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July 30Edit

Republican John McCain worked on Monday to wrestle the spotlight from rival Barack Obama's tour of Iraq by insisting he was right and the Democrat was wrong about the war and releasing a new critical ad blaming higher gas prices on his opponent.

As Obama toured the war zones trailed by U.S. network TV anchors, McCain ridiculed him from afar during a visit with the first President George Bush at his summer home on the Atlantic. At the same time, the Republican contender released an eyebrow-raising new ad flatly blaming the Illinois senator for higher gasoline prices. [1]

Nearly 200,000 people have signed the online boycott McDonald's petition due to McDonald's support of the homosexual agenda.[2] Please sign the boycott McDonald's petition. Tell your friends and family to boycott McDonald's as well.

A San Francisco woman whose husband and two sons were gunned down last month — allegedly by an illegal immigrant who remained in the city despite previous crimes — is demanding the city do something about its sanctuary law. [3] [4]

The New York Times blocked an opinion piece submitted by John McCain to the newspaper shortly after it printed a piece by his Democratic rival, Barack Obama [5]
The McCain Op-Ed The New York Times Wouldn’t Publish

James Dobson, a leading Christian conservative, reverses his prior opposition to John McCain and now hints at an endorsement.[6]

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is popular among Iraqis.

In two dozen interviews across the country, many told Reuters a black man would understand their plight.

Obama arrived in Iraq on Monday on only his second trip to the country. He wants to bolster his foreign policy credentials and counter accusations from Republican presidential rival John McCain that he has not seen conditions in Iraq for himself. [7]

Restoring the Right to Say It's Wrong [8]
The philosophy called "political correctness" thoroughly permeates our modern culture. The politically correct left-wing is constantly attacking traditional values.

Comatose Man Jesse Ramirez Almost Euthanasia Victim, Now Enjoys Life [9]

July 27Edit

Faith-based Teams Rebuilding New Orleans [10]

Christian Counselor Fired for Denying Advice [11]

How Gay Activism Shapes U.S. Politics [12]

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama met Sunday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a man Obama has chided for not doing enough to rebuild his war-torn country.

Obama and Karzai held talks and lunched together at the presidential palace in Kabul. Karzai's office released video showing the two men seated in front of a marble fireplace, chatting and smiling. They made no public comment. [13]

Suggestion for the next Conservapedia conference: "Federally Funded Junk Science." Topics and speakers for talks are welcome here.

"Wikipedia Is A Stunning Example Of How The Propaganda Machine Works" CBS News
There is no doubt where Wikipedia stands: firmly on the Left. Try out Wikipedia’s entries on say, Roe v. Wade or Intelligent Design, and you will see that Wikipedia is the people’s encyclopedia only if those people are not conservatives.

July 26Edit

Across China, Security Instead Of Celebration [14]

Tehran on Saturday ruled out freezing its enrichment program, casting doubt over the sense of key nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers less than an hour after they began.

The talks — with the U.S. in attendance for the first time — had raised expectations of possible compromise on a formula that would have had Iran agree to stop expanding its enrichment activities. [15]

At the welcoming ceremony for the opening of World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, the pope told tens of thousands of young people that they have a responsibility to protect human life. Pope Benedict XVI told cheering throngs of students and young adults that they need to stand up against abortion. [16]

Democratic controlled Congress has a 14 percent approval rating. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid hit rock-bottom [17] [18]

Five Pieces of Liberal "Wisdom" That Need to Be Put Out to Pasture [19]

Joe Lieberman: The Democrats' Worst Enemy [20]

Michael Reagan: The Real Party of Special Interests [21]
Obama and the national Democratic Party is owned lock, stock and barrel by the teachers’ unions, the bosses of big labor, cash-heavy, tree-hugging environmental groups, and Planned Parenthood and its allies in the sleazy abortion industry.

David Limbaugh: It's sad that these liberals are compelled to view this race through a racial prism instead of understanding that the lion's share of any opposition to Obama is based on his politics, his record and experience, his flip-flops, his statements, his arrogance and his associations, not his race. [22]

Voting Practices at the United Nations [23]
“The United Nations is nothing more than a forum for opposition to the United States

When the pro-abortion National Organization for Women holds its awards gala, CBS News anchor Katie Couric will be one of its honorees. The award shows how difficult it is for pro-life advocates to combat media bias when leading news figures are honored for promoting abortion. [24]

July 21Edit

Oil prices fell again: Light, sweet crude fell $5.31 to settle at $129.29 a barrel. (AP)

Conservapedian update: congratulations to the Conservapedia Sysop who took our writing course last spring, and then scored 790/800 on the SAT writing exam. Also, thanks to the 10 Conservapedians who met in D.C. last week while attending a conference for college students.
This fall's course will be in American History. Don't miss it!

Jesse Jackson apologizes (again) for off-air Obama comments. [25]

President Bush lifts executive ban on offshore energy exploration:

  • "With this action, executive branch restrictions on this exploration have been cleared away, except for areas within existing marine sanctuaries [and] areas near Florida." [26] (see Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act)
  • see also Oil shale or public domain info here

Religious Persecution in China [27]

Memory and the Left [28]
The process of selective amnesia is an important and often overlooked aspect of the left-wing mentality.

Oh my gosh, we're shocked and appalled by the depiction of Barack Obama in the liberal New Yorker magazine. To borrow liberal style for a moment, shame on it!!!! Shame! Shame!

  • The editors of the magazine insist it's satire aimed at the hayseeds who actually believe the discredited rumors. [29]

Gun Rights Upheld: Can You Hear Liberals Squealing? [30]

Exposing the Madness and Hidden Agenda of Public Education [31]

Why a Black Artist Replaced the National Anthem [32]
What Marie did embodied a plethora of leftist ideals and characteristics: Ethical relativism, multiculturalism, the supremacy of feelings, the belief that artists are above normal ethical standards and group victimization.

Multiculturalism Gone Berserk [33]

Serious flaws are emerging in Richard Lenski's work, even with his refusal to publicly disclose his data. See Flaws in Lenski Study. Will the PNAS Journal publish a correct or retraction of the much-publicized paper?

New Limbaugh contract inspires America [34]

Liberals Are Accountable For Energy Woes [35]

July 20Edit

Jonah Goldberg: The Black Hole of Extreme Political Correctness [36]

Radio Talk Host Mark Levin Files IRS Complaint Against Teachers' Unions [37]

ACLU Attitudes Infest the Ford Foundation [38]

Former White House press secretary and FOX News anchor Tony Snow dies after losing a long bout with cancer. [39]

Margaret Sanger: old-school eugenicist, Obama’s hero [40] [41]

Low expectations for Congress [42]

Is Iran running short on missiles? A published news photo was withdrawn when digital tampering was discovered. [43]

Jesse Jackson Apologizes for Crude Obama Remarks [44]

Barack Obama So Extreme on Abortion He Would Let Babies Die Who Survive Them [45] [46]

Obama: Radical in Liberal Clothing [47]
Even with his recent attempts at moderation, he retains positions on several significant issues indistinguishable from those of Dennis Kucinich. Most of those positions are opposed by overwhelming majorities of all Americans.

Developing economies don't back G-8 climate step. A joint gathering of major developed and developing nations on Wednesday agreed that climate change was "one of the great global challenges of our time" and pledged to back a United Nations effort to conclude new climate pact by 2009. The major economies said they supported longterm and midterm goals for greenhouse-gas reductions, but endorsed no targets. [48]

July 18Edit

America and Czech Republic finally agree to tracking radar. The deal, if approved by Parliament, will create a "missile shield" needed to ward off potential attacks by countries like Iran.

Iraq made a pullout date a condition for any security pact with the United States.

  • The US reiterated its position that withdrawal should be based on conditions on the ground. [50]

Abortionist: "I cancel human souls before they become babies"; former Clinton OB-GYN makes admission in e-mail [51]

Shocking election news!! When you vote for president this fall, you will not be voting for Barack Obama or John McCain. [52]

Happy Birthday President George W. Bush!!

The Democrats love to drag oil company executives to Capitol Hill and chew them out for raking in billions in profit, but guess who's the first in line to buy oil company stock? [53]

How Mugabe stole the election in Zimbabwe: [54]

A new website encourages students to post college exams, but some professors object. One former student declares, "The only people who will find this website to be a threat are those lazy tenured sloths that like to recycle old material on their exams."[55]

Hundreds of pro-life activists at the National Right to Life convention were treated to a keynote speech from political strategist Karl Rove. Rove said John McCain has a strong pro-life voting record on abortion issues whereas Barack Obama is the “most pro-abortion candidate the Democrats have put forward.” [56]

Conservapedia has learned that anti-atheism bloggers are going to be significantly increasing their level of activity in 2008 and 2009. Some Christian apologists and Conservapedia will be assisting the bloggers. Further details regarding this matter will be forthcoming.

Oliver North: Honoring Independence at PBS [57]

Record Crude Prices Fuel Support for Oil and Gas Exploration Off Florida Coast [58]

July 15Edit

Hollywood Values strike again: The actress who played smallest sister Cindy Brady on "The Brady Bunch" admitted to being hungover and said she felt like getting sick during a Denver, Colorado radio interview. [59]

More from the maelstrom of politically correct insanity that is the British state education system: two 11-12 year old boys are punished by a religious education teacher for refusing to pray to Allah in a religious studies lesson. Neither the boys, nor the teacher, nor the school were Muslim! [60]

Five-term U.S. Senator Jesse Helms was a true conservative to the end, meeting the Savior on July 4th at the age of 86. When he defeated a much-promoted opponent in 1990, he said, "Well, there is no joy in Mudville tonight. The mighty ultraliberal establishment, and the liberal politicians and editors and commentators and columnists, have struck out again." [61]
Jesse Helms: American Hero

Why America Is The Greatest Country On Earth [62]

Bill O'Reilly: Despite Leftist Media Claim, U.S. Not in Decline [63]

The NEA leadership has abused its mandate and used teachers' dues to subsidize its liberal ideology, which includes everything from promoting homosexuality and same-sex marriage to contraception in schools and abortion on request. [64]

Conservapedia challenge: Who will be first to figure out a legal means for obtaining public disclosure of Lenski's underlying federally funded data?

July 12Edit


Happy Birthday America! [65]

For Americans on the Fourth of July:

U.S. Flag and Pledge of Allegiance

Fourth of July Celebrations Database [66]

July 8Edit

A 'Silence of Feminists' Over Michelle Obama? [67]
Feminists have been silent on the treatment of women in the Muslim world.

"Court OKs big photos of aborted fetuses outside schools." The Ninth Circuit shocks liberals by ending the censorship of pictures showing the truth about abortion.[68]

Pro-Terrorist New York Times Leaks Top Secret US Info Again [69]

A jazz singer shocked some Denver, Colorado residents after replacing the words to the national anthem with those of the "Black National Anthem" during the annual State of the City address this week. [70]

It's a good thing that courts, unlike Lenski, accept public scrutiny of their work. The public has found a factual error in a recent Supreme Court decision that was completely missed by many dozens of experts.[71]
Why do the hucksters who defend Lenski think he is above public scrutiny of his work?

Got a Bible? Spread the Word of God in Colorado, and you're open to arrest and criminal prosecution, courtesy of new law SB200: [72][73]

If Californians have no right to vote on a marriage amendment to their state constitution, then sooner or later they'll wake up with no right to vote at all: [74]

"The Detroit Public schools board of education on Monday approved a two-year, $1.1 billion budget plan that includes laying off more than 1,700 employees to stave off a $408 million deficit. ... 'We've got declining enrollment and have had that year after year,' said board vice-president Joyce Hayes-Giles. 'These are not easy decisions to make.'"[75]
No kidding it's not easy when liberal indoctrination causes failure and fleeing families.

Britain's leftist Guardian magazine blog gets two things right about the Lenski controversy: "Basically, [Conservapedia] wants the data. Because it was taxpayer-funded." But the Guardian then gets hysterical, as though there is something wrong with wanting to see what the public has paid for. [76]

Those Mean-Spirited Liberals [77]
"Conservatives work harder, feel happier, have closer families, take fewer drugs, give more generously, value honesty more, are less materialistic and envious, whine less... and even hug their children more than liberals"

Lance Fairchok confirms our belief - "The Socialist Party of America has arrived, wearing Democrat clothing." [78]

July 5Edit

The replacement of traditional fuels with biofuels has dragged more than 30 million people worldwide into poverty: [79]

Canadian Health Care We So Envy Lies In Ruins, Its Architect Admits: [80]

Wesley Clark's skeleton closet: [81]

Hollywood Values strike again: "Former 'Idol' Contestant Pregnant at 19" Her mom "is proud of how she did it" and says there may be a wedding sometime.[82]

Congratulations to Conservapedia Sysop Dr. Roger Schlafly for taking second place in a big contest![83]

"Federal health officials on Sunday will call together some of the world’s leading experts on an obscure disease to discuss the controversial case of a 9-year-old girl from Athens, Ga., who became autistic after receiving numerous vaccinations."[84]

Turn away from prayer, hello wrongdoing and incompetence: "Detroit Public Schools had hidden deficits in its operating budget for at least the last four years, helping create the $400-million hole it must dig itself out of, according to a draft report by a panel of outside school finance experts and obtained by the Free Press."[85]

A stunning pro-life victory: "A federal appeals court ruled that South Dakota can begin enforcing a law requiring doctors to tell women seeking abortions that the procedure ends a human life."[86]

Socialism is crumbling in Britain. On Thursday, the ruling Labour Party candidate came fifth in a parliamentary bye-election - beaten even by the Green Party and the neo-Nazi British National Party (the Conservative Party candidate was a resounding victor). [87]
And today, the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, Wendy Alexander, has been forced to resign after the exposure of 'irregularities' in party donations. [88]

Ben Stein warns Intelligent Design theorists they risk getting "mugged". [89]

Richard Lenski's defenders finally admit that the data underlying his claims (which Lenski still has not disclosed) are not too voluminous. Also, his defenders all but concede that no meaningful peer review of Lenski's paper occurred in the mere 14 days that his paper was supposedly being reviewed prior to publication. See Conservapedia talk:Lenski dialog.

Related issues:

July 3Edit

The dumbing-down of America continues; let's go swimming at 2:00 AM in a Florida canal infested with alligators, then blame the United States Fish and Wildlife Service when one of them bites off your arm! [90]

And the dumbing-down continues in public schools, as the kids struggle to learn the math from teachers who can't teach it: [91]

Yellow Science and Yellow Journalism compared: [92]

A British court has imposed harsh monetary sanctions against Christian campaigner Stephen Green of Christian Voice, who attempted to sue the BBC Director-General and a production company boss for blasphemy over the screening of "Jerry Springer - the Opera." Green commented: "It should be enough for Mark Thompson and Jonathan Thoday that they got away with blasphemy, insulting God and the Lord Jesus Christ, at least in this life. For these rich, powerful men to pursue me into the bankruptcy courts over money I don't have would be vindictive." [93]

Is the Congress monkeying around?

Instead of solving things like the Midwestern floods, the price of a gallon of gas, credit problems, and the housing crisis, the Democrat-controlled Congress thinks it's best to just monkey around: [94][95]

Thursday's stunning Court decision in favor of self-defense with guns represents a triumph of Justice Scalia's textualism in interpreting the law. However, no news stories have recognized this yet.

Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the U.S. Supreme Court today, "it is not the role of this Court to pronounce the Second Amendment extinct." The Court held that "the District's ban on handgun possession in the home violates the Second Amendment, as does its prohibition against rendering any lawful firearm in the home operable for the purpose of immediate self-defense. Assuming that Heller is not disqualified from the exercise of Second Amendment rights, the District must permit him to register his handgun and must issue him a license to carry it in the home." [96]

At 10 am in Washington, D.C. today, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the handgun ban in the District of Columbia and positively affirmed that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. This is a tremendous blow to gun control advocates everywhere. WorldNetDaily

  • See the case background at D.C. v. Heller
  • The just-released decision is available here
  • Senator John McCain said, "Unlike the elitist view that believes Americans cling to guns out of bitterness, today's ruling recognizes that gun ownership is a fundamental right — sacred, just as the right to free speech and assembly." [97]

Massachusetts Democrat vows to "rip apart" the victims of child rape in the courtroom: "I'm going to make sure that the rest of their life is ruined, that when they’re 8 years old, they throw up; when they’re 12 years old, they won’t sleep; when they’re 19 years old, they’ll have nightmares and they’ll never have a relationship with anybody.” [98] video: [99]

Lenski's latest response to a request for his data is revealing ... about Lenski's attitude. Take a good look at the attitude our tax dollars are paying for.

July 1Edit

The Israeli Insider raises questions concerning the authenticity of the birth certificate posted by Barack Obama's campaign.[100]

YouTube now features a Christian Broadcasting News video clip regarding the Hamilton Square Baptist Church Riot[101]

Professor values strike again: more than 100 University of Chicago professors protest a proposal to honor Milton Friedman, a conservative-leaning Nobel Prize winner.[102]

Welcome to what same-sex marriage brings: the New Mexico Human Rights Commission declared it a violation for a photographer to decline to film a same-sex wedding, and ordered him to pay $6,600.[103]

Man with ALS takes on the State of Washington's attempt to legalize assisted suicide, which he says does nothing more than turn doctors into killers (video): [104]

Stark Party Differences in Domestic Oil Development [105]
When will the people of the United States say enough is enough and demand of their elected representatives that we develop our own resources?

Gore's Home Still Guzzling Energy [106]
In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former vice president’s home energy use surged more than 10 percent. Actions speak louder than words, and Gore’s actions prove that he views climate change not as a serious problem, but as a money-making opportunity.

Zogby: 60% Favor Domestic Oil Drilling [107]

Washington Post Shreds Al Franken’s Porn [108]
The objects of Franken's humor — including political opponents and women — are not merely mocked but dehumanized.

Howard Dean's Abortion Contortions: The DNC chairman gets his facts wrong. [109]

Fuelish Democrats: How high gas prices might work for Republicans. [110]
What's the public's main complaint, identified in poll after poll, about the Democratic Congress? Inaction. Congress has done nothing that matters. Energy is but one of the huge issues facing the country on which Democrats have failed to act.

The Gitmo Nightmare: What the Supreme Court has wrought. [111]
In their visceral, myopic hatred of President Bush, liberals will see the ruling as a blow to the president and not the broad, foolish, and dangerous judicial power grab it is.

Banning Steyn: On trial in Canada, facts are irrelevant. [112]
It seems that throughout the West, “leaders” are willing to accommodate those who would stifle, intimidate or, ultimately, ban free speech, all in the name of “tolerance.”

Redefinition Revolution: Gay marriage is not primarily about marriage. [113]
What is at stake in the California marriage debate now taking place? The meaning of marriage, the idea of judicial restraint, and the official harassment and repression (by our own government) of traditional religious faiths.

Andrew Sullivan's rage at President Bush is causing him to ignore and reinterpret history and make statements that are simply reckless. [114]

Michelle Malkin: Haditha Justice [115]
Have anything to say for yourself, Congressman Murtha?

Obama’s America Is September 10th America [116]
And September 10th is sure to be followed by September 11th.

The Tax Relief Program Worked: Make the Tax Cuts Permanent [117]

Critics of Nuclear Power's Costs Miss the Point [118]
Nuclear power is the only available technology that is adequate, affordable, reliable, safe, and environmentally clean.

British Salon Owner Broke After Being Sued for 'Hurt Feelings' by Muslim Stylist With Head Scarf [119] [120]

Britain, with its atheistic schools, now leads the EU in teen drunkenness. Among 13-year-olds, Wales was most drunken, Scotland second and England fourth.[121]

Antonin Scalia: Terror Ruling "endangers lives". [122]

Floodgates for New Orleans:

Join others who support our letter requesting public release, for public scrutiny, of Professor Lenski's data underlying his research claims!

Dozens of gay couples were married Monday night after California became the second state to allow same-sex nuptials, offering a preview of the euphoria and anger to come as gay couples from across the nation head west to wed... "I never thought I'd see this," Michael Groark, 61, said at a San Francisco sports bar, watching on television as Mayor Gavin Newsom officiated the first same-sex wedding in the city. [124]

Looks like Michigan will be the place of the next Conservapedia gathering, later this month.

Despite Attempts to Explain it Away, Human Life Begins at Conception Not Birth [125]
Those who claim that a person begins at fertilization are not using the correct term or referring to the correct process. The person on earth is always a spiritual-corporeal (soul-body) unity. The human person is unique (separate), irrepeatable (one of a kind), made in the Image and Likeness (nature) of God.

Iraqi violence down and gov't confidence rising [126]
Signs are emerging that Iraq has reached a turning point. Violence is down, armed extremists are in disarray, government confidence is rising and sectarian communities are gearing up for a battle at the polls rather than slaughter in the streets.

American Medical Association Attacking Pro-Life Pharmacists on Plan B Drug [127]
Americans United for Life attorney Denise Burke says this effort "is just the latest in a well-orchestrated series of attacks on the freedom of conscience of medical professionals."