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  • "I myself believe that the duel between Christianity and atheism is the most important in the world. I further believe that the struggle between individualism and collectivism is the same struggle reproduced on another level." - William F. Buckley, God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of "Academic Freedom"
  • “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations - these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub and exploit - immortal horrors or everlasting splendors." - C.S. Lewis, Christian apologist and ex-atheist

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

NATO/Ukraine carries out drone strike against 2 Moscow apartment buildings. [1][2]

NATO forces in Kosovo attack unarmed democratic Serbian protesters. [3][4]

China rejects talks with Biden defense chief, US 'insincere'. [5]

Tyranny in D.C.: Capitol police interrupt and stop a children's choir, while singing the National Anthem, because the police said it was a prohibited form of "protest"! [6]

Why is Target targeting our kids? [7]

Setback to marijuana addiction: "More than 90% of Calif. pot farms infected with ‘severe’ pathogen." [8]

G7 desecrates Hiroshima A-bomb memory with warmongering summit. [9] Tom Luongo: Meeting in the one city that is the ultimate symbol of Western madness, Hiroshima, the symbolism was very clear. We are united in our self-righteousness and if you don’t like it, remember what happened to Japan. We will destroy the planet in order to save it. [10]

Controlled by globalists, Texas Republicans fail to pass border security. [11]

Globalist puppets Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott do not dare cross their mega-donors who wanted Ken Paxton sham-impeached for interfering with their agenda. "MISSING IN ACTION! Where is the Governor of Texas on his Attorney General’s Impeachment?" Trump points out

60 of 83 Republicans in Texas House prove to be puppets of the dark money globalists, as they impeach conservative AG Ken Paxton in an ambush hatched in secret and rushed through without due process. House Speaker Dade Phelan presided, where earlier this month he was filmed presiding while apparently intoxicated with slurred speech.

The Grayzone debates CIA regime change arm the National Endowment for Democracy VP on group's CIA ties. [12]

Globalist Nazis hopes dashed, Erdogan wins re-election. [13]

New York Times admits 'Nazi leads Ukrainian military group.' [14]

Not just the covid vaccine is a bioweapon, but covid itself. [15] Covid intentionally released to push vaccines on the public. [16]

As Lindsey Graham visits the Nazi regime in Ukraine, [17] Russians hit underground NATO ammo dump in Kyiv registering 2.0 on the Richter scale. [18][19] Lindsey Graham is sick; says that 'killing Russians is the best money we ever spent'. [20]

Lauren Boebert calls for boycotting North Face amid drag queen ad campaign.[21]

Bud Light is in Hell. [22]

European integration well underway at Lutsk Hugh School in Western Ukraine. [23]

Another setback for the homosexual agenda: Target Stocks Falls for the 7th Day After Earnings. Now Backlash to Its LGBTQ+ Merch Is Hitting Shares.[24] Get woke, go broke.

Biden invades Peru. [25] In an unprovoked attack on the South American democracy, Biden sends troops to crack down on democratic protesters.

Debt default deadline magically pushed back a week. [26]

NY Leftists demand neocon warmonger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put an end to the Ukraine war. NY leftists got it figured out. How long will Republicans and conservatives continue to support Nazism in Ukraine?

Why the chances of nuclear war grew this week. [27] Interpreting the three nuclear-related news items from this week. [28]

After NATO Nazi incursion into Russia, Russia debates expanding gun ownership rights for citizens. [29]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Get in the way of globalists, get impeached and replaced by one of their puppets. Twice to Trump, and now to the superb Texas AG Ken Paxton.

Economic suicide of EU countries: Germany has “sanctioned” itself into recession. [30]

Crimean democratic parliament votes to seize Zelensky's penthouse apartment and $800,000 bank account in Crimea. [31] He still has his Italian, Fort Lauderdale and Tel Aviv estates where he is likely headed.

FSB captures NATO-backed saboteurs who attempted to blow up two Russian nuclear power plants. [32]

Hindustan Times: Russia destroys 15 HIMARS. [33] Biden and NATO made the same mistake Hitler and Napoleon did.

What we know about the health risks of ultra-processed foods.[34] 4 of the top 6 killers of Americans are related to an inadequate diet. See: Consumption of processed foods and health risks

The Judas to Trump, Ron DeSantis, announced his foolish bid for president on the globalist platform, Twitter. He'll be taking a multi-million dollar job in private equity after he loses, as other Never-Trumpers have.

Globalists waste $150M on running their puppet Ron DeSantis against Trump, announcing Wednesday. No grassroots conservatives are fooled.

After record-breaking media hype overpromoting him again, Overrated Sports Star LeBron "King" James is then swept (4-0 defeat) in the NBA playoffs, and says he may retire. [35]

US officials believe Ukraine was responsible for attack on Kremlin and other terrorist assassinations and activities. [36] Will the US now brand the Kyiv regime as a terrorist state?

RFK Jr: CIA captured by the military industrial complex. [37]

Sabotage group that entered Russian territory had American equipment. [38] US satellite provided reconnaissance information to the saboteurs two days before the invasion. [39]

Counteroffensive Update: Report: Ukraine Supreme Commander Valeri Zaluzhny in a medically induced coma after missile attack. [40] Zaluzhny sustained a shrapnel wound to the head and will not return to active duty. Debunking NATO/Wall Street Journal propaganda about the Ukraine counteroffensive. [41]

Suppressed NATO study finds US ranks low on democracy. US ranks No. 35 of 53 ahead of Iran, hardly a position to teach the rest of the world about 'democracy'. [42]

Another assault on democracy: judge tosses Kari Lake lawsuit. [43]

The Times of London: Senior Zelensky appointee Gen. Kyrylo Budanov admits to murdering 'quite a few" Russian civilians. [44]

MacGregor: Bakhmut is to Zelensky what Stalingrad was to Hitler. Both leaders' obsession led to destruction of their armies. [45]

Breaking: Ukraine/NATO invades Russia proper. [46] Bay of Pigs 2.0 stunt fails, 47 NATO trained Nazis, 1 Russian killed. [47] Ukraine sends Kraken nazi reinforcements. [48]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: In 2023 more than 460 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced in statehouses across the USA. First Roe vs. Wade was overturned and now this! Oh secular leftists, feel the sting!

RFK Jr discusses bombshell findings from the Durham Report: "That report is appalling...You have...fifty top level CIA agents who agree to collaborate in a project to fix an election." [49]

K.T. McFarland: The FBI, Justice Department, and CIA will rig the 2024 election to avoid accountability. [50]

G7 escalates threat of nuclear war. [51]

The Dreizen Report: The F-16s. [52] As the F-16s get turned into scrap metal, they need to be replaced with F-35s.

After destruction of the vaunted Patriot Missile system, Biden escalates with F-16s. [53]

Conservative landslide in Greece stuns the Left, by a massive 20% margin. [54]

Glenn Greenwald: Biden drones innocent civilian—media pushes Pentagon cover-up (as always). [55]

Sam Gerrans: Total propaganda: propaganda has to be total to be effective. The propaganda you are living in is total. [56]

Biden appointee Sam Brinton arrested as fugitive after jumping probation for stealing and wearing women's clothing. [57]

Why the Durham Report matters – Part One, Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats to demonize Russia and to protect the Clinton fabrication and FBI illegal spying on the Trump campaign. [58] Part Two, the FISA Court and SSCI chair Dem Sen. Mark Warner, [59]

Seymour Hersh: 'Something else is cooking' in Ukraine. [60] Zelensky would rather go to Italy than stay and get killed by his own people.

Biden National Security Adviser Jake the Snake Sullivan served on think tank board with crackhead Hunter Biden. [61]

Report: Jeffrey Epstein tried to blackmail Bill Gates. [62]

Russia places Obama on its sanctions list. [63] Obama staged the 2014 Maidan coup that brought the neo-fascist Kyiv regime to power.

Breaking: Bakhmut has fallen after 224 days. [64][65][66] The defeat of NATO/Ukrainian forces comes exactly one year to the day of the surrender of Azov Nazis at the Battle of Mariupol. [67]

Ukraine Supreme Commander Valery Zaluzhny rumored not to be dead, but recovering from serious injuries in Kyiv. Head of the Territorial Defense also reported in serious condition. Is this why the Counteroffensive is delayed?

Zelinsky still on world tour, has not returned to Ukraine since his failed assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin. [68]

Wagner group head Prigozhin thanks Zelensky and Biden, says the Ukrainian Army is the second best in the world. [69]

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes: Russia to lease land in Cuba. [70]

Sen. Josh Hawley demands arrest of Hillary Clinton over Trump-Russia fraud. [71]

Federal police state sends Elizabeth Holmes, mother of 2 young children, to prison for 11 years not for harming anyone (she didn't), but for the "crime" of challenging the FDA-controlled medical establishment and costing a few wealthy private equity investors a few bucks.

Business Insider: Ukraine's Western partners are short on weapons and can't churn them out fast enough to fuel a counterpunch for long, defense experts say. [72]

National security experts call for peace in Ukraine. [73][74]

Financial Times: Ukraine has 5 months to impress the US. 'this is the best you’re going to get...There’s no more flexibility in the US budget to keep writing cheques, and European arms factories are running at full capacity'. [75]

FBI whistleblower testimony exposes ‘federal involvement’ in J6. [76][77]

Lee Smith discusses the Durham Report. [78]

Ignorant and arrogant: Krystal Ball’s garbage RFK Jr. smear job called out by her own viewers. [79]

Zelensky gifts Pope Francis an icon depicting a void where the picture of Jesus should be; [80][81] Zelensky wears Nazi symbol while meeting with Pope. [82]

Ukraine bans videotaping missile activity. [83] In an effort to control media propaganda narratives, the Kyiv regime clamps down censorship depicting the weakness of NATO/Ukraine air defense and strength of Russian hypersonic missiles.

Never-Trumpers lost in a landslide in the Kentucky gubernatorial primary, but the private equity billionaires whom Trump fought are suddenly causing big problems for many low-income tenants. [84]

NATO is panicking after Russia’s Kinzhal hypersonic missiles smashed Kiev’s Patriot missiles. [85] The nuclear trap in Ukraine. [86] The approximate date the US could bail on Ukraine. [87]

Shoigu: 5 Patriot Missile launchers were destroyed on May 16. [88] Each system costs $1 billion. US instructs Ukraine to stop using the Patriot system until investigation is completed.

Don Jr. interviews Col. MacGregor. [89]

Seymour Hersh: Poland and European allies suggest Zelensky resign to find a way out of the mess NATO got itself into. [90] Radiation spikes in Poland from UK depleted uranium shells. [91]

US confirms destruction of Patriot Missile battery. [92] Anatomy of Patriot destruction + Primer on Kinzhal hypersonic missile. [93]

Why are we in Ukraine? On the dangers of American hubris. [94]

Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy was a coup d'état. [95] CIA agent reveals Trump feared CIA would kill him like JFK. [96] Why the Deep State hates the Kennedy and Trump families. [97] Rep. Anna Paulina Luna introduces resolution to expel neo-Nazi symp Adam Schiff from Congress. [98]

$1 billion Patriot Missile system in Kyiv destroyed by Russia. [99][100][101][102][103] The Patriot system was illegally stationed in a residential area and fired off $158 million worth of missiles in two minutes to minimize damage before it was hit. They knew the Kinzhal was incoming and couldn't shoot it down. [104] Fragments of Patriot missiles found on the streets of Kiev. [105]

UK ‘bottom of G7 growth league table’.[106] Is God smiting the UK for putting Charles Darwin on its currency and the role it played in the Richard Dawkins' cult of personality?[107]

Russian oil exports at record levels. [108]

Housing starts crash -22.3% in April. [109] Debt -to-income ratio at record 180%. [110] Housing construction is the nation's largest manufacturing sector.

Kari Lake going back to trial. [111][112]

Elon Musk: George Soros hates humanity. [113]

Andrew Klavan: The horrifying truth about J6 prisoners. [114]

Zelensky avoids Chinese peace initiative. [115]

Japan bristles at Biden ambassador Rahm Emanuel pushing LGBTQ law: ‘Sick and tired of the interference.’ [116]

Judge obtains transgender killer's manifesto. [117]

Elizabeth Warren mocks Bible believers. [118]

Britain, long the world’s leading exporter of Enlightenment values, is now allowing religious activists to impose de facto blasphemy laws.[119] See: Attention British, militant atheists! Brace yourself for the mighty, religious wave that is coming The HMS British, Militant Atheism ship is taking on water. Abandon ship British atheists!

Wagner group to return flag draped coffin of US Green Beret mercenary killed in Bakhmut meatgrinder. [120]

EU foreign minister "Jungle Josep" Borrell: corrupt Zelensky puppet regime will collapse in days once the West withdraws support. [121][122] Politico: Ukraine aid expected to run out by mid-summer. [123] Zelensky advisor Mykhailo Podolyak openly threatened Europe with terror attacks if aid is cut off. [124]

WaPo: Zelensky cancels elections. [125][126] Zelensky Revealed: What the Washington Post deleted. [127]

Ukraine's supreme military commander dead? Gen. Zaluzhny missed a NATO meeting on the counteroffensive and was said to be 'too busy' to participate via teleconference. [128]

Destruction of Patriot missile ammunition depot registers 3.4 on the Richter scale. [129][130] Update: UK-supplied depleted uranium 'dirty nukes' destroyed. [131][132]

RFK Jr: 'In another reckless escalation, Britain has confirmed delivery of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine. DU munitions should be banned. They partially vaporize on impact, poisoning the environment with uranium dust that causes cancer and horrific birth defects.' [133]

Gatewaypundit: 'The West’s proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine has led to progressively more deadly weapons systems and ammunition to be delivered to Zelensky’s Nazi regime.' [134]

Head of Ukraine’s Supreme Court arrested after accepting $2.7 million bribe. [135] Ukrainian court sentences high-ranking member of Russian Orthodox Church. [136]

CIA, not Putin, interfered in the 2016 and 2020 elections. [137] Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says CIA murdered his father and uncle, the former president. [138]

Kherson warehouse intercepts Russian cruise missile. [139]

Durham Report: Hillary scheme to link Trump to Russia was briefed to Obama and Biden by John Brennan in August 2016. [140]

John Durham: Obama FBI had no evidence whatsoever when it opened investigation to harass Donald Trump and to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. [141] Technofog: The Durham Report - quick analysis. [142] Good Lawgic: breaking down the Durham Report. [143]

NATO/Ukraine continues terror attacks against Lugansk civilians. [144]

Is NATO/Ukraine planning to seize Russian territory as a bargaining chip? [145][146][147]

Fear sells: Biden tells African American graduating class that white supremacy is No.1 terror threat. [148]

Rasmussen Poll: Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Biden in dead heat. [149][150]

Federal judge blocks Biden regime from releasing illegal migrants without court dates. [151]

'Gender-change study' funded by National Institutes of Health leaves two kids dead. [152]

Turkish election: Erdogan 49%, Kilicdaroglu 45% headed for runoff.

James Comer: Two Biden family corruption whistleblowers missing. [153][154]

Graham Phillips reports on Zelensky regime's cruise missile attack on Lugansk civilians. [155] Ukrainian nazi Azov unit makes progress in Bakhmut. [156]

Setback for gambling industry: legislation to establish casinos in Texas fails. [157]

Robert Kennedy’s Movement - A broad new coalition won’t let COVID crimes be forgotten. [158] Kennedy details how the NSA was in charge of Operation Warspeed's COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, the history of the US bioweapons program, and why Fauci is the highest-paid government official in history. [159]

Ex-CIA exposes the truth of the JFK assassination cover up. [160][161]

How COVID turned people into fascists. [162]

Ukraine receiving Storm Shadow cruise missiles from UK. [163] Report: Ukraine fires two precision guided Storm Shadow missiles on Lugansk civilians. [164]

Zelensky accelerates Ukraine's de-Russification and ethnic cleansing of Russians and naziification of Ukraine's cultural identity. [165] NATO imprisons journalists. [166]

Why the aggressor in Ukraine is America — not Russia. [167]

FBI misled Americans on J6 ‘pipe bombs’, ex-agent says. [168]

FBI hiding key evidence of Biden bribery scheme. [169]

Leftist Riots Backfire: Chile Gives Conservatives Majority Power to Rewrite Their Constitution.[170][171]

Trump scores record television ratings for CNN, but it suffers a brutal backlash from Leftists furious that liberal censorship against him failed. [172]

Half of NYC kids cannot read and yet AOC spends her time attacking CNN for airing Trump's town hall. [173] It's AOC who fails to help her constituents as needed.

Crowd cheers and roars for Trump as he tells the truth at the CNN town hall, and refuses to cave into political correctness sought by the liberal media. [174] Highlight reel

Jim Rickards: the untold truth about the War in Ukraine. [175]

Breaking: Biden crime family received over $10 million foreign payoffs and tried to hide it. [176] Biden's China and Romanian ties exposed. [177] Technofog: The Biden money laundering operation. [178]

Liberal corruption of the law ends in their crushing defeat in the Trump trial: even in the Never-Trump land of NYC, it was too much to ask jurors to declare rape. It was not even a criminal trial!

Jury verdict sheet, question #1: "Did Ms. Carroll prove ... that Mr. Trump raped Ms. Carroll?" Answer: "NO". Why is a civil jury even invited to decide that, with its lower burden of proof??

Setback for Trump-haters: "jury did not find that Carroll proved he raped her," admits CNN sheepishly, and that was in Leftist NYC. [179] Also, the $5M award is small beer for Manhattan. Is that all Trump-haters there could muster??

Dreizin publishes complete Ukrainian battle plan for entire Zaporozhye front. [180]

Report: As Ukraine prepares counteroffensive, Supreme Commander Valery Zaluzhny killed in missile strike. [181][182]

US does not understand how the Russian army suppresses HIMARS missiles in Ukraine. [183]

Russia withdraws from 1990 Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe. [184]

Biden FBI uses Congressional Staffers as informers. [185]

Tucker Carlson announces new show will be broadcast on Twitter. [186]

Propaganda controls your mind. [187] Biden regime creates new disinformation board to oversee the rest. [188]

Former DNI: 'minority opinion' in CIA is holding back assessment lab leak was behind COVID-19. [189] Class action lawsuit launched in Australia over mandated Covid vaccine injuries. [190]

Impeachment watch: Calls grow to hold Biden DOJ stooge Merrick Garland responsible in Hunter Biden cover-up. [191] Judge Napolitano: Biden war crimes. [192]

Google co-founder Larry Page disappears after subpoena issued in Jeffrey Epstein case. [193]

How the CIA interfered in the 2020 election to elect Biden. [194]

Kremlin responds to Ukraine's xenophobic intel chief Kyrylo Budanov threat to 'kill Russians anywhere.' [195] Budanov was appointed intel head after the recent liquidation of Ukraine's top intel leadership. [196] Mark Sleboda: Kiev brags about global genocidal assassination campaign. [197]

WSJ: US and allies look at potential China role in ending Ukraine war. The willingness to encourage negotiations and seek out a role for China in talks represents a shift in Western thinking. [198]

Today is Victory Day - the 78th commemoration of Russia's victory over Nazi Germany and its Western allies. [199] The greatest military triumph in history. [200] Berliners participate in ‘Immortal Regiment’ march honoring Soviet soldiers who captured Berlin. [201] Western media working hard to justify Russophobia. [202] Happy Victory Day to all opponents of fascism! [203]

Victory by biological male in world-recognized women's cycling sparks outrage: "this will happen more and more- women’s sports is NOT THE PLACE for trans identified male athletes," tweeted tennis great Martina Navratilova. [204]

Another setback for marijuana addiction: CNN admits that "Marijuana may make sleep worse, especially for regular users." [205]

Russia activates nuclear forces to highest level of readiness. [206] Zelensky flees Ukraine. [207] Russian media: Kiev's terrorist attack on Kremlin sets dangerous global precedent. [208]

Russia begins mass evacuation of civilians from Zaporozhye Republic ahead of Ukrainian attack. [209][210]

Wagner group to withdraw from Bakhmut; NATO tanks threaten Transnistria. [211]

Gonzalo Lira arrested by Ukrainian SBU in Kharkov again. [212][213] Gonzalo Lira's last upload explains why NATO/Ukraine wanted to shut him up. [214] American transgender mercenary Sarah Ashton-Cirillo reports on Lira's disappearance. [215]

The Kremlin Has Been Attacked. The Bear Has Awaken. [216]

Breaking: Ukraine attacks Kremlin; Russia vows retaliation. [217][218] 'The drone strike at Kremlin is a game-changing incident which could be compared to attack on the White House in Washington.'

Fed raises interest rates, expect more bank failures. Bankruptcies, job loss rises. [219]

Deep State apparatchik Rochelle Walensky quits as head of CDC. [220]

Trump lawsuit funder Reid Hoffman visited Epstein Island. [221] Hoffman also interfered in the Alabama Senate election that defeated Judge Roy Moore. [222]

Jeffrey Epstein associate and JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says 'system is very, very sound' after second largest US bank failure in history. [223] Reuters: Judge says JP Morgan could be liable for Epstein sex trafficking. [224]

Robert F Kennedy Jr: "We need a peaceful revolution". [225]

Anheuser-Busch, the producer of Bud Light, finally disavows Dylan Mulvaney, Fox News banned in Canada? Another George Soros District Attorney resigns.[226]

The Link between highly processed foods and brain health. [227] Read our new article: Consumption of processed foods and brain impairment

Setback for liberal claptrap: Hollywood writers of late-night "comedy" go on strike. [228]

Politicized intelligence community: danger to a democracy. [229]

Did Zelensky tell Murdoch to fire Tucker Carlson? [230][231]

Tucker Carlson offered complete control over all Newsmax programming, [232]] Valuetainment offers Tucker $100 million over 5 years. [233]

Senators demand Blinken hand over records following 'false testimony’. [234]

Way worse than you're being told - even the pro-Nazi channels are finally admitting the truth about Ukraine. [235] Russian Defense Minister Shoigu: NATO/Ukraine lost 15,000 killed in April. [236]

Southfront video summary of AFU's prep for coming offensive. [237] Crimean Republic Head: 'We are ready to meet the Nazis.'

Biden tries to bully the GOP on the debt ceiling, declaring a deadline of June 1. [238] But the GOP House should defund the DOJ's misuse of its power first. Investigators see a political protection racket. [239]

Big Pharma update: FDA approves oral pill made from human poop. [240]

US Navy uses Drag Queen social media influencer as recruiting drops. [241][242]

Biden CIA boss Bill Burns and Obama lawyer Kathryn Ruemmler met with Jeffrey Epstein dozens of times after Epstein's conviction for child sex crimes. [243]

Biden economic management: Russian economy booming, US faces default. [244] Bank of Russia raises growth forecast. Key nations refuse to follow US on Russia and China policies. [245][246]

Decay across the UK. [247] Globalists have turned the United Kingdom into a hellhole, especially since Russia sanctions.

Helen of desTroy: 20,000 (Defamation) Leagues Under the Sea. [248]

Why are so many COVID tyrants suddenly shifting their narratives? [249] Instead of admitting they were wrong and apologizing to the public, they are trying to rewrite history.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains why he is running for president. [250] RFK Jr says his uncle and father were murdered while fighting the military-industrial complex. [251] Update: RFK Jr. opposes Biden's pro-transgender agenda. [252]

The Federalist: Washington media drop the charade over their annual dinner — now they want you to know how corrupt they are. [253]

Bud Lite in the toilet before it's even drunk. [254]

Report: Biden crime family intimidating witnesses. [255]

Illegal alien kills 5 in Texas. [256]

700,000 to 1,000,000 set to storm border. [257][258]

IRS hiring trained killers. [259][260]

Blinken accused of lying under oath to protect Hunter Biden in CIA/Laptop scandal. [261][262]

Hunter appears in court to prove he's a deadbeat dad. [263]

John Solomon debuts kids book teaching children about free speech, countering censorship. [264] Sam Gerrans: Propaganda as a tool of the state. [265]

Ukraine Defense Ministry mockery of Hinduism offends hundreds of millions of Indians. [266][267]

Montana bans child genital mutilation. [268]

Globalist rag The Globalist: Can the West abandon globalization? [269] 'The idea was first raised by Donald Trump. Now the liberals are happy to follow in Trump’s footsteps. The problem is how to explain this volte-face to the rest of the world.'

US anemic economic growth linked to Ukraine aid. [270] Poll: 75% of Americans say economy is tanking. [271]

House Democrats kicked out of Senate for disrupting an official proceeding and protesting Equal Rights Amendment loss. [272][273]

Reuters: Poland steals Russian Embassy money, [274][275] and 'seizes' embassy school. [276][277]

Biden Energy Secretary wants all US military vehicles to be electric by 2030. [278][279] Duh, how you gonna recharge them on the battlefield?

Greater adult illiteracy means more Dem ballot harvesting to vote for those who can't read, and that could be why the wealthiest nation (U.S.) ranks only 125th in the world in literacy. [280]

House investigators: Biden family profited from human trafficking and prostitution of American, Russian, and Ukrainian women. [281] Biden regime can't find 85,000 unaccompanied children who entered the US illegally. [282]

US corporations plunder Ukraine's oil and gas. [283] Debt trap diplomacy?

Apple, Inc. pays 900 million ruble anti-monopoly fine for violating Russian antitrust laws. [284]

Wagner group to pause artillery firing in Bakhmut so American reporters can come in. [285] 30,000 untrained conscripts have needlessly been killed in Bakhmut because Zelensky and NATO have shamefully kept feeding men into the meatgrinder. [286]

ABC News heavily censors interview with 2024 Democrat Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. [287]

Young girl resists Creepy Uncle Joe's attempt to lure her into Oval Office. [288]

Supreme Commander Europe gives eye-opening testimony on Russia in House hearing. Russian military has hardly taken on any damage. [289][290]

YouTube age restricts NYT video I Cry Silently; 'I don't even know what this war is for', says Ukrainian soldier. [291]

Zakharova: 'The Russian people are getting killed with targeting done by the United States and money provided by the United States, weapons supplied by the United States, and by the hands of a regime that was brought to power by the United States as a result of a coup orchestrated by the United States'. [292]

At least 7 civilians burnt alive in a bus shelled by Ukrainian Nazis in Donetsk. [293] Later reports up the toll to 8, six women, a child, and a man. [294] 9 years of bombings. [295]

Where US weapons for Ukraine are really going w/ Sy Hersh. [296]

Global Times: Xi tells Zelensky peace is only possible in the greater European context. [297][298] IOW, ditch the United States and NATO then China and Ukraine can build a mutually beneficial relationship. [299]

Ex-US Army psyops expert: Fox News fired Tucker to maintain "semi lobotomized quasi retarded population". [300] Megyn Kelly dishes as an insider: "Tucker's not fired." [301]

Ukraine counteroffensive begins, [302] St. Petersburg under attack. [303] Multiple explosions occur near the 20th Aviation Repair Plant. [304] Massive fire at Russian Cultural Center, Nicosia, Cyprus. [305] Report: Zelensky tried to assassinate Putin. [306]

American transgender mercenary Sarah Ashton-Cirillo fighting in the Ukrainian armed forces is with a group that has invaded the Russian Federation. [307]

Rand Paul asks accused Biden regime war criminal Samantha Power, 'Did USAID fund coronavirus research in Wuhan, China?' [308] Twitter Files: Anthony Fauci 'lied under oath'. [309]

Montana state house bans transgender legislator for disrupting official proceedings on gender mutilation. [310] Whoopi: God approves genital mutilation. [311]

CIA colluded with media to help Biden win. [312] Bombshell filing: 9/11 hijackers were CIA recruits. [313][314][315]

FOX News ratings halved, MSNBC, CNN beat Fox. [316][317]

Bud Lite spox Dylan Mulvany: using the wrong pronouns should be illegal. [318]

Trans Sec. Pete Bootyboy says traffic fatalities are racist. [319]

Chief Justice John Roberts tells Senate Dems to get lost. [320] Justice Alito has 'pretty good idea' who the SCOTUS leaker is. [321]

Liberal populations drop as Conservatives are taking over.[322]

Russia to deport illegal aliens from Russian territories. [323]

Biden regime sends $288 million to corrupt Sudan puppets, tells Americans stranded there 'tuff luck, you're on your own.' [324] 'Political engineering from abroad' responsible for crisis: Russian UN deputy ambassador. [325] Why does the US have bioweapons labs in Sudan? [326]

Zelensky advisor Mykhailo Podolyak blames the United States for the war, 'historical mistake'. [327][328][329] Blame game starts, US blames Ukraine, Ukraine blames US for loss.

Biden thinks he's running for president in 2024; [330][331] RFK Jr. throws down the gauntlet. [332]

Glenn Greenwald sues for Nashville transgender terrorist manifesto; [333] officials say manifesto is 'astronomically dangerous'. [334] Update: Manifesto said to be released. [335]

Tucker Carlson torches the ruling class as Fox News loses billions. [336] Jimmy Dore: The real reason Tucker Carlson was fired. [337] Tucker gave platform to RFK, Jr. who criticized Big Pharma advertisers.

US-funded fronts hijacking upcoming Thai elections. Thai elections will be an exercise in foreign-interference, not self-determination. [338]

Tanks for Kidneys: Are Americans harvesting kidneys from children in Western Ukraine? [339]

Reuters posts interview with Ukrainian 'SS' soldier 'Adolf' to commemorate Hitler's birthday. [340] Glorification of Nazism by Western MSM sends a clear message to Ukraine.

Conservapedia proven right, again: Fox News terminates its top commentator after he spoke the conservative truth. Unplug Fox!

Racist and misogynist CNN anchor Don Lemon fired. [341]

Calls mount for Blinken's resignation after he was busted meddling in the 2020 election. [342][343] Matt Tiabbi: if Watergate is the standard to measure American scandals, the Blinken/CIA scandal is far worse. [344]

Domestic chief and puppet master Susan Rice out at the Biden White House. [345] Ric Grenell called Rice the 'shadow president'. [346][347]

Setback for Trump-haters: Bed Bath & Beyond goes bankrupt, probably ending many thousands of jobs, two years after it banned goods from pro-Trump Mike Lindell (the "Pillow Guy"). [348] Lindell's going strong.

Even Never-Trump, liberal Politico seems to have given up on Ron DeSantis, as he doubles down in his obsessive fight against Mickey Mouse. [349] Mockery of DeSantis supporters seems inevitable: how can a loser to Mickey Mouse be expected to stare down foreign enemies???
Mediaite: "Charlie Kirk Throws His ‘Friend’ Ron DeSantis Overboard"

Ex-CIA chief Mike Morell rats out Blinken for rigging the 2020 election. [350][351]

Germany and Russia expel each others diplomats. Protests erupt in Germany over aid to Ukraine. [352] Anti-NATO protests erupt in Bulgaria; Bulgaria is not a member of NATO.

RFK Jr takes on the neocon war machine. [353]

NATO boss and LGBT activist Jens Stoltenberg caught in another lie: all NATO states do not agree to allow Ukraine into the club. [354]

Zelensky regime continues shelling Donbas civilians. 2 women killed. [355]

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