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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Another complaint about Facebook managing the news, this time about vaccines and whether they will be necessary. [1]

Read the 60 page report on Biden family corruption. [2] The Chinese Communist Party and Chinese military own the Bidens, part of a long term infiltration and subversion stragegy to compromise Western leaders.

The Mainstream Media, and more particularly The New York Times, is the worst enemy the United States has ever had. The willful suppression of a story of criminal behavior on the part of a Presidential candidate speaks volumes. [3]

Joe Biden bizarrely refers to Donald Trump as "Abraham Lincoln" at the debate.

The turning off of the mics at the debate to give Joe Biden 2 minutes slots to talk demonstrated how much his mind has declined, and how much clearer and sharper President Trump is.

Joe Biden slurs his words throughout tonight's debate, and predicts a cataclysmic winter of widespread deaths from COVID-19. Streaming debate

Breaking: Babulinski fingers Joe. [4]

Debate Commission wants to censor Biden foreign money-laundering scandals. [5]

President Trump preempts 60 Minutes hit job with raw footage on Facebook. [6] "Bias, hatred and rudeness."

Foreign interference update: Iran, China back Biden. [7] Joe Biden lies about meeting with Kazak oligarch in money laundering scheme. [8][9] Mark Meadows confirms the Bidens' involvement in money laundering hundreds of millions for foreign oligarchs to avoid sanctions. [10][11] Hunter spent his time opening bank accounts in Rosemont Seneca's name, deposit and invest the funds, and take typically a 21% fee. [12]

Full statement by Biden business partner on Biden China investment scheme. [13] "The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist controlled China." Will Biden slander the 3rd generation Naval Intelligence officer, who verifies the authenticity of the emails and laptop, in front of the nation tonight as a Russian operative?

Will Democrat post-election chaos provide cover for a Communist invasion of Taiwan? [14][15]

Trump ties Biden in a mainstream poll for Wisconsin, even prior to the Trump effect that outperforms the polling. [16] Democrats beginning to panic as internal polling tell of impending defeat. And with defeat might come punishment. [17]

Confirmed: FBI confirms custody and authenticity of Hunter Biden laptop and emails. NO Russia collusion. [18] Laptop authenticity verified by Congressional investigators cross-referenced with Secret Service logs. [19] Interview with Bernie Kerik, the man who handed Biden laptop over to police. [20]

Hunter Biden laptop with illicit photographs of underage children and inappropriate text messages turned over to Delaware state police. [21] Hunter was "sexually inappropriate" with a 14-year-old family member while high on crack cocaine. [22] Hunter Biden witness put in isolation. [23] Will he be Epsteined?

Big Tech election interference update: DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google Inc. [24] Facebook blocks 120,000 posts under the guise of ‘election misinformation’, rejected 2.2 million ads. [25] Twitter blocks GOP donation links but not Dems. [26]

Breaking: Calls for Independent Special Counsel to investigate foreign payments to Biden family. [27][28] Laptop from hell prompts MSM to recycle discredited conspiracy theories. [29][30]

Rap star 50 Cent tells his 26.2 million Instagram followers to vote Trump. [31] VP of Flint, Michigan City Council endorses Trump. [32] The heavily Democrat and African American community has been racked by a water crisis which has had a devastating impact on the health of children by lead poisoning.

Kamala Harris refused to prosecute MS-13 gang member before he murdered family. [33]

The Flight 93 Election: Like the heroes in the 9/11 attacks, voters must storm the cockpit to take the controls hijacked by socialist elites. [34]

Remembering Martha Mitchell, who sounded the warning on Watergate and received no thanks for it. As regards Joe Biden, we're all Martha Mitchell today. [35]

Obamagate the Movie premieres tonight 9 PM EDT Youtube [36]

Breaking: Google skewing search results to favor Biden. [37][38] "Google is playing God." Google in bed with the genocidal Chinese Communist Party. [39]

Breaking: DNI: No Russia disinformation campaign in Hunter Biden laptop. [40] Second laptop seized by Ukrainian law enforcement. [41] A separate batch of 26,000 emails from ex-business partner of Biden turned over to Peter Schweizer. [42][43] Biden business partner now serving prison term for bond fraud. [44]

The fix is in: Debate Commission moves goal posts to protect Biden, removes foreign policy topic, will mute and censor Trump. [45] Moderator Kristen Welker is a rabid anti-Trumper who gave Hillary campaign advance questions. [46]

National Security Emergency: Twitter blocked the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces and his Press Secretary; [47] is Twitter serving Hunter and Joe Biden's Chinese Communist overlords, too? [48][49]

Now they've gone too far: Facebook demonitizes The Babylon Bee. [50]

Politico tries resuscitating another Russia hoax. [51]

Facebook exec in charge of blocking negative stories about Hunter and Joe Biden is same person who coordinated the corrupt activity between the Biden family payoffs and Ukraine. [52][53][54] Facebook broke its own rules to censor the Biden-Burisma scandal.

Big Tech election interference: 4 days later, the New York Post - 5th largest publisher in the United States - Twitter account remains locked. [55] 61% of Likely U.S. Voters now think the impact on politics of social media like Facebook and Twitter has been bad for the nation. [56]

RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens' Chinese Secrets (Full Documentary). [57]

Hunter Biden is a co-investor in a Chinese company under investigation by the FBI for stealing vital nuclear secrets from the United States. [58]

Here’s why Moscow mayor’s widow paid the Bidens $3.5 million. [59] Joe Biden Walks Off When Questioned About FBI Seizing Son’s Laptop.[60]

Islamist beheads free expression class teacher; [61] Antifa knocks out teeth of Black free speech organizer. [62][63]

Religion and politics collided with the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. It's worth remembering one other politician who caught similar flak: John F. Kennedy. [64]

The Trump effect: Trump outperformed mainstream polls in Wisconsin by 7.2% in 2016. Will this effect be even larger now?

Breaking: Sen. Johnson does not rule out evidence of more crimes on Hunter Biden laptop. [65][66] "China was not alone in lining the Biden family’s pockets with millions of dollars." [67] Steve Bannon:

"If the content of the hard drive had been released when received in November 2019, there would have been no impeachment of Trump, and Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic Party nominee. This confrontation should take place this weekend in the Oval Office. If Wray doesn’t have a bulletproof reason he should be fired in the room." [68]

Biden promotes transgenderism for 8 year olds. [69][70]

Marxism has become Big Business in America. [71]

The Michigan Supreme Court recently denied a stay of its order to Governor Whitmer to stop enforcing her mask orders. So why is anyone in Michigan not only wearing a mask, but trying to take mask enforcement into their own hands? [72]

Fox News is "going the way of CNN, and they’re going the way of MSNBC, and it’s a shame,” Trump observes. “Fox is no longer great” but is “influenced by Paul Ryan,” the incompetent RINO who lost the House majority in 2018. [73]

Leftwing misogynists stomp, beat, choke and punch female cisgender Trump supporter in D.C.. [74] Leftist racists at LMU impeach Latina student senator over conservative views. [75]

Rudy Giuliani explains how Hunter Biden's email evidence "wasn't hacked." [76][77] Full story debunks Dems latest Russia conspiracy theory. [78] Text messages show raw and intimate exchange between Joe and Hunter Biden. [79]

Breaking: China payoffs to the Bidens confirmed. [80]

China, Inc.: Biden associates helped genocidal Communist Chinese bosses secure Obama White House meetings. [81] Hunter Biden demanded Chinese billionaire pay $10 million for 'introductions alone'. [82]

Understanding what foreign governments are purchasing from the Bidens. [83] Before Ukraine, there was Iraq and Serbia. [84]

Chris Wray hid Biden-Ukraine evidence during Trump impeachment. [85] When was the grand jury empaneled that took possession of the Hunter Biden laptop? [86] FBI provocatuer pushed Whitmer kidnap plot. [87]

FBI top child sex investigator involved in Hunter Biden investigation. [88]

Twitter goes down. [89][90] Gab’s growth explodes. [91] Reports circulate that Twitter went down to remove evidence from its back-end code. If true, DOJ needs to investigate national security concerns regarding Big Tech collusion with the Chinese Communist Party to defeat Donald Trump. [92]

Digital book burning: Youtube uses Biden-Burisma scandal as cover to delete channels.[93] Facebook sends notifications to everyone who reposted video of Ilhan Omar ballot harvesting. [94]

Big Tech monopoly attack on free speech and the First Amendment unites left and right. [95] Shadow Gate 2.0 - Full Documentary [96]

Polls are like the Nigerian lottery. [97]

After 47 years in Washington, Biden proposes to "put black people in the position to create wealth" [98] wants police to shoot armed attackers near the vital leg artery, leaving their hands free. [99] Audience stacked with Democrat operatives posing as 'undecided'. [100] Trump Townhall beats warm milk and cookie bedtime story with George and Joe. [101][102]

Democrats admit, in the business meeting of the Senate Judiciary committee, that the platform on which they have labored for more than forty years, is...unconstitutional. Their objections to Amy Coney Barrett boil down to one thing only: "Our precedents! O, our precedents! Who will protect our precedents?" [103]

Biden-Burisma Bombshell: Vice President Biden met with top Burisma executive. [104] “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.” [105]

John Paul Mac Isaac: 'They probably knew I had a copy because I was pretty vocal about not wanting to get murdered.' [106]

Facebook and Twitter are blocking the New York Post story. [107] Hunter took $3 million from Burisma while the corrupt firm was under investigation. Facebook and Twitter with their foreign ownership are now actively interfering in the 2020 Presidential election. [108]

The NY Post, [109] White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. [110] Judiciary Committee .gov website [111] and the Trump campaign's official accounts all banned. [112] Big Tech Sec. 230 immunity seriously in doubt. [113]

UPDATE: Senate Judiciary Committee to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to explain election interference. [114] RNC files FEC complaint against Twitter for 'illegal in-kind contribution' to Biden campaign. [115] Former FBI general counsel James A. Baker, complicit in Spygate, is Twitter's lead counsel. [116] Google tampering in Senate elections. [117]

Trump demonstrates his good health and mental fitness tonight at NBC's town hall. Why did Biden and the phony debate commission refuse to allow the scheduled debate??

Liberals embarrass themselves by objecting to President Trump getting equal time tonight for his town hall (on NBC) during Biden's town hall on ABC. Guess who will drawn the larger audience.

Democrat riot update: In Seattle, a police car set on fire with policeman inside. [118]

Climate change figures in Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.)'s questioning of Amy Coney Barrett. If they want to bring humanity to court on behalf of Earth, let them. Herewith a proposed deposition for the defense. [119]

Orwellian nightmare: homosexual agenda causes Merriam-Webster to abruptly change its definition of "sexual preference" to add "offensive", after liberal senator's rant at Amy Barrett hearing. [120]

Big Tech corruption update: SCOTUS: Google may have cheated their way to the top. [121] Twitter fined $100,000 for violating campaign finance laws. [122]

Haters gonna hate: Black Trump supporter removed from airline for eating without a mask. [123]

Hear the words of a Colorado Democrat Party Central Committee member for yourself. [124] James O'Keefe: To catch a Communist. [125]

World Health Organization says lockdowns are a farce. [126] lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health … leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice. Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed. [127]

The Democrats in the United States Senate continue to disgrace that body. They see the Senate as the ideological gatekeepers of the Supreme Court. The Senate needs to remember its responsibility to the Constitution. [128] Democrat racists attack Judge Barrett's Black children. [129]

The Plot against the President. [130] Senate Intel Committee release Bruce Ohr interview notes. [131][132]

Let them eat cake: Pelosi has condescending meltdown toward Americans suffering and in need of covid relief, holding out for bailout of bureaucrats [133][134]

Colorado Democratic party executive and Our Revolution leader threatens random violence and murder if Biden doesn't win, promises guillotines. [135][136]

Feinstein (D-Calif.) defends abortion by ignoring the other person is the unborn child. Herewith a "modest proposal" of how to look at the controversy differently. [137] Sen. Hirono asks if Judge Barrett ever committed sexual assault. [138][139] If certain Senators are concerned about wasting time in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, we should proceed to an immediate vote. Then let the Democrats propose amendments to the Constitution to get what they really want. [140]

Biden confuses Ted Kennedy with the Grand Cyclops, [141] forgets what office he's running for again, and slurs "the Mormon". [142] Insanity has become the new normal. [143]

Phoney “moderate” governor Steve Bullock in Montana cowboy country backs gun control and court-packing. [144] Support Sen. Steve Daines for re-election!

Donald Trump faces many "silent killers", some who committed Obamagate crimes, while others refuse to prosecute. Let's see the documents now. [145]

Best of the public: 22-year-old Jan Krzysztof Duda from pro-life Poland ends the 125-game winning streak of chess champion Magnus Carlsen. [146]

The opening arguments in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings confirm: Democrats pour contempt on the Constitution. They want a constitution that guarantees free stuff, and won't protect your right to your own stuff. [147] Kamala Harris's pathetic lead argument: there are more than 50 people in the hearing room at the same time and someone might catch COVID-19! [148]

NBC affiliate illegally hired leftist lunatic who shot and killed unarmed peaceful Patriot Rally protester. [149] Democrat / Antifa riots erupt in Portland again, tear down statue of Abraham Lincoln in celebration of Indigenous People's Day. [150]

Unarmed peaceful protester at a Patriot Rally murdered by an NBC hireling [151] hours earlier former NBC News anchor Keith Olbermann says Trump supporting maggots have to be removed from society. [152]

Biden says voters “don’t deserve to know” his views on court packing. [153]

Apparently skipping inexpensive treatment by hydroxychloroquine, Chris Christie racks up an expensive 7-day hospital stay for COVID-19 which few Americans can afford, and then declines to provide details upon his release Saturday. [154]

Setback to liberal pollsters: Gallup poll reports more voters feel better off under Trump than when Obama and George W. Bush sought reelection. [155] Minority voters explain why they are voting for President Trump. [156] Why Donald Trump could make a fifty-State sweep of the Electoral College. Count the graves the Democrat Party dug for itself in this cycle. [157]

Blexit: Back the Blue! [158] President Trump delivers message at law and order summit with Black and Hispanic future leaders. [159] 30,000 cars in anti-communist Latinos For Trump rally. [160]

Twitter imposes more draconian anti-free speech measures to interfere in the 2020 presidential election. [161] Come to Conservapedia for the latest real time updates.

After Biden operative Steve Scully flubs second debate, third debate moderator deletes Twitter account. [162] Bob Dole says "bi-partisan" debate commission is a bunch of hooey. [163]

Triumphant attorney in the Michigan lockdown case urges people: burn your masks! Orthodox Jews in New York City do just that. Also: who really tried to kidnap Michigan's governor? [164] Michigan anarchists in kidnapping plot were Black Lives Matter supporters. [165] One suspect was pardoned by Delaware Democrat governor last year. [166]

The Overrated Sports Star with the anti-Trump, foreign-born wife miscounts to four downs and loses the football game. [167] Imagine if Trump miscounted as Tom Brady did.

Hunter Biden's partner, Devon Archer, fraud conviction re-instated. [168] Federal judge drops bombshell in Clinton Foundation scam. [169]

Breaking: Biden under active criminal investigation for his role in the Spygate and Burisma scandals. [170]

Twitter censors #Obamagate and #Russiagate hastags; [171] Conservapedia proudly wears the badge of one the internet's largest repositories of the Obamagate and Russiagate back story. Durham investigating illegal FISA abuse hack of Trump Tower and Alfa Bank by FBI contractors, Feinstein crony Dan Jones and the SSCI implicated. Pelosi to make coup plot update tomorrow. [172]

Trump administration thwarts Trump-hating anarchist plot to kidnap Michigan governor. [173][174][175][176]

De Blasio rounds up the Jews. [177] Biden/Harris supporters smashing windows of suburban homes. [178]

"I'm not going to waste my time doing a virtual debate," President Trump declares while observing that it is a "joke" and an attempt "to protect Biden" by changing to a virtual format. [179] Rigged: chairman of the Presidential Debate Commission is co-founder of “Color Revolution” org linked to Steele Dossier and more. [180]

NBC/Telemundo deletes Twitter poll that shows Pence crushed Harris 74% to 26%; [181] Violence breaks out after Harris praises BLM rioters during debate. [182] Puerto Rico's Progressive governor endorses President Trump. [183]

7,000 scientists, doctors call for COVID herd immunity, end to Democrat lockdowns. [184]

“Objectivity” and “perfectionism” are “white supremacist” traits in elementary school curriculum. [185]

Setback for atheists: the moderator in tonight's vice-presidential debate asks for prayers for recovery of the president from coronavirus. In the debate, Mike Pence's composed performance mops the floor with nasty Kamala Harris's facial expressions.

Clinton’s dirty tricks haunts Democrats before election. [186] Documents prove Obama’s team created Russian collusion hoax. [187] Widow of NeverTrumper senator who passed bogus dossier to the FBI endorses Biden. [188]

CCP ties to FRSO, Liberation Road and the Antifa riots exposed. [189]

Breaking: Democrat violence erupts in Milwaukee. [190]

Russia hoax explained in 6 minutes. [191] Brennan, Obama knew Trump-Russia was concocted by Hillary Clinton to cover-up Clinton email scandal. [192] Obama administration took out Flynn to avoid audit of Deep State. [193] Durham has empaneled grand jury. [194]

NBC fabricated Biden townhall with 'undecided voters'. [195]

"He’s been a wacko for years, and everyone knows it. The Lamestream Media is stuck with him and they are just now trying to clean up his act," Trump tweets after Creepy Uncle Joe tells school girls he wants to "see them dancing when they're four years older." [196]

Breaking: Tara Reade 60 Minutes Australia interview. [197][198] No U.S. mainstream fake news source will interview Tara Reade.

Kamala Harris insensitivity and bigotry towards Americans with disabilities on display. [199] Hanoi Jane: "Covid 19 is God's gift to the Left." [200]

John Brennan handwritten notes show Obama was briefed on Hillary's plan to smear Trump with Russia collusion hoax. [201][202][203][204]

Recap for the debate for the 2020 U.S. Senate special election in Arizona: Sen. Martha McSally notes her record of effectiveness, Mark Kelly lies, and the "moderators" repeat discredited anti-Trump talking points. See the full video here: [205]

Virginia election officials announce mail boxes broken into, ballots may have been stolen. [206]

Michelle Obama thinks BLM riots are "peaceful". [207] Racist BLM radicals destroy 3 yr old's Birthday party. [208] Joe Biden promotes 18-month-old babies becoming transgenders. [209]

Biden blames black women who shelve at grocery stores for coronavirus pandemic: "the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf." [210]

Leftwing subversives in the Center for Disease Control wanted open borders during CCP pandemic. [211]

Setback for the Deep State: President Trump walks out of its hospital, perhaps against medical advice, as any American has a right to do though few realize it. The liberal media downplay the news.

Corporate media vomits Trump coronavirus reporting all over the bed. [212] The latest news cycle over President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis illustrates yet again how destructive the U.S. corporate media are to national unity and a clear understanding of reality.

Biden flip-flop on retirement accounts could reduce their availability. [213]

Andrew Cuomo threatens to shut down churches, synagogues. [214]

Another warning about voter fraud. Lists all the ways the Democrat Party plans to do it and has done it before. [215] Predictions for how 2020 comes to an end. [216] In coup plot 3.0 Pelosi hopes to become Acting President. [217]

Spygate update: McCabe refuses to testify, bizarrely claims covid can be transmitted over the internet. [218] [219] Trump wants more declasification of Hillary Clinton's collusion with Russia documents. [220] Hillary's paid source was a Russian spy known to the FBI. [221] Gina Haspel covering for UK co-conspirators? [222]

Miichigan Supreme Court overrules Commissar Whitmer's fascist lockdown orders. [223] Democrat governors' lockdown orders threaten climate change advocates war on plastics. [224]

A third party Presidential candidate from 2016 weighs in on what happens if Joe Biden wins this election. His pronouncements during the debate clearly show what Joe Biden is: a socialist. [225]

Democrat riot update: Biden supporters erupt in violence in Seattle, [226] Beverly Hills. [227]

Trump briefly leaves Walter Reed Hospital waving to supporters [228] [229]

Trump's inept advisers continue to deny him hydroxychloroquine, and instead resort to untested, one-size-fits-all steroids not even targeted to COVID-19. [230] Experts are dismayed by the directionless treatment.

The Deep State subjects Trump to five days of intravenous, dangerous remdesivir [231], the Big Pharma money-making drug that has severe side effects.

Thousands of ex-Democrats flood Washington D.C. in support of the #Walkaway movement. [232] Biden rioters assault peaceful pro-Trump protesters. [233]

Electoral count: Trump 320, Biden 218. [234] Vote in person!

Trump's inept adviser Dr. Conley gives an overly rosy assessment of Trump's health while denying him hydroxychloroquine - COVID's cytokine storm this weekend is crucial. [235]

Anthony Fauci gets the nod from Time Magazine as "one of the most influential persons on the planet." A most unsavory influence! [236]

BREAKING: Deep State is injecting into Trump the harmful intravenous remdesivir. [237] That's why they fooled him into going to the hospital.

Trump is receiving zinc but is being denied an ionophore like hydroxychloroquine or quercetin to distribute the zinc in the body to defeat the Wuhan virus. The massive cytokine storm hits COVID-19 patients around day 3, which is later this weekend for Trump.

Apparently denied hydroxychloroquine that has helped others, President Trump is transferred to the Deep State military hospital while receiving a bizarre experimental infusion. [238]

Chinese Communist Party, which has officially endorsed Biden, [239] mock Trump's illness. [240] The Chinese Communists are actively interfering in the 2020 presidential election. [241] CCP uses debate to criticize American democracy, push Chinese-style Marxist authoritarianism. [242] So does CNN. [243]

Brazil's conservative President Jair Bolsonaro contracted COVID-19, took hydroxychloroquine, opposed mandatory vaccination, and then attained his highest approval rating ever. But will Trump's inept advisers recommend likewise??

President Trump and the First Lady test positive for the Chinese coronavirus [244]

  • They "are both well at this time ... [and] plan to remain at home within the White House during their convalescence," said White House physician Dr. Sean Conley.
  • The president is expected to continue to carry out his duties “without disruption” while recovering. [245]

A senior officer of the Joe Biden campaign proposes an anti-religious test for the Supreme Court. So much for "interfaith" and "pluralism." Besides, it violates the Constitution. [246]

Voter fraud update: Biden Texas Political Director accused of illegal ballot harvesting at Texas Supreme Court. [247]

Liberal "NBA Finals Viewership Down by 45%," lowest in more than 25 years. [248]

A new counterattack against critical theory, the most dangerous part, not only of staff orientation and training, but also of K-12 education. [249]

Why hasn't Fox News fired Chris Wallace for continuing to attack President Trump about the debate? [250] It was Wallace who idiotically, repeatedly interrupted Trump to tell him, while he was speaking, that he could speak. “Chris Wallace interrupted Donald Trump 76 times” while Trump interrupted Biden only 15 times, observes Charlie Kirk. “I guess I’m debating you, not him,” Trump said to Wallace at the debate. “I’m not surprised.” [251]

Biden promises to pack the court and add two states, ending the two-party system and the American experiment. [252] Biden renames Green New Deal, "the Biden Plan." [253] Chris Wallace redefines critical race theory, as "racial sensitivity training." [254] Slurred words on display as Biden resorts to name-calling. Biden increasingly stumbled as the debate wore on: he was unable to pronounce "systemic" two-thirds through the debate.

Post Debate polls show Trump won the debate. [255] Hispanic voters at Telemundo overwhelming agree President Trump won over Biden, 66% to 34%. [256]

Not even people stuck at home want to watch Biden's senility and liberal claptrap: Television ratings were down 36% from 2016. [257] Biden sued by Kyle Rittenhouse for defamation over false post-debate "white supremacist" ad. [258]

The Constitution foundered in the debate from the selection of Chris Wallace to moderate, to Joe Biden who doesn't care, to a people who seem afraid to care, no one actually said, "The Constitution doesn't allow such-a-measure." [259]

Spygate Update: Sen Mike Lee rips Comey in hearing for false Putin ‘has something' on President Trump claim. [260] Hillary Clinton approved scheme to smear Trump with Russia accusations. [261][262] Clinton campaign transmitted bogus smears to CIA dir. John Brennan a “to vilify Trump by stirring up scandal claiming interference by Russian security services”. [263] Obama personally briefed by Brennan on Clinton's plot to drum up Trump-Russia scam to distract from email probe. [264][265] When FBI learned of Clinton-Russia collusion, they opened an investigation into Trump. [266] FBI knew a month after the 2016 election Trump-Russia smears came from a Russian spy. [267] WaPo: Mueller team investigated for lying to Congress about the Roger Stone case. [268]

Voter fraud Update: Project Veritas Part 2: Ilhan Omar connected to ballot harvesting [269] Arizona: GOP governor demands Democrat Sec. of State shut down illegal registration hotline w/out application or signature. [270] NYT: Nearly 100,000 defective absentee ballots sent to N.Y.C. voters; [271] some recieived military ballots. [272] Democrat goon Marc Elias who heads up election challenges and paid Chris Steele for the Steele dossier convinced Hillary to take foreign cash. [273] Tulsi Gabbard condemns Democrat ballot harvesting. [274] Philadelphia: GOP election observers barred from entrance. [275] Virginia voters get duplicate ballots. [276]

Democrat riot Update: US sees 710 additional homicides and 2,800 more shootings, attributed to ‘Minneapolis effect’. [277] Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations in preparation for mass arrests. [278] U-Haul driver who supplied rioters with equipment arrested. [279] Catholic cathedral attacked with swastikas, Biden 2020, and BLM graffiti. [280] BLM fundraiser charged with wire fraud and money laundering for misappropriation of donations. [281] Linda Sarsour in Louisville: the Leftist/Islamic alliance in action. [282]

Trump surging among Blacks and Latinos. [283] Chinese Americans march for Trump and against communism, ask DOJ to list the CCP as a criminal organization. [284]

The real issue the Democrats have concerning Amy Coney Barrett is with the Constitution. It gets in the way of their misguided and usually miscalculated economic and social interventions. [285]

The Democrat Party has the most apt mascot of any group. What else can one say of its platform or the behavior of its leaders and operatives, but: asinine? [286]

"Joe Biden just announced that he will not agree to a Drug Test. Gee, I wonder why?" tweets President Trump. [287] Biden won't agree to earpiece inspection.

A former Constitution Party candidate ringingly endorses Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court of the United States. "War!" he cries. A sentiment with which people of good heart can heartily agree. [288] Democrat misogynists attack motherhood. [289] Violent leftist punches Student for Life member in the face in front of the Supreme Court. [290]

CNN conspiracy theory of Trump ties to Russia debunked by New York Times. [291] Democrats walk into buzzsaw, again, over Trump taxes. [292][293]

What Republicans have to do to get critical race theory out of public schools. [294]

Test "Basement" Biden for medication in the upcoming presidential debate, Trump wisely demands.

Election fraud Update: Ballot harvesting for cash in Ilhan Omar's Minnesota district. [295] Federal appeals court halts Wisconsin's extension for stuffing the ballot box with absentee ballots. [296] Colorado encourages dead people, non-citizens to vote. [297]

Sen. Rick Scott introduces bill requiring mail-in ballots be counted' within 24 hours of Election Day to avoid Democrat ballot box tampering. [298]

Will a military coup undo the November elections, Donald Trump, & the Republic itself? [299]

Hollywood values in hysteria over Amy Coney Barrett. [300]

No, Biden was never a student at a Historically Black College. [301]

Judge Amy Coney Barrett accepts her nomination for SCOTUS. A pro-life mother of 7, Barrett is Trump's pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. [302] Democrats hope to “permanently discredit” nominee in coming battle. [303] ‘Leaked’ document contains blueprint for disruption of nomination proceedings. [304]

Wall Street Journal: "Four years into accusations about Russia-Trump collusion, we finally learn that Russia’s main conduit for disinformation may have been America’s FBI...Vladimir Putin must be howling with laughter". [305]

Review of two federal cases of coronavirus related lockdowns. The judge in each case found the lockdown unconstitutional. [306] Not only that, but Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota says flatly she lacks the authority to order anything of the kind. [307]

Public school values and the mask police: a bad combination resulting in tasering an asthmatic women attending a middle school football game. [308]

FBI colluded with Russia to trump-up Russia collusion hoax. [309] Mueller team investigator testifies purpose of Mueller's Russia probe was "intended to get Trump".[310] Durham investigating Mueller lead prosecutor Andrew Weissmann's obstruction of justice and interference in the 2016 Clinton Foundation investigation. [311][312]

Election fraud Update: Wisconsin absentee ballots found in a ditch; [313] FBI investigating Pennsylvania mail-in ballots found in the trash – all voted for Trump. [314] Florida AG investigating Mike Bloomberg in vote buying scheme. [315] Democrat election guru Marc Elias steals another one. [316]Texas Democrat County Commissioner and cohorts arrested in ballot harvesting scheme; [317] Massachusetts Democrat officials destroy over 1 million ballots. [318]

Democrat riot Update: Biden supporters continue rioting in Louisville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Austin and elsewhere. Racist Democrats attack Kentucky's African American Attorney General. [319] Kamala Harris calls riots 'essential'. [320]

Biden hides in the basement refusing to answer questions about Biden family coruption. Burisma's only the beginnng. Biden’s quid pro quo sellout of America. [321] Hunter Biden made payments to ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring’ [322][323] Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. [324]

Conservapedia proven right, again: the Pac-12 delays the start of its football season until after Election Day, an absurd delay designed to avoid boosting Trump, whom most credit for restarting football.

Spygate Update: Explosive new texts detail agents were so concerned about the Obama FBI's illegal activity, they purchased professsional liability insurance against criminal, civil and financial lawsuits. [325][326] Brennan stifled Russia favors Hillary intel. [327]

Disrespectful, shameful behavior by supporters of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as they boo and jeer President Trump while visits her casket with the First Lady. [328]

"Six Cases of Wikipedia Editors Smearing President Trump," as explained by an editor there who "was banned after privately reporting conflict of interest editing by one of the site’s administrators." [329]

More judicial activism for Joe Biden: federal court in Wisconsin requires accepting ballots without a clear postmark up to seven days after Election Day. [330] North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania approve ballot harvesting up to November 12 to steal the election. [331] Michigan misprints mail-in ballots, leaves Pence's name off. [332] Mike Bloomberg attempting to bribe felons to vote for Biden in Florida. [333]

Kavanaugh smear operation disqualifies Democrat demands about next nominee. [334] Supreme Court Bar member predicts SCOTUS nominee will go directly to the floor. [335]

Biden-Ukraine Update: Victor Shokin demands Biden be deposed in Ukrainian corruption scandal.[336] Impeachment hoax was a cover-up for Biden family thievery. [337] John Kerry lied claiming no knowledge of Biden family corruption.

Breaking: Louisville mayor declares state of emergency amidst Democrat anarchy and insurrection. [338] 2 officers shot in Democrat riots. [339] How BLM empowers racist white leftists. [340]

Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney releases new footage of shootings. [341]

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: Next US administration has "no choice but to surrender". [342]

Warning! Deepfakes are here. If ever you see "footage" of President Trump saying or doing something only a leftist would accuse him of saying, don't believe it. It is a deepfake. [343]

Democrats promise more riots if constitutional processes move forward. [344] Christian sites under attack across the United States by Democrat extremists. [345]

Back to normal from coronavirus? A review of vaccines, development efforts, and the legal and Constitutional implications. [346]

Interview with Linda Goudsmit of "Humanitarian Hoax" fame by Bruce Deitrick Price, tireless crusader on K-12 education in America today. [347]

Panic-stricken Dems: "Michael Moore Urges Pelosi to Shut Down Government to Block GOP from Filling Ginsburg’s Seat." [348]

"Momentum growing among Republicans for Supreme Court vote before Election Day." [349]

Obamagate update: FBI Agent who uncovered Weiner laptop says Obama FBI told him to deep six it. [350]

Trump sends record amount of money to Puerto Rico to rebuild infrastructure.

Desperate Dems float impeachment and other unprecedented measures to try to block Trump from filling the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy. [351] The more reason to fill the vacancy – plus a recommendation of a young, solid jurist. [352]

BLM activist murders 3 people in Louisville. [353]

Fill the Ruth Bader Ginsburg vacancy immediately! The very election might ride on this immediate replacement. Why did RBG issue that last wish to her granddaughter? What did she know that we do not? [354]

Obama operatives face life in prison for tossing Molotov cocktails at police. [355]

CBSNews reports that the two leading female candidates to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg are Judges Amy Barrett and Barbara Lagoa. [356]

In 2016, Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself urged an election-year confirmation of Obama's nominee to replace Justice Antonin Scalia: “That’s their job,” Ginsburg told the New York Times then. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.” [357]

"We have this obligation, without delay!" Trump tweets today announcing that he will fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court quickly. [358]

"President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared tonight about filling the vacancy by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. [359]

Breaking: Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, and President Trump can place his third Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Liberal state courts in swing states Michigan and Pennsylvania order that mail-in ballots be accepted for days after Election Day, contrary to traditional rules. [360]

84 year old lady Trump supporter battered by knife wielding Democrat slug. [361]

FISA judge rules Obama FBI and everyone associated are criminally liable for misusing electronic surveillance to meddle in the 2016 election. pg. 20-21

BLM seditionists storm ICE facility in NY. [362]

The Black Lives Matter / Chinese Communist Party financial connection. [363]

Leftist universities try to delay starting their football seasons until after millions vote, to hurt Trump. Players are ready, but the Big Ten is delaying more than another month, and the Pac-12 is trying to delay even until after Election Day. [364]

Betsy DeVos: Since Princeton admitted to systemic racism, we're going to have to deny federal funds. [365]

Democrat priorities: condemn the use of the term Chinese virus as "racist". [366] Reject the petty race-baiters in November!

Fake news source CBS News caught in racist ploy; the far-left Democrat surrogate used a photo of an enthusiastic crowd of Latinos for Trump and labeled it as Biden's Hispanic Outreach. [367] Trump will take 25% of the Black vote. [368] Will this be the long await demise of the Democrat party coalition?

FOX News censors facts about self-confessed Nazi collaborator and notorious anti-Semite George Soros' contributions to Democrat prosecutors releasing rioters, murderers, and rapists. Soros gave over $800,000 to "progressive" prosecutors. [369]

After calling violent felon and alleged rapist Jacob Blake a hero, Kamala Harris has yet to make a statement about her own constituents, 2 police officers who were shot in the Democrats' War on Cops. Not even thoughts and prayers. Of course godless Marxists don't pray. They're smarter than God.

Rioters charged with sedition, a warning to the Biden Putsch plotters.

"Trump spikes political football with return of Big Ten season." [370]

The American Journal of Psychiatry retracts flawed journal article that had claimed sex-change operations provide mental health benefits for transsexuals. [371] The authors had ignored such factors as:

  • Participants with “reassigned” sex had 19 times the rate of completed suicides, compared with the general population

"Jerry Brown Mocks People Who Want to Leave California: ‘Where Are You Going to Go?’" [372] He wasted his two recent terms as California governor on climate change foolishness.

A school district suspends a student for – are you ready for this? – attending school. More evidence that certain liberal oriented public officials and figures turned America into a country of hypochondriacs. [373]

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