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Examples of '''media bullying''' include:
Examples of '''media bullying''' include:
* trying to force [[Hillary Clinton]] to pull out of the [[Democratic]] primary
* forcing Queen Elizabeth to give a special public eulogy for the media favorite [[Princess Diana]], who had been estranged from the royal family
* imposing strict [[gun control]] in [[Britain]] and [[Australia]] by creating an hysteria from over-publicized and isolated incidents in the 1990s
* ridiculing Vice President [[Dan Quayle]] for his supposed gaffes, in contrast with downplaying gaffes by [[liberals]]
* forcing President [[Richard Nixon]] to resign for covering up a scandal, in contrast with defending President [[Bill Clinton]]'s covering up a scandal
* sex abuse in [[public schools]] is worse than in religious institutions, yet the media constantly bullies religious (especially [[Catholic]]) officials about it
* the media bullies the competitors of [[Tiger Woods]] in every major golf contest
* the media bullies [[Paris Hilton]] as dumb, but she's no dumber than other [[Hollywood]] figures
* the media bullied airships into terminating service by creating an unjustified hysteria based on the [[Hindenburg]] accident

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Media bullying is aggressive bias by the media in the attempt to influence a candidate, a politician, an institution, or even sports contestants.

Examples of media bullying include: