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August 31Edit

The Untold Legacy of Edward M. Kennedy : Watergate. What were the Watergate burglars after? Information on the Chappaquiddick coverup.
Who was on Nixon's Enemies list? Harvard liberals who insisted on Alger Hiss's innocence.

Edward M. Kennedy, the longtime Senator from Massachusetts who was the leader of the liberal agenda for nearly five decades, has died at his home in Hyannis Port from a brain tumor. He was 77. [1]

An updated YouTube video has come out on Conservapedia's article Barack Obama and uncharitableness. The update of the video If Obama treats his brother like this Imagine how his Health Care scam will treat you? can be found HERE. Conservapedia has also been told another video will soon come out on Conservapedia's article Barack Obama and uncharitableness. Some new developments are expected to soon follow. Please stay tuned for further developments.

CNN liberal bias at work: its headline screams, "Ticker: McCain jeered over Obama comment"[2] but the last line of its article discloses that the jeering was at McCain's request to respect Obama: "McCain was jeered when he insisted that Obama's views be respected despite his differing opinions on how to achieve reform."[3]

Senator John McCain Says: "I think we are seeing the beginnings of a peaceful revolt by the American people"...against Socialism and mindless spending. Video. McCain also told his "Town Hall" meeting that "creation of a government-run health system would threaten the quality of medical care and pit the needs of consumers and seniors against national interests including the pharmaceutical industry and American Medical Association." [4]

Dick Morris predicts, “You could see 100 seats changing” in Congress 2010. [5] Morris predicted Democrats would take all branches of government in 2008.


Fidel Castro reads DNC talking points : "President Barack Obama is trying to make positive changes in the United States, but is being fought at every turn by right-wingers who hate Barack Obama because he is black." [6] That is straight from the Marxist playbook, also straight from the mouths of the liberal media. [7] The truth is that the right cares more for black people than the left ever has. We constantly stand-up against aborted black people targeted by Planned Parenthood [8] [9] and their leftist buddies; Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Democrat congressional ilk. Castro, a pioneer in the use of informants and healthcare rationing, (Pg.11)is a repressive mass murderer [10] who butchered 70,000 people in the name of change.


Barack Obama Has Finally Admitted What The CBO & Other Experts Have Been Saying - Pegs Long-Term Deficits At Over $9 Trillion Dollars, With 10% Unemployment! And still the figures are suspect, as the Obama Administration was using false assumptions to pad its numbers, including $640 billion from its planned cap-and-trade program, which has yet to be approved by Congress, and $200 billion from taxing international business. [11] Your share of unfunded liabilities is now $191,841. [12]

Michelle Malkin and the American Thinker allege Michelle Obama was directly involved in fostering slimy practices in a Chicago health care facility.[13][14][15]

Federal court dismisses lawsuit challenging traditional marriage law (DOMA).[16]
Liberals, you run Congress, why aren't you trying harder there?

President Obama To Seniors On Social Security: Drop Dead!

In addition to cutting back on their Medicare benefits to fund Obamacare benefits for Illegal Aliens, the Obama Administration will not give U.S. senior citizens the usual annual cost-of-living increase for the next few years. The news is troubling for many millions of older Americans who depend on Social Security to subsidize the rising cost of commodities. Because the negative inflation numbers of this past year are tied to fuel costs and retired seniors do not use as much fuel as younger Americans, recipients feel the cut-back is discriminatory and punitive. [17] With Obama driving ever more seniors to eat pet food, there is news that dog food prices have increased 7.5% in the last quarter. [18]

And this example [19] of the "quality" we all can expect when the Government controls your healthcare.

It's a victory for terrorists, and the Obama Administration is making sure it happens: Attorney General Eric Holder is going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA interrogators who handled Osama bin Laden's American-killing cronies: [20]

The AARP said that they have not endorsed ObamaCare. [21] Yet, they do fund TV commercials in support of ObamaCare. Their website states liberal hypocrisy, "We share the President's commitment to act this year…" [22]

In the First National Polling Since Sonia Sotomayor Was Confirmed, One in Three Americans (34%) Say the Supreme Court is Too Liberal. This is 11% higher than in November, 2007. [23]


More MSM Obama Worship Syndrome: On the CBS Early Show, co-host and liberal shill Maggie Rodriguez interviewed commentator Dick Morris about his latest book critical of the Obama Administration, "Catastrophe". After reading the book’s full title, Rodriguez observed: "This title, though, Mr. Morris, can’t you see a lot of people dismissing it right off the bat as alarmist? It screams at you." In response, Morris pointed out the dire state of the economy: "9.5% unemployment, four quarters of negative growth, our car companies in receivership, our health care program about to be taken over, banks being nationalized...and I’m alarmist?" [24]

Murphy's law is working overtime on the corrupt Obama administration whose biggest campaign donors included Wall Street firms and banks that were bailed out.[25] Obama's approval rating is now even eroding in his liberal base.[26]

Health Care, the GOP, and the Consequences of Irrational Compromise. Conservatives should not allow socialized medicine to be disguised with the more palatable name co-ops while in actuality the co-ops are merely government funded and run co-ops. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has said, "We're going to have some type of public option, call it 'co-op', call it what you want." The Heritage Foundation, which supported the liberal Massachusetts Plan, declared that, "Health care cooperatives can work as private entities in a private market and give another choice to families, but they have to be done right."[27]

Canadian Doctor: Barack Obama's ObamaCare is a Bad Idea.[28]

Doubletalk by Barack Obama and Democrats is killing ObamaCare. Too Many Contradictions![29]

Senators Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) told Bob Schieffer on "Face The Nation" that the key to passing health care reform is by taking a "public option" off the table.[30]

The liberal media organization MSNBC was recently caught engaging in truly disgusting behavior. [31][32] The MSNBC organization members who were involved were obviously thinking that these are still the "good old days" when liberal lies an/or incompetence are not often quickly exposed. Watch MSNBC ratings continue to plunge.[33]

The Obama Administration has quietly reinstated a "guide" for Veterans called "Your Life, Your Choices,", which encourages severely injured Vets to die. It was suspended under the Bush Administration but has been revived under the current Department of Veterans Affairs. In line with President Obama's attitude towards Senior Citizens, the pamphlet makes injured veterans feel like a burden, and encourages the severely injured to die in order to save scarce resources for others. Tammy Duckworth, who is the assistant secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs, appointed by Obama, said it was one of many options for injured veterans, calling it "simply a tool." Like Abortion and Eugenics, Ms. Duckworth? [34]

Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown may have played a decisive role in releasing the Libyan terrorist who blew Pan Am Flight 103 out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland. While 270 people lie dead, and families are outraged, this is just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder: [35]

Conservapedia has just recently obtained some very good news! It appears as if Conservapedia's YouTube channel, Conservapediavideos, is likely to significantly expand its subscriber base in the near future. Please stay tuned for future developments.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is on track to lose reelection in Nevada by a wide margin of 49% to 38%, according to the latest poll. PTL! [36]

Barack Obama just removed all doubt that is he Jimmy Carter 2.0 as far as his presidential longevity. According to the White House, Obama is ‘quite comfortable’ as a one-term President.[37] It appears there will likely be little political centrism with Obama and much attempts at full throttle liberalism. However, if Obama's favorability ratings drop in the low 40 percentiles for the American public, he will be politically impotent.[38] Please help make Obama's favorabilty ratings drop in the low 40 percentiles as quickly as possible by sharing with your friends and family Conservapedia's article Barack Obama and uncharitableness.

Your Tax Dollar$ to Sell Obamacare Plan! The White House confirms to FOX News that it used taxpayer dollars to hire a private communications company to distribute mass e-mails — including unsolicited spamming, to help sell Obama's health plan. "This is yet another ominous chapter in the Obama administration's rabid campaign to jam its radical health care scheme onto an unwilling public by any means necessary," Congressman Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan said in a statement. [39]

Sick and tired of Professor values? Fed up with the leftist indoctrination? Bring your tape recorder and/or video camera to class; Sean Hannity will broadcast the results! [40]

August 26Edit

Arrogant obama.jpg

Stuck on stupid, Obama gives $2 billion to Brazil for oil drilling off their coast. At the same time, denying companies the right to access oil drilling off American coasts. In related news, George Soros increases his investment in the same state-run Brazilian oil company Obama just funded with U.S. tax dollars. [41] [42] It is becoming obvious that when Obama won the presidency, America lost big time.

Obama administration releases staggering deficit numbers late on a summer Friday and Obama flees to Martha's Vineyard. Unsurprisingly, House Majority leader Steny Hoyer decides to bail on Obamacare's public option.[43] Critics of the Obama administration who declared the Obama administration was hiding the deficit numbers by unnecessarily delaying the public release of budget numbers appear to have been correct.[44] It certainly appears as if Obama's health care plan will be his Waterloo.[45]

Irrational magical thinking of Obama administration and liberal media about the economy is thoroughly exposed to be folly via the economic data.[46][47]

There's light at the end of the tunnel (maybe). [48]

Obama Approval Ratings continue to plummet [49] ABC News Poll says 55% believe country headed in the wrong direction; [50] White House reacts claiming people all "wee-weed up" [51]

Homosexuals more likely to seek psychological help. "It's an aberrant, sinful lifestyle," and "It's destructive. But the good news is it's changeable and people can leave this lifestyle." [52]

The American Civil Liberties Union demonstrates once more its vile hatred of America: [53] The question is, will the liberals handle this compromise of CIA defenders of this country the same way they handled the Valerie Plame incident? Probably not.

Milwaukee public schools are in such bad shape that the Wisconsin governor has proposed a state takeover of the system. "2 Latino groups back Milwaukee Public Schools takeover proposal ... [if there is] a mandatory reauthorization included in any proposed legislation so that after a period of time voters could determine if the new system is working."[54]

U.S. Celebrates Hawaii's 50th Anniversary As America's 50th State! [55]

More liberal nonsense from American state-run media companies. Portray anti-Bush, anti-war protesters as moderates. Link anti-tax and anti-health-care-bill protesters as extremist kooks. [56]

Liberal teachers union keeps pedophile on the payroll in New York. Jonathan Polayes, a 20-year veteran teacher has been suspended a second-time for inappropriate contact with students. Suspension is indefinite this time, as the Public school district "tries" to fire him. [57]

Pro-aborts win for now in keeping ultrasound images from pregnant women in Oklahoma, as a court used a technicality to invalidate a new law requiring "a woman seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound performed within an hour of the procedure and to have the results explained to her."[58] But censorship by abortion providers will not last forever; mothers who see their ultrasounds overwhelmingly change their mind and choose life.

August 25Edit

"Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has asked Massachusetts leaders to change state law to allow a speedy replacement if it becomes necessary for him to surrender his seat."[59] Meanwhile, we pray that Ted Kennedy repents before his failing health takes him to the Lord's judgment.

Obama snob.jpg

Conservapedia recently greatly expanded its section on Barack Obama and his liberal elitism in its Barack Obama article. It is a pretty long section because Barack Obama richly supplied Conservapedia with a lot of powerful examples! Please share these great examples of Barack Obama's liberal elitism with your friends and family so the liberal elitist Obama can watch his approval ratings among the American public fall further downward![60]

Jester in chief.jpeg

Even liberals are shocked by Obama's absurdly false claim that surgeons receive $30,000 to $50,000 per amputation. "Surgeons get $30,000 to $50,000 for an amputation? On what planet?"[61] With each passing day, it looks more and more like Obama's health care plan will be his Waterloo.[62] Obama has become his own worst enemy! Perhaps, someone should remind Obama that he is commander in chief and not jester in chief!


Disinformation update : Obama organizer poses as fake doctor at Townhall meeting.[63] You may recall her, [64] here she is (photo right) organizing in front of mass murderer Che Guevara poster at the Obama 2008 effort in Texas. [65]

"Obama has now become a noose around the neck of every American Democrat"- Canada Free Press. [66]


6% Expect Tax Cuts During Obama Years. 42% expect their taxes to go up. This is the first time since last November’s election that the number expressing no hope for a tax cut has fallen to single digits. During Election 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama promised to cut taxes for 95% of Americans. When he was elected, 22% expected a tax cut. That number has been trending down ever since. Even Obama's die-hard supporters know his words are meaningless, always subject to that "change we can believe in". [67]

Can Congressmen On Milk Cartons Be Far Off? Scores of congressmen and women are trying to hide from their constituents amid the revolt over Obama Care. [68]

Barney Frank blows up at constituents; [69]; tell us, Mr. Frank, what language did Hitler speak, Austrian? [70]

Hollywood Values: Liberal elitists of Hollywood are not anti-religion, just anti-Christian. In a Bill Maher interview, actor Brad Pitt explains his liberal thought process; pro-legalized drugs, pro-gay marriage and hatred for the average American. [71]

"Yale's Cowardice" Read Dennis Praeger's column about Progressives for Obama who took over Columbia University in 1968.

It is almost impossible for me, nearly four decades later, to fully convey how deeply this affected me....I came to see the modern university as fraudulent. In theory it stood for learning and opening the mind. In practice it stood for appeasement of bullies. [72]

"Let them Eat Cake!" White House dumps the poor, the needy, the most vulnerable, [73] sells out to big corporate donors;[74] Democrat Party fractured. [75]

Scale of justice gold.png

The Law Is Finally Catching Up With Technology: Internet Smear / Slander Trolls Take Cover! A former Vogue Australia cover girl has won a landmark U.S. court battle to reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger who called her a "s---k" and an "old hag". Model Liskula Cohen, a Canadian, sued Google in January in the hope of forcing the company to reveal the person responsible for allegedly defamatory comments made on their personal "Blogger" blog. Blogger is owned by Google. On Monday Judge Joan Madden of the Manhattan, New York Supreme Court ruled that Cohen was entitled to sue the blogger for defamation and, in an unprecedented move, forced Google to provide the blogger's name. Judge Madden rejected the blogger’s claim that the blogs “serve as a modern-day forum for conveying personal opinions, including invective and ranting”, and should not be treated as factual assertions. Cohen's lawyer, Steven Wagner, told reporters that he hoped the decision would send a message that the Internet was "not a free-for-all". Amen. [76] & [77]

First President Obama said that the public option was a necessary ingredient for Obamacare, but now it is supposedly just a sliver of what needs to be done to improve the American health care system and it's not a necessary ingredient after all.[78]

Let's hope Obama doesn't decide to have the federal government take over the restaurant sector of the American economy. On the Obama restaurants' menus, the piece of pecan pie would have a large picture with plenty of pecans, but when your piece of pecan pie arrived at your table, it would only be a sliver. And your pecan pie, wouldn't have any pecans on it, because pecans are not a necessary ingredient for pecan pie!

Obama is still pushing the public option though for Obamacare, because after all, Obama claimed it was a necessary ingedient! Message to Obama: It's time to give up the public option![79]

$7 million compensation package approved for new CEO of big bailout recipient AIG. [80]

The socialist, liberal left wants a complete takeover of America, and their playbook is inspired by the Nazis: [81]

"Teach the Bible? Of course," says USA Today. "Here are three ways states have facilitated the teaching of biblical text in public schools:

  • Texas, Georgia and Tennessee have passed legislation promoting historical or literary biblical studies as an elective.
  • In Alabama, the state Board of Education approved The Bible and Its Influence as a textbook for public schools.
  • South Carolina has passed 'released time' legislation. It allows students to take (and, if the course is eligible, receive credit for) a religious class off-campus during school hours."[82]

Meet the American Seniors Association, a conservative group for senior citizens opposed to Obamacare, who demand reform of Medicare, Social Security and the tax code, and who is getting dissatisfied members of left-loving AARP by the thousands: [83]

Conservative commentator Robert Novak has gone to the Lord, passing away at age 78.[84]

Obama-socialism 0.jpg

And the artist is: the creator behind the Obama/Joker poster is revealed to be just another liberal: [85]

Barack Obama forced $50 million dollars from American taxpayers to fund the United Nations Population Fund. [86] The result: 50% off abortions if you show your student ID in China. [87]


The Washington Post reports that President Obama aims to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). [88] The President’s intention with regard to DOMA pushes the United States further along the road to a socialist, materialist state in which only a deracinated civil religion will be tolerated in the public square. Political authorities in such a state, as we saw in Soviet Russia and Hitler’s National Socialist Germany, decide what is acceptable conduct and punish conduct that they find inimical to their pretensions of power. Because these secular and materialist rulers are unconstrained by a higher moral law, which they reject, there is no limit to the powers they presume to exercise. Given his strong affirmation of abortion, which is to be funded by all taxpayers against the will of the majority in the President’s proposed National Socialist Healthcare program, the President is clearly not a Bible-believing Christian. His aim to degrade the status of traditional marriage adds weight to that conclusion. This is just more of the liberal multi-cultural amorality of the Obama White House. [89]

Is Obama abandoning the "public option" or is it just a "Trojan Horse" ploy? "The fundamental equation that means worse and worse medical care for our seniors remain exactly as it was should the public option be abandoned: Fifty million new patients to be treated and no extra doctors or nurses to care for them. The result will be precisely the same whether or not there is a public option -- massive rationing of medical services to the elderly. [90]

Thumbs down on stimulus bill: "A USAToday/Gallup poll released Monday found that 41 percent of Americans think the spending has made the US economy better, but 57 percent believe it has either made no difference or worsened the recession that began in 2007."[91]
Only 6% express any hope for the Obama years; [92]
80% see Obamunism leading to more crime. [93]


Obama Administration spinmeisters are confusing their own supporters with healthcare doublespeak. [94]

Gallup polling shows conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states. [95]

"Principal and Athletic Director Face Criminal Charges for Prayer at Luncheon"[96] They face imprisonment, fines, and a loss of their retirement benefits for "a prayer to bless the meal served to consenting adults at the appreciation luncheon."

Perhaps conceding defeat, The White House appears ready to drop 'public option' in its socialistic health care plan.[97] But this could simply be semantic game-playing by liberals.

Australian Senate Rejects Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s "Cap and Trade" Emissions Plan. Are U.S. Democrat Senators Being Spooked by Australia's Rejection of Climate Bill? No politician actually likes going out on a limb, unless so radical they are without the ability to reason, so casual claims of some 'global consensus' are probably going to be coming our way less frequently in the future. Once the emperor is seen to have no clothes, pretending otherwise in public becomes difficult. [98]

Conservapedia is proven right again: "Turkish Women with Abortions Have Statistically Significant 66% Increase in Breast Cancer Risk / Researchers Likely Underestimated the Risk, Reports Scientist"[99] Yet liberals will never admit the fact that abortion increases breast cancer (see Abortion and breast cancer).

Look who's boss. 16 years ago Hillary Clinton canned Rahm Emanuel in the Clinton White House, now it's Emanuel telling Hillary what to do. Hillary wanted to bring back another old Clinton retread, Sidney Blumenthal but Rahm killed the deal. [100]

Obama snob.jpg

A warning that the new swine flu vaccine is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the U.K. Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter. The leaking of the letter, about 25 U.S. deaths, has led to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins in both the U.S. and Great Britain. Is this the "new transparency in government" promised by Barack Obama or just more liberal elitism at work, knowing better than the public what's best for them?[101]


54% Of Americans Now Say Passing No Obamacare Would Be The Better Option. This does not mean that most voters are opposed to health care reform. But it does highlight the level of negativism the public has about the specific proposals that Congressional Democrats have approved in a series of Committees, and that President Obama has vigorously backed. While 60% of Democrats support passing the legislation before Congress, 80% of Republicans oppose doing so. Most significantly, Independents oppose passing any of the Obama/Democrat plans by a whopping 66%. [102]

Obama Slanders Physicians. After ridiculing 2.5 million disabled persons participating in Eunice Shriver's Special Olympics and accusing police of acting "stupidly," the president now attacks bogeymen doctors who allegedly mutilate their hapless victims for greed and profit. [103]

President Barack Obama's Pro-abortion Record: A Pro-life Compilation. [104]

More liberal hate in the news: The American Civil Liberties Union still loves to go to war to stop the civil liberties of those who pray: [105]

  • Obama Approval Raings hit new low. [106]
  • Most Americans -- 72 percent -- say returning the unused portion of the $787 billion dollar stimulus to taxpayers would do more to boost the economy than having the government spend it. Majorities of Democrats (59 percent), Republicans (87 percent) and independents (70 percent) think the money should be returned to taxpayers."[107]
  • For the first time in two years, voters trust GOP more than Democrats on the vital the issues of Health care, the Economy, Education, National Security, Abortion, Social Security, Taxes, and Immigration. [108]
  • 60% Say America is Headed in the Wrong Direction. [109]

Obama pinocchio.jpg

President Obama falsely claimed that AARP endorsed his administration's health care plan when they never made such an endorsement.[110] In addition, Barack Obama's "Disinformation Czar" (whose supposed job was to correct disinformation that others are spreading about the Obama administration's health care plan) was recently caught spreading misleading information![111] Skepticism is mounting concerning Obama's health care plan and Obama himself and the skepticism is growing for good reasons![112] For example, the usually pro-Obama news organization the Associated Press recently published an article which was critical of Obama that was entitled FACT CHECK: Obama's health care claims adrift?[113] It increasingly appears as though Obama's health care plan may be Obama's Waterloo.[114]

The leading trend forecaster Gerald Celente maintains that the economic cancer on the United States economy is merely in remission and the greatest depression in the history of the United States is still going to occur.[115][116] Celente also maintains that the Obama administration's corrupt and inept policies is making things worse.[117][118]

Obama-fascist Newsbusters.jpg

In Yet Another Stunning Example of Liberal Intolerance, Obama Brownshirts Are Trying to Silence Glenn Beck. At least five weak-kneed advertisers are buckling under the pressure of a racially charged boycott of Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck. But that's not all... a high-ranking Obama official has now been tied to the racially charged boycott. Obama’s Green Jobs Czar, the convicted Felon and self-declared Communist, Van Jones, has direct ties to the organization that’s trying to shut down Glenn Beck. Jones’s group has hired a big Hollywood PR firm and they are pressuring Beck’s advertisers to stop advertising. If not, they’ll lead a boycott. [119] For a list of advertisers buckling under to the left's Nazi-like tactics go here.

Reagan large 4.jpg

It was 28 years ago this week that President Ronald Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Tax Act. It dropped the tax burden across the board and allowed every working American to establish an Individual retirement account. (IRA) Despite a 53-seat Democratic majority in the House, Reagan's tax plan sailed through by a 77-vote margin. And in the Senate, where Republicans held a six-seat majority, the plan got 68 votes, launching the largest sustained economic growth in U.S. history. Obama hasn't approached anything like a win of that magnitude. If he doesn't figure out the difference between leading and challenging, he may never get one. [120]

How many domestic terrorists does Obama plan on putting in his cabinet? Meet Van Jones. [121]

August 20Edit

The town hall meetings have an effect; American citizens are now emboldened against the health care bill, and this emboldeness is affecting everyone on the Hill: Senator Charles Grassley (R) gets an earful in Iowa [122]; Senator Arlen Spector (D-PA) calls his confronters "un-American" in the wake of his meeting[123][124]; Indiana Congressman Baron Hill (D) calls his constitutuents "political terrorists" now [125]; Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) couldn't take the cameras at his meeting [126]; Rep Bart Gordon (D-TN) is shamed back into doing a public town meeting after he opted for the telephone instead [127]; just more boos than cheers going on as this health care bill takes a nose dive [128][129]. Note to Congress: did all of you honestly think that we Americans are going to lie down quietly and take it?

Polls show support for Health Care Reform falls to new low. [130]

Scheduled dates and places to confront your Senator or Representative: [131]

The "First Lady" of conservatism, Phyllis Schlafly, speaking at the National Press Club on Obamacare says "I think we would be better off if we defeated the whole thing." Schlafly, an icon of the grassroots conservative movement, was the recipient of the first ever Clare Booth Luce Lifetime Achievement Award. [132]

Four Christian orphanage workers beheaded by Muslims. Don't call them terrorists, don't call them Jihadists, we're not at war with Islam. Maybe Barack Hussein Obama can describe the movement for us. [133]

CBO Report : Poor People Biggest Losers in Health care reform.

  • Employees, Not Employers, Will Pay The Costs of The Pay-Or-Play Job Tax: "If employers who did not offer insurance were required to pay a fee, employees’ wages and other forms of compensation would generally decline by the amount of that fee from what they would otherwise have been—just as wages are generally lower (all else being equal) to offset employers’ contributions toward health insurance.
  • The Pay-Or-Play Job Tax Could Reduce Jobs for Low-Income, Minimum-Wage Workers: "In particular, a play-or-pay provision could reduce the hiring of low-wage workers, whose wages could not fall by the full cost of health insurance or a substantial play-or-pay fee if they were close to the minimum wage." [134]

"Anybody who thinks that health care is going to cost less if the government runs it must believe in the tooth fairy." [135]

Significant advances in homeschool academic achievement versus public school. On average, home schooled students scored about 30 percentile points higher than the national average on standardized achievement tests. [136]

Trust the Government? How much is one additional year of your life worth? Or one more year of life for your father or your wife? For your child? In Great Britain, the government has settled on a number: $45,000. That’s how much a government commission with the Orwellian acronym NICE has decided British government-run health care will pay for one additional year of life for a British subject. Think it could never happen here? Then you need to pay closer attention to what Washington is planning for your health care. [137]

"You'll be gone, by God the bureaucrats will still be here," one citizen said to Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., at a town hall meeting that was very hostile to the Democratic health care plan.[138]

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of John F. Kennedy, died at age 88. A pro-life leader, and she also helped start the Special Olympics and the Peace Corps. [139]

Latest poll for Virginia governor: the Republican McDonnell has 47% to only 38% for the Democrat Deeds.[140]
In New Jersey, "Republican challenger Chris Christie has regained his 13-point lead over incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine."[141]

"Barack Obama could hasten the spread of" homeschooling, observes the Economist.[142]

"Lori Roman: Government-run health care killed my father"[143]


"How's that hopey-changey thing going?" The one bright spot of the effects of Obama is the sale of anti-Obama merchandise - like the one at right - which is skyrocketing: [144]

George Soros donates $5 million to the liberal "Health Care For America Now." [145] This manufactured opposition group is involved in Organized Thuggery, calling average Americans- extremists for daring to stand against Obama's government-run healthcare. [146]

After a confrontation between a man whose son suffers from cerebral palsy and Representive John Dingell of Michigan during a town hall meeting, supporters of Obama decide to pay a threatening visit to him at night: [147]

Enrollment in our fall economics course is so strong that it is likely to set a new record as the largest economics course for teenagers in the world.

Obama Poll numbers continue to nosedive -- only 45% now rate Obama "Good" or "Excellent" as a leader, down 19 percent since January. [148]

Where are they now? Mainstream Media waxes nostalgic for
the Manson era "Summer of Love."

Now even the liberal Detroit Free Press prints this commentary from a Cato Institute policy analyst: "De-fund Detroit Public Schools."[151]

Here’s a real live “community organizer” in action. He’s organizing this guy and he’s going to send him out to shout down people who are dissenting from the Democrat Party line. The fellow seemed reluctant and as it turns out after a few minutes the organizer retrieved his bullhorn and started using it himself. See the tell-all pictures here

Update: Read how the liberal "Organized Thuggery" movement plans to confront you. [152] The American people will not be silenced!

Today in History

In 1961, James B. Parsons was the 1st black appointed to Federal District Court.

As far as the public is concerned, the declining liberal news media is on its own. A new Rasmussen survey shows that just 25% of American adults favor the creation of a White House commission to help save journalism jobs and find ways for struggling news organizations to survive. 55% oppose the creation of a commission such as the one proposed by Leftist former newsman Dan Rather in a speech last week. [153]

"Wikipedia dying, Thanks to its mad editors. WACKYPEDIA'S growth is sloping off and it appears it is due to the bizarre antics of some of its editors."[154]

The prominent YouTube atheist who kept stuttering when his atheistic ideas were cross examined by Christian evangelist Ray Comfort tells the world that he had other reasons for going to Los Angeles besides going to debate Ray Comfort and the debate was not his main purpose for going to Los Angeles![155] Conservapedia still thinks the prominent YouTube atheist may have felt very convicted when debating Ray Comfort if frequent stuttering is any indication![156] A Christian YouTube producer gives his take on why the prominent YouTube atheist was totally unprepared for his debate with Ray Comfort.[157]

Your modern Democratic Party at work: If they don't like their own constituents questioning their health care proposals, why they'll just treat them like they're a sub-human mob. Note to the Democrats: your constituents are smarter than you realize: [158][159]

Democrat tax cut scheme [160] already hurting charitable giving. [161]

Public School liberals deciding what words must be banned from textbooks. Your children are targeted for liberal indoctrination. Americans- watch the Fox News video Banned From Textbooks.

Sarah Palin Says Obama's Plan to Overhaul Health Care is 'Evil': "Who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course...The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil." Amen! [162]

Drug Offenders To Get Federal Student Aid Under New Bill: College students convicted of drug possession could soon have access to Federal student loans because of a little noticed provision in a student aid bill that removes a deterrent to using drugs and rewards lawbreakers. Leftist California congressman George Miller, a Democrat, added a provision that reverses a 1998 Bill Clinton sponsored amendment that made students convicted of drug-possession ineligible to receive federal funding. Given President Obama's history of using illegal drugs, and the liberal passion for amorality, it should pass quickly. [163]

It appears as if one of YouTube's most prominent atheist may have felt convicted when debating Christian evangelist Ray Comfort if frequent stuttering is any indication![164] Given the inadequacy of the atheism position, the frequent stuttering was not exactly surprising!

Who said conservatism is dead? Oh, liberals of the mainstream media did. Three of the top four hardcover non-fiction books have conservative authors. Michelle Malkin- Culture of Corruption, Mark Levin- Liberty and Tyranny, Dick Morris- Catastrophe. [165]

Liberal hypocrisy is alive and well in the mainstream media, as they excoriate Rush Limbaugh once more for comparing the actions of the Obama Adminstration to the Nazis, but they just have to ignore Nancy Pelosi calling town hall protesters the same thing: [166]

Obey obama.jpg

White House Engaged In Liberal Thuggery - The Politics Of Chicago: There's a certain irony in an administration denouncing ordinary Americans who borrow the ACORN playbook when "that administration is led by a man who began his career as a Community organizer. So, it's unbelievably hypocritical and of course...this only happens when you have a conservative protest, it's called a 'mob' if it's a liberal protest it's called a grassroots expressing themselves. You have an administration arrogantly decided he's gonna tear it up and start all over and people are surprised that there are protests? And say that it had to be manufactured? Of course it's spontaneous. If people go together on a bus, that's entirely legitimate and ought to be encouraged." [167] [168]

August 12Edit

Obama total approval august 7 2009.jpg

Obama Approval hits the skids as prospects for a Jobless recovery appear more imminent; 71% say Obamunism driving the deficit. [169] Unemployment hopes remain dismal. [170]


Sonia Sotomayor.jpg

Senate Confirms Sonia Sotomayor to U.S. Supreme Court. The Senate voted Thursday to confirm Sonia Sotomayor as the first Hispanic Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court in a 68-31 vote.[171] 59 Democrats voted for Sotomayor while 31 Republicans voted against her. Nine Senate Republicans voted to confirm her.

Obama-socialism 0.jpg

The ultra-Liberal Washington Post, Never Failing To Connect Obama Criticism With Racism, Slams Obama/Joker Posters as 'Coded,' and 'Racially Charged' Stereotypes! Art critic Philip Kennicott smeared the images, which began showing up in Los Angeles and on Twitter, as flat-out bigoted: "The charge of socialism is secondary to the basic message that Obama can't be trusted, not because he is a politician, but because he's black." As the 'Obama Socialists' are backed into a corner with growing opposition to their radical, big-spending agenda, there has been a marked increase by them in shrilly associating any opposition to the President with the racism gambit. [172]

It's called "political satire". And they also seemed to have forgotten that it was their side which painted George W. Bush as the Joker too, so turnabout is indeed fair play: [173]

Top 10 Reasons Obamacare Is Wrong for America

Obama fails to deliver so-called "health care reform" by August 7 as he promised. Like Hillarycare, all the wheeling-dealing has been closed door and the American people excluded. Now Congress gets an earful from voters tired of being ignored. Polls show 54% favor Tax Cuts over New Health Care Spending [174] and 60% think the Country is headed in the wrong direction. [175]

Think love and tolerance is a part of liberal thinking, or is it pure hatred for their fellow man? Liberal radio talk show host Mike Malloy wants conservative commentator Glenn Beck to commit suicide. “I am only hoping that when Glenn Beck does put a gun to his head and pulls the trigger, that it’s on television, because somebody will capture it on YouTube and it will be the most popular little piece of video for months,” he said. [176]

The United States Marine Corps has slapped an immediate ban on the use of social networking sites on its network, warning that sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are a “proven haven for malicious hackers and content.” Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have been constant targets for malware attacks that exploit the trusted nature of social networks to lure users into clicking on links to malicious sites. [177]

An openly Gay sheriff's deputy in liberal Broward County (Fort Lauderdale), Florida and a Homosexual community activist, was actually a calculating sex offender who targeted and attacked illegal immigrants. According to court documents, Jonathan Bleiweiss was arrested Monday and faces 14 charges, among them three counts of sexual battery by a person in authority, four counts of battery and one count of stalking against at least 8 men.[178]

A consequence of the "Cash for Clunkers" program is that poor people who can’t afford new cars – or expensive used cars -- will be crushed along with all those clunkers due to elite liberals being out-of-touch. If you can only afford $500 - $2,000 for a car, you’ll find many of these vehicles are now unavailable. The junk yards that demolish the clunkers aren’t allowed to pull engines and other usable parts before they’re crushed, making parts for older cars harder and more expensive to get. Yet another blow for the poor who need to repair what they have, rather than buy a replacement as Al Gore, a Congressman or members of their staff would do. [179]

Breaking News: Russian nuclear-powered submarines patrolling off the Eastern seaboard of continental United States; U.S. Navy is tracking. [180] [181]

August 10Edit

"If you’ve noticed that this past July was colder than normal, you are not alone. More than 1,100 daily record low temperatures were broken in July nationwide, according to the National Climatic Data Center. When record afternoon low highs are considered, that number jumps to more than 3,000 records." [182] -- No problem for liberals: they just move from their global warming scam to their health care "reform" scam, without ever admitting they're wrong.

54% Oppose [183] extending Democrats tax cuts for the rich scheme. [184]

Bill Clinton at Seoul, May 19, 2009.

Bill's Secret Mission -- The White House stays mum as speculation grows about former President Clinton's 'private mission' and meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Bill Clinton must miss appeasing and bribing North Korea as his administration did. Among the officials deeply involved in the negotiations for Bill's visit was John Kerry. Kerry's involvement tells us a lot about how this mission is going to go; they will repeat the same actions they tried before that ended in complete and utter failure. [185]
Update: North Korea Says 2 Jailed American Journalists Have Been Pardoned, Will Return To U.S. With Bill Clinton. What's The Ran$om?

Under President Obama the American government's share of the national gross domestic product has significantly increased.[186] Critics of the Obama administration have coined the word "Obamunism" for Obama's socialistic and "fascism light" economic planning policies (Mussolini defined fascism as the wedding of state and corporate powers and Obama's corporate bailouts certainly are fascist policies).[187][188][189] Wall Street firms were among Obama's biggest campaign supporters.[190] The Obama Administration bailouts of corrupt, unproductive, and reckless Wall Street firms was hardly surprising, although it certainly was not helpful in making the United States economy more productive and prosperous. President Obama should pick up a few history books and discover that socialism and fascism create far less wealth for its citizens than capitalism. Top trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicts that the corrupt economic policies of "Obamunism" will lead to a second great depression and "second American Revolution" (Celente predicted the tax protests that are now occurring in America).[191][192]

Congressional Democrats in need of sensitivity training. Like Obama ridiculing the Special Olympics [193], House Democrats health care reform bill refers to persons with learning disabilities as "retarded." Mental Health experts and advocates outraged. [194][195]

What The Summer Holds For Members of Congress? -- Audience Shouts Down Sebelius, Specter at Health Care Town Hall in Philadelphia: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Democrat turned Republican, turned Democrat opportunist Senator Arlen Specter got a preview of the tough sell lawmakers will face over Obama and the Democrats health care Socialism. [196] Here is the video of the shouting, angry crowd.
Click here to see the clever new Republican anti-"Obamacare" ad.

Excerpts from the Mark Levin Show "How can we be discussing the most massive entitlement program ever known to man?" Nearly 2 Trillion dollar budget deficits, the largest drop in tax returns since the 'Great Depression' at 18%. "Immediately reverse course and cut taxes across the board." [197] [198]

Angry muslim mob.jpg

Eight Christians Burnt to Death, and Scores More Injured, in Pakistan. Hundreds of armed supporters of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an outlawed Islamic militant group, burned dozens of Christian homes in Gojra over the weekend after allegations that a copy of the Koran had been defiled. The bloodthirsty Muslim mob opened fire indiscriminately, threw gas bombs and looted houses as thousands of the frightened Christians ran for safety. Residents said that police stood aside while the mob went on the rampage. “We kept begging for protection, but police did not take action,” Rafiq Masih, a resident said. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group is believed to have close links with Al Qaeda and has been involved in several terrorist attacks in recent years. [199]

Dana Perino writes for Fox News saying Democrats' Blame Game Keeps Backfiring. When it comes to government-run healthcare, even concerned Democrats are "raising a ruckus". [200] Could it be that healthcare reform was designed to benefit special interests groups at the expense of the American people? [201]

BORN IN THE USA? Hawaii refuses to verify President's Online Certificates of Live Birth. In response to a direct question from WorldNetDaily, the Hawaii Department of Health refused to authenticate either of the two versions of President Obama's short-form Certificate of Live Birth, or COLB, posted online – neither the image produced by the Obama campaign nor the images released by Janice Okubo, the public information officer for the Hawaii DOH, also had no explanation for why Dr. Chiyome Fukino's initial press release last October and subsequent press release last week also avoided declaring the posted images to be of authentic documents. [202]

Is This The "Smoking Gun" of Obama's Kenyan Birth? California attorney Orly Taitz, who has filed a number of lawsuits demanding proof of Barack Obama's eligibility to serve as President of the United States, has released a copy of what purports to be a Kenyan certification of birth and has filed a new motion in U.S. District Court for its authentication. The document lists Obama's parents as Barack Hussein Obama and Stanley Ann Obama, formerly Stanley Ann Dunham, the birth date as Aug. 4, 1961, and the hospital of birth as Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. [203] More disclosures Obama refuses to make can be found here.

Christian hard rock band Fireflight has over a million views on YouTube. [204] Their new release Stand Up is a big hit as well. Subscribe to their official channel. [205] Bringing the good news of Christ to the next generation!

August 7Edit

Obama-socialism 0.jpg

Americans are increasingly showing a greater propensity to openly mock President Obama. Obama depicted as the Joker is showing up in the public square with increasing frequency.[206]

Today in history August 2, 1990. Iraq invades Kuwait.

At about 2 a.m. local time, Iraqi forces invade Kuwait, Iraq's tiny, oil-rich neighbor. Kuwait's defense forces were rapidly overwhelmed, and those that were not destroyed retreated to Saudi Arabia. The emir of Kuwait, his family, and other government leaders fled to Saudi Arabia, and within hours Kuwait City had been captured and the Iraqis had established a provincial government. [207]

T Image 332.jpg

President Obama appears to be feeling the political heat and becoming more desperate than Jimmy Carter during his presidency. Obama recently told a Democratic congressman, "You're going to destroy my presidency if health care doesn't pass."[208] Obama still appears to be out of touch with what Americans want and he still is focused on his leftist agenda for America. According to the Gallup Organization, "Most Americans do not believe that the U.S. healthcare system is in a state of crisis. The economy outweighs healthcare as the most pressing problem facing the country and in Americans' personal lives."[209] A majority of Americans currently believe that the federal government should focus on reducing the budget deficit rather than engage in increased spending.[210] It appears as if Obama has little interest in being a public servant and appears more concerned about "his presidency" being destroyed.

KenyaSlumR 468x301.jpg

President Obama claims he wants to rush health care through because he is moved by the letters of Americans who ask him to change the current health care system.[211] Meanwhile, President Obama lets his own brother live in a slum area in a one room hovel while Obama lives in the White House followed around by a government paid personal physician![212][213][214] It is certainly not surprising that Arthur C. Brooks, a professor at Syracuse University, found that although American liberal families' incomes were somewhat higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household, and also donate more time and give more blood.[215] American citizens, don't allow President Obama to treat you like he treats his brother!


In 2007, when Obama was running for President he promised Americans "health care that is as good as the health care that I have as a member of Congress."[216] However, recently when a newspaper reporter pressed Obama on whether he would commit to Americans having the same health care as congressmen, Obama repeatedly refused to commit to his previous promise of Americans having the same coverage as members of Congress.[217] Obama merely said Americans would have health care coverage that would "largely match up" with what members of Congress have.[218] It appears as if Obama envisions offering Animal Farm type government health care for American citizens. Some government health care would be more equal than other government health care with Obama still being constantly followed around by his government paid physician![219] Congressman John Fleming (Louisiana physician) has offered an amendment that would require congressmen and senators to take the same health care plan they try to force on others (under proposed legislation they are curiously exempt). Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go on his website and sign his petition located here.

Planned Parenthood defies court ruling on informed consent.Appellate judges upheld the constitutionality of a South Dakota law that requires abortionists to inform women – before an abortion – that the procedure "will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being." [220]

August 5Edit

President Obama may force reluctant young Americans to buy health insurance they don't want in order to help defray the health care cost of older Americans.[221][222] Obama Girl appears to be reluctant to sing the praises of the Obama administration having mandatory health insurance for young people in order to help finance baby boomer and senior health care! Obama, good luck on retaining your young voter base in the 2012 presidential election![223]

Just like the Rathergate papers, the "birth certificate" promoted by Obama and company is a FORGERY: [224]


President Obama claims he can improve American's health care, but he cannot even manage his own health care! When Robert Gibbs, Obama's Press secretary, was directly asked about Obama's smoking habit, he was rather evasive and said, "I don't honestly see the need to get a whole lot more specific than the fact that it's a continuing struggle."[225] Obama promised that transparency would be the "touchstone" of his administration, but the reality is that his administration is certainly not transparent.[226]

US government is not even meeting its own standards for military health care, yet Obama still claims his national health care proposal will meet health care needs of Americans.[227][228]

President Obama is stirring up a political hornet's nest! Many seniors are angry that Medicare budget would be cut $200 million to help pay for Obama's health care plan.[229] Obama is running into the same trouble with his health care plan as President Bush did with Social Security reform several years ago: senior citizen support.[230] Health care is still likely going to be Obama's Waterloo![231] Help push Obama's approval rating even lower among Americans by sharing the powerful video Stop Spending Our Future among your family and friends.

July 31st concludes the third coldest July ever for the Canadian province of Manitoba.[232] In New York City, it has been the third coldest June and July combo ever. No problem for liberals: just keep lying about global warming and hope the media fails to tell the truth.

Liberals had vowed to pass the health care bill before recess; instead, the most they could do was muster a pathetically weak 31-28 committee vote at 9pm the day of adjournment.[233]

President Obama held private "Beer Summit" with Sergeant James Crowley and Professor Gates that appears to have accomplished little to nothing.[234] Poll shows Obama lost ground across the board with the greatest declines among "poorer people, especially poorer whites, and 30 to 49 year olds....Some of the larger declines are among members of his own party." [235] Washington Post reports Americans think the President acted stupidly on race. [236] A Rasmussen Reports poll indicates that nearly 50% of likely voters feel Barack Obama views the USA as unfair and discriminatory. [237]

August 4Edit

Bernanke ben.jpg

Peter Schiff in an old video accurately explains why Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has engaged in economic buffoonery.[238] Is it any wonder Bernanke lost money in the stock market last year as his holdings in annuities and other assets tumbled by as much as 29 percent?[239] President Obama certainly appears to have some similarities to Jimmy Carter when it comes to economics![240] Perhaps the reason why Obama does not fire Bernanke for economic incompetence was that if he did fire Bernanke, consistency would demand that Obama fire himself as well! Leading trend forecaster Gerald Celente still insists that Obama administration is assisting Wall Street and banking firms to engage in highway robbery while they continue to further damage the United States economy.[241][242]

Wikipedia does the scrubbing again: A liberal mayoral candidate in Toledo, Ohio has a problem with his own ethics, and someone in Wikipedia is making sure its readers don't see it: [243]

Automobile manufacturer Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863, on his family's farm in what is present-day Dearborn, Michigan. From the time that he was a young boy, Ford enjoyed tinkering with machines. Farm work and a job in a Detroit machine shop afforded him ample opportunities to experiment. He worked successively as an apprentice machinist, a part-time employee for the Westinghouse Engine Company, and an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company. By then, he was earning enough money to experiment on building an internal combustion engine. [244]

Do your part and say 'Stop the Government Takeover of Healthcare' before it's too late! Join nearly one-million Americans and sign the Free Our Health Care Now Petition.

Florida Gators Quarterback Tim Tebow Leaves Reporters Speechless: "Yes I Am - Saving Myself for Marriage". He also said he was grateful that his mother's story has helped women choose not to have an abortion. Tim Tebow is one of the most talked about rising stars of the NCAA and recently was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The Football Superstar literally left reporters speechless when he answered a question during a press conference about whether or not he is saving himself for marriage. Growing up Tebow would often help his parents with their Christian mission work in the Philippines. He was homeschooled by his mother, who instilled in her children strong Christian Values. [245]

Top Democrat Admits Government-Run Health Care Plan Would Lead to Single-Payer Health Care System, something Obama continually denies. In a newly unearthed video, however, Congressman Barney Frank, (D-MA), candidly admits that the entire point of the “public option” is to force Americans off their private insurance plans and onto the government rolls, like the systems in Canada and the U.K. [246]

Eric Holder.jpg

Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department has sent a threatening letter to the state of Oklahoma. The letter warns that state's attorney general not to pursue an English-only referendum on the 2010 ballot and says adopting such a provision could violate the civil rights of some Oklahoma residents. More smug Leftist bullying by the Obama Administration. [247] The Oklahoma Congressional Delegation has demanded Holder explain. [248]

Obama Approval Ratings hit New Low. [249]

An outpouring of skeptical scientists who are members of the American Chemical Society (The ACS bills itself as the "world's largest scientific society.") are revolting against the group's editor-in-chief -- with many demanding he be removed. This after an editorial appeared in their journal claiming “the science of anthropogenic climate change is becoming increasingly well established.” Dozens of letters from ACS members were published on July 27, 2009 castigating Rudy Baum, with some scientists demanding his replacement as editor-in-chief, seeking to remove the climate fear promoting editor and 'trade him to New York Times or Washington Post'. [250]

August 3Edit

Bernanke ben.jpg

Ben Bernanke, the economics and financial "genius" who is Chairman of the Federal Reserve and who Obama refuses to fire and who Obama has full confidence in, lost money in the stock market last year as his holdings in annuities and other assets tumbled by as much as 29 percent.[251] Given the abysmal economic policy of Bernanke and the Obama administration, Bernanke probably should invest in gold which was an asset class which rose in value in 2008 and is expect to do so in 2009 as well.[252] A former student of Ben Bernanke writes that Bernanke has been a disaster and he strongly favors Bernanke being fired.[253][254]

89% of official U.S. temperature measurement stations are corrupted by poor site selection that gives false warming signals, according to a new study by meteorologist Anthony Watts. According to the federal government’s own siting criteria, the corrupting influences at those stations create a margin of error larger than the entire asserted warming of the Twentieth century. [255] Also see the report: How do we know global warming is a problem if we can't trust the U.S. temperature record? [256]

Republican Senator Mike Enzi corrects the media reports and emphasizes, "Deal on Finance Committee health care bill far from close."[257]

Hispanic Support for President Obama Drops 7 Points Since Nomination of the "Wise Latina". That's still high, but it looks like the Sotomayor appointment isn't paying the political dividends it was supposed to. Praise the Lord aversion to socialized medicine is colorblind! [258] [259]

Securities and Exchange Commission makes short-selling rule permanent. [260]
Did you know Wikipedia was involved, at its highest levels, in a coverup to protect abusive short selling insiders, [261] and took reprisal actions against whistleblowers? [262] CEO Patrick Byrne wrote in 2006[263], "we are on the edge of exposing the greatest financial crime in US history: hedge funds and broker dealers have been making money by destroying companies through an illegal technique called "naked shorting"... It is a scandal that will dwarf Enron if it ever breaks through the bad guys' attempts to contain it....Your view ... is that Wikipedia is more or less the same thing....I just want to tell you folks this: your gangsters turn out to be connected to our gangsters. That is, for two years there has been a group of folks (bloggers, clean stock brokers, lawyers, economists, etc.) trying to unravel an enormous financial crime on Wall Street.[264]

Gap widens between Obama and voters on basic fairness of American society. See Video

Barack, Meet Friedrich
In his book The Fatal Conceit, Nobel laureate Friedrich A. Hayek provided some insight into this lethal combination of arrogance and stupidity. [265]

The U.S. Congress voted to keep funding racist, eugenics-founded Planned Parenthood by Title X taxpayer dollars. Righteous Americans take note, whoever cast a nay vote should be defeated in 2010. [266]

Soft Tyranny. Behind the captivating rhetoric, a revolutionary agenda unfolds. The July issue of Whistleblower magazine pieces together the Obama puzzle into a crystal-clear picture of what's happening in America. Contributing to the effort to unmask Obama are leading conservatives; Mark Levin, Jerome Corsi, Phyllis Schlafly, Roger Hedgecock, Joseph Farah and others. [267]

Today in History

On July 28, 1868, Secretary of State William Seward issued a proclamation certifying without reservation that the Fourteenth Amendment was a part of the United States Constitution. The required number of states had ratified the Fourteenth Amendment a few weeks earlier on July 9, 1868. Known as one of the "Reconstruction Amendments" along with the Thirteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, the Fourteenth Amendment forbids any state to deny to any person "life, liberty or property, without due process of law" or to "deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of its laws." With its broadly phrased language, the Fourteenth Amendment continues to provide a basis for civil rights claims in the United States. [268]

The Jerusalem Post reports on anti-Obama, pro-settlements rally held in Israel.[269] According to the Jerusalem Post sources "progress has been made regarding the settlement issue, and that there was now a willingness on both sides to reach some kind of understanding."[270]

Democrats are struggling to hold black voters in two key governor races in the United States and President Obama campaigning for the Democratic party governor candidates doesn't seem to be helping.[271]

Black policemen Support Sgt. James Crowley, Rebuke President Barack Obama & Professor Henry Louis Gates .[272]

Architect Cyrus Lazelle Warner Eidlitz was born on July 27, 1853, in New York, New York. His father, Prague-born architect Leopold Eidlitz, was an influential theorist who became a founding member of the American Institute of Architects in 1857. Educated in New York and Europe, the younger Eidlitz is known for designing numerous public buildings, including Chicago's Dearborn Station and the Buffalo Public Library. Cyrus Eidlitz's work, like that of his father, was especially influenced by Gothic and Romanesque revival styles of the second half of the nineteenth century. [273]

Obama Approval Ratings continue to tank with more Americans Disapproving of and him and his job in office than Approve.
40% Strongly Disapprove. [274]
56% say America is headed in the wrong direction. [275]
Only 8% rate economy as good or excellent. [276]

"A key U.S. Democratic senator says his party cannot pass a health care reform bill in the Senate without support from minority Republicans."[277]

Sweden Gives Up On Welfare state: Think the answer to America's problems is bigger government? Anders Borg (Finance Minister of Sweden) has a message for those who look to government to take over health care, rescue the financial system and run troubled corporations: "I have seen the future–and it doesn’t work." Long the iconic end-of-human-social-evolution utopia-of-dreams of American liberal-progressives, Sweden is now frantically trying to back itself out of that swamp. Borg (pronounced "Bor-ee") is pushing Sweden in the opposite direction, encouraging the legislature to cut taxes, cap spending and privatize parts of health care. [278]