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May 2009

May 30

Democrats have found another way to spread environmental propaganda in the public schools. The ‘No Child Left Inside Act' would spend $500M teaching 'Environmental Literacy' starting in kindergarten. [1]

SCOTUS: Ashcroft, Mueller Cannot Be Sued for Alleged Abuse. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court decides that top officials, including former Attorney General John Ashcroft and current FBI Director Robert Mueller, are immune from such a lawsuit. The opinion, authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy and joined by the court's conservative justices, upholds long-standing immunity protections given to government officers for their official duties. [2]

"President Obama: Don't abort the truth ... President Obama has made it difficult for me to keep supporting him, not just because of his views, but also because of his refusal to state them honestly, instead trying to dupe those who disagree with him into believing he shares THEIR view, while his actions say exactly the opposite."[3]

Attention YouTube viewers: Three more creationist videos at YouTube, which focus on creatures which defy evolution, recently recommended the Conservapedia evolution article.[4][5][6] Keep those anti-evolution videos coming Christian YouTubers! Faster, stronger, higher!

Here's the result of Obama-style government health care: a "six-to 10-month delay for hip and knee surgery." The patient, whose hip was injured by an assault in spring 2007, describes that "I'm in intense pain, I live alone. How can they say this is elective surgery when someone is in pain 24-7 and can't take care of themselves?"[7]

Christians Urged to Join the 2009 Nationwide Foster Care Prayer Vigil, May 17-24th. Any given day, there are more than 500,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. [8]

Bill O'Reilly -- Why the ACLU should be condemned: President Obama did the right thing by listening to his generals and refusing to release evidentiary photos of American military people purportedly abusing prisoners. "But the ACLU is not satisfied with the convictions. It wants to damage America and put the lives of American military-people overseas in even more danger. That is the truth. The ACLU does not care about these brave men and women at all." [9]

Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker Vice President Joe Biden, well-known for his verbal gaffes, (many feel are liquor-induced) may have finally outdone himself, divulging classified information meant to save the life of a sitting Vice President, and provide for the orderly continuity of government in case of terrorist attack. The revelation is the latest from Biden, who has a long history of political blunders. [10] VIDEO.

World renowned trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicts that if President Obama's policies continue America will enter a period of Jimmy Carter like economic stagflation except far more unfavorable. Gerald Celente is predicting worse economic conditions than the great depression.[11][12][13] Celente also predicts bad news for those with professor values.[14] Celente predicts a culling of universities and a culling of the "college industrial complex".[15]

Obama Honor Puts Notre Dame's Catholic Standing at Risk. Catholics and critics debate the lasting effect of President Obama's 2009 commencement address and the university's awarding of an honorary law degree. More than 1,400 pledges have been received from alumni and donors promising to withhold future donations, a tally of nearly $14 million. [16]

Saudi 'Killer Chip' Implant Would Track, Eliminate Undesirables. The basic model would consist of a tiny GPS transceiver placed in a capsule and inserted under a person's skin, so that authorities could track them easily. Model "B" would have an extra function — a dose of cyanide to remotely kill the wearer without muss or fuss if authorities deemed he'd become a public threat. The inventor said the chip could be used to track terrorists, criminals, fugitives, illegal immigrants, political dissidents, domestic servants and foreigners overstaying their visas. [17]

Republicans salute Obama's military tack; Moves anger liberal Democrats, Obama's base. Republicans who contrasted his sober decisions against the accusations of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the CIA has lied to her and Congress continually. "I think you see the difference between a man who understands the war and the threat and a politician who is bent on political revenge," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican. [18]

A Christian creationist evangelist, who travels across the United States spreading the creationist message, has just expressed interest in sharing with people the Conservapedia evolution article. From California, to the New York Island, from the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters, the Conservapedia evolution article is spreading across the United States!

The conservative / libertarian UK Independence Party could topple Gordon Brown by beating Labour into fourth place in next month's Euro elections, says leader Nigel Farage. "While we are in the European Union we cannot control our borders and it is costing us £40M a day to be members of this undemocratic and corrupt club." An opinion poll in The Sun newspaper suggested UKIP could be the main beneficiary of public anger at continuing revelations about MPs' fraudulent expenses. VIDEO. [19]

May 22

Is Miss California the Left's new Sarah Palin? Given what White House senior advisor David Axelrod said (possibly) in jest about the Obamas considering naming their new dog "Miss California," and judging by the reaction from the audience at George Washington University, one has to think the answer is a resounding "Yes." Appearing on NPR's "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me," Axelrod was asked about Bo by host Peter Sagall. Axelrod's response, and the audience laughter, is rather telling... Video.

"Pro-Life Activists Converge on Notre Dame to Protest Obama Speech."[20]

A Christian missionary in Poland (who is affiliated with a large Christian missionary organization) has told Conservapedia he is going to help tell people about Conservapedia's evolution article throughout the world using an effective means at his disposal. The worldwide dissemination of the Conservapedia's evolution article continues to grow! Creationists of the world, spread the news about Conservapedia's evolution article far and wide and quickly! Faster, stronger, higher!


Conservapedia Celebrates Armed Forces Day. President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of the United States. "At home and abroad, military men and women are showing purpose and dedication in defending American ideas. They are performing in our country's best traditions under circumstances both difficult and complex. Thanks to their determined spirit of patriotism and professionalism, our country has a powerful and unified defense team, employing its forces in the constant quest for peace and freedom." [21]

It would seem that the rules don't apply to the Secretary of the Treasury, despite the fact that getting reimbursed for taxes he didn't pay is still stealing: [22]

Don't look for the Obama Administration to agree to show the most hideous of all torture pictures anytime soon. But we will. Click here to see the torture picture they won't show!

The Obama Administration consistently uses the word "invest" or "investment" instead of government "spending." Even so, most Americans are not fooled as fully 78% say it means spending their tax dollars, not saving them. In addition, 54% of voters think Barack Hussein Obama is proposing too much of an increase in government spending. Further proof of a conservative resurgence! [23]

More government waste: the John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County Airport. Video

Another example of the hatred liberals have for America: like it or not, the liberal, left-wing-controlled Congress wants to force you to live with pedophiles in your neighborhood, and if you so much as slap one when you discover your child has been molested, it is you who gets charged with a felony! [24]


Given Barack Obama's hard-core pro-choice stand on abortion -- he and his leftist allies cannot be pleased to learn the results of a new Gallup Poll: America now should properly be called a pro-life nation! According to the Gallup survey released this morning -- 51% of American adults describe themselves as pro-life, while just 42% describe themselves as pro-choice. Protestant voters have shifted the most. They're now up by 8%, at 59% support for the pro-life position. What's causing the overall shift in the numbers, from a political point of view? Republicans and conservatives. [25]

We join Miss California, Carrie Prejean, in her call to stand for marriage, and never back down. [26]

More Hypocrisy Courtesy of The Liberal Mainstream Media Two months after slamming bonuses paid to AIG, bankrupt newspaper organization The Tribune Co. will hand out more than $13 million in bonuses. [27]

Latest Obama-era language edict: 'Drug war' dies, like 'war on terror'. Obama's new drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, Seattle's ex-police chief, finds the words "drug war" too bellicose ("warlike in manner") for his tastes. "Regardless of how you try to explain to people, it's a 'war on drugs' or a 'war on a product.' People see a war as a war on them. We're not at war with people in this country." [28]

Is the current administration headed by Barack Obama, or Saul Alinsky? Barack Obama never met Saul Alinsky, but the radical organizer’s thought helps explain a great deal about how the President operates. [29]

Windmill Ministries recently released its article on the theory of evolution. The Windmill Ministries theory of evolutionary article is quite informative and energetic and it can be found HERE.

Conservapedia has learned that a creation science organization will be soon unveiling a very informative flagship anti-atheism article which will be a bone crushing article. Conservapedia has just learned that the anti-atheism article might rival Conservapedia's homosexuality article in length! Please stay tuned for further developments.

Empty Bobblehead Liar Department: here is the video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi accusing the CIA and Bush Administration of misleading Congress regarding the "enhanced" interrogation techniques it was using against terrorist suspects. Porter Goss, who in 2002 was the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and later director of the CIA, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post late last month that Pelosi's comments continue to contradict. [30] He wrote that he is "slack-jawed to read that members claim to have not understood that the techniques on which they were briefed were to actually be employed; or that specific techniques such as 'waterboarding' were never mentioned." [31] Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said today that he "totally disagrees" with Pelosi's assertion that the CIA regularly misleads Congress. [32]

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann called on Congress to block ACORN's access to federal housing funds, citing repeated charges of voter-registration fraud.[33]

Democrat Congress Comes In Dead Last In Voter Trust. Consider: When all voters are asked which branch of the federal government they trust the most, 34% say the Supreme Court, while 27% choose the President, or what the Founding Fathers called the Executive Branch. Only 13% say Congress is the branch of government they trust most, and twice as many voters (27%) are undecided, in the Rasmussen survey released 5/13. [34]

Sarah Palin.jpg

Governor Sarah Palin is ready to tell her side, agreeing to publish a memoir with Harper Collins. The book comes out in Spring 2010. "There's been so much written about and spoken about in the mainstream media and in the anonymous blogosphere world, that this will be a wonderful, refreshing chance for me to get to tell my story, that a lot of people have asked about, unfiltered." [35]

More "change" by the Obama Administration: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates fires the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, but Gates was the one who hired him.[36][37]

In what is now a familiar pattern for Barack Obama, firmly and loudly stating one position, then reversing course later, President Obama is seeking to block the release of photographs that depict American military personnel abusing captives in Iraq and Afghanistan, his spokesman said Wednesday, fearing the images could spark a hostile backlash against United States troops. [38] The more likely explanation for the "change" is that Obama realized the public may blame him for the embarrassment.

May 17

Jon Stewart Skewers liberal liar Nancy Pelosi On What She Knew and When She Knew It. When you're one of the left's favorite politicians, and you get skewered by one of the left's favorite comedians, you know you're in quicksand sinking fast. Video [39]

Mixed-sex cockpit banter results in commuter flight crash. Middle-aged male pilot Marvin Renslow flirted with 24-year old copilot Rebecca Shaw even after noticing ice on the wings. Then he caused a crash by over-riding the anti-stall mechanism: he pulled the plane's nose up, which the NY Post called "responding in the worst possible way to a warning that the plane was about to stall.

House Democrat Leader Says ‘Yes’ to Government-Run Healthcare. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) said Tuesday that he supports the creation of a giant government-run health insurance program (Socialized Medicine) as part of any effort at health-care "reform". He joins President Barack Obama and other Socialists in calling for the destruction of America's health care system. [40]

"House Dems scale back plans to curb global warming." Why? Because they don't have the votes for the junk science.[41]

Conservapedia did a search of YouTube using Surchur video search and found that 19 out of 20 videos appeared to like Conservapedia when we used the more videos feature for YouTube![42] Surchur is a tool which provides search results about what's happening right now or recently online vis a vis blog posts, news, photos, video, etc. Keep the videos coming Conservapedia supporters at YouTube! As far as the 1 video found by Surchur which was negative towards Conservapedia, a whiny evolutionist and atheist with a subscriber base of a two people at YouTube produced a video stating that he did not like the Conservapedia evolution article, and Conservapedia is not surprised given that the Conservapedia evolution article thoroughly debunks the nonsense peddled by the evolutionary community! To the whiny evolutionist at YouTube, congratulations on your poorly done video which appears to have gotten 10 whole views at the present time. Five views a day that is quite impressive! Keep the momentum going!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lies to further the abortion agenda. Clinton said to have visited Brazilian hospitals and found half the female patients “were fighting for their lives against botched abortions.” Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J. replied “Pro-abortion activists have a long history of making these type of unsubstantiated claims. That’s how they drive policy — with gross exaggeration of numbers, hyperbole and junk science.” [43]

Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist announces his candidacy for the upcoming U.S. Senate vacancy in Florida, to fill the seat currently held by Mel Martinez.[44]

State powers asserted: "The Montana Legislature passed and its governor signed into law a measure making guns that are made and kept within state boundaries exempt from federal regulations. That means they're exempt from things like background checks, licensing and registration. Several Utah lawmakers want to do the same thing here."[45]

"Cheerleaders for the Revolution: Network Coverage of Obama's First 100 Days": The longstanding liberalism of network reporters made them aggressive adversaries of the Bush White House over the past eight years. The evidence from Barack Obama's first 100 days is that that same liberal mindset has crippled reporters' ability to be effective watchdogs on behalf of the public. The once-fierce media watchdogs have become Barack Obama's drooling, tail-wagging lapdogs. Network reporters never used the word “liberal” to describe either Barack Obama or his agenda during the first 100 days. [46]

A new propaganda video created by an extreme environmental activist is making its way into America's classrooms and The New York Times loves the whole idea. Enviro obsessive Annie Leonard, Greenpeace member and activist, has created a 20 minute video filled with anti-capitalist, anti-American propaganda to encourage kids to eschew "stuff," calling the presentation "The Story of Stuff." [47]

The leftist Ochs-Sulzberger family, which has run the New York Times since 1896, has lost more than 86% of its fortune and may have to sell their controlling stake to get out of debt. Until this year, the family had been living on wealth valued as high as $425 million. But today the family is down in their Times' annual income to $4.5 million. [48]

The reception is chilly for today's Benedict Arnold: "Pennsylvania Demos Not Embracing Specter"[49] Obama's support for his switch in parties is not helping Specter enough.

A leading creationist website associated with a well known Christian ministry has recently been contacted by Conservapedia and their webmaster now sees the benefit of having a hard hitting flagship anti-atheism article for its website. Two leading creationists websites now realize the importance of having a hard hitting flagship anti-atheism article for their websites. One of the two leading creation science organizations just alluded to is about to unveil its flagship anti-atheism article! More creationist websites may be contacted. Please stay tuned for further developments.

The state of public schools, at the mercy of liberal politicians and educators, is worsening again: In Colorado more than sixty (60) school districts have cut their school weeks to only four days. They claim it will save money by eliminating electricity costs on Fridays and cutting back on part-time employee hours, because of the "economic crisis". Wouldn't cutting administrators and their big salaries accomplish more? [50]

The mainstream media and the left wing blogs are merging in content.[51]

US confirms 2,254 swine flu cases, 104 hospitalizations US health officials said Saturday that swine flu was continuing to spread in the country, with the number of confirmed cases rising to 2,254, with 104 people hospitalized. The cases were confirmed in 44 of the nation's 50 states and the capital Washington but health authorities were now focusing on the characteristics of the new virus and on developing a vaccine, said Anne Schuchat of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On Friday, there had been 1,639 confirmed A(H1N1) influenza cases in the United States, which has recorded two deaths so far in patients with underlying health issues. [52]

"What those who were so enthusiastic about the strong message of hope and change delivered during the last election [by Obama] are now discovering is a consistent implementation of policies and programs which confirm and advance the culture of death," explained Archbishop Burke in a D.C. speech. Burke also described the honorary degree by Notre Dame for Obama as the "greatest scandal."[53]

It's officially called S.909, "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act", which is sitting in Congress. Unofficially, it's better known by the derisive name "Pedophile Protection Act", and it has stirred up a lot of anger directed at those who would attempt to pass such an un-Constitutional, extremely-discriminatory bill: [54]

Now that Justice David Souter is retiring, liberal journalists switch back from quiet, supportive praise to disrespectful criticism in their tone about him.[55]

Gadsden flag.png

Police in Ball, Louisiana pulled over a driver - not for speeding or running a red light - but for having the image of the flag at right on his bumper! He was warned by the officer about the "subversive" message it sent. [56]

May 15

Liberal liar Nancy Pelosi has continually denied she knew waterboarding was being used — but new report says she was briefed in September 2002 on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, according to a report prepared by the Director of National Intelligence's office and obtained by FOX News. [57]
Update: Pelosi's story is changing as well as the details, she attended 40 briefings on Bush-era interrogation methods. [1]

What do the liberal Village Voice blog and ScienceBlogs have in common? Both recently benefited from Conservapedia. Village Voice blog ScienceBlogs

President Obama wants to slash in half a benefits program for the families of slain police and safety officers. The President's proposed budget calls for cutting the Public Safety Officers' Death Benefits Program from $110 million to $60 million. Not a surprise, Liberals dislike cops almost as much as they hate the military. [58]

Journalists should avoid using Wikipedia In another blow to journalists credibility, major newspapers skipped reliable sources in favor of a Wikipedia quote that turned out to be a hoax. [59]

Hawaii Lawmakers Pass Bill to Create 'Islam Day' Hawaii's liberal state Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill Wednesday to celebrate "Islam Day" -- over the objections of a few lawmakers who said they didn't want to honor a religion connected to September 11, 2001. Republican Sen. Sam Slom (one of only two Republican's in the body), argued that the United States has become too sympathetic toward Islamic extremists. [60]

RushLimbaugh 1.jpg

CNN host Fareed Zakaria asked Colin Powell if Republicans can “continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh?" "Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?" Powell replied. Limbaugh thundered back: "“What Colin Powell needs to do is close the loop and become a Democrat, instead of claiming to be a Republican interested in reforming the Republican Party. He's not. He's a full-fledged Democrat.” “He's out there saying I am killing the Republican Party while he endorsed and voted for Barack Obama,” Limbaugh added. “The Republican Party nominated the exact kind of candidate Colin Powell thinks the Republican Party should have and he still endorsed Obama.” [61]

Liberals citing liberals: the New York Times relies on Wikipedia for its research about Nikola Tesla.[62]

"The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, a bill that would launch an audit of the Federal Reserve System, and which has attracted 112 co-sponsors. When Paul introduced the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act just two years ago, no other members of Congress signed on."[63]

Gallup Poll Editor Frank Newport says he sees no evidence that Al Gore's campaign against global warming is winning. "It's just not caught on," says Newport. "They have failed." [64] Also: more Americans than ever oppose new government efforts to regulate guns. Newport said "that every bit of data is showing us that Americans are getting more conservative about gun control." Only 39% of Americans wanted stricter gun control laws, down from 50% in 2000. [65]

Meet the 9-year-old boy whose tiny hand was photographed grasping the finger of a Tennessee surgeon during miracle fetal surgery — a photo that helped pass the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. [66]

New video has surfaced of possible Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor remarking that the courts are the place "where policy is made." Sotomayor, who is a Federal judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, was giving a speech at Duke University in 2005 when the footage was shot. [67]

If there was one feeling that inspired almost a million Americans to come out for the Tax Day Tea Parties last month it was this: That our government, supposedly created of the people, by the people and for the people, is busy picking winners and losers. The feeling that our politics are increasingly rigged against us didn't begin with President Obama deciding to bailout Wall Street rather than let deserving companies go bankrupt. That began under President George Bush. But the Obama Administration has elevated rewarding some Americans and punishing others to a governing philosophy. [68]

"'NY Times' Chairman Asked About Spiked Obama-ACORN Story," claims he didn't know about it.[69]

World's fourth face transplant enables Ohio woman to breathe without a tube, and to eat solid food. [70]

Textbook bias on Evolution vs. Creationism: video shows how textbooks are still wrong.

Conservapedia has unexpectedly come across a UK citizen who is very much opposed to Darwinism and based on some of his previous actions he appears to be quite zealous and very against the further advancement of evolutionism and atheism in the UK! He has asked Conservapedia how he may be of assistance to mitigate the influence of Darwinism. Let the creationists invasion of the UK be stepped up another notch! Please stay tuned for future details!

1.5 million Homeschooled children saves taxpayers as much as $10 billion dollars annually [71]

Global warming legislation is set to be pushed through Congress by Memorial day. A massive energy tax also known as cap and trade will be a key provision. In addition, new coal plants will be prohibited from construction over the next 15 years. While China brings online a new coal fired plant every two weeks. [72]

The Washington, D.C. Council today gave final approval to a measure that recognizes same-sex marriages performed in individual states. The measure passed 12-1, is the first step toward allowing the so-called Homosexual "marriages" to be performed in Washington. More than 100 opponents from churches in the Washington region held a rally across the street from the D.C. administration building. Among them was the Rev. Derek McCoy from the Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Md. "Once you redefine marriage, you redefine family," he said. [73]

A company owned by a nephew of liberal Congressman John Murtha reportedly received $4 million from the Defense Department last year for engineering and warehouse services. This could be a major ethics breach since Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, is chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee. The Washington Post reported that the Pentagon awarded contracts to Murtech without competition. Don't look for any inquiry or finding of wrong-doing, as the leftist Murtha is a top lieutenant of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. [74]

May 11

President Obama has said he will abolish the 16-year-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which allows gays and lesbians to serve in the military only if they do not disclose their sexual orientation. [75]

  • An objection to this move comes from a retired senior officer: "The ban protects combat effectiveness, which the Pentagon defined as the product of unit cohesion and readiness. Cohesive units are built through the constant and close association of people over time, which produces a mixture of trust and confidence. Openly serving gays polarize and fragment that critical trust and confidence."
  • "... an openly gay military would be the heterosexual equivalent to forcing women to constantly share bathrooms, locker rooms and bedrooms with men. Combining sexual preferences (i.e., lesbians with heterosexual women) would challenge American military commanders with privacy violations and dignity infractions that would reduce unit effectiveness."

The future is now for homeschooling. The Public Schools are failing a whole generation of students with bad teachers that cannot be fired. [76]

A federal judge has ruled that a history teacher at a Southern California public high school violated the First Amendment when he called creationism "superstitious nonsense" during a classroom lecture. [77]

Nevada authorities are accusing the political advocacy group ACORN and two former employees of illegally paying canvassers to sign up new voters last year. [78]

Beck Glenn Fox.jpg

In the Age of Obama, Fox News is thriving. The news network has forged a ratings-rich bond with an audience that feels ignored and under siege as liberal Democrats dominate Washington, D.C.. And nobody speaks to that audience with more passion, more empathy, than Glenn Beck. His show is now the third-leading cable news program, behind those of Fox colleagues Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, surpassing the ratings of liberal CNN, MSNBC and CNBC combined. Fox is now the second-most-watched cable channel of all during prime time behind only the USA Network. [79]

PROVING THE OBVIOUS: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding a study that seeks to discover a link between drinking and having sex among Argentina ! The study will send researchers to six bars in Buenos Aires in an effort to discover what it is about those bars that may encourage the risky behavior. The "study" already has cost taxpayers $198,776. By the time the project ends, it will have cost $403,902, according to NIH. We would have told them for free that immoral behavior + alcohol is always risky. [80]

US Forces withdrawing from Iraqi cities by June 30th (this year). [81]

  • No extension despite recent urban violence.
  • Other US forces will remain until the end of 2011.

"Jeb Bush, GOP: Time to leave Reagan behind." But one person in the audience declared, "'We don't have to compromise our beliefs,' said Brian Summers, a black Republican from the District. 'This is our party, our country. We should stand strong, stay faithful to what we firmly believe, and go forward.'"[82]

Crucifixion by El Greco.

The Day Of The Holy Cross - May 3rd.

Each year on May 3rd processions of singing pilgrims carrying streamers and flowers wend their way through towns, cities and villages of Mexico to decorate the crosses along roadsides and on mountaintops to honor and remember the The Holy Cross. [83]

May 8

Conservapedia mourns the death of American Patriot Jack Kemp. Kemp, the ex-quarterback, congressman, one-time vice-presidential nominee and self-described "bleeding-heart conservative" died today. Kemp had announced in January 2009 that he had been diagnosed with cancer.
Jack Kemp (left) and Robert Dole

Kemp, a former NFL quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, represented western New York for nine terms in Congress, leaving the House for an unsuccessful presidential bid in 1988. Eight years later, after serving a term as President George H.W. Bush's housing secretary, he made it onto the national ticket as Bob Dole's running-mate. Kemp was an early and vocal supporter of Ronald Reagan's successful economic policies. [84]

Conservapedia has just come across an article in the Toledo Blade alluding to 3,000 cases of religious discrimination in academia due to Darwinism.[85] Conservapedia has contacted various parties within American Christendom to see if more resources could be developed to fight this tyranny.

Pro-life Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon has stood up for principles in declining to attend the ceremony or accept her award at Notre Dame's commencement on May 17. The school was going to use her to "balance" its conferring an honorary degree and giving its stage to pro-abortion President Barack Obama.[86] Notre Dame's president was unrepentant in his reply.

Let Them Eat Cake Award: While volunteering Wednesday at a D.C. food bank, the First Lady sported her usual J.Crew cardigan and on her feet, a sneaky splurge: trainers that go for $540! Haute couture at a food bank! We should chip in and buy a pair for Palin in hopes that she’ll wear them to a bake sale or something, just to watch the liberal media scandal erupt over how such a supposedly “down to earth” woman could be so thoughtless as to flaunt her wealth in front of common hard-working people. During last years election, Obama criticized John McCain for wearing a pair of expensive loafers, but since it was coming from The Chosen One, the MSM deemed it acceptable. [87]

Radical leftist Jon Stewart has no question about this controversial matter: former President Harry S. Truman is a war criminal for dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945 ! Such was the moronic liberal point of view on Tuesday's leftist "The Daily Show". Stewart, in a supposedly "serious" exchange had said George W. Bush was a criminal for "torturing" (Waterboarding) terrorists, and was asked about Truman. Of course Stewart didn't mention the thousands of War Crimes (mass rape of Korean and Chinese women, etc.) committed by the Japanese, or that they were warned by the U.S., and even after Hiroshima was bombed, the Japanese refused to surrender, not even allowing their citizens to flee the bombing targets. Stewart later apologized for saying that, but not for saying President Truman was suffering from temporary insanity for giving the bomb order! [88] Video.

Conservative Pat Toomey describes the betrayal by liberal Arlen Specter: "We've discovered that all he really cares about is his own political future. I don't think that's going to wash with Pennsylvania voters."[89] Will Obama campaign for Specter???

Liberal indoctrination: A Michigan high school is investigating allegations that one of its teachers berated and belittled a student for taking part in what the teacher considered an unacceptable activity: reading [90]

NPR has learned that leftist Supreme Court Justice David Souter is planning to retire at the end of the court's current term. It will be hard for Barack Hussein Obama to find a more liberal jurist to replace him, but we are confident he will. Perhaps Hillary is already tired of traveling? [91]

The idiot liberals love: Vice President Joe Biden declares on national television, "I wouldn't go anywhere in confined places now," and added that he told his family to avoid airplanes. The White House, true to form, denies Biden's remarks without saying he was wrong. [92] VIDEO:

Chrysler files for bankruptcy. It is "the first major automaker since Studebaker in 1933" to file for bankruptcy and yet try to remain in business.[93]

Youth for Western Civilization is a conservative student group that bills itself as "America's right wing youth movement" focused on countering radical multiculturalism, socialism and mass immigration and they are causing a stir on a growing number of college campuses across the country. [94]

President Obama's Democratic allies in the House have passed a $3.4 trillion budget outline. Not a single Republican voted for the measure; 17 Democrats, mostly from GOP-leaning districts, voted against it. "The same Democrats who were outraged over a $455 billion deficit last year came to us this year with a budget that would lead to trillion dollar deficits," said Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Republicans say Democrats rely on the usual bag of budget tricks: savings that won't appear, spending caps that won't hold, and tax cuts that aren't "paid for" as promised. [95]

Miss California finds her new cause: Carrie Prejean promotes traditional marriage. [96]

More U.N. corruption: A group of largely unlicensed doctors and nurses at the United Nations are distributing controlled narcotics including Valium, Diazepam and Demerol, and in some cases they are self-medicating themselves with the drugs. [97]

  • This lack of accountability is supported by America's agreement to consider the UN grounds "international territory", so New York law does not apply there (see extraterritoriality).

Planning for protests at Notre Dame's conferring an honorary degree on pro-abortion Barack Obama ramps up: [98].

Newt Gingrich: "President Obama is the strongest domestic Democratic President since Lyndon Johnson. In just 100 days, he has been devastatingly effective in moving forward swiftly the most radical, government-expanding agenda in American history. At home, Obama has successfully moved the country from a traditional American model of entrepreneurship and private initiative to a European model of regulation and government control. The “success” of the first 100 days of the Obama presidency raises a threatening possibility: If we’re not careful, instead of change we can believe in, we’re going to have change in what we believe."[99]

Dinesh D'Souza: What's So Great about Christianity? Christianity is largely responsible for many of the principles and institutions that even secular people cherish—chief among them equality and liberty. [100]

May 6

"Toomey: Arlen Specter's betrayal." "A central question will be whether Mr. Specter can be trusted on anything."[101]

US News's on-staff radical - feminist Bonnie Erbe returned to attacking pro-lifers, her favorite subject of ire. This time, she singled out Lila Rose, a junior at UCLA, for her "dishonest" and "pointless" undercover videos which she has taped at several Planned Parenthood locations, where she was given illegal advice. [102] She seemed most upset by how Rose has "created a public relations nightmare" for the abortion-providing, eugenicist-founded group, and called for the young woman's prosecution for impersonating a 14-year-old statutory rape victim [103]

Obama Administration lobbyists rescind union labor oversight regulations. Labor Department figures for the last 7 years show that investigations of union fraud topped 929 convictions with $93 million in court-ordered restitution. [104]

The liberal Arlen Specter commits the ultimate act of cowardice and betrayal: he changed his political party in an attempt to hold on to his seat. [105] [106] One recent poll showed him trailing his challenger Pat Toomey by 41 to 27 percent in the Republican Party primary. Of course this isn't really a first for Specter, who switched from Democrat to Republican in 1965 at the beginning of his political life. Seems moral convictions have always taken a back seat to political expediency for the leftist Specter!

Let's also not forget that he helped a murderer skip bail to live the good life for nearly two decades: [107]

Barack Obama takes status worship to new heights: yesterday his Air Force One, escorted by a U.S. fighter jet, violated the no-fly-zone over lower Manhattan, rattling windows and causing evacuations. Obama-supporter New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed his outrage, and then the White House apologized. Air Force One Flyby Of Goldman Sachs Tower

Influenza: With the virus spreading, the U.S. prepared for the worst even as President Barack Obama tried to reassure Americans. At the White House, a swine flu update was added to Obama's daily intelligence briefing. Obama said the outbreak is "not a cause for alarm," even as the U.S. stepped up checks of people entering the country and warned U.S. citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Mexico. [108] (confirmed U.S. cases: 68; As of April 28: 1,995 cases; 149 dead in Mexico). According to Laurie Garrett, a Pulitzer award winner, the first case was a boy 10 years old in Texas last year.

The cult of personality spreads, as Bill Clinton endorses the call for a worldwide "Mandela Day" celebration.[109]

Obama's first 100 days in trust by David Arnett, "Apparently, huge numbers of Americans don’t believe Obama is a man of his word." [110]

"In GOP base, a 'rebellion brewing.'"[111]

More Obama Idolatry By MSM: The nonpartisan research group Center for Media and Public Affairs along with California's Chapman University released a study that found the nightly newscasts devoted 27 hours, 44 minutes to Pres. Obama's presidency in his first 50 days. That compares to 7 hours, 42 minutes for Pres. George W. Bush and 15 hours, 2 minutes for Pres. Bill Clinton during the first 50 days of their first terms. Not only has Obama gotten more coverage, but that coverage has been more positive than his predecessors. On the ABC, CBS, and NBC evening newscasts, 58% of all evaluations of the president and his policies have been favorable, while 42% were unfavorable. That compares with 33% positive in the comparable period of George Bush's tenure and 44% positive for Pres. Clinton. [112]

"The liberal media deserve the Tammy Wynette Award for their coverage of Obama’s radical agenda, as they continue to devotedly stand by their man." NewsBusters Publisher Brent Bozell said. "For the pro-Obama liberal media, the Obama honeymoon is nowhere near over." MRC analysts looked at 852 stories on the Obama Administration from 1/20 through 4/15 on ABC's World News, CBS Evening News and the NBC Nightly News. Key findings: Sanitized Obama's socialist agenda, Avoided labeling Obama as a "liberal", Excluded conservative voices and drowned out critics of bank Nationalization. [113]

ObamaJesus UnionSquare.jpg

Obama Cult Worship Goes Into Overdrive as 100-Day Mark Approaches. Barack Hussein Obama: 100 Days In Office Is Coronated A 'Messiah'. In New York City's Union Square, "artist" Michael D'Antuono's loathsome painting "The Truth" – featuring Obama with his arms outstretched and wearing a crown of thorns upon his head – will be unveiled on April 29. According to a statement released about the portrait [114] , "The 30" x 54" acrylic painting on canvas depicts President Obama appearing much like Jesus Christ on the Cross: atop his head, a crown of thorns; behind him, the dark veil being lifted (or lowered) on the Presidential Seal. But is he revealing or concealing, and is he being crucified or glorified?" Others, such as Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and the Main Stream Media, have been far clearer in their religious-like adoration of "The Chosen One", Obama. [[115]]
UPDATE: Painter Michael D'Antuono has cancelled the planned public unveiling of his latest work "The Truth" at NYC's Union Square Park on President Obama's 100th day in office due to overwhelming public outrage. [116]
Fox Broadcasting Company refuses to cancel network shows to freely cover the prime-time, 100-day Obama news conference. Though, Fox News will provide coverage in its entirety. [117]

A prelude to 2012? Eric Cantor and Barack Obama debated at a White House meeting.[118]

May 2

The “total projected funding” for TARP is estimated to be between $2.47 trillion and $2.97 trillion, says the TARP special inspector general’s report released on April 21. That’s not so much less than the entire Obama administration’s proposed federal budget for fiscal year 2010 of $3.6 trillion. This even though the Treasury was authorized by Congress to spend "only" $700 Billion, the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will invest up to $1 trillion each in partnering with the Treasury Department’s TARP. [119]

A solid majority of voters (62%) continue to prefer a government that offers fewer services in exchange for lower taxes. 28% want more services even if it means higher taxes. In previous surveys, those who say they favor lower taxes and fewer services have ranged from the high 50s to the mid-60s. Those who want more services and higher taxes have run from 24% to 31%. 64% of voters say American society is fair and decent, while 26% believe it to be unfair and discriminatory. [120]

Professor values in the news yet again. 57-year-old Marketing professor at the University of Georgia, George Zinkhan is wanted and deemed the lead suspect of three slain people, his wife and two other men. [121]

What's the graduation rate in the public schools of Indianapolis, Indiana, a typical middle-America city? Less than half of public school students there even graduate.[122]

Essay:Best New Conservative Words is merely 2 terms away from displaying perfect geometric growth (one more needed for 1800s, and one needed for 1900s). With conservative insights expanding at a rapid geometrical rate, liberal ideology cannot last.

Conservapedia has been told by a YouTube creationists that a flurry of support for the Conservapedia evolution article is going to begin soon at YouTube and it is going to be much bigger than the past! Conservapedia is awaiting details. We certainly hope it is true! Move over little YouTube evolutionists dogs, some big, old creationists dogs are movin' in!

According to the World Health Organization, the Government of Mexico has reported three separate events of influenza-like-illness. In the Federal District of Mexico, surveillance began picking up cases of influenza-like-illnesses starting on March 18th, 2009. The number of cases has risen steadily through April and as of April 23rd, there were more than 854 cases of pneumonia from the capital. Of those, 59 have died. (As of April 27: 149 dead in Mexico and 1,384 cases.) [123]

Flu und legende.jpg

A potentially deadly new strain of the swine flu virus cropped up in more places in the United States (Texas, California, Kansas and New York; confirmed U.S. cases: 40.) and Mexico on Saturday, in what the World Health Organization called "a public health emergency of international concern." Symptoms include fever, disorientation, stiffness of the joints, vomiting, and loss of consciousness ending in death. [124]

Obama golf WHphoto.jpg

UPDATE: Forty cases of swine flu have been confirmed in the United States and the White House stepped up efforts to monitor the predicted pandemic outbreak as a carefree President Barack Obama took advantage of the summer conditions in Washington on Sunday to play a round of golf.... [125]

Message to Richard Dawkins: Today Conservapedia began its UK campaign as far as letting people in the UK know about its evolution article! Soon many more people in the UK will be better informed concerning why the evolutionary paradigm is pure and unadulterated bunk!

Democrats in the Congress have voted to repeal Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Congressional Democrats have reached a tentative agreement to authorize use of a legislative shortcut to push President Obama's sweeping health and education initiatives through the Senate without any Republican votes. [126]

It's tough trying to please people who crave vengeance almost as much as Madame Defarge, the unsparing French revolutionary in Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities." That's what Barack Obama found out last week -- The Madame Defarges of the Democratic far left want to see the guillotine flash down and heads roll. But that is normal for liberals isn't it? [127]

For the first time since Barack Obama was elected President last November, more than half of U.S. voters 53% say it is at least somewhat likely that the next occupant of the White House will be a Republican. 31% say it is Very Likely. 35% say it is not very or not at all likely. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 47% now say a GOP president is likely, while 33% think not. [128]
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