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* ''Survival Guns''Paperback: 480 pages, Paladin Press (November 1, 2009) ISBN 978-1581607192
* ''Survival Guns'' Paperback: 480 pages, Paladin Press (November 1, 2009) ISBN 978-1581607192
* ''[[Tappan on Survival]]'' - Paperback: 218 pages, Paladin Press (July 1, 2006) ISBN 978-1581605099
* ''Tappan on Survival'' Paperback: 218 pages, Paladin Press (July 1, 2006) ISBN 978-1581605099
==Continuing Influence on Modern Survivalism==
==Continuing Influence on Modern Survivalism==

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Mel Tappan (Melrose H. Tappan III)(1933 - 1980), is considered to be the "grand daddy" of the Preparedness movement[1] as the editor of the newsletter Personal Survival ("P.S.") Letter. Tappan wrote Survival Guns and Tappan on Survival.

A graduate of Stanford University, Mr. Tappan was one of the earliest survivalists to promote the idea of strategic relocation to a "free state" from a more liberal state. Like James Wesley Rawles and Joel Skousen, Mr. Tappan advocated creating survivalist retreats in lightly populated rural regions of the United States.[2]


Continuing Influence on Modern Survivalism

Mr. Tappan's continue to be influential with preparation advocates more than three decades after his untimely passing. In 2009, Tappan on Survival was re-published as a new edition with a foreword written by Bruce D. Clayton. As of December 2014 it ranks in Amazon's top 90,000 books (out of more than 5 million titles.) The seminal work Survival Guns is also back in print. Mr. Tappan's books are published by Paladin Press.

According to Mel Tappan, liberals and socialists support so-called "common sense" measures - a "good first step" of the Police state - Nanny state. To a conservative citizen-prepper-patriot Oath Keeper and to the Bill of Rights, this is "death by a thousand paper cuts".

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