes to see. [13]

DNC starts pitching Fredo the Elder as a reliever for Creepy Uncle Joe. [14]

Media Research Center Reality Check: Liberals accuse Trump of downplaying coronavirus - just days after they said everything was fine. [15]

Hillary Clinton-supporter Anthony Fauci, a darling of the liberal media, absurdly predicts the possibility of 100,000-200,000 deaths in the U.S. from coronavirus while refusing to encourage known successful treatments for the disease. [16]

The second half of the coronavirus mortality equation is: pollution! We can and should start to eliminate air pollution at its sources. And we have the tools. [17]

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko recently explained his very successful coronavirus treatment [18] which he has used to treat 699 coronavirus patients with no deaths or intubations to the general public and a fellow medical doctor. [19]
See: Vladimir Zelenko's coronavirus treatment

‘Sanctuary’ Cities That Rejected Federal Law Now Pleading For Federal Help. [20] The coronavirus is disproportionally affecting liberal/leftist strongholds in the United States. 10 counties in the United States contain the majority of coronavirus cases. [21]

In New York City, a so-called sanctuary city, 560,000 illegal immigrants reside. A report found 94% of US-born New Yorkers had health insurance, compared to only 42% of illegal immigrants, in 2018. Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York legislature created a perfect storm for the coronavirus infection in New York City.

Democrat governor of Rhode Island sets up National Guard checkpoints, sends National Guard door to door hunting down New Yorkers. [22] Anyone coming from New York must quarantine for 14 days or face arrest. [23]
Who knew Democrats were totalitarian fascists?

Riots erupt in Wuhan. [24] The people of Wuhan know better than anyone that they have been lied to by their left-wing communist slave masters.

Trump adds firearms to list of critical infrastructure, [25] gun sales deemed essential service. [26] Lawsuits over anti-gun orders growing almost as fast as coronavirus cases. [27]

Bob Dylan sings about Deep State murder of President Kennedy. [28]
... and is it about coronavirus too, as the liberal media suggest? [29]

Remember: the Constitution is still the supreme law of the land. Several Governors and Mayors have forgotten this maxim. [30]

Only one man in the entire Congress had the guts to stand up against the colossal new $2.2 trillion mountain of debt: conservative Thomas Massie (R-KY). Everyone else in the House hid behind a voice vote.

Mexicans demand U.S. border closure. [31]

New Zealand announces ‘world’s toughest border restrictions’ to fight coronavirus pandemic.[32] New Zealand is moving to the political right! Tougher than Donald Trump on border security! Is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern going to build beachfront, machine gun bunkers and plant beachfront landmines next?

In France, Covid-19 lockdown is for everyone… almost: Gang-ridden, immigrant-populated suburbs ‘NOT A PRIORITY’ for police. [33] Due to the nonreligion/irreligious French not having a replacement level of children, the French opened the floodgates of Muslim immigration and now they are paying the price as many Muslim immigrants are thwarting attempts to control the coronavirus pandemic in their country. See: Atheism and fertility rates

First atheistic China spread coronavirus into the Western World and now this! See: Atheism and the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic and Atheism and health

Read about Creepy Joe Biden accuser’s account of his alleged sexual assault. [34] Don't leftist Democrats say to believe all women? [35]

Official Chinese state run media: Coronavirus started in the United States. [36][37]

Chinese Foreign Ministry asks: When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!" [38] -- Reuters

China demands an apology. [39] Indian journalists pulling no punches on Communist China 'exporting' the coronavirus to the world.[40][41]

Trump Approval: 61%; [42]
Gallup Poll: 55% Disapprove of Media handling of covronavirus coverage. [43]

Senate passes Republican Covid-19 Rescue package. [44] Checks to be sent out beginning about April 6. [45]

Updates: Italy +700, Spain +700, U.S. + 242, U.K. +144, Iran +157 deaths in past 24 hrs; 4.5% fatality rate.

Pelosi still diddling while people are dying, [46] wants ballot harvesting included in Final package. [47]

DOJ issues criminal indictment against leftwing socialist icon President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela for narcotics trafficing. [48]

WHO director says world ‘slow to react’ to COVID-19, after claiming no human-to-human transmission in January. [49] WHO director repeats Chinese propaganda. [50] How the Chinese engineered an overreaction to the virus: the head of the WHO owes his appointment to China, in a deal that has been to their mutual benefit. [51] [52] WHO headed by Marxist servant of the Communist Party of China. [53] [54]

The Atlantic must stop covering for the Chinese Communist Party; [55] In China, critics of the CCP’s handling of the Wuhan flu simply disappear. [56]

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D., a New York State doctor: I treated 350 coronavirus patients with 100% success using hydroxychloroquine and zinc. There were no hospitilizations, intubations or deaths among Zelenko's 350 patients. [57]

Donald Trump is vindicated! The TrumpCure worketh mightily. Dr. Zelenko was already treating coronavirus patients with Trump’s ‘gift from God’ drug - before FDA approval.[58] “HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.” - Donald Trump.[59] Donald Trump is a fine example of the best of the public!

The Jewish, Russian immigrant Dr. Zelenko has chutzpah and succeeded, while the slow-moving federal bureaucracies the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and FDA failed the public when it came to the coronavirus pandemic.[60].

Interviews with Dr. Zelenko [61][62] Healthgrades.com, Google reviews, and Vitals.com have overall favorable reviews of Dr. Zelenko so his patients like him.[63][64][65] Dr. Zelenko was an irreligious young man who became a pious Jew. He wrote the book Metamorphosis about his transformation.

Atheist controlled, mainland China, with many individuals with peculiar eating habits said to spawn the coronavirus pandemic, but a pious man develops the most effective early set of treatment options. See: Atheism and the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic and Dietary practices of atheists and Atheism and medicine and The Bible and health

Image emerges of Democrat Vice Presidential hopeful on vomit-covered towels at Miami hotel party. [66] Washington Post suggested Andrew Gillum as a VP prospect 10 days ago; [67] and Sen. Elizabeth Warren was reported by Vanity Fair [68] and The Daily Beast [69] as in talks with Gillum for the VP spot last year.

Science: single use plastic bags more sanitary than reusable germ-carrying cloth tote bags. [70][71] Massachusetts reverses latest environmental hoax. [72]

Nevada’s Democrat Governor issues emergency order barring use of anti-malaria drugs for coronavirus.[73]

Pelosi cries uncle: No cash give aways and bailouts for her big corporate donors as in the 2008 Crash, only zero-interest loans that must be repaid. [74] She will accept the Senate GOP's Coronavirus Aid package which under the Republican plan gives direct payments to individuals, families and small businesses who lost their jobs or have been prevented from working due to the Chinese virus with no far left agenda strings attached.


It was the Democrats' veto-proof Congress in 2009 that gave Wall Street cash bailouts for stock buy-backs and executive compensation, and then argued, 'We have to pass it in order to see what's in it.'

Democrats cave, put far left agenda on hold and agree to Republicans' plan for cash assistance to struggling Americans, small busines employers, and emergency funding to fight the Chinese virus. [75]

Dow rebounds more than 10%, biggest one-day gain since October 2008. The S&P 500 gained 8.4% while the Nasdaq Composite advanced 7.2%. [76] Hope renewed, optimism restored, at least in the economic sphere.

International globalist spokesperson Greta Thunberg says she may have the ChiCom virus as a result of her globetrotting activity. [77]
Prince Charles tests positive; Merkel self-quarantines; Putin sends aid to Italy. [78]

"Pastor again defies state order not to hold large gatherings. He says 1,000 people came to his church Sunday" and decries the "persecution of the faith" by the overzealous bans on church services. [79]

We are running a general strike without a strike fund, thanks to the Pelosi Democrats. Time to end the "strike." [80] Could someone have set this up? At least two groups of people have a motive... [81]

Pelosi plays the fiddle while America burns.

Democrats obstruct Emergency Stimulus Relief package for hurting Americans who just lost their jobs and struggling workers trying to hang on. [82]

Speaker Pelosi blocks the bi-partisan CARES Act - the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Thought the crash was over? Not if Pelosi has anything to say about it. Economy continues free-fall.

More than 100 Americans dead in 24 hours. Largest weekly unemployment spike ever. [83] New York City now has more infections than France or South Korea. [84]

Republicans propose relief; [85] Democrats to voters: 'Drop Dead.' [86]
The bill includes [87]

  • sending direct cash payments that would average about $3,000 per family and expanding unemployment insurance, as well as $350 billion in aid to struggling small businesses. It also provides $500 billion in loans to industries hurt by the economic slowdown.
  • provides additional funding for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19;
  • limits liability for volunteer health care professionals;
  • prioritizes Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review of certain drugs;
  • allows emergency use of certain diagnostic tests that are not approved by the FDA;
  • expands health-insurance coverage for diagnostic testing and requires coverage for preventative services and vaccines;
  • revises other provisions, including those regarding the medical supply chain, the national stockpile, the health care workforce, the Healthy Start program, telehealth services, nutrition services, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • temporarily suspends payments for federal student loans; and
  • otherwise revises provisions related to campus-based aid, supplemental educational-opportunity grants, federal work-study, subsidized loans, Pell grants, and foreign institutions.
  • establishes special rules for certain tax-favored withdrawals from retirement plans;
  • delays due dates for employer payroll taxes and estimated tax payments for corporations; and revises other provisions, including those related to losses, charitable deductions, and business interest.

Democrats push Green New Deal agenda over coronavirus prevention and relief. [88]

Pelosi bill: Christmas in March. [89]

Obstructionist Dems play a bait-and-switch, first supporting the massive stimulus bill and then stalling it by blocking it from the Senate floor. [91] Is all this part of a plan? Or has something already gone wrong, through sheer greed? [92]

Rahm Emanuel on The View: Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste. Pelosi wants more money for her corporate cronies and donors. [93] Hell freezes over: New York Times criticizes Democrats for their allowing the American economy to collapse. [94]

The Democratic Party hoped to use the coronavirus pandemic to their advantage. But it's not exactly working out that way. Instead of Donald Trump holding rallies, he's on TV and no one dares block him. [95] Biden left without oxygen. [96]

Crisis: ChiCom flu cancels transgender surgeries. [97] Get ready to pay for lawsuits based on this blatant discrimination against transgenders.

Republicans vote on relief for Americans tomorrow; $1200 per worker, $500 per child.
Democrats still dithering. [98][99]

Amidst the coronavirus crisis in 2020, searches for the word "atheist" have dropped.[100]
It's true that: 1) There are no atheists in foxholes 2) There are no atheists in turbulent airplanes 3) There are no atheists on a sinking ship 4) There is no such thing as an atheist in the Southern Ocean. Fear of death and fear of economic uncertainly puts the fear of God in so-called atheists.[101] See also: Atheism and death and Atheism and cowardice

Update on chloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus: Anti-malarial drug chloroquine shows promise in treating COVID-19 in China and South Korea.[102][103]

Nobel Prize winner Michael Levitt, who correctly predicted the rate of the coronavirus infections in China, theorizes that 80% of people may have natural immunity to the virus.[104]

The Diamond Cruise Ship coronavirus incident lends credence to Levitt's theory.[105]

Biden stands by his statement, 'China is not a problem' [106]

China threatens to withhold pharmaceuticals. [107]

#WhereisJoe is trending on Twitter. “Hopefully by Monday we’re going to be in a very different place in terms of the ability to be in communications with all of you.” - Joe Biden

Monday? Is Joe Biden taking an especially long nap on Sunday?

Update - Italy reports 793 Covid-19 deaths in the past 24 hours.

Italian virologist says concerns over "racism" crippled Italy's coronavirus response. [108]
Russia with fewer than 100 reported infections, sends medical assistance and doctors to Italy. [109]

Tim Pool: If you voted for these Democrats in the House to enable this impeachment, our efforts on the coronavirus may very well have been impeded. While the Democrats were freaking out over impeachment, Donald Trump was moving forward and created the coronavirus task force." [110]

Setback for Leftists: global warming would help immensely in slowing the spread of coronavirus, as warm weather tends to kill the airborne virus. MIT article

Confirmed: obstructionist Anthony Fauci is a big Hillary Clinton supporter. He said in a Wikileaks email in 2016: "From your doctor admirer ... [Hillary Clinton] hit it right out of the park. Please tell her that we all love her and are very proud to know her. Warm regards, Tony"
In another email he gushed that a Hillary speech brought him "to tears." [111]

Why Donald Trump and Elon Musk see potential in a drug called chloroquine to treat coronavirus patients.[112][113]

Bayer donates 3 million tablets of chloroquine to help in COVID-19 fight,[114][115] but are patients being denied access to this life-saving medication?

Trump takes down NBC/CCP propagandist in White House press briefing. [116]

Police investigate racist attack on elderly Asian collecting cans as a hate crime by a group of Blacks. [117] Conservative Blacks condemn racist attack by their Black liberal brethren. [118]

Where is Joe Biden amidst the coronavirus crisis?[119] Joe Biden's STUNNING absence abdicates crisis leadership. Lazy, sleepy Joe Biden is not made of presidential timber.

Despite the Olympics going forward as it should, the U.S. team abandons our athletes by shutting down training centers in coronavirus overreaction. [120]

93 percent of Muslims in American government will not support or defend the Constitution, as their oath of office requires. Could it be because they cannot be good Muslims while supporting and defending the Constitution? [121]

Democrat Senator caught up in insider trading scandal. Dianne Feinstein, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed on China virus then cashed out $6 million worth of stock before the market crash, wiping out millions of ordinary Americans' 401(k) retirement accounts.

San Francisco Poop Map. Homeless ordered to 'shelter in place'.

California on lockdown: all residents told to 'shelter in place', including homeless.

Leftist Governor of Pennsylvania orders private businesses to close immediately, or face jail and fines. [122] "Gov. Wolf has no authority to close private businesses" under these circumstances, explains an attorney: [123]

Baltimore mayor begs residents to stop shooting each other so hospital beds can be used for Wuhan coronavirus patients. [124]

Trump’s travel ban of Iran would have prevented the New York City outbreak. [125]

Democratic Governors praise Trump's coronavirus response. [126]

China lied, people died: China destroyed Wuhan coronavirus evidence in December. [127]

OAN reporter shreds liberal media in White House press briefing. [128]

Setting the record straight: Trump to NBC: "Your network called me racist while I was saving lives." [129]

Former Obama FEMA director walks off MSNBC set after hearing former Obamacare boss panic-mongering: "I don;t have time to listen to b*llsh*t people." [130]

Adam Schiff fights to keep impeachment subpoena records secret. [131]

Schiff court filing suggests that Congress can secretly subpoena and then publish the private phone records of any American any time it wants. Spygate and FISA abuse comes to the House. [132]

Report: Most Italian deaths possibly due to reactions to treatment with powerful antiviral drugs, and not necessarily to coronavirus itself which bureaucratic panic-mongers use to hype the numbers. [133]

Some Coronavirus Humility.[134] And while we're on the subject:

A plea to avoid irrational fear and less rational action in response to it. [135]

Setback for liberals and Big Pharma hoping for a windfall from the crisis: foreign scientists suggest that two inexpensive generic medications provide a successful coronavirus treatment. But would such a cure be welcomed by all?

FDA is clueless about a potential cure for coronavirus discovered by foreign researchers using an old generic malaria medication, while only conservative media report on the apparent breakthrough. [136]

Two Congressmen test positive for coronavirus, while the FDA and CDC have delayed access by most Americans to testing. [137]

CNN's Dana Bash praises President Trump's response. [138]

White House Press Pool focused on political correctness while millions of Americans suffer economic impacts. [139]

"ONLY TWELVE or 3% of coronavirus fatalities in study did not have other serious health complications" in Italy, but the liberal media-fed hysteria continues to wreck the economy. [140]

WaPo op-ed: China dangerously expels more U.S. journalists as the world seeks credible coronavirus reporting. [141] Dems, media pushing Chinese propaganda. [142] [143]

The end of socialism as a future for the United States: its torchbearer, Bernie Sanders, loses big to the weak, inept Joe Biden.

Olympic Committee does the right thing: the games will go on as scheduled, and the media hype is rejected! [144] But will the CDC interfere with the United States trials to pick our team?

Mueller hoax updates: Crowdstrike walks back role in Russiagate. [145]

DOJ drops ridiculous Putin's chef case. [146]

DOJ officials told Mueller they were alarmed by FBI treatment of Gen. Flynn. [147]

Poland closes its border due to coronavirus, which frustrates globalist Germans who like to cut across that conservative country and not always leave. [148]

Dem Nancy Pelosi's coronavirus legislation (HR 6201) may have sparked the stock market's plummet on Monday at the opening bell, as it exempts large corporations but suffocates small business with burdens. [149] Even the New York Times criticizes Pelosi's bill.

Watch the Greek-Turkish border situation as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launches a demographic invasion of Europe. The new #Sultan of Turkey: #Erdogan attacks Europe with migrants.

WaPo journalist: More Republicans will die from coronavirus than Democrats. [150] The extremist publications' wishful thinking was broadcast on MSNBC.

White House cancels the traditional Easter egg roll on April 13 - nearly a month from now. [151] The mere two-week cancellations and delays over the coronavirus may be overly optimistic.

Leftists put open borders ahead of U.S. public health. [152]

Biden panders to the Left by pledging to pick a woman as his VP, during tonight's Dem debate. Pundits say Hillary.

CNN asks Bernie about his heart, forgets to ask Biden about his brain, [153]
Biden calls for oil dependence on Russia, Saudi, and Venezuelan producers. [154]
Biden called out for spreading health misinformation. [155]
Biden begins talking about virus with an uncovered cough, then touches his face after telling people not to touch their face, then doesn't know which virus we're talking about, then confuses H1N1 with N1H1 which he confuses with Coronavirus - all to reassure people that he, and not Trump, knows what he's talking about and in command of facts. [156]

The feckless Fed tries to bail out Wall Street with a bizarre Sunday rate cut.

Dr. Drew slams media for sparking coronavirus panic. [157]

"Stop listening to journalists. They don't know what they are talking about."

FBI destroyed original records of Gen. Michael Flynn's interview, President considering full pardon. [158]

Democrat youth praise the coronavirus 'Boomer Remover'. [159]

Brainwashed Millennials licking toilet seats. [160]

Last week AOC called you racist for avoiding Chinese restaurants; now she's telling you to eat at home. [161]

Hoboken NJ imposes city-wide Coronavirus curfew – All citizens must stay in their homes 10pm to 5am.[1]

Under the leftwing Chinese model praised by the WHO residents of Wuhan were instructed: "If you disobey we will break your legs; if you talk back we will break your teeth." [162]

Actually, restricting night shopping forces people to cluster in daylight hours.

Why is the United States military accommodating Muslims in matters of allowed grooming and additions to uniform? [163]

Autoworker who Biden threatened makes viral video, [164] gets an AR-14 day after Biden swore at him.

Democrats postpone primaries; it's not like the voters get to decide anyway.

The Young Turks: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo using prison slave labor to make hand sanitizer soap. [165]

French Yellow vests defy Macron's lockdowqn. [166] Globalists in Hong Kong and Paris using coronavirus for suppression of basic human rights.

More favoritism for gambling-driven professional sports: NBA team gets 58 coronavirus tests in minutes, while ordinary Americans still lack access to testing. [167]

President declares national emergency; Democrats still dithering on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi holds up funding to fight the spread of coronavirus by insisting on provision for free taxpayer-funded abortion. [168]

Europe is now the ‘epicenter’ of the coronavirus pandemic. [169]

Capital Hill testimony: China is forcibly harvesting lungs from religious and political prisoners of conscience to treat coronavirus. [170] Last Fall an international tribunal reported the Leftist regime earns $1 Billion a year from forced organ harvesting of inmates. [171] American Leftists never protested, nor advocated for a Chinese BDS movement.

Coronavirus is killing globalization as we know it. [172]

Trump’s been right about trade with China this whole time, and the coronavirus pandemic proves it. [173]

A comparison of the Trump administrations response to the coronavirus with Democrats. [174]

Biden is loosing it. [175][176] [177] Who put the 'Dem' in Demented? [178]

Biden taps Beto flunky, a gun grabber, as campaign manager. [179]

Coronavirus and the 2nd Amendment. [180]

How moderate is Joe Biden? [181] Bidens’ long history of subservience to Communists with actions — not just words, like Bernie. [182]

FCC Commissioner investigating Adam Schiff's abuse of power during impeachment sham; Schiff abused subpoena power to violate privacy rights then leaked call records of political rivals, [183]

Schumer's violent threats expose flaw in Democrats' ‘return to normalcy’. [184]

"New Data Shows Evidence of Short Seller Attack on MarketTrump Must Reinstate Uptick Rule Immediately to End the Market Crisis." [185]

2018 Democrat Florida Governor candidate Andrew Gillam OD's on meth. [186]

Correction to earlier headline: It was a gay escort who OD'd in the hotel room with the Democrat candidate and noted CNN contributor Andrew Gillam. [187] Gillam made Hillary's short list for VP in 2016.

AOC accuses Democratic party machine of voter suppression in Michigan. [188]

The Los Angeles Times on atheist controlled, mainland China's coronavirus epidemic: "China has a taste for exotic meat. In my 15 years in China, I’ve been offered camel hump at a major Chinese chain..."[189] See: Dietary practices of atheists and Atheism and the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

China has the largest atheist population and most atheists are East Asian. See: Asian atheism and China and atheism

Atheists, the eating of bats, rodents, snakes, cats, dogs, donkeys and porcupines is un-American! See: Sociology of "atheism is un-American" view

Why not have more school choice and award school vouchers for parents who homeschool? How about government incentives for online classes instead of brick and mortar colleges/universities?

Setback for gamblers: NBA suspends its season due a player contracting the coronavirus. [190]

Biden victorious, #DemExit trends nationwide. [191]

FLASHBACK: When media and Dem thought Biden was declining and out of touch. [192]

Bernie Sanders stays in the race because young voters don't support Biden, and we can see why. [193]

“Trump! Trump! Trump!” Biden visits autoplant, workers chant "Trump! Trump! Trump!" [194]

An autoworker asked about Biden's promise to take guns away and put Beto O'Rourke in charge of confiscation. The discussion got heated, Biden raised his voice, crouched up close and pointed his finger in the man's face. The voter told Biden he didn't appreciate Biden sticking his finger in the face of a working class blue collar voter and member of a labor union.

Biden told the voter, "you're full of s**t", [195] and threatened, "you wanna take this outside?" Biden's care workers intervened and whisked Biden away. [196]

More Democrat Leadership incivility and bullying: Senators moving forward with censure motion on Chuck Schumer for his threats of violence against the Supreme Court. [197]

Pelosi: 'Civilization as we know it is at stake.' Yes indeed, if Democratic Leadership continues to condone, motivate, and inspire leftist radicals to shoot Congressmen, attack Supreme Court Justices, and rip MAGA hats of the heads of old people. [198]

Institutional discrimination? Publicly funded Museum director who hoped "every single one of you pieces of s**t that votes republican, dies today," forced out. [199]

Fake News Alert! Politico, MSNBC claim Trump called coronavirus a hoax. [200]

James Biden, Joe's brother. faces growing legal morass; [201] top executives flip on Biden after FBI raids. [202] Biden didn't line his own pockets in 40 years of public service - he did his brother and son as well, according to Politico [203]

$5 trillion wiped away from the U.S. stock market because atheists in China have very unusual eating habits and have poor food/health systems.[204] See: Atheism and the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic and Dietary practices of atheists and Atheist hospitals and Atheism and medicine and Atheism and health Isn't globalism great?

In the midst of a global pandemic, 19 Democrat Attorneys General sue for open borders. [205]

Florida primary next week: According to Politico, just 1% of 800 Hispanics surveyed favored the gender neutral and politically correct term LatinX over traditional Latina and Latino.

1% of 800 would be 8 people; but if you are MSNBC or the The New York Times you could easily mistake it for 8 million.

Alabama Senate moves on banning transgender treatment on children below age of consent. [206]

The United States gets out of Afghanistan. What next? Only its people can make one thing or another happen. [207]

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson endorses Bernie Sanders. [208]

An urgent call for America to have another Great Awakening. [209]

California man who attacked 'MAGA' hat-wearing bar patron faces 4 years in prison. [210]

Judge orders ex-Flynn lawyers to answer federal investigators; Gen. Flynn waives attorney-client privilege, says ex-defense team provided him ineffective assistance; Mueller team accused of prosecutorial misconduct. [211]

Mueller team wanted Gen. Flynn to lie; ex-Flynn defense team went along with it.

The Democrat Plantation is alive and well: DNC racist overlords move goalpost again to eliminate a woman of color from Presidential debates. [212] [213]

Gabbard calls on Biden and Sanders to condemn the racist actions of the Democrat National Committee. [214]

African Americans exiting Democratic Party in 'Blexit' movement. [215]

54% of African Americans say the Democratic Party isn't paying enough attention to their needs. [216]

AOC trashes Biden. [217]

Schumer successfully blocks African American woman from North Carolina Senate nomination. [218]

Covid 19 infections top 100,000, 3,500 deaths (3.4%); U.S. death rate 4.2%. [219]

As panic buying ensues, man tased by police in fight over toilet paper. [220]

Mark Meadows appointed chief of staff. [221] This positions Meadows to replace Mike Pence as VP on the ticket to go negative against Biden.

Trump joins Chief Justice Roberts in rebuking Schumer over Supreme Court threats. [222]

Biden remains silent; does Biden support Schumer's advocacy of violence?

14 Senators back Resolution to censure Schumer for threatening Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. [223]

POLL: Should Chuck Schumer be removed from the Senate over SCOTUS remarks? Vote

Obama administration Inspector General indicted on theft, fraud charges. [224]

Amidst the religious, Black community rejecting Pete Buttigieg and the homosexual lifestyle, his withdrawing from the Democratic presidential primary was a crushing defeat for the homosexual agenda.

Another defeat of the homosexual agenda: Vladimir Putin seeks constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Russia. [225] It's time for more countries to say nyet to same-sex marriage.

Now we understand the real reason for liberals animosity toward Putin and Russia. Russia has reduced its defense spending from #2 in the world to #7, [226] and is not a threat to Europe or the United States.

Liberal stupidity: Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads. The U.S. population is 327 million. He could have given each American $1 million and still have money left over.” [227]

No, Third Grade math still teaches that one million divide by one million still equals 1. MSNBC and the New York Times's evidently haven't evolved that far yet. [228]

Federal judge orders review of unredacted Mueller Report. [229] Documents reveal Mueller let Trump-Russia conspiracy theories run wild for two years despite having answers from day one. [230]

FISA Court bars Obama operatives in Crossfire Hurricane from any future proceedings for their misconduct by meddling in the 2016 presidential election. [231]

Dan Bongino explains the importance of declassified FBI 302 in Russia hoax. [232]

Censure motion introduced against Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer for threats of violence against Supreme Court Justices. [233]

Obama/Schumer buddy convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein spends first night in jail. [234]

Remember Anita Hill? [235]

Clinton Labor Secretary attacks Joe Biden. [236]

The Michigan primary just days away pits the labor-friendly Sanders against Biden, who shipped Michigan autoworkers' jobs overseas. [237]

High school student arrested for sexual assault in gender neutral bathroom. [238]

Obama's doctor: Joe Biden is frail, at risk for strokes. Biden has had 2 brain aneurysms already. [239]

Warren takes to the Trail of Tears; refuses to endorse alleged DNC frontrunner.

President Trump aptly observed Warren cost Bernie Sanders the nomination in favor of the DNC establishment. [240]

In 10 debate appearances since June 2019, Elizabeth Warren was never asked once by the fake news media complex about her false claims of Native American heritage. [241]

Romney top advisor sat on the board of Burisma. [242]

Creepy Uncle Joe.jpg

Super Thursday results: [243] Dem insiders block Bernie with Biden, who then unexpectedly wins Minnesota and other states where Bernie led in the polls. Next Bernie will go negative on Biden.

MSNBC: Obama confirms 'the signal has been sent in the past 36 hours' for the Stop Bernie movement. [244]

Preliminary Final score With 100% of the popular vote counted at 12:00 PM EST, Dems have yet to publish final allocation of 444 delegates from California and Texas: [245] Partial results posted by the DNC indicate Biden 453, Sanders 382, Gabbard 1 with 1344 delegates at stake and an unknown number to win as Superdelegates have yet to decide to intervene. [246] With the insiders work done, the likelihood of Superdelegate intervention now is reduced. Meanwhile Biden and liberal media take a victory lap.

Zombie delegates: Warren 68, Bloomberg 59, Buttigieg 26, Klobuchar 7.

Cow flatulence protesters disrupt Biden's victory speech; [247] Bernie trashes Biden on Iraq War and NAFTA trade deal; Warren runs 3rd in her home state Massachusetts. Bloomberg quits.

"Mini Mike Bloomberg just “quit” the race for President. I could have told him long ago that he didn’t have what it takes, and he would have saved himself a billion dollars, the real cost. Now he will pour money into Sleepy Joe’s campaign, hoping to save face. It won’t work!" - Donald Trump [248]

Progressive Cenk Uygur is angry that the mainstream press doesn't point out Joe Biden's mental decline or call out Biden's lies (lying about being arrested with Nelson Mandela, etc.). [249] Uyger vows trench warfare between progressive Democrats and the Democratic establishment.

America's reliance on China for medicines and equipment needed to fight coronavirus is a devastating indictment of globalism and pre-Trump national security policy. [250]

Liberal Chris Matthews' abrupt retirement was really the result of being ineptly politically incorrect where political correctness by MSNBC is required. [251]

Two of CNN’s most celebrated ‘journalists’ partied with Neo-Nazi and white supremacist Katie Hill. [252]

Senate to subpoena Andrii Telizhenko in Biden-Burisma scandal. [253]

Telizhenko met with the whistleblower in the Obama White House in early 2016 and was asked to open an investigation into a political rival, Paul Manafort, and kill the investigation into Hunter Biden.

More DNC behind-the-scenes shenanigans in the Stop Bernie campaign: Amy bails.

Buttigieg out two days before one-third of the nation votes, freeing up Buttigieg delegates. What kind of deal was cut? [254]

Bernie Sanders, his career, and details of his socialistic program. He's still the front runner, unless Mayor Pete's exit changes the game. [255]

Comparing and contrasting a Constitutional republic with socialism. Warning: assume that any Democrat will support socialism, to one degree or another, in one time frame or another. [256]

Hillary Rodham Clinton and henchwoman Cheryl Mills must sit for depositions. [257]

Will justice finally come to D.C.?

Michelle Obama and kids' tennis coach took $2.7 million in college admissions bribery scandal. [258]

Biden wins his first primary victory ever in his 3 presidential runs; the bad news is he hasn't spent a dime or any time campaigning in 1/3 of the nation which votes next Tuesday.

Biden campaign donations dried up when corruption allegations surfaced in Ukrainegate; Ukraine opened an investigation into Biden last week. [259]

Despite lagging in delegates, Biden now leads in the Democrat popular vote. Delegate count: Sanders 51, Biden 40, and Buttigieg 26, with an unknown number to win given Superdelegates have yet to decide if they will steal the nomination from Sanders. [260]

Black voters save our Republic by refusing to vote for the communist preferred by white liberals, in South Carolina. [261]

Bernie looking for knockout punch on Warren in her Massachusetts home state primary. [262] More than 13,000 Sanders supporters turn out in Massachusetts despite freezing temperatures. [263] Steyer quits after dumping $250 million but continues with his NextGen brownshirt organizing efforts. [264]

Fake News Alert! - Commie Dems and their liberal media propaganda apparatus claim Trump called coronavirus a 'hoax'. [265]

Setback for pro-war neocons: Trump ends the perpetual war in Afghanistan. [266] Liberal media are baffled at how to spin this story against Trump somehow.

Some counties in Florida, Michigan and Colorado have more registered voters than people. [267] Trump campaign manager: 'they are going to cheat.' [268]

Biden: 150 million Americans, half the population, have been killed by guns since 2007. [269]

Biden promises to appoint the first African American woman to....the United States Senate. [270]

In a move straight out of the AOC playbook, Biden forgets the Judiciary is one of the 'three chambers of government'; either that or he thinks voters are too stupid to know the difference.

New York returns to murdering trees for paper bags to save the planet by banning plastic. [271] The state however will continue giving out free plastic syringes to drug addicts where they are disposed in public parks to stab and infect children. [272]

Rod Rosenstein knew President Trump was not a suspect in any Russia collusion conspiracy when he appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller; [273]

FBI had already cleared Trump and vetted Hillary's Steele dossier as garbage.

Don McGahn doesn't have to testify, Appeals Court rules; [274] John Bolton: testimony would have been a nothingburger. [275] Impeachment sham exposed as a hoax.

Democrats defend Iranian terrorist Qasem Solemeini in Pompeo hearing. [276]

Breaking: San Francisco mayor declares state of emergency over Coronavirus. [277]

California is monitoring 8,400 people for coronavirus.[278]

Coronavirus reinfects the same person after she recovered once from the disease, baffling experts. [279]

CDC did not immediately test new California coronavirus patient despite local request to do so. [280]

Costa Mesa, California sues CDC to block using dilapidated facility as quarantine camp. [281]

Rod Rosenstein's sister: [282] coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. is inevitable. [283]

Far left millionaire activist Looney Clooney exploits child labor. [284]

Dr. Steve Turley: Why the left is badly losing and why it is a prelude to the dawning of a new conservative age.[285]

Eric Kaufmann: Why the left is losing.[286]

Putin buddy Barack Obama [287] sends cease and desist letter to South Carolina TV stations over Trump ad highlighting Biden's segregationist past. [288] Committee to Defend the President refuses on First Amendment grounds. [289]

Biden lies about being arrested in South Africa trying to visit Nelson Mandela. [290]

Did Bloomberg buy 21 House Congressional seats in the 2018 election? [291]

In a moment of clarity, Warren admitted a baby in the womb is a human life; [292] Warren even criticized giving advice on abortion. [293]

Sanders praised by official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, immediately plummets in Florida polls where early voting for the March 17 primary is underway. [294]

Bootigieg parrots Obama, literally. [295] Is he preparing to fold? [296]

Liberal bias exposed again with an undercover taping within the mainstream media, and ABC suspends its veteran political reporter as a result. [297]

Julian Assange show trial in London continues. [298]

Will Assange be 'Epsteined' before telling where he got DNC materials from? [299]

Here's the program of Michael Bloomberg for all to see. He's not much better than Senator Bernie Sanders. [300]

Same ol' same ol': Sanders wants to tax 'Wall Street speculation' to pay for his free stuff.

Example of how 'speculation' works: If speculators don't purchase home heating oil in April, prices, production, and stockpiles collapse. By October when home heating oil is in demand, prices can rise ten times. Even Lenin abandoned his tax on 'speculation' as a failure in 1922 with his New Economic Policy.

Sanders reaches into the Marxist playbook to justify nonsensical rhetoric, doubles down on support for socialist mass murderer.[301]

Buttigieg starts canceling events, [302] shouted down in South Carolina: 'He can’t be our president!’ [303]

Hollywood promotes holocaust denial. [304]


Breaking: Bloomberg buddy and Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein found guilty of two counts of rape.

Weinstein still faces rape charges in California. MeTooers yet to overreact.

Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, 'Da-Nang Dick' Blumenthal, Pat Leahy, and Al Franken among numerous others all received money from the prominent leftwing anti-gun activist. [305]

If women are stripped of their right to bear arms, will the incidence of sexual assault increase?

Chief Executive Branch law enforcement official wants Adam Schiff investigated for "Russia favors Bernie" leak. [306]

As the top law enforcement officer in the Executive Branch, does the President have arrest powers? [307]

Sheriff backtracks on suicide findings of Obama administration DHS whistleblower Philip Haney. [308]

Haney worked with Laura Loomer investigating Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar. [309]

Bernie defends socialist mass murderer Fidel Castro in 60 Minutes interview. [310]

Chris Matthews compares Sanders win to Nazi invasion of France. [311]

Jewish group demand Democrat hardliner and MSNBC host Chris Matthews apologize for racist, bigoted, and anti-Semitic remark. [312]

Down-ballot Democrats move to distance themselves from Bernie Sanders.[313]

I lived in Soviet Russia when Bernie Sanders visited, and he’s a Communist dupe. [314]

James Carville: People who think Sanders can beat Trump are as stupid as climate deniers. [315]

Bernie wants racist Democrats who voted for Trump to come home.

WaPo: Russians favor Sanders; [316] Putin scores big win in Nevada Democratic caucus. [317]

Is Joe Biden's South Carolina Firewall In the Democratic Presidential Primary On Fire?[318][https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/02/21/nation/south-carolina-is-supposed-be-

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