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== See also ==
== See also ==
*[[List of instances of armed citizens stopping active shooters]]
*[[List of atheist shooters and serial killers]]
*[[List of atheist shooters and serial killers]]
*[[Young mass murderers]]
*[[Young mass murderers]]

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Every year, mass shootings are prevented by armed citizens, and these stories go with very little reporting, or completely unreported altogether, with media bias being one of the reasons why.

This is an incomplete list of instances where mass shootings and loss of life have been prevented by armed, law-abiding citizens.

Year Name(s) Details
1997 Joel Myrick, Luke Woodham A student came on campus armed with a gun. Assistant principal Joel Myrick, also with a gun, prevented the student from going on a Columbine-style rampage.[1]
2002 Jacob Tyler Roberts Roberts opened fire in an Oregon mall, killing two people. Nick Meli, who was also armed, brandished his pistol while taking cover. Meli did not risk firing due to a bystander behind the attacker. On seeing that Meli was armed, Roberts used his next shot to take his own life.[2]
2015 Not released A man opened fire in a barber shop. Another person, who was a legal gun permit carrier,[3] shot and killed the shooter saving a lot of people's lives, according to the Police Captain.
2016 James Howard Gun shop owner refused to sell a gun to a customer, even though he passed a background check.[4]
2016 Everardo Custodio An Uber driver was waiting for pedestrians to cross the street when a man began firing into the crowd.[5]
2016 Jody Ray Thompson An irate man opened fire on patrons waiting to enter into the Playoffz nightclub. In self-defense, someone returned fire stopping the incident.[6]
2016 Cesar Perez, James Jones Random patron armed with multiple weapons came in yelling incoherent and strange things, and fired on an employee. Another person on the scene with a concealed weapon took him down after he started shooting.[7][8]

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