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Mean Momma (tract)

Mean Momma is a religious tract written by Jack Chick. It was originally printed in 2011, and currently remains an out of print title (however, all out-of-print titles can be ordered from Chick Publications for a minimum quantity of 10,000 tracts). It is listed on their website under the subject "Basic Gospel" and also tagged as "Anger".

The tract depicts the return to a town of Petunia Parker, who while living there as a child and teenager was known for being exceptionally wicked. She has not changed upon her return, and to make matters worse she has three sons (who's father was hanged for murder) who are just as wicked. Three months into her return the townspeople call a meeting on how to handle the problems they have caused; one person suggests that a local pastor (Sam Jones) witness to her, and he agrees, though he is unsuccessful in changing their behavior.

Two years later, Charlie (the oldest son) is killed trying to evade police; when Petunia hears the news she mourns at the loss of her "favorite son". Her middle son (Austin) overhears; feeling unloved he commits suicide. Three years after that, Billy Bob (the youngest) is at home with a fever; while Petunia is getting him medicine a tornado hits their house, killing him.

Having lost everything (material possessions and her family), Petunia goes back to Sam Jones, placing her faith in Christ.

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