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The current Conservapedia version of this MediaWiki message is based on an old revision of the one on Wikipedia. Pure HTML doesn't work in this message anymore. Wikipedia switched from using HTMl to using wikitext in December 2008. If you're still looking for an up-to-date Wikipedia look, then I recommend using replacing the current Conservapedia message with the following, which is based on the current Wikipedia version:

<div id="revision-info-current" style="background:#FFDBDB; border: 1px solid #BB7070; clear: both; margin: 0.2em 0; padding: 0.25em 0.9em; font-weight:bold;">'''This is the [[Help:Page history|current revision]] of this page, as edited by <span id="mw-revision-name">$2</span> at <span id="mw-revision-date">$1</span>. The present address (URL) is a permanent link to this version.</div>

This should produce the following:

This is the current revision of this page, as edited by $2 at $1. The present address (URL) is a permanent link to this version.

I hope that helps. --Michaeldsuarez 21:37, 3 October 2011 (EDT)