Malcolm II

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Malcolm II (died 1034), king of Scotland (1005-1034), later known as “the most victorious”, was the first king to control Scotland as it is today. He assumed the throne after killing his cousin, Kenneth III in battle.

Early in his rule he ravaged Northumbria as far as Durham but was forced to withdraw. In 1016 or 1018 he was more successful, defeating the Northumbrians at Carham - which established definite Scottish rule over Lothian – and about the same time assumed control of the kingdom of Strathclyde after the death its king; appointing his grandson (the future Duncan I) as its ruler. In 1030/31 he accepted the overlordship of Canute, and in the last year of his reign was forced to defend himself against family uprisings. There is some evidence he was assassinated.

He was the last direct male descendant of Kenneth MacAlpin to hold the throne. He may have been buried on Iona.