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Mehmet Cengiz Oz (born in 11 June 1960) is a conservative American television celebrity, cardiothoracic surgeon, university professor, author and the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania in 2022. His academic credentials include degrees from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. He has had a decades-long marriage with Christian Lisa Lemole since 1985. They attend church with their four children.

Multiple times Dr. Oz has jumped crowded barriers to get to an attendee who had collapsed. "Mehmet Oz Rushes into Crowd to Help Woman Who Collapsed During His Rally," reported Breitbart on Sept. 10, 2022, and mentioned he did something similar a few years earlier.[1] “Rita, god bless her, is doing well,” Oz said to the crowd afterwards.[1]

Dr. Oz was born in Ohio to a Turkish migrant family, and has considered himself a secular Muslim .[2] He announced his Senate run to represent state of Pennsylvania in 2022 Senate elections,[3] and received the coveted endorsement by Trump on April 8, 2022. Despite being vastly outspent, Dr. Oz won the Republican primary against globalist David McCormick. Dr. Oz faced the far left lieutenant governor John Fetterman in the general election and lost.

During his career on his television show, Dr. Oz made some inaccurate or misleading health claims, such as regarding the efficacy of weight loss supplements.[4]


Dr. Oz's campaign against Fetterman "as soft on crime and portraying him as a 'radical' choice might be working among some older and more moderate voters."[5]

Dr. Oz campaigns against Fetterman's constant wearing of a hoodie, which Fetterman apparently does to conceal a mass growth in the back of his neck while refusing to disclose his medical records.

Dr. Oz's opponent, Leftist John Fetterman, said in 2015 that he would go further than decriminalizing cannabis: “I’m for decriminalizing across the board. I see it as a public-health issue, not a criminal issue.”[6]

This race is considered pivotal to which party gains a majority in the U.S. Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.


On September 30, 2022, a new poll showed the race had tightened to a lead of only 45% to 43% for John Fetterman.[7]

As Oz emphasizes the "soft on crime" theme against John Fetterman, the race has tightened dramatically in just one month, from August to September 29, 2022: "Last August, Fetterman had a nine-point lead over Oz, 45 to 36. Today, it's just three points, 45 to 42."[8]

As of September 22, 2022:

In the Fetterman-Oz race, which will play a pivotal role in the national race for the Senate majority, Fetterman had 49 percent support, compared to 44 percent for Oz.[9]

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