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  • "I myself believe that the duel between Christianity and atheism is the most important in the world. I further believe that the struggle between individualism and collectivism is the same struggle reproduced on another level." - William F. Buckley, God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of "Academic Freedom"
  • “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations - these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub and exploit - immortal horrors or everlasting splendors." - C.S. Lewis, Christian apologist and ex-atheist

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Democrat Chicago builds concentration camps for illegal immigrants. [1][2]

Trump lawyers file discovery motion for FBI J6 undercovers and informants. [3]

Ex-Virginia election official on trial 'altered election results' in 2020 election. [4]

First American hostage released by Hamas is nephew of buyer of Hunter Biden artwork. [5]

Hunter Biden wants to testify in public hearing. [6]

After NATO's defeat in Ukraine, Kazakhstan army purges NATO-trained officers. [7]

Liberal logic baffles even CNN: "environmentalists are suing the National Park Service to prevent it from planting trees." [8]

Tucker and Steve Bannon discuss what happens in a democracy when voting no longer works. [9]

Zelensky insanity: 87 year old woman sent mobilization papers. [10]

Russian Embassy asks government of UK to clarify its role in disrupting Russia-Ukraine peace negotiations. [11] UK media mum. [12]

Ukraine propagandist Alexei Arestovich says the West 'screwed over' Ukraine and lied about providing help. [13]

NATO ally Poland blockades NATO proxy Ukraine border. [14] Poland wants no more cheap Ukrainian goods, driving prices and wages down. Tensions rise.

Thought police advances in atheistic England: two 17-year-olds were arrested at a soccer game for heckling a female referee. “We don’t tolerate any form of hate,” the West Midlands Police said. [15]

Elon Musk visits Israel, tours Hamas carnage along with Netanyahu. [16]

Leftist lightweight Justin Trudeau, obsessed with being eclipsed by Trump, blames the "rise of a right-wing, American MAGA-influenced thinking" for the Canada Conservative Party voting unanimously against more globalism. [17]

China hands over new parliament building to Zimbabwe. [18]

Hunt for fall guys continue: Zelensky to fire Gen. Zaluzhny after refusing to take the top military commanders' advice not to send 200,000 Ukrainians to their deaths needlessly. [19]

The Progressive globalist suicide cult exposed. [20]

Prof. John J. Mearsheimer: The myth that Putin was bent on conquering Ukraine and creating a Greater Russia. [21]

Victimized by the Chauvin trial bias, Derek Chauvin was just severely stabbed in prison where Feds failed to maintain security. [22]

US govt-linked activists hold pro-Nazi Veterans Day rally outside Biden White House. [23]

Review: Napoleon movie was doomed from the start. [24]

Dublin riots. [25] 'Irish people are being attacked' - anti-immigrant riots erupt after Dublin stabbing spree. [26]

The Economist: Russia shoots down $2 million worth of NATO drones every week. [27]

Zerohedge: Lawlessness in France is off-the-charts as govt continues to bury its head in the sand on immigration, says Marine Le Pen. [28]

Conservative populist Geert Wilders wins by a landslide in the Netherlands, sending 'shockwaves through Europe' as admitted by the liberal media. [29]

DNC oligarchs funding pro-Hamas nonprofits. [30]

Trump appeals 'insurrection' ruling in Colorado removal case. [31]

Biden defense chief Lloyd Austin and Council on Foreign Relations boss Richard Haass refuse to admit Ukraine's defeat. [32] Ukraine sends women, the elderly to the front. [33][34]

Putin tells G20 destruction of Nordstream was 'state terrorism'. [35]

Oliver Stone: 'No evidence Joe Biden won in 2020'. [36]

60-year JFK anniversary: forensics disproves the contrived 'magic bullet' hoax perpetrated by the Deep State's Warren Commission cover-up [37] and 60 years later the Deep State still hides JFK Assassination Records. Example of selective liberal denial by scientism.

JFK assassination at 60: public knows the truth, why won't the media report it? [38] Doctors break silence, dispute govt claims. [39]

Neocon shill Nikki Haley campaign on life support. [40]

Setback for atheists: Big box stores like Walmart and Target closed for all of Thanksgiving, in repudiation of Black Friday pressure to open early.

Indigenous peoples want Redskins name back. [41]

Pentagon wants AI weapons to make killing decisions. [42] Critics express concern over the development of 'killer robots' that make life-and-death decisions without human input.

Ken Paxton joins Elon Musk in legal battle against far left propaganda mouthpiece Media Matters. [43][44] Matt Taibbi: Media Matters and the fake news era go to court. [45]

Racist Democrat NY mayor Eric Adams accused of sexual assault. [46]

Google continues election interference: still buries Trump, other Biden opponents. [47]

Biden defense chief Lloyd Austin announces $100 million aid package in Kiev - not enough to keep the war going for half a day.

Fake news update: No Niagara Falls terror attack. [48][49] FOX News reported the incident as a terrorist attack.

Breaking: Pentagon official at office overseeing elementary schools arrested in human trafficking sting. [50]

Army scrambling to get back soldiers it kicked out over Biden’s vaccine mandate. [51]

NBC News journalist arrested on incitement of terrorism charges. [52]

Netanyahu opposes Biden: No way Palestinian Authority runs Gaza again. [53]

The Hill: Jeffrey Sachs on Rising: Zelensky & MSM are lying about NordStream, Ukraine war. [54]

Bidenomics Thanksgiving: Turkey prices up 321%. [55]

Lara Logan releases new episode on Ray Epps 'Fed-surrection Part 3'. [56]

Breitbart: Top 1% emit as much carbon as bottom 2/3s. [57]

BRICS to hold emergency summit on Israel-Hamas conflict. [58]

New American: More than 100 illegal Chinese marijuana growing operations in Maine. [59]

Biden border crisis to cost America trillions of dollars. [60]

NATO ally Finland accuses Russian Federation of allowing 300 asylum seekers from Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Syria through. [61]

CIA Burns and DOD Austin in separate 'urgent' trips to Ukraine as war effort implodes. [62]

Biden regime engaged in illegal mass surveillance without warrants. [63][64][65]

Michigan sues salon which only serves men and women. [66]

Pothole Pete pal gets 30 year prison term in kiddy porn case. [67][68]

Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman calls for assassination of President Trump. [69]

D.C.: Trump fights gag order: What you need to know. [70]

Dr. Robert Malone: Pandemics as a catalyst for a New World Order. [71]

'Sham' J6 committee under fire after video dump, [72] Rep. Jim Banks calls for inquiry. [73]

'Sustainable' means you die. [74]

Fix is in: Joe Biden gets another free pass from DOJ. [75]

Engoron claims "absolute discretion" with GF and denies mistrial. [76] Trump sues Judge Engoron for illegal gag order in NY Court of Appeals. [77]

President Trump congratulates Argentine President-elect, Libertarian Javier Milei. [78]

Landslide victory shocks liberal media: CNN calls the winner "far-right," but the new Argentina President Javier Milei is actually a pro-life libertarian who recognizes global warming as a "lie of socialism." [79]

Media acknowledges true situation in special op zone. [80] The American Conservative: (Who dies for) peace in Ukraine? [81]

New raft of articles tighten the screws on Zelensky. [82] More delusional nonsense from Foreign Affairs. [83] Ukraine is running out of burial places. [84]

Steve Turley interviews Douglas MacGregor. [85]

R.I.P. Rosalynn Carter, the "co-president" of the failed Carter Administration during which she demanded ratification of the Leftist Equal Rights Amendment. [86]

President Trump serves meals to Texas National Guard, Border Patrol. [87]

NFL logic: Super Bowl team Philadelphia Eagles officially waive a lineman who last played for them in 1994. [88] Unplug the NFL.

Antifa activist and paid CNN source John Sullivan convicted of 7 federal felony counts in J6 riot. FBI lied. [89] MSM cover up. [90]

Biden turns 81 on Monday, but will he realize why there's "Happy Birthday" music???

Imagine if Donald Trump rolled out the red carpet for Putin the way Democrats did for Xi. [91]

FBI and CDC did not investigate a CA biolab operated by Chinese nationals containing deadly transmissible pathogens. [92][93]

Jerusalem Post: Russia's role in the Middle East: A key factor in Israel's foreign policy. [94]. Lavrov: Putin has been a lifelong supporter of 'ironclad security' for Israel. [95]

WSJ: It’s time to end magical thinking about Russia’s defeat. [96] Some neocons slowly coming to grips with reality. [97] Big Serge: Russo-Ukrainian war: The Reckoning. [98]

Breaking: Speaker Johnson releases first batch of J6 footage; [99][100] undercover officer with MAGA hat flashes badge as he enters Capitol; [101] Sen. Mike Lee calls for investigation of J6 committee. [102] Free the J6 political prisoners! [103]

Texas AG Ken Paxton puts critics, Biden, and Google in crosshairs. [104]

Colorado judge rejects Democrat 2024 Presidential election interference to remove Trump from ballot. [105] Trump 3-0 on 14th Amendment nonsense. [106]

Fulton county official who allegedly counted the same ballots three times is a racist. [107]

Judge approves hauling Dominion Voting Systems in court in Georgia election scam. [108]

United States buys uranium from Russia despite sanctions; [109] WaPo: Pentagon supports Russian war machine by buying sanctioned Russian oil. [110]

Zelensky desperate to discredit protests. [111]

Special Counsel lets Biden off the hook in classified docs case while Biden DOJ tries to imprison Trump for 450 years for same thing. [112][113] Outrage ensues. [114]

Setback for liberal censorship: New York appellate court lifts gag order against Trump, which lacks a valid legal basis. [115]

Hamas insurrection in Washington DC - 6 officers injured. [116]

Stinken Blinken meets President Xi. [117][118]

Where did San Francisco's homeless go when the Democrats turned it into a Potemkin Village in advance of Xi Jinping's visit? [119]

US anti-democratic dictator Joe Biden calls President Xi a 'dictator'. [120]

Sen. Markwayne Mullin accepts challenge from Teamster bully. [121]

Hunter Biden wants to subpoena Donald Trump, Bill Barr in Biden's criminal case. [122]

What the MSM isn't telling you about Alabama Democrat transgender mayor's alleged suicide. [123]

HistoryLegends: Israeli elite combat engineers storm Gaza HQ. [124]

Public school values: high school athletic recruits "suspected in Rose Bowl locker room thefts." [125]

Ukrainian lawmaker charged with treason for exercising free speech, [126] sanctioned by US for divulging Burisma corruption.

How the US and NATO sabotaged peace between Russia and Ukraine. [127][128]

WaPo: European Union is struggling to produce and send the ammunition it promised to Ukraine. [129] What was the purpose of starting a war without the ammunition to see it through?

Biden mulls approval of fresh $10 billion for Iran. [130]

Z-Day in Kiev. William Burns, head of the CIA, is flying to Kiev. [131] Probably giving the message: 'Quit or get fired.'

Wild day as the Ukrainian Game of Thrones revs up. [132] Redacted: Zelensky is finished and NATO is looking for a replacement. [133] Is Zelensky being prepped to join the friends of the US club? [134]

Liberal logic by Overrated Sports Star Megan Rapinoe, "if there is a God, this is proof that there isn’t," because she was injured during her final pro game. [135]

Axios: Internal State Dept. memo blasts Biden, US policy on Israel-Hamas war. [136]

The Federalist: How Obama and Biden’s America-last ethos demoted the US from world leader to loser. [137]

Alan Dershowitz: Obama's speech endangers America and Jews. [138]

Secret Service open fire on citizens tampering with unoccupied vehicle. [139] Use of deadly force in suspected property crime was allegedly to protect the Biden family.

NBC News: US and European officials have begun quietly talking to the Ukrainian government about what possible peace negotiations with Russia might entail to end the war. [140]

Cyrus Janssen: Ukraine war is finished (you won't believe what happens next). [141] US and allies wasted $360 billion losing Ukraine’s war since February 24, 2022. [142]

The Hill Rising: Mainstream narrative on Ukraine-Russia War crumbling, conflict is unwinnable. [143]

Elon Musk to Zelensky: 'Do not send the flower of Ukrainian youth to die in trenches.' [144] 'History will not look kindly upon you'. Zelensky sends pregnant women to fight. [145]

Setback for pro-aborts who spent $58 million to enact the deceptive Ohio ballot initiative: pro-life legislators will withdraw jurisdiction from courts to infringe on the right to life. [146]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Star "Coach Jim Harbaugh Banned For Rest Of Regular Season Over Sign-Stealing Scheme." HuffPost

Bidenomics: Moody's cuts US Government credit rating from 'stable' to 'negative'. [147]

ABC News Poll: 76% believe country headed in the wrong direction. [148]

Antifa launches bio-warfare campaign. [149] Chemical weapon attack on election officials has the FBI scrambling for answers. [150]

Nikki Strangelove: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.' [151]

GOP Conference chair Rep. Elise Stefanik files ethics complaint on Judge Engoron in Trump NY case. [152] Marco Polo explains Judge Arthur Engoron's semi-nudes, family corruption. [153]

Rep. Matt Gaetz criticizes FBI's funding request for a new headquarters; [154] FBI announces arrests in ‘high-end brothel network’ for elected officials. [155] These 70 Republicans just rewarded the FBI with new headquarters worth $375 million. [156]

Deep State atrocity, covered up by liberal media: CIA officer pleads guilty to "drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women," but the lamestream media cares more about locking up peaceful J6 participants. [157]

Lara Logan: Ray Epps Part 2. [158]

FBI seizes NYC racist mayor Eric Adams' phones in illegal fundraising scheme. [159]

FBI, DOJ refuse to call Covenant School shooting an anti-white hate crime even after racist manifesto is leaked. [160] Nashville’s diversity-obsessed police chief hid Covenant School Christophobic transgender killer's hate screed manifesto. [161]

In Ukraine the Western powers have created a poisonous web of lies. [162] Never before has western society been so heavily propagandised as now.

Yahoo News: Poland blocks Ukraine EU membership until the 1943 Volyn Massacre of Poles by Ukrainian Nazis is resolved. [163]

Why is the West moving to replace Zelensky? [164] Breaking: Reuters: Zelenskiy hopes for 'planet of dogs' to solve world's crises. [165]

UN adopts resolution condemning 'the persistence and resurgence of neo-Nazism, neo-Fascism and violent nationalist ideologies based on racial and national prejudice' by a vote of 111-50, with 14 abstentions. Biden regime, Ukraine, and collective Western allies voted against. [166]

Hamas ally CAIR has been operating with impunity inside America for 30 years. [167]

CNN, NYT, AP and Reuters embedded Hamas photographers on Oct 7. [168]

Mark Dice: GOP debate goes off the rails. [169] Vivek: Rogan, Musk or Tucker should moderate GOP debate, [170][171] Zelensky is a 'Nazi comedian in cargo pants'. [172]

Unplug the NFL: a Super Bowl champ dies at age only 41, another tragically shortened lifespan listed here. [173] Prayers for his family.

House approves bill that reduces Pothole Pete Buttigieg's salary to $1. [174]

Benny Johnson: Voters demand Ronna 'Romney' McDaniel resign after election night disaster. [175] When will useless grifter Ronna Romney McDaniel be fired? [176]

Another head-on crash caused by illegal immigration: "8 people killed when driver suspected of human smuggling crashes in Texas." [177]

Larry Johnson: US inching towards WWIII while Biden admin hides US casualties; [178] Monkey Werx: Are we at the Zero Hour? [179] Defense One: F-15s strike Syria. [180]

The American Conservative: Foreign policy lessons from Ronald Reagan, a conservative peacenik. [181]

Minnesota Supreme Court rules Trump can appear on ballot. [182] Fascists attempted to interfere with democracy and keep him off ballot on bogus insurrection hoax charges.

Ivanka testifies in NY; Chutkan orders Trump disclosure; Hunter & James Biden subpoenaed. [183]

Former Reagan budget director David Stockman: Uncle Sam doesn't have one thin dime for Biden's $106 billion war package. [184]

Zelensky deploys women to fight against the Wagner group; [185] Draft age limit for women raised from 40 to 60. [186]

Voting machines go down on election day, 'votes getting flipped'. [187][188][189][190]

$100 million has spoken! Leftist billionaires push through senseless pro-abortion, pro-marijuana ballot initiatives in Ohio. "Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” - Shakespeare in Macbeth.

House votes to censor leftwing bigot Rashida Tlaib with Democrat votes. [191]

Tucker: Ukraine war and Joe Biden coming to an end. [192]

Taliban has received $11 billion in US aid since Biden's botched withdrawal. [193]

Politico: Anti-Trump ads attacking his legal troubles backfired. [194]

Trump attorney fires back at Judge Engoron, 'let the former and future chief executive of the United States give his answers'. [195]

Everywhere Is a Border State. [196] NGOs receive taxpayer dollars to facilitate mass immigration.

Liberal media become fake news to pretend the pro-abortion Ohio Issue 1 -- a ballot initiative funded by a grotesque $40 million from out-of-state liberals -- somehow reflects a sea change, rather than another example of how big money (pro-aborts) always wins ballot initiatives.

Nashville Christophobic transgender killer manifesto leaked. [197][198] Tim Pool: Facebook censors transgender hate screed. [199]

Dreizin Report: Beginning of the Endgame: Zelensky-Zaluzhnyi dispute gets real. [200]

Zelensky at war - with his Generals. [201] Zelensky dumped tens of thousands of lives into the meatgrinder against military advice.

Gatewaypundit: Major shift in Western propaganda on Ukraine. [202] New York Times wants everyone to know about the growing Zelensky-Zaluzhny rivalry. [203]v Zelensky cancels all democratic elections, including presidential. [204]

Palestinian woman 'smashes car into anti-Semitic group after mistaking them for Jews'. [205]

'Columbia Untisemity': Israel's No. 1 satire program mocks the support for Hamas on college campuses goes viral - 15 million hits. [206]

Delusional Jack Smith wrongly demands to block the televising of the D.C. federal trial of Trump [207] while the court appears even to be withholding ACLU and media-related filings from immediate public access.

ABC This Week panel discusses throwing Biden in the garbage and replacing him with another Democrat. [208] NYT poll has Trump spanking Biden. [209]

Zerohedge: Game Over: US, European officials quietly nudge Ukraine to seek peace. [210] Zelensky drops "F" bomb on Meet the Press in response. [211]

Liberal media give up on Biden, as New York Times and Politico publish polls showing he's finished. [212]

US-installed Libyan regime grants port facility to Russia.

US-installed "democracy" in Iraq praises Hamas. [213]

'As long as it takes:' Biden regime instructs Zelensky to ask Putin for peace in leak to NBC. [214] The best money we ever wasted.

Communist China's economy is built on a lie. [215] China’s fundamental economic problem. [216]

Newly released video shows Ray Epps telling crowd ‘We’re here to storm the Capitol’ on night before J6. [217]

Panic among liberals as a new Emerson College poll shows that the black conservative Daniel Cameron has pulled into a dead heat with Dem incumbent Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear. [218]

Uptick in unemployment "just triggered the ultra-reliable Sahm rule that predicts every recession" [219] which sinks Dem hopes for keeping the White House.

DC Appeals Court overrules Judge Chutkan gag order in insurrection hoax case. [220]

D.C.-style transgender tyranny causes walkout by public school students in nearby Loudoun County, which is more rural. [221]

Only 2 House Republicans vote against the inflationary $14.3 billion funding of Israel (9M popul.): the last 2 Conservatives of the Year. [222][223]

Hamas steals humanitarian aid; [224][225] Biden wants $9 billion for Hamas in Israel aid package. [226] 'Biden literally wants to fuel Hamas’ war machine'. [227]

Nearly a million residents are fleeing California annually,[228] in a repudiation of California values and its Leftist Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Federal judge in Florida lambasts Jack Smith's delusional attempt at a pre-election trial against Trump: “I’m not seeing in your position a level of understanding to these realities.” [229]

Sean Davis: 'All the Biden admin has to do to eliminate Tuberville’s opposition and promote these so-called leaders is to stop using military money to kill unborn babies. And they refuse to do it, which means they want to kill unborn babies more than they want to win wars. Total psychopaths.' [230]

Florida Sen. Rick Scott breaks precedent, endorses Trump over home state Gov. DeSantis. [231]

Dem mega donor Sam Bankman-Fried guilty of defrauding FTX crypto buyers. [232][233]

Pelosi served criminal subpoena. [234][235]

"Most dramatic shift over the shortest period of time that I’ve ever seen" (Zogby pollster): support for Biden among Arab Americans drops from 59% to 17% over his mishandling of the Gaza crisis. [236]

The Federalist: WaPo says Hamas is more trustworthy than Joe Biden. [237]

Biden family corruption special counsel undercut by Merrick Garland, says he needs Biden DOJ approval to bring charges against Hunter Biden. [238]

Sen. JD Vance vows to block all judicial nominees while Biden uses weaponized DOJ to target opposition. [239]

Soros behind plot to remove Trump from ballot. [240]

The American Conservative: Glitch McConnell already undermined one Speaker of the House with his insistence on funding Ukraine. Senate Republicans speak out against his designs to make it two. [241]

Elon Musk: 'The degree to which Twitter was an arm of the govt, was not well understood by the public.' [242]

Only 50 years old, an Emmy-winning TV star dies suddenly from a "cardiac event."[243] The Covid vaccine was mandatory for most television shows.

Fully-vaxxed New Zealand suffers 3000% spike in excess deaths. [244]

'The bellwether has sounded': Musk says 'Great Wakening from woke has happened' after Southpark nails coffin. [245]

A public dispute over 'the stench of propaganda' at The Financial Times. [246] Col. Macgregor shares intel on Dagestan incident. [247]

Scott Ritter: John Kirby v. Russian Military. [248]

National Archives sued, reveals existence of 82,000 pages of Joe Biden emails using pseudonym. [249] Time for another Trump arrest? Biden received $40K 'loan repayment' funded by China from James Biden's account. [250][251]

Zelensky official admits, 'People are stealing like there’s no tomorrow.' [252] 'Zelensky is delusional and everyone knows it in Ukraine' aids say in new report. [253]

The American Conservative: Biden fails to explain why US should fight proxy war against Russia. [254] The war is lost - Zelenski will leave - The White House has failed. [255] What a difference a year makes. TIME magazine: 'Top officials in Kiev believe that the increasingly “messianic” President Vladimir Zelensky has become delusional.' [256]

Dmitri Simes Jr & Andrei Martynov: Israel-Palestine war: Is the US preparing to attack Iran? [257]

The Federalist: Joe Biden isn’t ‘managing’ or confronting problems. Joe Biden is the problem. [258] Biden isn’t a knight of the kingdom off to slay a dragon…He’s a dunce screwing up everything…He doesn’t get to turn the economy and international stability into ruins and then get credit for saying he takes it all very seriously.

Setback for global warming hoax: record-breaking cold for Halloween "will be 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit below average for the time of year." [259]

House conservatives: aid to Israel will be in a spending-neutral bill that slashes Leftist spending. CNN

Texas AG Ken Paxton wins big, judge blocks Biden's destruction of border fence. [260]

Biden forced to call off his plans for ethnic cleansing of Gaza. [261]]

Larry Johnson: China and Russia playing military and diplomatic cards in the Middle East. [262]

Voters in key states 'disgusted' by endless warmongering, as US faces domestic crises. [263] Biden's approval rating among Dems drops 11 points in one month. [264]

NBC News: The flow of US taxpayer dollars to Ukraine has not trickled down to new jobs or gains for Americans. [265] Badlands Media: War Pigs. [266]

The Federalist: 'Has a single member of the White House staff held a dying American soldier in his arms as he bled out, calling for his mother?...if they had one ounce of humanity in them, they could not possibly have promoted war on the 'it’s good for business' rationale.' [267]

Politico: Biden regime losing the messaging on Ukraine. Now it’s switching to jobs that can be created by war spending. [268]

The Federalist: No Mitch McConnell, Ukraine aid is not ‘rebuilding our industrial base’. [269]

Why America is out of ammunition. [270]

Obama-appointed judge in D.C. was told by ACLU that her gag order is unconstitutional, but she reinstates it anyway and reversal on appeal is likely. [271]

Liberal denial, again: liberal media refuse to mention the Covid vaccine -- which 54-year-old Matthew Perry publicized having taken -- as a possible cause of his sudden death while sitting Saturday afternoon in his hot tub. [272]

Celebrity promoter of the Covid vaccine dies suddenly at age 54, found dead in his hot tub at his luxurious Hollywood-area home. R.I.P. Matthew Perry, co-star of the liberal "Friends". [273]

How Gavin Newsom became China’s useful idiot. [274] What if Biden pulls out? [275]

Breaking: Neocon warmonger and globalist stooge Mike Pence 2024 campaign bites the dust. [276]

Biden invokes War Powers Act. [277] Iran’s warning to America. [278]

Ukrainian wives and mothers protest Zelensky regime perpetual war policies. [279][280]

Sen. Tommy Tuberville: 'They need to be worried about what’s going on in Ukraine, the Middle East, the wars that their side, the Democrats and Joe Biden, have created.' [281]

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán opposes the EU's €50-billion support plan for Ukraine, while Fico raises corruption concerns. [282]

Over 2000 Ukrainian officials have attempted to flee this year after looting the country - Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service reports. [283]

Slovakia stops sending all military aid to Ukraine. [284]

Hamas has laid a trap. [285] Elon Musk: 'We’re like a pro sports team that has been winning the championship for so long and so many years in a row that we have forgotten what losing even looks like...And that’s when the champion team loses.' [286]

Far-left CNN officially closing its fake news headquarters in corrupt, crime-ridden Fulton county, Georgia. [287][288]

Trump takes the lead among young voters [289] whom Biden needs to win big to have a chance.

With world focused on Israel, WaPo boasts CIA is behind brazen assassinations of Russians. [290] Southfront: Ukrainian terrorist attacks in Russia. Is CIA to blame? [291] Ukraine attacks nuclear power plant in Russia. [292][293]

Glitch McConnell reveals the real purpose of perpetual war is to re-inflate the military industrial complex. [294] They don't care how many Ukrainians are killed. It is not about 'freedom & democracy'.

Conservative group calls on RNC to abandon NBC debate plans. [295]

Israel invades Gaza. [296][297]

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor and dimwit, says the Middle East is quieter than it has been for decades. [298]

Larry Johnson: Some facts about Iran and terrorism. [299]

Facts Matter: Dinesh D'Souza: Sleepwalking into tyranny: How the FBI got weaponized against ‘political enemies’. [300]

As Ukraine faces cataclysm, Zelensky pushes legalized drugs and gay marriage. [301]

Sean Foo: China sends warships to MidEast, America now isolated, US dollar doomed. [302]

Tim Pool: Young liberals voted for war, now cower and beg. [303]

It begins: Biden regime launches retaliatory strikes against the IRGC. [304][305] The United States has been illegally occupying Syria under both domestic and international law since the Obama regime. [306]

NYPost: There appears to be an effort within the DOJ and FBI to shut down an investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings despite 'criminal information' provided by more than 40 confidential sources relating to Joe Biden, his brother James Biden, and his son Hunter Biden. [307][308]

Defense One: Israel, US are losing the influence war over Gaza. [309] Defense One is a MIC trade industry publication. Larry Johnson: Israel and US are taking a diplomatic pounding. [310]

Democrat insurrectionist Jamaal Bowman pleads guilty to disrupting an official proceeding, no jail time in the DC gulag. [311][312]

Elon Musk: 'We are sleepwalking our way into World War III'. [313]

Why Thomas Massie is the only member of Congress to get the Israel-Hamas war right. [314]

Matt Gaetz reveals the dirty details behind the Old Guard’s attempt to re-install McCarthy. [315]

Col. MacGregor: Uniparty is owned by lobbies. [316]

German arms producer for Ukrainian artillery shells raises prices from $2000 per shell to $3600. [317] The soaring price hike is the direct result of Russian energy sanctions. Ukraine already was outgunned 10-1.

Tucker: Ukraine banned Christian Church, jailing priests; [318] US government destroying Christianity. [319]

Uncivil Law: Donald Trump's Georgia battle heats up. [320]

Texas AG Ken Paxton files suit against Biden regime for cutting razor wire at the southern border. [321]

ACLU sides with Trump against liberal censorship, telling Washington, D.C. Obama-appointed judge her gag order is unconstitutional. [322]

Mike Johnson elected Speaker of the House. [323] Big upgrade from McCarethy. [324][

Biden's $110 billion fiasco. Scuttle the aid package and break it into separate parts. [325]

NGOs’ lucrative federal grants facilitating child trafficing. [326]

Breaking: DC court issues criminal summons for Democrat insurrectionist Rep. Jamaal Bowman for disrupting an official proceeding. [327]

UN Secretary General António Guterres calls for end of Israeli bombing of Gaza. [328]

Hamas documented atrocities - footage released. [329] 10 minutes of a horrific 43 minute film shown to journalists. [330]

Trust in mass media craters to record low as Americans 'wake-up' from matrix. [331]

WaPo: Ukrainian spies with deep ties to CIA wage shadow war against Russia. [332] Korybko: WaPo’s report about US-Ukrainian spy alliance confirms Russia’s security concerns. [333] How CIA took over Ukraine's intelligence agencies. [334]

Dinesh D'Souza: How the Police State is targeting President Trump & his supporters. [335]

Trump’s RICO case shaken by shocking Georgia deals. [336] Dirty Jack Smith does another illegal leak to ABC News. [337]

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