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April 30

Democrat Barney Frank wants to legalize online gambling in the United States. He's introduced legislation to make online gambling legal and for the federal government to regulate it. Internet gambling sites have hundreds of reports, but here is the analysis by Market Watch.

Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, insists it does not have liberal bias. But here are six new examples of liberal Bias in Wikipedia in addition to dozens of prior examples.

April 29

Dutchman Johan Huibers has completed his hand-built replica of Noah's Ark, and visitors are stunned by it as described by CNN here.

Quotes by visitors include:

"Just a few weeks ago we saw Al Gore on television ... saying that all Holland will be flooded" by a rising sea, Lois Poppeman from California said.

"It's past comprehension," said Mary Louise Starosciak, another visitor overwhelmed by the size of the ark, which is huge but not as big as the one described in the Bible.

Here are AOL's poll results for "Do you believe there was a real Noah's Ark as described in the Bible?": 82% say "Yes"

April 28

Members of the Armed Forces continue to protect Americans, even the ungrateful ones: [1]

For those people supporting the presence of illegals in this country, can they guarantee none of them are terrorists? [2]

A Newsweek columnist calls it "McCain's Meltdown." NBC analyst Craig Crawford suggested that McCain may want to "exit with dignity." Read about Presidential candidate John McCain's campaign troubles here.

The replacement of Justice O'Connor with Justice Alito may have tipped the balance in favor of Wisconsin Right-to-Life and the First Amendment for campaign finance. Story here.

Individuals illegally in the United States are again making the news; in this case, it's about courts in the Southwest overburdened with an increase in felonies: [3]

The "enviromental-loving" left likes CFL light bulbs, and want a change in every American home. Where they're made and what you may discover should you break one is what they won't tell you: [4]

Read the flaws in the latest attempt by Harvard researchers to hide the abortion-breast cancer connection here.

April 27

Jim Gilmore, former governor of Virginia, entered the Republican presidential race: [5]

Slavic leadership against the homosexual agenda continues: "If we're talking about not having homosexual propaganda in Polish schools, I fully agree with those who feel this way," the Polish Prime Minister said. "Such propaganda should not be in schools; it definitely doesn't serve youth well." The pro-gay EU wants him condemned, see this AP story.

The Conservative mayor of Moscow, in office since 1992, won in court against an attempt to force him to allow a gay parade. He "said he would never allow a gay parade to take place in Moscow despite pressure from the West," according to the Russian news agency.

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) states that the coalition lost in Iraq. Then who won, Mr. Senator? [6]

April 26

A new study of 16,000 children finds that the "kids whose parents regularly attended religious services — especially when both parents did so frequently — and talked with their kids about religion were rated by both parents and teachers as having better self-control, social skills and approaches to learning than kids with non-religious parents." See story here.

April 25

Seattle [Gay] Pride group disbanding and filing for bankruptcy, see story here.

"ACLU sues state over 'God' plates". Read the story here. "More than 515,000 of the 'In God We Trust' plates" have been requested "in less than four months," the AP story says.

This commentator compares school shootings and finds the lack of guns to stop the killers to be the cause of the greater tragedies here.

April 24

"Wikipedia was never going to fix the problems that I saw with it," its co-founder Larry Sanger said. Read a press analysis of alternatives, including Conservapedia, here.

Boris Yeltsin, rest in peace.

The conservative Nicolas Sarkozy wins the first round of the French presidential election, and is predicted to easily win the runoff election against a socialist! See the NY Times article here.

A thoughtful comparison of Conservapedia to Wikipedia is provided by George Mason University's History News Network here.

Women college athletes are hurt badly at James Madison University by how the feminists insist on applying Title IX in a way that that causes elimination of both men's and women's sports teams. "For freshman gymnast Elly Hart, it's a bitter pill. 'My dream was to come to college and compete,' she says. 'I thought Title IX would help me.'" Unfortunately, she thought wrong as the feminists are not trying to help women, see this latest article.

Newspapers cite a new study claiming that abortion does not cause breast cancer.

Read the truth here: the news reports are a fraud. The study ignored African Americans and Hispanics, distorted the data, and downplayed how its own data showed that abortion causes an alarming increase in the most dangerous type of breast cancer.

Only on Conservapedia: this study debunked.

April 22

"Gangland graffiti", plus repeatedly malicious edits on Wikipedia, may have led to the unjustified detention at an airport of an outspoken historian. "For the last year—-most recently on Christmas Eve, 2006-—my Wikipedia biography had been persistently vandalized by anonymous 'contributors' intent on labeling me as a terrorist. The same allegations had been repeatedly scrawled, like gangland graffiti, as 'customer reviews' of A Shameful Act and my other books at"

The full account is here.

April 21

Read for yourself the official response by Virginia Tech's English Department. No mention of God or prayer, but many invocations of unrelated liberal causes:

We are Virginia Tech
We do not understand this tragedy
We know we did nothing to deserve it [denies accountability]

But neither does a child in Africa
Dying of AIDS
Neither do the Invisible Children
Walking the night away to avoid being captured by a rogue army [globalism]

Neither does the baby elephant watching his community
Be devastated for ivory [environmentalism]
Neither does the Mexican child looking
For fresh water

Neither does the Iraqi teenager dodging bombs [anti-Bush]
Neither does the Appalachian infant killed
By a boulder
Because the land was destabilized [environmentalism]
Full poem here.

Our prayers continue to go out to the victims' families of the Virginia Tech massacre.

April 20

“Jesus was crucifying me. When the time came, I did it. I had no choice….” Virginia Tech killer's anti-Christian tirade is made clear in that statement by him here.

The killer "railed against his parents' strong Christian faith," according to this story.

Authorities are not releasing any information, and are even complaining about NBC broadcasting the killer's own tapes. Why won't the authorities tell the public what was on the killer's laptop, where his former roommate said he spent much time?

"School threats following Virginia Tech massacre force lock-downs in 7 states." See story here.

The Virginia Tech killer hated America. See column here.

April 19

Day 4: Press reports downplay how the killer was an anti-Christian zealot who scrawled "Ismail" (the Muslim spelling of "Ishmael") on his arm and on his package to NBC. The police refuse to release any information from the killer's computers, even though his former roommate said he spent much time on his laptop. The police now deny that he left a suicide note, despite previous reports.

The killer's "roommates said Cho also used the screen name "Question Mark" to contact girls on instant messaging. On at least two occasions, police came to their room to investigate a girl's complaint, they said." The killer also had an imaginary girlfriend. See the CNN story here.

Day 3: The killer was an anti-Christian zealot: his 8-page note to authorities was a rant against Christianity. Authorities won't release his angry note but admit that it "made several references to Christianity." See here.

Rudy Giuliani declares that Republicans should "get beyond" abortion. See article here.

SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS NATIONWIDE BAN ON PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS! This 5-4 decision written by Justice Kennedy allows for more regulation of abortion, without overturning Roe v. Wade. Justices Scalia and Thomas concurred with the decision, indicating their view that abortion is not supported by the U.S. Constitution.

April 18

Day 3: The killer's former roommate just said in a televised interview that the killer spent much time on his laptop. The police should release what was on the killer's computer.

Is the amoral, obscenity-filled internet culture partly to blame here? Why did so many others find the killer's bizarre conduct to be a source of amusement rather than danger? Participate in our discussion of this shooting here.

Day 2: the police still have not mentioned what the killer had on his computer. Will this ever be reported???

Democratic presidential candidates avoid calling for gun control, while Republican John McCain issues a statement opposing gun control. See article here.

Participate in our discussion of this shooting here.

April 17

Worst shooting rampage today in U.S. history, at Virginia Tech here. Our prayers go out to the victims.

"He was just a normal looking kid, Asian, but he had on a Boy Scout type outfit," one student in the class, Erin Sheehan, told the newspaper. "He wore a tan button-up vest and this black vest — maybe it was for ammo or something. ... I was one of only four that made it out of that classroom."[7]

The killer was here on an F-1 student visa. His name and nationality have been identified here.

Virginia Tech's info on its F-1 Visa program is here.

The killer "was a loner, and we're having difficulty finding information about him," school spokesman Larry Hincker said here. His "creative writing" coursework was "packed with obscenity" and sex-based, see MSNBC article here.

The killer, a resident alien, "was taking medication for depression." At first only Fox News reported this fact here.

Britain won't use "war on terror" description anymore. See Reuters.

April 16

The leader of the neoconservatives in the Bush Administration, Paul Wolfowitz, is fighting for his professional survival now. "European countries have piled pressure on World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz over a scandal involving a promotion for his girlfriend, with Britain saying it had damaged the bank and Germany questioning whether he still had the credibility to lead the institution." See Reuters story and Washington Post story.

Wolfowitz was a leading advocate for the War in Iraq.

April 15

Adult stem cell research projects continue to succeed outside the United States because the powerful American abortion industry continues to insist on unsuccessful embryonic stem cell research in the United States. In the case of a recently successful adult stem cell project for diabetics, "the research was done in Brazil because U.S. doctors were not interested in the approach." Read how pro-life Brazil just succeeded in using adult stem cells to help diabetics here.

Historically pro-life Portugal is the leader in helping paralyzed victims with adult stem cell trials, see here. In contrast, pro-abortion New Zealand recently banned adult stem cell trials for paralyzed victims here, despite pleas by victims to have access to these treatments.

April 14

It was Al Sharpton's tough interview of Don Imus that really got him fired. Imus appeared on Sharpton's radio show on Monday, and the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus called into the show. Imus replied to her:

"It's like the old country song, 'God may forgive you, but I won't. Jesus loves you but I don't.' So I can't get any place with you people, but I can get some place with Jesus," ranted Imus, whose show regularly attracts political and media elite as guests.

The 'you people' comment, a racial touchstone made infamous by Ross Perot in a 1992 address, ignited a heated exchange.

Who is 'you people,' Mr. Imus? asked Sharpton ...."

Within hours CBS suspended Imus, who had been the liberals' best friend on talk radio. Only the NY Sun reported the real story.

April 13

  • The firing of Don Imus "creates a vacuum" for Democrats, according to one top Democratic adviser, because "Imus gave Democrats a pipeline to a critical voting bloc that was perennially hard for them to reach: independent white males." See the L.A. Times story here. "Imus was a regular destination for the likes of Dodd, Ford, Lieberman, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry, and others — as well as such GOP favorites as Sen. John McCain of Arizona."
  • The same article declares that "the blogosphere is largely the province of the left." Conservapedia questions how long that will last!

April 12

  • Conservapedia is in today's Hartford Courant here.
  • Read how weak John McCain is now, cutting staff and consultants' contracts. Click here.

April 11

  • Liberals deny the existence of liberal bias, yet Democratic candidates just pulled out of a debate sponsored by Fox News because they feel it has conservative bias! See the Washington Post article here.
  • Abortions in Wisconsin fall to their lowest level since Roe v. Wade. See article here.

April 10

Easter church attendance was up by 15% compared to a year ago in Australia, according to this report.

"Boston's public preschool and kindergarten programs are hobbled by mediocre instruction, unsanitary classrooms, and dangerous schoolyards, according to a first-ever study of the programs," reports the Boston Globe.

April 9

Golf fans expected to see Tiger Woods all over the news as the winner of the Masters. But an unknown player came from behind to beat him in the last round. "Augusta was left in shock as the unheralded Zach Johnson rose from the shadows to claim a Masters victory that had seemed predestined for Tiger Woods," reports the Guardian.

That has never happened before. News articles conceal what winner Zach Johnson explained on television: "This being Easter, I cannot help but believe my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was walking with me. I owe this to Him."

Here's a Renaissance painting of the real thing:

Holy Women at the Tomb of Christ, by Annibale Carracci (1585)

April 8

"Easter marks Jesus' triumph over death," says the Pennsylvania Centre Daily.

April 7

In Australia's largest-circulation newspaper, an agnostic gives tribute on Easter: "I, an agnostic, will today do what I do every Easter, and play Bach's divine St Matthew Passion while I sit for a while and give thanks."

The Pieta

April 6

Conservapedia allows greater reuse of material than Wikipedia does. See our copyright policy here.

A blog wants Conservapedia to address the "roadless" environmental controversy in Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska on the Canadian border. The Bush Administration extended the comment period on this until April 30th here.

Let's create some entries here so we can know what this blog is talking about!


The Chicago Tribune compares our entries to Wikipedia's here.

The Christian Post reports on us here.

April 5

Hostage drill at New Jersey school features phony "Christian terrorists." Full story and reaction here.

Outrage from England: "Police send four police officers to tackle boy, 11, who called schoolmate 'gay'," is the headline of a Daily Mail article here. "The politically correct brigade are taking over," the boy's mother says.

A Wikipedia founder denies it has liberal bias in this Time magazine reference to Conservapedia here. See the growing list of examples of liberal bias at Wikipedia here.

Conservapedia entries are compared to Wikipedia entries in this article in the Chicago Tribune.

BREAKING NEWS: A Court of Appeals rules in favor of the Boy Scouts and against the ACLU in its challenge to the Jamboree Statute allowing Boy Scouts to gather at an Army base. Full story is here.

Our Best and Our Brightest: Three Yale students are charged with arson for allegedly setting fire to a man's American flag hanging from his porch. Story is here. "It makes me sick to my stomach to think that someone would burn the American flag," the victim said.

LATEST OUTRAGE FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS: A hostage drill at New Jersey school features phony "Christian terrorists." Full story and reaction here.

April 4

SOLD: Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times to a real estate tycoon lacking experience in journalism. Massive debt is undertaken to close this deal, and the Chicago Cubs will be sold off. Where is the newspaper industry headed?

Canadian liberals ban a conservative blogger here.

Remember the protests that caused mayhem at the WTO conference in Seattle in 1999? Some of the protesters are going to receive $1 million from the city. Story here.

Professor Douglas Hofstadter comments on his entry on Wikipedia: "The entry is filled with inaccuracies, and it kind of depresses me." NY Times said, "So fix it." He replied, "The next day someone will fix it back." NYT article here.

April 3

An article comparing Conservapedia to Wikipedia is here.

"Free trade" may be in decline in the U.S. as the Bush Administration just slapped import duties on paper from China.

British teachers drop Holocaust and Crusades education "to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Government backed study has revealed." The London Daily Mail story is here.

The London Times' itself seemed to fear offending Muslims in its sanitized version of the same story here.

The Guardian's article on the same topic implies that the teaching of the Crusades is probably not coming back in England.

More support capitalism in China than in France, AP reports here. The town of St. Ouen on Paris' northern fringe blocked an internet sale of a home due to its "excessive" price.

April 2

Yet another reason to close public schools: bedbug epidemic hits New York City schools, crawls into bookbags.

Iranian students threaten British Embassy, chanting "Death to Britain" and "Death to America". Tip to Brits: don't make American President Jimmy Carter's mistake of 1979 and fail to protect your embassy.

Is Wikipedia luring minors to sex-related entries? See the new point #3 in Bias in Wikipedia.

April 1

Anita Bryant in 1977

Today's conservative spotlight: