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  • "I myself believe that the duel between Christianity and atheism is the most important in the world. I further believe that the struggle between individualism and collectivism is the same struggle reproduced on another level." - William F. Buckley, God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of "Academic Freedom"
  • “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations - these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub and exploit - immortal horrors or everlasting splendors." - C.S. Lewis, Christian apologist and ex-atheist

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

"But everywhere, it seems, the mainstream is flowing rightwards," admits the liberal British Guardian as it braces for the election in 2 weeks in the EU's 6th largest economy: Poland. [1]

Conservative Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) will move to replace House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), after McCarthy caved into Dems to continue funding the Deep State. [2][3]

25,000 auto workers are now on strike at the Big 3. [4]

British defense secretary states they are putting military troops into Ukraine. [5]

Conservative pro-Russian populist wins NATO ally Slovakia election. [6] He sounds just like Trump.

Mad propaganda push to normalize war profiteering. [7]

Breaking: Ukraine aid cut from stop gap spending bill 335-91 until Nov 17; [8] Is Congress finally getting caught up to the American people?

Breaking: as spending bill vote looms, Dem Jamaal Bowman pulls fire alarm to delay vote. [9] Speaker McCarthy vows disciplinary action for the new low in Democrat tactics. [10]

Jimmy Dore addresses UN Security Council. [11]

Milley out, Air Force Gen. CQ Brown in. [12] President Donald Trump: Milley betrayed his oath and his country. [13]

Zerohedge: Too little too late? Europe finally realizes mass immigration is destroying them. [14] The migration was caused by NATO's unprovoked wars of aggression in the Middle East and North Africa.

Setback for the Deep State that is harming America: Congress is unplugging it with a government shutdown. God is good!

´Volga 149.200´ frequency, Ukrainian forces quitting by the thousands. [15]

Dianne Feinstein has died. [16] A leading proponent of San Francisco values, she rose to power in the events in the immediate aftermath of the Jonestown massacre.

Nazigate. [17]

'A CIA front organization': revisiting EcoHealth COVID-19 claims after Fauci 'influence' bombshell. [18]

Retired generals still lying about Ukraine while media coming to grips with the unfolding debacle. [19]

Facing a US anti-corruption push in Ukraine, Burisma demanded Hunter Biden call dad. [20]

Russia has gained more territory during Ukraine counteroffensive than Ukraine. [21] After pushing gains by Ukraine NYT finally notes its losses. [22] The New York Times reporting on Ukraine seems inconsistent.

Americans are being led by a lying media and corrupt political class. [23]

Mainstream Media admit - Ukraine propaganda full of lies. [24] RWA Samizdat: A brief foray into Ukrainian propaganda. [25]

Without Trump participating, the second GOP debate on globalism-pandering Fox plummets to record low TV ratings. [26] Fascist propagandist Jen Psaki fell flat on her face. [27]

Unplug the Deep State with a government shutdown! Social Security would not be affected. [28]

TechnoFog: Biden impeachment begins. [29] 7 big takeaways. [30]

Donald Trump is suing Christopher Steele. [31]

Sidney Powell accuses Big Fani Willis of prosecutorial misconduct. [32]

Cartels already control the border - now comes the battle for the United States. [33]

What is happening in Arizona? [34] Benny Johnson: Insider reveals dark reason why corrupt Dem Katie Hobbs is no longer governor. [35]

Sen. Rand Paul speculates why Fauci visited CIA during COVID origins investigation. [36]

NATO's losing proxy war in Ukraine. [37] NATO's inevitable decline. [38]

Mueller pit bull sued for defamation. [39]

Liberal logic: “It’s utterly delusional to think that Trump property [Mar-a-Lago] is only worth $18 million,” said a real estate broker about the bizarre anti-Trump court declaring that. [40]

Biased DC judge refuses to recuse herself in Trump insurrection hoax case. [41]

James Biden confirmed to FBI family tried to help Chinese firm buy US energy assets. [42]

Scott Ritter: Trudeau's Nazi debacle a huge defeat for NATO's Ukraine War. [43]

NYT: The war in Ukraine is also a giant arms fair. [44] People are dying for inches. [45] Weapons systems tested on human bodies to the benefit of war profiteers over a completely avoidable war is one of the most depraved things imaginable, and a clear sign of a profoundly sick society.

Glitch McConnell reveals the real purpose of perpetual war is to re-inflate the military industrial complex. [46] They don't care how many Ukrainians are killed. It is not about 'freedom & democracy'.

NATO ally Poland demands justice after NATO ally Canada honored Ukrainian Nazi who genocided Poles. [47] Poland seeks extradition of Canadian nazi for war crimes. [48]

Dmitri Medvedev: 'NATO has turned into an openly fascist bloc similar to Hitler’s Axis, only bigger'.

Ukraine has lost 17,000 soldiers in September, 80,000 since June with the help of NATO and the United States. [49][50]

Deranged New York judge rules President Trump must dissolve all business interests in the state in 10 days. [51]

Chicoms paid bribes directly to Joe Biden's home address. [52][53]

Breaking: National Guard deployed to Eagle Pass, Texas to deal with Biden border crisis. [54]

Biden regime deports Christian family that escaped Germany to homeschool their kids, allows more illegal aliens in. [55]

Demonic culture at Biden White House: his dog bit the 11th victim. [56]

President Trump files eloquent rebuttal to Dirty Jack's gag order motion. [57]

Setback for liberal claptrap: Biden "looked like a distracted toddler as a union worker delivered remarks" at a picket line for the UAW strike that demands 5-day pay for a 4-day work week, and a 40% increase in wages. [58]

Dem NJ Sen. Booker calls for Dem NJ crook Sen. Menendez to walk the plank. [59]

Native Americans sue Washington Commanders for dumping the name Redskins. [60]

Why is applauding Ukrainian Nazis a scandal, but not arming them? [61] Canada's House Speaker apologizes for honoring Nazi; [62] radio silence from Anti-Defamation League. [63] Nobody who fought against Russia could possibly be bad! [64] [65]

The malignant narcissism of Justin Trudeau. [66] Mercouris: US looks for Zelensky's ouster; [67] The Zelensky lie is coming to an end. [68]

Tucker: 'Our system is collapsing in real time'. [69] Sam Gerrans: Getting an education during civilizational collapse. [70]

O'Keefe undercover in Lahaina Part 2. [71]

Seymour Hersh: A year of lying about Nordstream. [72]

RFK Jr. vs. BlackRock. [73]

US funding pushes world’s poor brown people to kill their own kids. [74]

Syria - China summit heralds' new era in multipolar world. [75]

Hunter sues Rudy over Laptop from Hell. [76]

Can you spot the difference between the Menendez and Biden foreign influence scandals? [77]

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules drop boxes illegal. [78]

Why the West’s elites invented a permacrisis. [79] How America hides the human toll of its forever wars. [80]

What is wrong with the Western political class? [81]

ABC News/WaPo poll: Trump 51, Biden 42 as 7% of Biden voters switch to Trump. [82]

Bidenomics: Bankruptcies soar 18% over last year [83] while the United States subsidizes Ukrainian businesses, government employees. and Nazi fighters. [84]

Trudeau's Nazi hot take flexibility. [85]

Breaking: Jews, Poles, & Russians have united to condemn Canada for Nazi glorification; [86] Politico: Nazi-linked veteran received ovation during Zelenskyy’s Canada visit. [87] Judge Napolitano: Ukrainian Nazis in Canada w/Larry Johnson fmr CIA. [88]

Canada faces global embarrassment for honouring a Nazi veteran; NATO ally Poland and Russia slam Trudeau govt. [89] Canada exposes West as on wrong side of history. [90]

Now that the Deep State/DNC decided to dump Biden, Hillary wants the job. [91][92] What about Kamala?

WaPo deep state mouthpiece David Ignatius: President Biden Should Not Run Again In 2024. [93] When David Ignatius speaks, the CIA's lips are moving

Threats continue against Rumble video platform. [94]

Biden regime censored Tucker Carlson interview with anti-Nazi Vladimir Putin. [95]

Report: German 'active duty' soldier captured in Ukraine. [96]

Setback for Worst College Majors: despite protests, New York City converts college dorm into an illegal alien shelter. [97]

Polish MP delivers $23 billion bill to Ukrainian embassy. [98] They caught on to how capitalism works real fast. Polish prime minister Morawiecki: 'I want to tell Zelensky, don't insult Poles again.' [99] Polish elections next month.

NYC restaurants reject shabby attire allowed by Dem-controlled U.S. Senate to appease Leftist John Fetterman (D-PA). [100]

"Corporate America is bracing for a lengthy government shutdown," reports CNN. [101] Let's hope so!

Leftists expand UAW strike to 20 states and imperil the national economy, still demanding 5-day pay for a reduced new 4-day work week. [102][103]

Hunter Biden wanted to lobby indicted Democrat Sen. Menendez on behalf of foreign client. [104] Hunter has not been indicted yet for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act after 5 years of investigations, Biden DOJ trying to run out statute of limitations.

Biden border crisis surges to 233,000 in August. [105]

Russell Brand issues statement after British govt targets him for removal from social media platforms. [106]

72% say America becoming a 'Police State'. [107]

Biden regime appoints Clapper & Brennan of Russiagate hoax & Laptop from Hell fame to new 'Homeland Intelligence Experts Group' in advance of the 2024 elections. [108] Stay tuned to Conservapedia for the latest updates.

Newsweek: Lt. Col. Daniel Davis: We can no longer hide the truth about the Russia-Ukraine war. [109] Seymour Hersh: 'The war is over…Russia won…the White House and media have to keep the lie going...The truth is, if the Ukrainian army is ordered to continue the army would mutiny.' [110]

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy rejects Zelensky's request for yet another joint session of Congress; 29 House Republicans object to continued funding of the NATO war in Ukraine; and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks against this perpetual war on the U.S. Senate floor. [111]

Zelensky's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad D.C. snubfest. [112]

NYT debunks its own propaganda: Ukraine killed Ukrainian civilians in market, not Russia. [113]

Breitbart: Sen. J.D. Vance demands Biden admin reveal if American Transgender ‘Spokesperson’ for Ukraine Military has US Intelligence ties after threats to ‘hunt down’ Russianpropagandists’. [114][115]

American psycho threatens journalists from official Kiev post. [116] Transgender psycho threatens to murder critics of Ukraine war. [117] American transgender Ukrainian Sgt demands more. [118]

NATO fractures; [119] Did Poland just torpedo NATO and Ukraine? [120] Poland & Ukraine have plunged into a full-blown political crisis with no end in sight. [121]

Poland cuts off all benefits to Ukrainian refugees. [122] With elections next month, Poland is sick of it. Poland's Duda smacks Zelensky. [123] 'Zelensky is like a drowning man trying to pull us down with him' [124] The rise of Ukrainian crime in Poland may become a threat. [125]

Is Western support for Ukraine crumbling? w/Alastair Crooke. [126]

Are Jack Smith and Fani Willis in on the Plan? [127]

How NATO killed 15,000 civilians in Libya. [128][129]

Ukraine phase of war ends, Biden phase begins. [130]

Lockheed Martin boasts to investors: Ukraine war fueling '$10 Billion of Opportunities ... Now to the End of the Decade' [131] War profiteers are a sign of a profoundly sick society. [132]

Judge Napolitano: Scott Ritter: How NATO caused the Ukraine War. [133]

5 cases to watch in Supreme Court’s 2023-24 term. [134]

Setback for Worst College Majors: WVU cuts 28 majors, "one-third of education department faculty and the entire world language department." [135]

Setback for liberal claptrap: Trump schedules an event for union workers in Detroit, while the Leftist president of the UAW lashes back with class warfare demagoguery. [136]

Clueless Mike Pence, puppet of the neocons, wants to put American women into combat in Ukraine: "our men and women in uniform are going to have to go and fight under our NATO treaty." [137]

Ukraine files complaint with World Trade Organization against NATO members Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia for not allowing grain imports. [138][139] But they'll try to blame Putin anyway.

Hyping Ukraine counteroffensive, US press chose propaganda over journalism. [140]

Parallel worlds: what counts as news in the West; what counts as news in Russia. [141]

Breitbart: American citizen journalist sitting in Ukraine prison as Biden begs for billions more to protect Ukrainian ‘freedom’. [142]

Elon Musk: So much death for so little. [143] Biden uses NYT to send Zelensky an unpleasant message. [144] Did Biden just green light Russia? [145]

Joe Biden’s rough September: auto strike, son’s indictment, inflation, impeachment inquiry. [146]

Steve Turley: Big Fani got some bad news. [147] You can't have a 'conspiracy' if the defendants don't know each other and the judge starts severing cases.

Peer-reviewed journal: ‘Boosters’ increase covid infection rates. [148]

Kiev faces a budget deficit of $40 billion+ in 2024, and has been informed that failure to cough up the cash will cripple the military. [149] Clinton Global Initiative tapped to 'rebuild' Ukraine. [150]

West admits Russia outguns them as Ukraine suffers heavy losses amid failing offensive. [151]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Texas AG Ken Paxton acquitted of all bogus charges. [152] Big loss for the neocon Bush wing of the GOP in Texas, and a humiliation of Karl Rove. [153]

European Central Bank begins dumping US dollar. [154]

RFK Jr: The Democratic party rigs the primaries. [155]

Western leaders continue to turn the handle of the Ukrainian meatgrinder. [156]

Ex-UK Amb. Craig Murray: 'The US has completely ceased to be a democracy'. [157]

Navy puts the kibosh on digital recruiting program after discovering enlistees aren’t into drag queens. [158]

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov: US is at war with Russia. [159]

Thousands of Czechs march in Prague demanding gov. resign, exit NATO, stop Ukraine aid. [160]

Nightmarish layoffs begin due to the UAW's strike against the Big Three: Ford forced to send more workers home. [161] Tesla is worth 6 times the entire Big Three.

Dr. Robert Malone: Consequences of government weaponization. [162] Joe Biden wants RFK Jr. dead. [163] Troubling – Heavily armed man with fake US Marshals badge arrested at RFK Jr event. [164] Assassination attempt on presidential candidate has all hell breaking loose. [165]

NPR: Child poverty skyrockets under Biden. [166]

Will Russians lines crumble? [167] What the US will learn, and not learn, from its war in Ukraine. [168]

The American Conservative: Col. Doug MacGregor: War, money, and America’s Future. Why is the uniparty risking a war we’re so ill-prepared to fight? [169]

3 men acquitted in FBI false flag Whitmer kidnap hoax. [170]

Visual history of the Holocaust in Ukraine. [171]

Decrepit Britain schools collapsing and Challenger tanks blown to smithereens. [172] As British schools crumble [173] Lvov mobilization continues apace - 'we need Challenger drivers, son!' [174]

Zelensky threatens the West: keep the money coming or else… [175][176] 'There will be no happy ending'. [177]

Big Three car companies, which foolishly embraced Biden's electric car push, are devastated by a UAW strike. [178][179] Michigan turned Dem and can wave goodbye to jobs now.

Obama solicits funds to 'help' Libya, 12 years after he bombed it back into the Stone Age and brought back Black African slavery. [180]

Megyn Kelly interviews President Donald Trump. [181]

White House sends media instructions how to report on impeachment inquiry. [182] MRC: Media follows White House instructions. [183]

Breaking: SCOTUS to hear Missouri v. Biden. [184]

Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges. [185] Indictment is a sham coverup. [186][187][188] What about the tax and FARA charges? Techno Fog's take: [189]

Fulton county judge moves back Trump sham trial date, spanks Big Fani Willis for violating defendants' rights. [190][191]

Russia delivers démarche to UK for training sabotuers in terrorist attack on nuclear power plant. [192]

NATO is done. [193] NATO: What is it good for? [194]

Syria demands the United States end its illegal occupation. [195]

Hitlery 'all in', wants to be Biden's VP. [196]

Public school district hires drag queen principal. [197]

Federal Judge blocks Progressive Democrat NM Gov. Lujan Grisham's dictatorial decree. [198]

NFL values $$$ over player safety, and is criticized for ending the season of 4-time MVP QB Aaron Rodgers with a torn Achilles tendon while playing on astroturf long opposed by players. “Profit over people, it’s always been the case,” said his wide receiver. [199]

Hurt our country and harmed his Mormon Church with his hatred of Trump: Sen. Mitt Romney, a puppet of private equity, finally throws in the towel ... because he was going to disgracefully lose in his own primary if he didn't. [200]

RNC lawyer begins contract work to disqualify Donald Trump. [201] 'The two wings of the UniParty vulture are the RNC and DNC. Any entity that exists outside the framework of the modern political industry, like the MAGA movement, is considered a threat.'

Hindustan News: Zelensky Nazi aid Mikhail Podoliak calls Chinese & Indians 'stupid'. [202]

Sen. J.D. Vance: 'We’ve got to stop sinking money into the Ukrainian money pit.' [203] Breitbart: Ukrainians rank corruption in their own government a bigger threat to 'Ukrainian entrepreneurship' than the Russian invasion. [204]

Poll: Almost 80% of Ukrainians consider Zelensky responsible for corruption in government and military administrations. [205]

YouTube censoring evidence of Ukraine Nazis. [206]

Breaking: Leftist insurrectionists storm Speaker McCarthy's office. [207]

Breaking: Biden impeachment inquiry underway. [208][209] 5 grounds for impeachment. [210]

GOP Senators oppose impeachment of fascist warmonger Joe Biden. [211]

CIA revives Ukrainian Nazism. [212][213]

US Census Bureau: Income dropped, poverty soared under Biden. [214]

Does Elon Musk’s refusal to comply with all of Ukraine’s demands constitute treason? [215]

Manufacturing Consent: The New York Times & the media’s anti-China frenzy. [216]

Here’s why Ukraine’s defeat could mean the end of NATO in its current form. [217]

Michael Obama 2024: her real life story and plan for power - film trailer. [218]

NM AG won't defend Lujan Grisham; [219] This is how a Progressive fascist dictator works: she didn't consult the Democrat AG, mayor, police chief, or sheriff before issuing decree.

Bobby Jr.: The magic bullet theory is now dead. [220][221] JFK and RFK were victims of CIA plots. [222]

Liberal denial falsely reports a prayer by the 19-year-old American winner of the women's tennis U.S. Open as “a moment to soak it all in.” [223]

Ukrainian Nazi 'BoneFace' threatens Laura Loomer for outing him as U.S. intel asset. [224][225]

Even as Ukraine offensive slows, casualties mount. [226]

CIA gave rewards to analysts who covered up lab leak investigation, whistleblower alleges, [227][228]

Enrique Tarrio: 'The Feds asked me to lie about President Trump in order to indict him.' [229][230]

Trump legal team asks bigoted judge to remove herself in J6 case. [231]

Trump prosecutors make a huge mistake they will forever regret. [232]

Dinesh D'Souza's new film Police State trailer. [233]

CDC issues new non-emergency 'emergency' covid election boosters. [234][235]

Zelensky threatens to terrorize Europe. [236]

Biden and Blinken pay ransom to Iran. [237]

Biden snubs 9/11 victims. [238]

Youngkin pardons father targeted by Biden FBI whose daughter was the victim of transgender rape. [239] Michael Obama's wife Barack fanatically pushed the transgender bathroom agenda onto schools. [240]

Biden calls Vietnam 'third world' as staff cut mic in panic. [241]

Russophobic EU bans Russian tourists from bringing cars, smartphones, soap, and toilet paper into the EU bloc. [242] Next they'll seize the clothing on your back if it's made in Russia.

Armed gun owners rally in New Mexico, police respect the law. [243]

Biden crosses his own red lines with ATACMS; [244] Pentagon wants to save them for Taiwan.

The withdrawal of Western companies from Russia has created vast opportunities for Chinese businesses. [245] Chinese carmakers now have 40% of the market.

Propaganda update: China is likely headed for a full-blown financial crisis as its economy is due for wilder swings.[246] The reality. [247]

Anti-Trumper NBA coach Steve Kerr fails even to win the bronze medal for the U.S. in the basketball World Cup. [248] This is the same clown who was too frightened to answer a reporter's question about China's human rights abuses. [249]

Big truths: bigger lies. [250]

Biden administration cancels drilling leases in Alaskan wildlife refuge. [251] Is Biden trying to assist the Russian war machine with higher gas prices?

Trump ends liberal stranglehold on college students: they flock to him at the annual Iowa-Iowa State football game Saturday. Trump can hold massive rallies near college campuses in swing states to end Dem control of that voting bloc.

Fascist New Mexico governor suspends 2nd Amendment. [252] Lujan Grisham: 'my duty to uphold the Constitution is not absolute.' [253] State reps call for impeachment. [254][255]

Gun control nuts Ted Lieu and David Hogg call out Democrat fascist Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. [256]

The Pentagon is the elephant in the climate activist room. [257] The continuation of the Ukraine war is the continuation of ecocide.

American insouciance is institutionalizing tyranny. [258]

Biden regime wants to use Kenyan mercenaries in Haiti. [259]

US & vassals defeated in G20 declaration. [260] Putin scores a win without being in the room. [261] The rise of BRICS and fall of the G20. [262]

US Intel Official: Media misleading Americans about Ukraine’s supposed battlefield success. [263] Cracks appear in the Deep State. [264]

What we’re not being told about the war in Ukraine. The war was never meant to be won; it was meant to be continuous.' — George Orwell, 1984 [265]

Townhall: By every historical precedent, the next act will be war. [266]

Ukraine's 'biggest arms supplier' orchestrated 2014 false flag Maidan massacre, witnesses say. [267]

Russia celebrates 80th anniversary of liberation of Donbas from Western fascism. [268]

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