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May 2008[edit]

May 30[edit]

Promoting Death: Analyzing the Language of Euthanasia, Suicide Advocates [1]
Even the most despicable ideas can be made palatable when euphemisms are used to spin them. That's why abortion advocates call themselves "pro-choice" rather than "pro-abortion." It's also why they talk about "terminating a pregnancy" rather than "killing a baby."
Proponents of euthanasia understand the power of language in shaping debate. They use euphemisms like "death with dignity" and "end of life choices" to sugar coat the reality of the killings they have in view.

McCain Blasts Obama for Not Visiting Iraq Since 2006 [2]
“He [Obama] really has no experience or knowledge or judgment about the issue of Iraq and he has wanted to surrender for a long time,” the Arizona senator added.

On the 6th ballot, Bob Barr won the nomination for the Libertarian Party, and in campaigning for this Barr gave conservatives a reminder of why they are not libertarians: Barr renounced his past support of the Defense of Marriage Act and the Patriot Act. [3]

Memorial Day 2008

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

Memorial Day Video: Baseball Hero Saves American Flag [8]
One of the greatest plays in Major League Baseball history occurred on April 25, 1976, when Chicago Cubs centerfielder Rick Monday stole the flag from a couple of anti-American wackos looking to set fire to her in front of a huge crowd at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

Harry Potter supporting star Robert Knox stabbed to death in a London pub, after confronting a habitual thief and troublemaker. Sunday Mirror (London, UK).[9]

Leftist actor Sean Penn, the president of the Cannes jury that will pick the best new movie, haplessly demonstrated Hollywood bias by admitting that "you would be surprised to see to what extent questions of a political nature are raised by each of the jury members relating to films or elements of films that on the surface do not appear to have them."[10] Sean Penn is famous for his realistic portrayal of a nitwit in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

May 28[edit]

Horowitz Haters and Their Selective Moral Outrage [11]
Ross Nolan has heard countless stories of professors making vicious attacks on America, capitalism, the military, Christianity, Republicans, Jews, white people and on and on. When this happens, professors are rarely challenged.

Alice Walker’s daughter exposes the cruel narcissism of a feminist icon [12]

Rush Limbaugh lashed out at Barack Obama for comments Obama made at a Florida fundraiser saying Rush and Lou Dobbs were inciting xenophobia [13]

Clueless: Democrats Unaware of US Warning About Mexican Border Violence [14]

Drinking Left-Wing Kool-Aid and Singing "Kumbaya" [15]

Bigotry and Contempt at Taxpayer Expense [16]
The domestic violence industry in the United States cares only about breaking up families and vilifying men. Three years ago conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly excoriated the Violence Against Women Act as the "hate-men law."

Ryan Crocker, the current U.S. ambassador to Iraq, said that Al Qaeda's network in the country has never been closer to defeat [17]

Woman comes back to life after being declared dead. She lacked brain waves for 17 hours and rigor mortis was setting in. "I know God has something in store for me, another purpose," she said.[18]

The United States's largest public policy women's organization, Concerned Women of America, has an excellent article on Conservapedia.[19]
See Articles on Conservapedia from Conservative Sources.

Liberals and control [20]
When it comes to almost any problem that is not directly under their control, liberals tenaciously cling to the belief that the government can and should fix it.

May 26[edit]

A high school principal resigns rather than be required to support the Gay-Straight Alliance Club that "conflicts with the school's abstinence-only education and may prompt students to have sex."[21]

Congresswoman threatens to nationalize oil industry: [22]

Kennedy's Illness, and the Left's: [23]

The Real Kennedy Record, which doesn't include a certain woman's death: [24]

McCain's Bold, Pro-Market Agenda [25]

Oliver North: Assessing Iraq in Context [26]
Iraq is fast becoming a vital ally in the war against radical Islam -- and a bulwark against the theocracy in neighboring Iran. Both are crucial to U.S. national security.

Americans Say They're Well-Informed, But Dissatisfied With Coverage of Iraq War [27]

Emotional Reunion: Soldier surprises daughter at school after returning from Iraq.
Video at Fox News

For the first time in American history we have two hard-core Leftists running for the Democratic Party nomination [28]
"Hillary and Obama are Marx twins who only differ in race and gender."

YouTube defends terrorist videos as 'free speech' [29]
Sen. Joseph Lieberman wrote a letter to YouTube requesting that it remove videos used for recruitment by terror groups.

John McCain rejects the endorsement of televangelist John Hagee after unusual and offensive statements by Hagee about Adolf Hitler surface.[30] Hagee withdrew his endorsement at the same time, declaring that "I am tired of these baseless attacks and fear that they have become a distraction in what should be a national debate about important issue."

A woman suffers a heart attack, is placed on ventilatory and other critical life support, then is pronounced dead—and as doctors and nurses disconnect the equipment, she recovers completely. Charleston (WV) Daily Mail. [31]

May 25[edit]

Laura Ingraham interviews a liberal who protested giving an honorary degree to Phyllis Schlafly:

LAURA INGRAHAM: "...Which conservative, which prominent conservative do you think would deserve an honorary degree at Washington University? Why don't you name a few?"
JILL STROMINGER, PROTESTER, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: "Well, I absolutely think that's not the issue, Laura. ... Well, I mean, there are many fabulous choices, like Colin Powell [Note: Colin Powell is not a conservative] ...
STROMINGER: "Laura, you're completely mischaracterizing, you know, what happened and what we were standing against, which is actually part of the reason that we chose to protest Schlafly. Our problem was less her specific viewpoints but more the way that she expresses herself. The way that she mischaracterizes her opponents and how her style of debate changed the debate in such a way that it led people to be oppressed."
INGRAHAM: "Jill, do you or do you not believe in free speech on college campus?"
STROMINGER: "I absolutely believe in free speech, but there's a difference."[32]

Creationism, Intelligent Design Still Taught in U.S. Classrooms [33]

Obama: Playing the Victim Card [34]
"As Ann Coulter noted in her book 'Godless', it’s a time honored custom among liberals to hide behind alleged victims in order to gain immunity from political criticism of anything they say or do."

'Appeasement' as a Hate Term [35]
The mere mention of "appeasement" apparently sets off paranoid tantrums amongst Democrats.

One University Rebels Against Political Correctness [36]
This graduation season Washington University stands out as a sign of hope and rebellion against the traditional political correctness that dominates the selection process. Washington University decided to award Phyllis Schlafly an honorary doctorate of humane letters earlier this May.

Farm Bill Billions [37]]
The House overwhelmingly rejected George W. Bush's veto Wednesday of a $290 billion farm bill, but what should have been a stinging defeat for the president became an embarrassing episode for Democrats. [38]

Prime Minister Gordon Brown - the Bioethicist [39]
In clinging to their willful ignorance, Brown and his Labour Party are attempting to deny the reality of bioethics and bioscience.

Georgia Enacts Comprehensive School Choice Law [40]

Trail of Tall Tales: Hillary Clinton [41]
"A series of misstatements — exaggerations, half-truths and lies — made by Clinton over the last 15 years have at times undermined her image and called her credibility into question."

California's Epic Battle for Marriage and Religious Liberty [42]
Should four judges overrule more than 4 million Californians who voted for Proposition 22 in 2000? NO - We will fight for marriage and we will win.

May 23[edit]

Walter E. Williams: If there is one clear basic function of government, it's to protect citizens from criminals. We hear calls for stricter gun control laws when what is really needed is more control over criminals. [43]

'Grantsmanship' Distorts Global Warming Science [44]
Scientists have learned therefore that they will be rewarded handsomely by identifying any tangential connection between their favorite studies and "global warming" alarmism. Like Pavlov's dog with a PhD.

With Kennedy as Hook, Couric Rues Inadequate Cancer Spending [45]
"In fact, National Cancer Institute numbers show a 4.4 percent overall budget increase since 2003" "while spending on 'brain & central nervous system' (Kennedy's plight) grew by 33 percent and spending on pancreatic cancer, which killed Couric's sister, rose 75 percent."

31,000 scientists, including 9,000 Ph.D's, have signed a petition rejecting global warming: [46][47]

A 2-1 panel of the Fourth Circuit, having a majority of Clinton-appointed judges, just invalidated Virginia's ban on partial-birth abortion. The dissenting judge used strong language to criticize the panel decision: "With a troubling opinion," the dissenting judge wrote, "the majority now seeks to circumvent the Supreme Court's ruling in Gonzales v. Carhart." [48]

Hillary Clinton trounces Barack Obama by 35 points in Kentucky.[49] Meanwhile, the media bullying against Hillary continues by harping on a meaningless "milestone".[50]
Two-thirds of Clinton's supporters there said they would vote Republican or not vote at all rather than for Obama, according to the polls. ... Those numbers are even worse for Obama than in West Virginia one week ago, where 36 percent of Clinton voters said they would back him in the fall.[51]

White House Challenges NBC News on its Liberal Bias [52]
White House press secretary Dana Perino said the Bush administration is "fed up with the way that the President's policies are being mischaracterized, or the situations on the ground weren't being accurately reflected in the reporting." [53]
White House Counselor Ed Gillespie said "deceitful editing to further a media-manufactured storyline is utterly misleading and irresponsible." Gillespie also mentions the "blatantly partisan talk show hosts like Christopher Matthews and Keith Olbermann at MSNBC." [54]

Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) has received a grim diagnosis and even grimmer prognosis. The diagnosis: malignant glioma,[55], which is typically inoperable. The prognosis: between one and five years.[56]

Obama's Unique Appeasement Style [57]

A Senegal native at the United Nations refuses to condemn anti-Christian and anti-Jewish textbooks and thinks the U.S. needs to be more sensitive to Islam. [58]

Success in Iraq: A Media Blackout [59]
As Iraqi and Coalition forces pile up one success after another, Iraq has magically vanished from the headlines.

May 22[edit]

The Rule Book for Criticizing Obama [60]

Left-Wing Racism Remembered [61]
Frances Rice is working to set the record straight and “wake up” black voters and “shed the light of truth on the racist past and failed socialism of the Democratic Party.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the United Parcel Service, and Atlanta-based CARE International shipped 142,000 pounds of medical and other supplies to Myanmar, to aid those affected by a recent cyclone. [62]

John McCain: The Only Candidate Who Understands The Dangers Facing Us [63]

Affirmative Action for Conservatives [64]

Since Arizona’s local law enforcement began enforcing illegal immigration laws and an employer sanctions law went into effect, illegal immigrants have been fleeing the state in large numbers. [65]
Arizona’s illegal immigrants are fleeing to sanctuary cities like San Francisco and states with less enforcement and laws prohibiting illegal immigration like Nebraska, Iowa, and Maryland.

'Gay' day squashed on campus: School administrators refuse participation in pro-homosexual event [66]

May 21[edit]

Professor values: Nutty profs blame kids for gloom [67]

More than 31,000 scientists across the United States, including more than 9,000 Ph.D.s in fields including atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and dozens of other specialties, have signed a petition rejecting "global warming," the assumption that the human production of greenhouse gases is damaging Earth's climate. [68]

City clerk suing not to wed 'gays' [69]
Woman: 'I can't go against what it says in the Bible'

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Penalties for Promoting Child Pornography [70]

The Nightmare That is Public Education: An Expose of What Really Happens in Public Schools [71]
Dr. Renato C. Nicolai says "Politically conservative parents have an even greater problem with today's schools that are totally in the grip of unions with a demonstrative leftist agenda. The terms multiculturalism, modernism, diversity, secular humanism, individual self-expression, moral relativism, and political correctness identify the secular-progressive."

Unions are driving up real estate taxes and the price of steel:

May 20[edit]

The New Appeasers [72]
Is Obama an appeaser? Of course. Obama has already offered Iraq to Iran without getting anything in return.

Being subject to vandalism and harassment are nothing new for pro-life advocates in the United States and now a member of the British Parliament is feeling the heat. Nadine Dorries, who is heading up a campaign to reduce late-term abortions, is the target of threats and harassment. [73]

The "energy plan" announced by the Democrats offer one thing: a significant slowdown of the U.S. economy for at least twenty years [74]

Study Refutes Link Between Global Warming and Hurricanes [75]

A fight typical of public school students

"Nationally, about 160,000 students miss school daily because they fear being bullied," and in Hawaii students viciously fight each other and post videos of it on One victim is now "being homeschooled at state expense."[76] "Oh, he is bleeding already," a bystander observed about the fight shown to the right:

Gay values? Jim McGreevey, the New Jersey governor who resigned in 2004 by stating that he is a "gay American," "owes a prior divorce lawyer at least $116,000 and has not paid his first ex-wife any child support this year," and now claims "he's too poor to pay alimony" to his second ex-wife. Yet "McGreevey earned $429,000 in 2006 and $185,000 last year."[77]

Conservationists or Environmentalists? [78]

America’s Moral Authority [79]
Anti-Americanism is not only the world’s most pernicious and ubiquitous ideology — it is also the most tenacious. In fact, it has taken on some aspects of a religion.

No Great Depression [80]

President Bush Warns Against 'False Comfort of Appeasement' [81]

Top Ten Skeletons in the Left's Closet [82]
What is the history of the American Left that leftists want you to forget?

  1. Nazi-Soviet Pact
  2. Assassinating Presidents
  3. Eugenics
  4. Heaven on Earth
  5. Concentration Camps, American Style
  6. Jonestown Kool-Aid
  7. Murder Chic
  8. Gay Activists Sue to Block AIDS Test
  9. Manson Family Values
  10. Ayatollah Khomeini, Leftist Hero

Sen. Ted Kennedy 'Conscious' and Responsive After Suffering Seizures [83]

Conservapedia dinner event: June 5th, in Northern New Jersey. Nearby airports include Newark, LaGuardia, JFK, Philadelphia and Allentown. Hold the date and check for fares! Details will be posted as they become available. This will be the largest gathering of Conservapedians to date. The first Conservapedia Awards will be announced, and 200 are expected to attend.

Congratulations to "Dr." Phyllis Schlafly. She said about the disrespectful liberals, "I'm not sure they're mature enough to graduate." Schlafly also "expressed some disappointment that Chancellor Mark Wrighton did not mention homemaker in his list of some of the career paths students were embarking on." [84]

Colorado Student Stands Up For Old Glory --"Duty, Honor, God And Country" [85]

'Prince Caspian' inspires [86]
New 'Narnia' Film Reflects Modern Spiritual Battle [87]

May 19[edit]

Today's Gallup Poll:[88]
John McCain - 47%, Barack Obama - 45%
Hillary Clinton - 48%, John McCain - 45%
Add to that how Obama has often done up to 10 points worse than the polls in actual voting.

Washington University

Professor values: "Wearing white armbands, Washington University faculty and students staged a silent protest as conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly was awarded an honorary degree."[89]

Feminism is a cruel joke played on women [90]

"Next week, an Ohio House committee will vote on a bill that will help stop women from being pressured or forced into a decision to have an abortion."[91]

California Supreme Court oversteps its authority:

  • "...a bare majority of this court, not satisfied with the pace of democratic change, now abruptly forestalls that process and substitutes, by judicial fiat, its own social policy views for those expressed by the People themselves. Undeterred by the strong weight of state and federal law and authority, the majority invents a new constitutional right, immune from the ordinary process of legislative consideration."
  • The Danger in Appeasing Gay Rights Activists [92]

Given the multitude of atheism websites targeting young people alluded to by WorldNetDaily,[93] Conservapedia wishes to acknowledge the efforts of theism, Christian, Christian apologetics, and anti-atheism bloggers. Please nominate and vote on your favorite theism, Christian, Christian apologetics, and anti-atheism blogs HERE

May 18[edit]

Oliver North: Politically Correct Terror Terminology [94]

Tyranny of the atheist minority: [95]

Nice shot! Court kills NYC gun law: [96]

Democrats appeasers? You bet! [97]

Media bullying continues to try to force Hillary Clinton out of the race, even though she trounced Barack Obama in the swing states and leads in the delegate count (including Michigan and Florida): the Rasmussen Polls will soon stop tracking the Clinton v. Obama race and simply pretend that Obama won it.[98]

In response to the California Supreme Court decision mandating same-sex marriage licenses, John McCain's campaign said he "supports the right of the people of California to recognize marriage as a unique institution sanctioning the union between a man and a woman, just as he did in his home state of Arizona. John McCain doesn't believe judges should be making these decisions." [99]

Given the recent release of the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Conservapedia is making the Conservapedia atheism article the Conservapedia article of the year. Stay tuned for future developments in regards to Conservapedia's atheism article.

California Supreme Court mandates that marriage licenses be granted to homosexual couples. By a 4-3 margin the court ruling makes California the second state to offer same-sex marriage. [100]

Boy Scouts.jpg

Boy Scouts Defend their Honor [101]
What's really at stake is the right of the Scouts to ban homosexuals from leadership. Watch the video with Pat Robertson interviewing Texas Governor Rick Perry who describes the culture war against secular humanism.

"'Wikipedia, the 'world's largest encyclopedia,' has the potential of becoming the liberal left's largest propaganda machine," writes Matt Sanchez, who then cites our Examples of Bias in Wikipedia.

Unfriendly Fire from the Left [102]
Party of Defeat: How Democrats and Radicals Undermined America’s War on Terror Before and After 9-11.

The Hard Truth about a Soft Science: Why Psychology Does More Harm Than Good [103]

NARAL Pro-Choice America backs Obama [104]

A Conservative History of the American Left [105]

Michelle Malkin: Politics and the polar bear [106] and Sen. James Inhofe weighs in on polar bear mania [107]

Communists, The Media, And The Democratic Party [108]

Conservapedia approaches 58 million page views!!!

Democrat Primaries A Microcosm Of Socialist Thinking [109]

May 16[edit]

Human Origins and a Side of Fries: Refuting a Popular Neo-Darwinian Position [110]

Liberals ignore West Virginia results and get John Edwards to endorse Barack Obama. Meanwhile, "Clinton said it would be a 'terrible mistake' for Democrats to vote for Sen. John McCain over Sen. Barack Obama if she is not the nominee herself." [111]

The California Supreme Court may mandate gay marriage in a ruling to be issued at 10 a.m. Thursday.[112]

A 10 year-old who was home-schooled is now a college sophomore in California. [113]

Hillary Clinton crushed Barack Obama by OVER 40 POINTS in West Virginia. [114] Evidently the media bullying to force Clinton out had no effect on voters.

Don't teach our morals to the rest of you? The morals being taught by many parents and schools are so deplorable that it led to the arrest of an 11 year-old boy, who traded a "borrowed" I-Pod for a gun: [115]

WOW: "Almost as many of Clinton's West Virginia supporters would vote for McCain as would for Obama, the polls show." [116]

Hillary Clinton trounces Barack Obama by over 30 points in West Virginia. "No Democratic president has ever won the White House since 1916 without winning West Virginia," Clinton said. [117]

May 15[edit]

Hillary Clinton spokesman claims that she leads in delegates if Michigan and Florida are included and that they will be included.[118]

West Virginia, a key swing state in the general election, decides today between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. CNN reports that a "Clinton victory could raise doubts about Obama."[119]

Oliver Stone film trashing George W. Bush to be released toward the end of the 2008 presidential campaign, timed to do maximum damage to Republican candidate John McCain.

No academic freedom for Black women?

  • "A black employee of the University of Toledo (UT) was suspended on Friday after expressing offense at a local newspaper editor's comparison of discrimination against African Americans with discrimination against actively homosexual persons, noting that homosexual behavior is freely chosen in a way race is not." [121]
  • The author of the editorial she critiqued opposed the woman's firing: "The university operates in an atmosphere of idea exchange, and while I recognize the institution's desire to distance itself from her, this is a basic free speech issue and I am disappointed she has been punished for expressing her views." [122]

Professor values: "We are ashamed of the actions of this administration," declares more than 200 professors and students at a college less liberal than most, where President George W. Bush is scheduled to give the commencement address. [123]

...But in what could be a better set of professor values, one professor thinks Biblical stories are better than Greek mythology for psychotherapy: [124]

Oh, how liberals love their media icons. At Northwestern University law school, the commencement speaker this week is ... Jerry Springer! Outraged students expressed "'a deep sense of anger, embarrassment and surprise' that the speaker would be 'the sensationalist, ratings-seeking, instigator of daytime television.'"[125]

The Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty is awarded to 23-year-old student Yon Goicoechea, who has courageously opposed the autocratic policies of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez despite suffering violent assault and intimidation. [126] Congratulations, Yon!

A Church official instructs the pro-abortion governor of Kansas to stop receiving communion, but she ignores the statement and does what she wants anyway. [127] The article notes pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani had broken "an understanding" by recently accepting communion, according to Cardinal Edward Egan.

The U.S. Supreme Court is rendering conservative decisions by larger margins this year, with Justice John Paul Stevens surprisingly joining the conservative wing after decades of being on the other side. [128] In the next month the Court will issue 3 key business decisions, and decisions on Guantanamo Bay detainees, gun control and the death penalty.

May 14[edit]

YourPublicDomain familyscenesandbabies.jpg

Sunday, May 11th: Mother's Day. Baby-graphics-1.jpg

How Planned Parenthood celebrates Mother's Day [129]

Freedom & Religion: Perfect Together [130]

Good Citizens and Guns: "Gun-free zone" policies which disarm everyone (except the perpetrators) facilitate murder rather than precluding it [131]

Professor values: Professors Against the War on Terror [132]

Expelled The MovieBen Stein Exposes Flat World Academics

  • "The admonition to question all authority that academics so blithely espoused to young minds a generation ago has returned to bite them on the butt." [133]

Hollywood values: Hulk Hogan's Son Sentenced to Eight Months in Jail for reckless driving [134]
The reckless driving resulted in an impact that left his friend critically injured and in need of lifetime medical care.

Evolutionists Still Wrong On Entropy! [135]

The Left Is Wrong [136]

May 13[edit]

Jenna Bush Marries at Crawford Ranch [137]

A prison in North Carolina is running out of room. Not for inmates ... but for worship [138]

Life Without Edges -- The Left's Seductive Promise [139]
If history is right, the closer we get to November 2008, the louder the politicians on the Left will proclaim their efforts "for the public good." They will promise us a life without edges in so many words, yet deliver a life without liberty.

The “Non-Judgmental” Michael Moore [140]

Misunderstanding Islamic Anti-Semitism [141]

The Decline of Leftism in Europe [142]

Pope Condemns Contraception, Warns Sex Can Be a 'Drug' [143]

Minnesota Junior High Students Suspended for Not Standing During Pledge of Allegiance [144]

May 12[edit]

Petronomics 101 [145] [146]
Kay Bailey Hutchison

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has proposed a realistic solution: the Domestic Energy Production Act of 2008. Her bill would permit exploitation of more than a trillion barrels of U.S. territorial oil and nearly 600 trillion cubic feet of natural gas – more than the combined hydrocarbon reserves of Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, Venezuela, Libya and Iran. The measure would also streamline the process for building new refineries and clean, safe nuclear power plants, as well as funding to develop alternative fuels.

Sharpton's Baggage: Nearly $1.5M in Unpaid Taxes, Penalties [147]

Official confirmation of a Conservapedia insight of eight months ago, when we criticized the planned sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr. for the D.C. mall: "The U.S. Commission of Fine Arts thinks 'the colossal scale and Social Realist style of the proposed statue recalls a genre of political sculpture that has recently been pulled down in other countries.'"[148][149]

More Hollywood values: "Three days after police arrested [rapper] DMX on May 6 for a January drag race caught on camera, the rapper was taken into custody again, this time on drug and animal cruelty charges." [150]

Another Conservapedia insight confirmed: girls are injured in sports at much higher rates than boys. A girl's soccer team "with 18 players, had suffered eight A.C.L. tears — eight — during her high-school years. ... The rate of concussions sustained by high school girls who play soccer is 1.5 times the rate for boys who play soccer." [151] See point #6 in liberal denial, under "more generally."

Cyclone disaster in Burma: Myanmar turns down US aid. [152]

UPDATE: Myanmar lets the aid in again, including one plane from the US, but refuses entry to aid workers, saying that the aid must come in the form of "material and not personnel." [153] And in the meantime they're repackaging the foodstuffs and other shipments in boxes with the generals' names on them to turn it into a propaganda exercise. [154]

Cemetery of Innocents: Pro-abortion student knocks down crosses erected by pro-life demonstrators - tells Campus Policeman, "I don't care if they have university approval." [155]

Here's a mom who loves God, loves her husband, loves her family, and home-schools the kids...all 17 of them. And number 18 is just a few months away! [156]

Conservapedia insight confirmed: On Jan. 27th, we criticized Harvard's decision to have J.K. Rowling as its commencement speaker shortly after she catered to the homosexual agenda. See Our Archives. Over three months later, the Harvard newspaper publishes a similar criticism: "A petty pop culture personality of questionable permanence will send us on our merry way, while figures of real substance wait in the wings." [157] "Our commencement speaker tricked parents into letting their kids read books filled with sex, murder, and homosexual role models."

Public school propaganda and indoctrination: a sixth-grade class writes half-angry, half-sobbing letters to a conservative think tank to say that the think tank's position on global warming is evil. Some of the kids expect to be dead in ten years, from what they write. And we thought school was a place to learn critical thinking. [158]

May 11[edit]

The lid has just blown off the scandal of pornography on Wikipedia. They not only have it on their site; they also celebrate editors who "make outstanding contributions" to this—er—area.[159]

UPDATE: Wikipedia has an image of a nude underage girl in its database. It is an obsolete album cover of an album that issued in 1976, a cover banned in the United States precisely because it suggests an incitement to statutory rape. The FBI is investigating the image and the circumstances of its hosting. Wikipedia could now face prosecution for hosting child pornography.[160]

FURTHER UPDATE: Wikipedia, true to form, has merely nominated the nude underage girl image for deletion. On this project the administration would act at once—but over there, the editors get to debate it, and some of their editors are comparing the FBI to jihadist Muslims to support their votes against deletion. [161]

"Newspapers likely to be free in the future: survey."[162] Perhaps people are tired of paying for the liberal claptrap in today's newspapers!

Conservapedia surpasses 57 million page views!!!

Code Pink is now resorting to witchcraft to beef up the number of its supporters protesting Berkeley's controversial Marine Corps Recruiting Center [163]
The women's anti-war group has told ralliers to come equipped with spells and pointy hats for "Witches, clowns and sirens day"

Professor values - Harvard Psychology Professor: Children Can Send Marriage Into Downward Spiral [164]

"There are few things in American politics more irrationally ideological, more fanatically faith-based, than the accusation that Republicans are conducting a 'war on science.'" Post story

If liberals love people illegally entering the United States, then they also love these same illegals trashing the environment. Can't have it both ways: [165]

The Michigan Supreme Court upholds its traditional marriage amendment and prohibits Michigan from encouraging same-sex relationships by offering them benefits.[166]

Individuals with conservative ideologies are happier than liberal-leaners, and new research gives a reason: conservatives do not insist upon a mindless "equality". "Research suggests that highly egalitarian women are less happy in their marriages compared with their more traditional counterparts, apparently because they are more troubled by disparities in domestic labor."[167]

Professor values: "Texas university professors overwhelmingly favor Democratic candidates in their campaign contributions." [168] And Texas is a conservative state!

Hillary Clinton leads Indiana; Barack Obama takes North Carolina. Hillary did better with the late-deciding voters: "Late deciders backed Clinton in Indiana by a margin of 62 percent to 38 percent for Obama. In North Carolina, Obama won late deciders by a much smaller margin of 49 percent to 48 percent." [169]

Rosie O'Donnell defended Rev. Jeremiah Wright on the "Today" show, saying Barack Obama's former pastor "made sense to me." [170]

May 10[edit]

The National Post has a devastating expose of Bias in Wikipedia with respect to global warming and smearing critics of it. The page "was frozen [but it] cast doubt on claims of a consensus on climate change. Although this was done within Wikipedia rules, [William] Connolley intervened to revert the page and ensure Wikipedia readers saw only what he wanted them to see." [171]

Did Mikhail Gorbachev sign a death warrant for Pope John Paul II? Author John O. Kohler charges exactly that in his new book, It's About the Pope: Spies in the Vatican. [172]

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students vandalize a pro-life display. [173] One senior declared, "The freedom of speech does not cover these signs and symbols!" [174]

St. Andrews History Professor Gerard De Groot decries leftist nostalgia for the 1960s, arguing instead that the so-called 'decade of love' instead was marked by "hatred, murder, greed, dangerous drugs, needless deaths, ethnic cleansing." [175]

The people of Santa Cruz province, Bolivia, have voted for independence from the leftist government of Evo Morales. Further referenda in the provinces of Beni, Pando and Tarija are likely to have similar outcomes.[176]

U.N. Breaks Ground on Renovations to Headquarters [177]
The $1.9 billion renovation project to revamp the organizations' world headquarters in New York City will cost American taxpayers at least $400 million.

May 8[edit]

Materialists invite discrimination based on DNA and also waste taxpayer money by passing a national "DNA warehouse" bill, now signed into law. Only one congressman voted against it: Ron Paul. See [178].

Ben Stein Provokes the Liberal Wrath: The message of Stein's critics comes through loud and clear. They don't want anybody to challenge Darwinian orthodoxy or suggest that intelligent design might be an explanation of the origin of life [179]

The Yahoo search engine ranks Conservapedia's atheism article #4![180] The search engine AltaVista ranks Conservapedia's atheism article #4![181] Conservapedia's atheism article is certainly building up MOMENTUM as can be seen by the view counter at the bottom of the atheism article!

Darwin and Hitler: In Their Own Words [182]
All this doesn’t mean that Darwinism was the sole cause of Hitler’s barbarism. But it does make clear that Darwinism must shoulder its share of the moral burden, because the connection is undeniable.

Defending American Sovereignty and Culture Is NOT Racist [183]

Peter LaBarbera, the President of Americans for Truth is a conservative social commentator who has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs such as CNN, Fox News, C-Span, National Public Radio in respect to the issue of homosexuality.[184] In addition, Mr. LaBarbera has been quoted by major United States newspapers regarding the subject of homosexuality.[185] Mr. LaBarbera has recently stated the following: "Anyone who has researched the subject of homosexuality knows that many of the most staunch advocates of homosexuality are those who hold a decidedly secular outlook. Conservapedia has an excellent article on atheism with 178 footnotes to many excellent sources. Conservapedia’s well worth reading."[186]

Conservapedian student success: a member of the original "Class of 58" that helped start Conservapedia has won a full scholarship to Liberty University. Congratulations!

Christian apologist and author Michael Caputo has recently stated that Conservapedia's atheism article "Offers enlightening, thorough and energizing facts against atheism". Michael Caputo is author of the 4 out of 5 star rated book at entitled, God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds (Mr. Caputo has informed Conservapedia that the aforementioned book was the recipient of two awards).[187] Other Christian apologists (some of whom hold doctorates) are excited as well concerning Conservapedia's atheism article and please stay tuned for upcoming details.

May 6[edit]

Obama's Stealth Pro-Abortion Stance: America remains widely unaware of Senator Obama's explosive position favoring on-demand convenience abortions for minors, or his equally explosive view of babies as a "punishment." [188]

Europe is now the least Christian and the most secularized and socialized part of the world [189]

Conservative MP Boris Johnson is set to win the election for Mayor of London, ousting leftist Ken Livingstone. Rejoice! [190]

U.N.'s World Food Program Cried Poverty While Sitting on Cash Stockpile of More Than $1.22 Billion [191]

When Gasoline Reaches $5.00 per Gallon, blame the Liberals! [192]
Environmentalists have all but shut down domestic oil exploration and production for almost 40 years now. They have also outlawed the expansion of refining capacity for the same period, ever since Jimmy Carter was president.

The ACLU assembles a terrorist legal defense force that includes former Attorney General Janet Reno and former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director William Webster [193]

Rioters stop a speaker at Smith College from talking on the "Gay Gene Hoax." The gay agenda thereby advances in its attempts to censor free speech. [194]

DNA Similarities Don't Prove Evolution [195]
It is only fair that evidence supporting intelligent design or creation be presented to students alongside of evolutionary theory, especially in public schools which receive funding from taxpayers who are on both sides of the issue.

Hamas, ex-president Jimmy Carter's new friends, state that the Holocaust happened because the Jews themselves devised it to exterminate the disabled and handicapped among them so they wouldn't be a burden to the future State of Israel: [196]

While the longest-serving black political prisoner was being tortured in Cuba, Rev. Jeremiah Wright was praising his jailers: [197]

Professor values at Northwestern University: the school withdraws its offer of an honorary degree to Jeremiah Wright, but claims its decision is not based on his views! [198] Apparently that school does not think lying is wrong.

May 5[edit]

picture taken by a Conservapedian Wednesday afternoon of Columbia University

Conservapedia was at Columbia University in New York to hear Phyllis Schlafly speak on Conservatism, the ERA and feminism. (Administrators in attendance included Aschlafly, User:CPWebmaster and two others.)

Phyllis Schlafly spoke at Columbia University to around 60 students, responding to questions from a liberal moderator; then she took questions from the audience.

She started the Conservative movement with study groups when no one but Barry Goldwater was willing to call themselves a conservative. Getting him nominated to the Republican ticket is what brought about her first book. "Politics is a lot of tedious work, but conventions are fun." A book by an unknown Illinois housewife sold 3 million copies. This in an age of "me too" Republicans, what we call nowadays RINO (Republicans In Name Only).

She spoke against women in the military and gender norming. She said ERA would remove laws that protect women. She pointed out that "what women want" is not the same as what feminists want, e.g., abortion, ERA, gay rights, and universal daycare. She spoke against the idea that women are oppressed by this patriarchal society (mothers are expected to look after their babies) and that government should take this burden off their back.

She spoke of the change in the feminist movement when it embraced "the lesbians", to embarrassed student laughter. She spoke against gay marriage, pointing out its obvious (but denied) connection to ERA. She spoke against Ruth Bader Ginsburg's "wrong point of view" (her equality principle) by which she opposes the Mann Act but supports co-ed prisons; Ginsburg hates the word "dependent", which informs the Social Security system: a retired man's dependent wife gets 50% while he lives, then 100% on his death.

She denied the social construct view of sex differences, mentioning John Stossel's reports on the intrinsic differences between boys and girls, men and women.

Columbia University students were a class act, complimenting the speaker despite some fundamental disagreements. The students enjoyed several laughs with the speaker, such as this exchange: Student question: "Do you think a woman can be President? Answer: Yes, Margaret Thatcher was a fine leader. But it has to be the right woman. She has to be likable!"

The governors of all 50 U.S. states as well as the Virgin Islands have signed proclamations for the 57th annual National Day of Prayer on May 1. This day lawfully cherishes and respects the religious heritage of the U.S. and encourages all Americans to invoke God’s protection and guidance over the nation. [199]

Phyllis Schlafly's Advice to College Students: Don't Major in English [200]
English departments are the most radicalized of all departments, more so than sociology, psychology, anthropology, or even women's studies.

A Christian ministry in Canada is suffering the effects of the homosexual agenda. Now the ministry has to pay a former homosexual employee $23,000 in fines plus two years wages and benefits. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario also ordered that the organization abandon its Christian principles barring homosexual behavior and issued mandates that it begin requiring all employees to attend a homosexual oriented “human rights training program.” [201]

May 2[edit]

Conservapedia surpasses 56 million page views!!!

Sex education leads, through the treacherous sexual pragmatism of politicians and social "experts," directly to contraception, sterilization and abortion. Sex education must be replaced by education in marriage and family; love and truth must replace statistics and risks [202]

The State Department and the Department of Homeland Security has issued guidelines banning the use of "jihad", "mujahedeen" and other Islamic terminology with reference to Islamic terrorism. This move lays bare the ideological prison house of political correctness in which U.S. top policymakers reside [203]

Tempest in a teapot? Hurricane forcaster's global warming views come under fire: Dr. William Gray, a pioneering expert in hurricane forecasting and a tenured professor at Colorado State University was the target of criticism because he refuses to believe in the global warming nonsense: [204]

Cigarette smuggling is generating millions of dollars every year that can be reaching terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda, according to law enforcement sources. In a single case, $100,000 was sent to Hezbollah [205]

Christian apologists on YouTube have definitely taken a liking to Conservapedia's atheism article! A video in defense of Christianity prominently mentions Conservapedia's atheism article.[206] Another Christian member of YouTube has also taken a liking to Conservapedia's atheism article.[207]

The Supreme Court has upheld Indiana's law requiring voters to present government-issued picture identification at the polls, validating Republican efforts to impose a law they say will cut down on voter fraud [208]
No, it’s not racist, xenophobic, or unconstitutional to ask voters for valid ID [209]

May 1[edit]

Blame Clinton And The Greens For Gas Prices [210]
Big oil is not to blame for the high price of gasoline; the blame must fall squarely in the lap of the environmental extremists who use propaganda and fear-mongering to block the increases in the production of readily available fossil fuels.

"Professor" Barack Obama refuses to debate Hillary Clinton despite her calls for a Lincoln-Douglas style format. His supporters whined that the questions were too tough at the last debate. "Tough questions in a debate are nothing compared to the tough questions you get asked when you are president," Hillary Clinton replied. [211]

57 Unique Benefits of Homeschooling [212]

Christians Under Attack by Government School Bureaucrats [213]
These same school administrators, who rationalize their anti-Christian bias, would never prohibit open displays of Muslim holidays such as Ramadan. In fact, one school district in California has students dress in Muslim garb, pray Islamic prayers, and read the Koran while banning the Bible.